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Accidental First Time

My first submission to Lush, and the first time writing about my first time.
Every December my dad and I would spend a Sunday building an elaborate Christmas display in front of our house. By the end of the day on this particular Sunday our job was complete, except we needed some pine twigs to cover the ugly electrical boxes in the yard. My dad told me to go into the nearby woods after school on Monday and cut some pine boughs. Since I had just turned 16, I could take the car. That's how my journey began.

I drove out to a country road that ran along a ridge overlooking our little town. Driving too fast and focusing my attention on finding the best radio station, I slid off the narrow road just far enough to get stuck. Panicked, I ran to a nearby house to ask for a phone. As I ran across the expansive lawn, Linda stepped out of a side door.

Linda was a year older than me. She was about 5'8" with long, dark brown hair and a perfect hour-glass figure. As beautiful as she was, she was not one of the popular girls at school. She was much more reserved, having an aire that perhaps she had been to finishing school. The only time I ever saw her was in the hallway at school, or occasionally she would make announcements to the student body on behalf of the Latin club or the honor society. She always dressed impeccably, though modestly, and her hair and makeup were never less than perfect. She was literally a woman among girls.

I was the opposite of Linda. A tall, skinny little geek with a perpetual hard-on, it was nowhere within the realm of possibility that I would ever find myself in her presence, speaking to her one on one. But here I was, panicked and breathlessly asking her if I could use her phone.

She quickly invited me into the kitchen, where there was a phone on the wall near the door. As I grabbed the phone and began to make the call, Linda put her hand on my shoulder and then gently on my wrist causing me to hang up the phone. She calmly suggested that maybe I was too upset to make the call right then.

Now the surreal situation I was in became doubly so. Added to my fear about the trouble I would be in over the car, a beautiful woman was standing face to face with me, touching me, speaking softly to me, telling me that everything would be all right. I was literally in shock at this point and could not even hear what she was saying. All I could do was stand there frozen and speechless.

As Linda continued to talk me down, she put her soft hand against my cheek and brought my gaze into her eyes. I'm sure she could see that I was scared stiff. Actually, I was getting stiff in spite of my fear. We kissed softly. Within 15 minutes of getting my dad's car stuck I was being led to Linda's bedroom.

As I trembled, Linda was in complete control. She had the confidence and calm of a woman well beyond her 17 years. Standing directly in front of me, she unbuttoned her crisp white blouse and tossed it on a chair. Everything was out of focus except Linda's beautiful eyes, her face, and then her incredible body. We kept eye contact as she took a step closer and unhooked her bra. Then our eye contact broke as I simultaneously saw and felt my first naked tits. Soft yet firm, they stood out like two pyramids capped by pink nipples the size of half dollars.

I had kissed a girl a time or two, but nothing ever like what happened next. Passionate and sexual, reality was now surpassing fantasy. I kissed, grabbed and groped her like the teenage geek that I was, and she responded passionately in kind. I don’t remember my clothes coming off, but we landed naked on her bed.

Linda spread her legs with her knees up close to her breasts. I got my first whiff of pussy, and that kicked me into hormonal overdrive. With dick in hand I positioned myself. I must have looked awkward because she guided me in with her hand and we pushed against each other. I immediately felt huge shots of sperm squirting through my dick into Linda's pussy. Not an orgasmic ejaculation, just an ejaculation. As if my balls could no longer stand the pressure and something had to give. I instinctively knew from constant masturbation that I would not completely loose my erection and would be good to go again. And the second time around would require some major stimulation to achieve the orgasm that I now so desperately needed.

We stayed pressed together, but motionless, for a few seconds. I began to recover from the sensation of coming as the exquisite feeling of being inside Linda's hot, wet, snug little pussy registered in by brain. We kissed and I whispered my first words into her ear. We looked into each other's eyes and I began to slowly make short little thrusts into her. That's just what I needed to get my cock up for what was coming next. I gradually quickened my thrusting and lengthened the strokes. With my breathing now under control I felt in control for the first time. I was actually fucking and it felt fucking great!

Soon I was pounding Linda, her head thrown back, her chest, neck and face flushed bright red. I had gone from geek to stud in three minutes flat. I reached a frenzy and finally let out an animal grunt and felt like I pumped my soul into Linda. I don't know if she actually climaxed, but she looked as spent as I felt as I collapsed beside her.

My face felt numb and my body still tingled and throbbed as we lay together. My heart had been pounding ever since I ran my dad's car off the road. As the sweat began to evaporate from our bodies and the heat subsided, we just laid there and gazed at each other. It seemed there wasn't much to say. The only thing we had in common was what we had just shared.

It was getting late in the day as reality finally set in. I still had to call my dad, get the car pulled out, cut some pine limbs, and get my ass home. And that's what I did.

Although Linda and I went to the same school for the next year and a half, I seldom saw her. The few times we passed each other in the hall we might have said hi a couple of times. It was as if nothing had ever happened. I reverted to being a geek and no one would ever, ever, ever imagine that we had been together. I never told anyone, not even when I got drunk with my buddies, and I'm sure she didn't either.

Now I treasure the memory and feel sort of a sublime gratitude toward Linda. Somewhere along the line she had gained some sexual experience, so maybe our hook-up wasn't as big a deal for her. But I hope she kept the memory. Unfortunately Linda passed away just 8 years later. It all happened 45 years ago and this is the first time I've spoken of it. Thanks for listening.

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