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Afternoon Study

One of my longest stories I have ever written.
Why is it that all my friends can relax on a Friday while I’m stuck inside my tutor’s house studying? I know that I didn’t get a good grade for a few of my classes. So now I’m paying the price of my precious time with this forty-nine year old guy.

Mitchell had just moved into our street, from the city he moved to our small community looking for accounting work. After leaving his job as a university lecturer, he was looking for a change in his career. As he introduced himself to my family, I thought he was a complete noob. Yet he won my parents over with his charm and asked my father if he knew where there was any available work around town. Dad seemed to have had that “light bulb” moment and told him that he was looking for a tutor for me as I seemed to be lacking interest in my studies. Which after three months, I sat inside on a Friday afternoon studying about the Russian Revolution.

“Well let’s look at what you need to do Lara.” Mitchell took my assignment worksheets to gaze over. A smile formed on his annoying face. “Wonderful, pick a figure from this time and write from their perspective of the events of the revolution. Who will you pick Lara?”

I turned my head away from him and crossed my arms over my chest to show my disinterest. “Oh come now Lara, this would be a fun project to do. You get to write about a person and their point of view. It’s pretty simple. It’s like writing a diary. I’m sure you have a diary.”

Feigning not to hear him, I open my folder, grabbing a pen I start to doodle on a crisp white page.

“Lara, have you seen the cartoon Anastasia?”

Oh great now this guy was asking if I seen that terrible cartoon. “What that princess that was attacked by a zombie. Why yes. It was shit I hated it but my sister loved it.”

“Well that zombie was a real person, Gregori Rasputin. How about we go onto a history forum? I’ll just load my laptop on. While that is happening, I’ll get us some tea and cookies.”

I sat up at the idea of cookies. Maybe this guy wasn’t that bad after all. “What do you know of the Russian Revolution, what person could I write about?” I ask hoping that perhaps he could do this assignment for me.

He leaned back against the kitchen cabinet, stretching his legs out in front of him. He flicked his brown hair away from his eyes . “You could write the revolution from the view of one of the Tsar’s daughters. They were from twenty-two to seventeen when they died. I could work something out.”

After getting the tea, he sat beside me. Laptop in front of us, with a site of Romanov fans uploaded. “I can’t believe how many girls think they are Anastasia or Olga or someone. It’s funny.” I laugh. “Oh wait look at that one topic: Did Maria have sex during imprisonment.”

I went to click on it, but Mitchell swatted my hand away. “Um that isn’t going in your assignment.”

“Oh but I want to see. I bet she was the underage one right haha.” I chortled. Tilting his head he seemed to have a mixed expression on his face. One I have never quite seen before.

He stood up and walked behind me, laying his hands on my shoulders. “Why don’t you pretend to be Mashka also known as Maria. Tell me Laura, do you think it would have been terrible, not doing anything. Being told what to do by men you never knew?”

His long fingers started stroke the sides of my neck. “I bet she was bored like you. Stuck with her siblings twenty-four seven. A nineteen year old girl, who would have desires and needs yet never be able to fulfil them because she is wrongfully imprisoned because of her title. Tell me do you think she was restless?” He whispered close to my ear.

“How would she be restless, I mean I can see her being bored. How would she be restless?”

Hands moved from my shoulders and across my t-shirt, cupping his hands under my breasts. I let out a slow breath. I have never been touch in that area before, hell I hadn’t even been kissed yet. Closing my eyes I tried to think this wasn’t happening. Though I could feel him raise up my shirt and exposing my chest.

“She never was able to experience this. These are utterly gorgeous.” He looked in awe at my breasts. I sat in fear, this was strange, I liked the attention but in my mind I knew it was wrong. Mitchell pulled my shirt over my head. Tossing it on the floor, he started to undo my bra. I felt my nipples go hard as air came into contact with them.

He turned me around to face him, kneeling in front of me, I stared into his blue eyes. He stared into mine as his warm mouth closed around my nipple. I didn’t know what to feel, his tongue felt rough and smooth as he nudged against my flesh. Sitting there I didn’t know what to do, should I push him off or pat his head. Pulling back he patted the other one and huskily gave his answer.

“Just relax, it’s okay. It’s for your assignment. You’re the grand duchess and I’m one of the guards. Enjoy it.”

I noticed his breathing was heavy and he started to run his hands up and down my thighs. His calloused fingers move under my skirt probing my panties. “I think these need to come off, they are wet and should be dry.” He hooked his fingers into the elastic of my panties. I automatically moved as he took them off.

Bringing them to his face, he inhaled the smell from my panties. “Delicious, how about you spread your legs a little wider. You have a very nice cunny here. Just enough hair hiding her, Lara she is dripping. You know what this means?”

His head was now between my legs, he had the side of his face leaning against my thigh. “No, I don’t know.” I answered meekly. Hot air came across my vagina and a shiver went through me.

“This means, that she is excited and wants me to play with her. This is what Maria would have wanted to feel that guard touch her. Like this...” A tickle came on my clit, his tongue rubbing and flicking across it. With his index fingers he parted my labia, pulling back he was quiet, his eyes staying on my wet vagina. My clit quivering from the touch of the air, leaning back looked into my hole.

“So you are a good girl huh, just like her. You’re still intact. Do you want me to stop?” He asked.

This was a hard choice, I knew I wanted to save myself for marriage but right at the present time was an offer to experience the first steps of woman hood at sixteen years of age. “No, please continue. Let’s live out this experience for Grand Duchess Maria.” I declared.

An excited grin formed across his face as he started to probe me with his index finger. Honestly it started to be uncomfortable to pressure of his thick index finger as it moved in and out. His warm wet mouth on my nipple suckling hard as he kept pushing further and further inside of me.

“I can’t believe how tight you are, I haven’t been with a virgin in a long time. I’m forty-nine years old baby, let me give you a bit of a rest. So we can move into my bedroom, it would be more comfortable in there.”

I felt his finger slip out and a quiver came across my vagina. In a daze I stood up, he took me by his hand and lead me to his bedroom. I looked at the double bead with its bed knobs and blue duvet cover. Pushing me gently onto the bed he arranged my body spread eagle.

Standing back he gave a nod of satisfaction. “Give me a moment I got to go to the bathroom.”

It was then I noticed my own heavy breathing. I never breathed so hard like that before. I stared at the ceiling, feeling the anticipation of what was to come next. A flood of guilt washed over me, but it was replaced with this new feeling of being horny. Standing at the doorway, he was stark naked. A blush of embarrassment came on my face as I saw his hard penis.

“I’m back, just got you a towel you know for when I screw you.” He walked back to the bed. “Left your butt, just going to slide this towel under your tushy.” I compiled feeling the material rub against my butt cheeks.

Pushing my legs apart, he fingered me again, it still felt uncomfortable, I read in my teen magazines that it would hurt the first time. I watched amazed that this was happening to me. Mitchell leaned over to his bedside table opening the drawer he pulled out a silver packer and a bottle.

“Now, I’m just letting you get used to my finger, okay I’m just going to use this lube to put on my cock and some on your cunny. So it will be easier for me to go inside.” I squealed when the liquid hit inside my vagina.

He moved close and kissed me on the lips. “This is a special present..just relax, it will sting but I will be gently.”

Reeling back, I couldn’t believe that it was my first kiss. I let that play on my mind as he moved himself between my thighs.

“Lara, baby this is perfect. Okay just breath, relax.” I nodded at him.

I felt the pressure as the head of his hard cock pushed against my hymen. I braced myself feeling him stretch me, it was uncomfortable and then bam a huge shot of pain went through me. I let out a cry and whimper.

“Good girl, I’m inside now. I’m not going to move so your cunny can get used to me inside.”

It felt strange, painful yet it felt right. Slowly he started to move inside of me, his rhythm was slow and I watched his penis going in and out of me. How could his penis fit inside? I wondered.

His breathing was getting heavier as his motions were getting faster. “Oh baby, you are a woman now, watch my cock moving inside of you. It looks so good.”

As if on instinct my index finger started to rub my clit as he thrusts were getting faster. A tingling sensation flooded my entire body. What was this over coming me, it felt similar to when I touched myself but different. I let out a high groan and felt myself blackout

Moments later my eyes open, and Mitchell still kept going. His breathing ragged, his eyes squeezed shut. With a might grunt he pulled out and I heard a popping motion as if my vagina had sucked him hard.

Grabbing my jaw with his left hand he put his throbbing in my mouth. “Suck on it Lara, he wants to come so bad. Suck on it like a lollipop.”

I sucked hard and felt his hands motioning my head back and forth. Taste of blood and my own wetness was on my tongue, while my mouth was going numb as his thrusting was getting urgent. A loud groan escaped his lips as his hips bucked in my face.

Streams of liquid hit the back of my throat, I let out a gag sound, spluttering cum from my mouth. Mitchell’s face looked dazed as he weakly grabbed the towel, gently rubbing the cum from my face. “Wow we did it, we did it for Grand Duchess Maria. Lara you were brilliant. I hope we can do this next study period.” With that he collapsed on the bed beside me.

I turned towards him. “We got to live her dream, I’m still a bit sore but I would like to do it again.”

A chuckle came from his lips. “First assignment work, then we fuck.”

With that I snuggled into this man who was my tutor both for school homework and for sex.

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