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Abbi and Jacob's First Time

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Jacob and Abbi have their first time!
As I grew in age and size, so did he. We were basically alwaystogether, no matter what. The only thing that separated us was our morals. He was always devoted to mirage, and I was not. After 5 long years of dating, we were in his car, and I decided I would take the wheel at the next stop.
We traded seats, and we went down an abandoned road. I stopped the car on the side of the road, and look at him. He was asleep, and thought that I was taking him home after our date. I kissed him on the cheek, and he didn't stir. I then proceeded to run my hand up his thigh.
This sirred him a bit, and I giggled as I saw his cock start to enlarge. I unzipped his pants and pulled his stiffy out though his underwear. He started to breathe heavily and groan groggily as I started to wank him. I suppose he was about to come when he woke up abruptly, looked down, and started to go with the flow. “Tell me when you are about to blow, baby” I said and he just nodded, and started to thrust his hips in time with my hand. I noticed that his forehead was sweating and dibbles of precum oozed from his head; he was going to cum. “I'm going to cum,” he said, and I pulled my mouth around his dick and started to give him mind blowing oral. He came in hot, giant spurts in my mouth and I began to swallow them all.
He looked at me and said “Jeeze, that was awesome.” I looked at him with smoldering eyes, and he knew what I wanted. “Abbi, no... I... I can't.” He said, finally. “Please, I've waited so long.” He sighed, and let is actions take precedence.
He kissed me swiftly, and by the way he was breathing, I knew he was hard again. We went into his back seat, and he pulled the seats down so that we had more room. He shared one last, hot kiss with me, then started to take off my blouse. I was thankful at that moment only that I had worn my beautiful green and black lace bra that showed almost my whole breasts. He looked down, and gazed for a while. A single “Wow...” escaped his lips, and he then removed my shoes. Then my skirt, and as I laid there in my green lace thong, he almost attacked me and went behind my back to unsnap my bra, and when he did, he didn't look. He just felt them.
I have fairly large breasts, and he whispered “This would be a whole lot easier if my hands were bigger.” and giggled. He then went down my stomach, and took the last of my clothing off with his teeth. He then laid on top of me, and pulled my long, black hair out of my face and said “I love you,” before rubbing his hard, throbbing shaft up against my tender lips. I gasped because it was unexpected, and started to groan. He then started to insert his whole 7 ½ inch cock into me. I grabbed the cover he had laid down, and groaned as it hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. When it was all in, he said “okay, I'm going to move it a bit.” And started swiveling his hips. That's when I screamed; it hurt. But as he started to do it more, I started to get an amazing feeling out of it.
I started to moan and he started to thrust a little, and more, and soon he was ramming me harder and harder until I got this feeling in my stomach and then the most amazing thing happened: I orgasmed. I started thrusting amazingly fast and hard and he started to do the same, and I soon felt hot streams of cum fill me.
He pulled out and I sucked the rest of the cum off of the tip, and he pulled away. “I just lost my virginity....” And looked blankly. “I did too.” I went over to him, and kissed him on the lips, hard. “I love you. I'm glad it was you.” He said. “Me too.” And smiled.

If only he knew how grateful I was for that one time.
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