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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Leo had been stationed in Iraq for 7 months while Mischa impatiently waited for his return
This day could not have come any slower. My heart quickened with anticipation at the thought of reuniting with my love, my Mischa. As I stepped out of the plane, I scanned the crowd that was growing around Terminal C. I didn't see her anywhere. My heart fell to my stomach and I continued searching, making my way through the sea of people. Probably because of my army uniform, people congratulated me and easily allowed me to pass through.

I figured she'd be waiting outside of the airport so I started making my way to baggage claim. "Leo?", I heard a familiar voice call. I quickly turned around and I was met with her presence. She hadn't changed a bit, thank god, I love her just the way she is. About 5'7 in height, curly dark brown hair that was just about past her shoulders. Slim but strong figure, with a beautiful mocha complexion, light brown eyes and an amazing smile.

I dropped my bags and ran towards her. She did the same and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. I spun her around and fully embraced her, not caring about the crowd of people probably staring. I felt her body shudder and heard small whimpers, I released her and set her back on the ground and she immediately hugged me again.

"Don't you ever do that to me again! Seven months is way too long!" she cried into my chest. She sniffled, wiped her eyes on her cream colored cashmere sweater which hung off of one of her shoulders, adding to her already sultry appeal.

"I'm sorry, babygirl, I never want to leave you again. Not a day went by that I didn't think of you. I've never experienced so much pain in my life. I love you," I said looking deeply I to her eyes. Most likely due to her being so overwhelmed, all she could muster was give a subtle smile and embrace me again. However, this time she stretched her neck, stood on her tip toes and kissed me. I loved her kisses so I scooped either side of her face in my hands and kissed her back passionately. Remembering we were in public, and wanting to get her home immediately, I released her.

"How about you go get the car, and I'll get my bags and meet you in five minutes flat? Alright?" I said giving her a kiss on her smooth forehead. She grabbed my hand and looked at me innocently, she was probably afraid to leave me so soon again. "By the time you get the car and bring it around front, I'll be waiting for you," I assured her. She sighed, squeezed my hand and was off. I could smell her signature cinnamon scent wafting behind and she trailed off. God I loved her so much.

I was right, I got my bags, went to the exit and I waited for her in the pick up line. She met me there about a minute later, not being the best driver she swirved her black Mercedes Benz into the line. I chuckled, she was so cute. I saw her warily look at me through the window and shrug her shoulders. I saw my reflection in the passenger window, a little time away did me well. I looked more mature, even though I was 26. My bright green eyes had more wisdom behind them, my once pale skin was now an olive complexion, my height was still a substantial 6'2 and my hair even got lighter with a few shades of blonde.

I looked at Mischa through the window, she popped the trunk and I began stuffing my bags inside. Once done I went to the driver's side and opened the door, "Why don't you let me drive?" I asked her.

"Are you sure? You just got off a long flight, you're not tired?" she asked me.

"No I'm fine," I said unbuckling her seat belt.

"If you must," she said to me slipping out of the seat and gliding past me. I hurried to the passenger side to open the door for my lady. "Aww, look at the gentleman." she cooed. I shut the door after she got in and went back to the driver's seat.

"I missed you so much," Mischa exclaimed while grabbing my free hand and nuzzling it into her palm. I love when she does that.

"Not nearly as much as I missed you".

She snarled at me and said that was not possible. She unbuckled her seat belt, shifted herself closer to me and began kissing my neck. She knows how much I love this. I let out a soft moan which encouraged her to kiss and suck harder. "Babe, I'm trying to drive, do you want me to crash? We'll be home soon," I said. She ignored me and continued about her business, she proceeded to lick the rim and lobe of my ear and blow. This gave me chills. "Mischa, I'm being serious, let me focus". She went back to kissing my neck but now she was exploring my body with her hands.

First she drifted across my chest and then down my abdomen and finally, landed on my crotch. I'm sure she could feel the bulge beneath my pants, thanks to her. "Ooolala, is this for me?" she said while groping my throbbing penis through my pants. I managed to look at her and blush.

"We're almost home sweetheart, be patient". Finally, she listened to me and stopped her racy actions.

"Fine, fine" she sighed, she shifted back into her seat and re-buckled her seatbelt. I grabbed her hand, brought it to my mouth and gave it a kiss. She squeezed my hand in reply.

While we were pulling into the driveway of our home, it began to down pour. The storm was unexpected but soothing. I quickly opened the door for Mischa and led her inside, I decided I'd get my bags later. Apparently, Mischa redecorated our cozy loft with new and more modern furniture, a different color scheme and a few new pictures. One was of Mischa at her twenty first birthday party which I unfortunately missed. "I wish you could have been there, we had so much fun," Mischa said to me.

"I'm sorry doll, I'll make it up to you, I promise".

She once again embraced me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "I'm sure we could work something out," she said while looking at me mysteriously. She began to kiss me, a little harder and with more purpose than last time. This isn't the Mischa I'm used to, she's more confident and lustful than before. Not that I minded, but what's going on? Maybe it's built up sexual frustration from my seven month absence. But it's not like she's had sex before to miss the feeling. She told me she wanted to finally make love to me when I returned, so I'm guessing she was acting on that promise.

As if she were reading my mind, she whispered to me, "I'm ready."

I knew exactly what she meant. My heart began racing, emotions and feelings flooded my body, I would finally be making love to my sweet Mischa. I'm so glad she waited for me. "Okay baby, but I want it to be special for you, let me shower, put a few things together and then I'll come get you."

She looked at me slightly annoyed. "Fine just hurry," she exclaimed.

I immediately rushed upstairs and turned on the shower. As I waited for the water to heat up I took out some vanilla scented candles, lit them and opened the windows. The sound of the rain was soothing and romantic. I had been planning for this day so I went into my closet, brought out a box and began to sprinkle rose petals on the bed. She's gonna love this. Judging from the steam forming on the mirrors, the water was ready. I struggled to remove my uniform and kick off my combat boots, I showered as quickly as possible, trying not to keep Mischa waiting. I dried off, threw on some jeans and a white polo T shirt and put on a quick spritz of her favorite cologne. I shoved my uniform into my closet and checked the remainder of the room. It looked perfect.

I went back downstairs to retrieve my awaiting virgin princess. To my surprise, she was asleep on the couch without her pants on. I chuckled at the sight and made my way over to her. I decided not to wake my sleeping angel. Instead I scooped her into my arms and carried her upstairs to bed, she rustled in my arms but she was knocked out. I tucked her into bed and snuggled next to her. Rather quickly, I drifted into a sweet slumber.

"Lee..Leo, wake up." Mischa was poking and prodding me into consciousness. I rubbed my eyes and looked over to the clock, it was only 9pm. I looked back at Mischa who was in a cute little number. A white lace bra that accented her small, round breasts and a pair or white lace cheeky panties. "You let me fall asleep?" she asked me angrily.

I looked at her confused. " I told you I'd be right back and you passed out". BOOM! a loud burst of thunder clapped around us, it startled I and Mischa and she jumped into the bed next to me. I giggled, she is so easily frightened. "Poor baby," I teased as I pulled her closer to me.

She didn't resist and nuzzled her body into mine, to my surprise she climbed on top of me and began kissing me. I kissed her back gently and passionately. Wanting to fully see her I asked her to stand up. At first she was hesitant but complied. She de-mounted me and stood in front of me. I studied her body, never before seeing it this way. She had an incredible shape, perfectly rounded hips accented with a tiny waist. Beautiful small, round and firm breasts and a tight little ass. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

I got out of bed, and went over to her. I put one arm around the small of her back and pulled her closer to me, my other hand nudged her chin meeting her lips with mine. She let out a small moan which triggered the start of my erection. I sat on the bed and pulled her into me so she was straddling me. Her hands began once again exploring my body, she was still kissing me. Her lips were full and soft and she tasted like sweet caramels. I began to feel her as well, running my hands along the curvature of her waist to her hips. She let out a small sigh. Realizing that she was in her lingerie and I was fully dressed, she pulled my shirt up and over my head and tossed it on the floor. She looked at my chiseled chest and fondled my body, I loved the way her smooth hands felt against my skin.

She slid down my lap a bit and gave me a trail of kisses from my neck, down my chest all the way to my crotch. She looked up at me and smiled her famous smile. She licked her plump lips and began to unbutton my pants. She took her time, but eventually got them off as well. To her surprise, I wasn't wearing underwear. I saw the hesitation in her eyes and placed her hand on my pulsing cock.

She seemed to enjoy the feeling as she took my shaft in her hand and began stroking. She wiggled onto the floor, stood on her knees and snuggled herself in between my legs. She then began kissing and licking the length of my penis, I let out a deep grunt. "What? Am I doing something wrong?" Mischa exclaimed sounding concerned.

"No baby, you're doing amazing, it feels so good". With the encouragement, she proceeded to take my head in her mouth, but quickly removed it.

"Mm, it's so big," she said before trying again. She opened her mouth wide and took in more of my length.

Once she got the hang of it she began bobbing her head up and down, sucking and slurping my cock. Her lips, her mouth, her wet and warm tongue felt amazing. I felt myself on the verge of cumming just when she began licking and sucking my balls. She was driving me crazy. Just as I couldn't take it anymore she came up and kissed me, while still stroking my cock.

I decided it was my turn to please her so I eased her on the bed and instructed her to remove her bra. She did as I told her, revealing her perfect little breasts and her nipples that reminded me of two Hershey's kisses. I made my way over to her, wrapped one arm around her waist and used my other hand to cup her breast. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to nibble, she let out a sharp moan and I could tell this aroused her because her nipples instantly hardened. I continued this on her other breast. They were so warm and inviting I couldn't help but play with them. "Mmm, that feels so good," she cooed. I sucked a little harder and moved my hand southward.

I placed my hand over her pussy and I could instantly feel the moisture soaking though her white lace panties. I began to lightly rub her and she let out another moan. I couldn't resist her anymore, I gently laid her on her back and huddled over her. I kissed her from her lips, to her breast and down her flat tummy, landing on her sweet mound. I took in her scent which smelled liked her signature cinnamon. I decided to delay the act a little longer and began kissing her inner thighs. This made her whimper, I made my way closer to her little slit, but kissed her over her panties.

"Please, please Leo, don't tease me," she said while lifting her hips allowing me to remove her panties. The sight of her glistening, engorged pussy lips made me wild. I immediately was hungry for her and her juices. I positioned my head back between her legs and began to eat out her sweet pussy. Mischa immediately moaned, closed her eyes and threw her head back. This only encouraged me to give her more pleasure, I started sucking directly on her clit and felt her body tense and shudder, I didn't want her to cum yet so I began giving slow soft licks up and down her mound.

I put my finger to her pussy and allowed for her juices to moisten my finger before inserting it into her. "Ahh," she yelped. She was so tight, I could barely fit my finger in her tiny hole. I kissed her moist lips to soothe any discomfort. I began to move my finger in and out of her a little faster and started sucking on her clit. Mischa moaned loudly and gripped the sheets. I felt her pussy beginning to contract on my finger, her back arched high and she let out a long, and loud moan one of her hands tightly gripped my head and her hips bucked wildly. "Ahhh, Mmm, yes, don't stop, please don't stop, yeah right there," I sucked harder and pounded her pussy with my finger. Her body once again tensed up and I allowed her to cum, I lapped up her sweet juices and licked the excess off my finger.

"You taste so good," I said while kissing her allowing her to taste her own juices. She was still shaking and twitching from her powerful orgasm, her eyes were even watery. I couldn't hold out any longer, I needed to be inside of her. I looked down at my thick 8 inch cock and doubted that I could enter her virgin pussy without causing her pain. I spat into my hand and rubbed it on her entrance for extra lubrication.

I positioned myself in between her legs, going into missionary position. I looked her in the eyes and she gave me an innocent smile, I was about to do it. I was about to take her virginity, make sweet love to my babydoll. I'd waited so long for this. I put my penis at her entrance but massaged her pussy first, she let out a few moans before asking me to please put it in.

I placed my cock back at her entrance and positioned myself above her, I gave one substantial shove and met the resistance of her hymen along with a loud cry. I hadn't broken her yet and I didn't want to based on how much pain I've already caused her. Her body was tense and I felt her clawing my back. She was biting down on her bottom lip and her eyes were tightly closed shut. "Mischa, baby, it's almost over, I'm sorry." I gently kissed her lips and her cheeks and pushed passed her hymen which made her scream out in agony. She was beyond tight. Her pussy had a mega grip on my cock and I found it hard to penetrate her. She gripped my arm and squeezed it tightly, her legs clenched my waist and she whimpered in pain.

I hated this, I hated how I was causing her so much pain but I was receiving pleasure. I wanted so badly to release her from agony and deliver her more pleasure than she could imagine. I slowly pumped in and out of her and she continued to whimper. I silenced her with kisses. "Shhh, it's okay baby, it's okay. It's almost over." She opened her eyes and looked at me, tears rolled down her face. I couldn't stand this. I continued to kiss her and used my hand to find her clit to deliver any pleasure possible. I gently rubbed her while continuing to pump in and out of her tight hole.

Her little pussy milked me so good. I gradually felt her body relax and her legs released me from their tight grip, she even undug her nails from my back. and soon she was letting out small moans of what I believed to be pleasure. I began to fuck her a little faster and harder but still cautious of her tender pussy. "Do you want to try another position? It might feel better," I asked her.

"Ok," was all she could muster. I exited her tight hole and when she moved I saw a puddle of blood the size of a grapefruit stained into the sheets.

The sight made me feel like a disgusting monster. But I had to finish, I lay on my back and told her to straddle me. She grabbed my cock and placed me at her entrance, she slowly came down on my cock, and to my surprise, eventually took my full length. She began slowly going up and down my shaft, her perky breasts slightly bouncing with the movement. I could tell it pained her too much to do the movement herself, so I gripped her hips and began to pump her pussy with no mercy.

I knew I'd make her so sore for the next day but I couldn't resist any longer. Shockingly she begged for me to go harder and faster to which I happily complied. I felt a tingle in my balls and pressure in my shaft. Mischa's pussy muscles began to squeeze and contract my cock, bringing me on the verge of an orgasm. "Mmmmmm, yes, Ohhh, oh, I'm gonna cum, don't stop, harder, please fuck me harder!" and that I did. The pressure was unbearable and just as I felt her pussy convulse on my cock I shot my thick and creamy load into her hungry pussy.

I continued to pound her until all of my cream was released. Mischa was shaking and panting heavily. Exhausted, she fell onto my chest and lay there limp. I asked her if she was okay."Okay? Okay?! I'm on cloud nine!" she said before kissing me, I could still feel her little pussy throbbing on my cock.

She got up, and I saw the beads of sweat glistening on her taut body, she pulled the duvet over us and cuddled next to me. "Thank you, thank you so much for giving me the gift of your virginity, I love you Mischa."

She looked up at me, kissed me and said, "You're welcome, I wouldn't have it any another way. I love you too." And with that, we drifted into a sweet oasis of slumber to the sound of the pouring rain.

I awoke to hear Mischa in the shower, I decided to join her. I made my way into the bathroom and got into the shower. I frightened her and she jumped. "It's just me babe."

She turned her wet and soapy body towards me. "What're you doing up? It's 4am, I didn't mean to wake you," she said to me while rinsing her body. There was a stream of blood flowing down her leg.

I looked away. "Oh, um, it's fine, I heard you showering and decided to join you. Are you okay?" I said looking back at the blood escaping her. 

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little tender," she said looking up at me. She continued rinsing off and smiled at me. "I woke up and thought it was all a dream. I'm not a virgin anymore. You felt amazing, thank you," she said before kissing me, her tongue parting my lips and dancing in my mouth. I released myself from her kiss.

"You're very welcome doll, next time it'll be much better, not as painful and you'll enjoy it more."

She looked at me sternly. "It can't possibly get better than that," she said to me.

Oh, sweetie, you just wait.

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