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AJ and Jim’s Lascivious Birthday Party

AJ and Jim’s Lascivious Birthday Party

Giving the man who has everything, and daughter wants everything a licentious birthday party...

Amber Jade is my sixteen-year-old step-daughter. I call her AJ for short. Her birthday, the ninth day of December just so happens to be the same day my lover Jim who was born fifty years before her. Jim is very well off financially and practically has everything a man could ever have. AJ is just the opposite and wants everything she sees.

I started planning the big day months before and fretted over and over on what to get Jim. AJ was pretty much set as Jim had given me a new Corvette and took my old 1969 Corvette to be restored for AJ. Since Jim doesn’t want for anything, his gift had to be something special. Something money couldn’t buy and so unique that he would never expect it. It dawned on me just what the perfect gift would be at AJ’s slumber party. Her sleepover turned very naughty and a lot of our secrets were shared with the other girls.

We all were lying in the middle of my bed, naked and having girl talk after some of the best lesbian sex AJ and I had ever had. Piper, Nicole, Emma, Sami, and Darcelle let it slip on how much they would like for Jim to take their virginity like he did with AJ. Bingo, there it was. All I had to do was to figure out how to wrap his gift. AJ let it be known at her sleepover how much she wanted to have sex with Zoe’s step-brother, Zach.

Zach attended a university in a neighboring town and maybe home for the Christmas holidays which would be in time for her birthday. I thought it might be a nice touch to let her have him, after all, I prevented her from having sex with Heath and Scott at the Halloween party. Zoe and Kat had convinced the boys to do a sexy strip-tease for them. When Jim and I came home from our party we caught them all naked and masturbating.

Jim had sex with Zoe and Kat that night while I had both Heath and Scott deep in me at the same time. I was afraid of AJ getting pregnant and wouldn’t let the boys have sex with her without condoms. Of course, Zoe and Kat ended up having sex with both Scott and Heath. They were both on birth control and had just given their virginity to Jim. Jim did let me know after fucking them senseless that he doubted if they were really virgins as he felt no hymen when he penetrated them.

I put AJ on birth control shortly after the Halloween party just in case she got herself into a situation she couldn’t control. Her sexual activity and hormones were quickly turning her into an insatiable nymphomaniac. Being honest, I myself had already reached that point and was so insatiable that I masturbated with each sexual urge many times a day just to satisfy myself. This birthday party could quickly turn into an all-out orgy if the right people were to attend. I wouldn’t mind having Zach’s cock in me after Zoe’s description of his ten inches and a girth as big as her wrist.

I visited with Piper, Nicole, Emma, Sami, and Darcelle individually to make sure they were ready to give up their virginity to Jim. Without a doubt, they all willing and ready were like giddy teens. AJ was in on the party planning for Jim but had no idea what I had in mind for her. She was going to be so surprised when gets to unwrap Zach, Heath and Scott. My plan for her was to let the boys gang-bang her while we all watched. I knew she was going to love it.

I asked AJ innocently who all she wanted to invite besides the girls who were Jim’s gifts. She said she really wanted to have Zach, Heath, Scott, Lisa, Lori, Kristy, Jenelle, Krystal, Alicia, Whitney, Avery and Sydney to come as they were all her closest friends. It was all I could do to keep a straight face when she mentioned the boys in her invite list. Everything was coming into place and my level of excitement grew exponentially each day as the big event neared.


Friday, December the Eighth was here and I made one last connection with the girls and guys. Zach had finished his finals early and was going to stay with some of his fraternity brothers. I met him at a coffee shop and AJ was right, he was a good-looking young man with an athletic build. I felt my panties getting wet as we sat drinking coffee and finalizing his entry to the party. The plan was to let AJ know he would try to come, but there was a chance he might not. Then at mid-party, he was to make a grand entry dressed like a Chippendale dancer.

Zach stayed with friends, so his sister Zoe wouldn’t spoil it by letting AJ know he was in town. Jim guaranteed he would make it. Jim spends a lot of time with his alma mater supporting their football program. He and his friend Jay, fly donors, supporters and yes, the pom-pom team along with the cheerleaders to all away games in Jay’s small jet. I made sure there were no games scheduled for Saturday. So far nothing was going to ruin the big day.


Saturday AJ was up with the sun. I made us a big breakfast and we worked putting the finishing touches decorating the house. Jim arrived at noon and much to my disappointment, he gave AJ the keys to her birthday present. His reasoning was that is was best to give it to her that afternoon rather than at the party, so she could drive it around showing it off and not be distracted from the party. I had shared with him in confidence what my plans were for her to get gang-banged while we watched. His comment was that would make him a great gift as well. He has always told me how he wanted AJ to have more partners than just him. Getting to watch was the bonus.

Everybody began arriving just after six. Zoe was quick to tell AJ that she didn’t think Zach would make it as she had not seen him. She did say he decided to stay with his frat brothers and would be home later. I almost cried when I witnessed the disappoint in AJ’s eyes. Heath and Scott arrived, and she pepped right up. Jim had the food catered and got AJ a cake from a specialty baker. He told me he didn’t want a cake or presents as this was AJ’s birthday party.

“I stopped having birthdays many years ago Vee so let’s not make a big deal out of it.”

Vee seemed to be the new pet name he gave me a while back. We ate and played some silly games, and then AJ showed off her new car to them all. Everyone wanted a ride, but Jim said maybe tomorrow as it is a little late and we have more partying to do. I got a text from Zach telling me to let him know when to come, which I replied right now works. I instructed him to use the garage and make his way to the den. My heart danced with anticipation.

Jim and I corralled everyone into the den. I had Jim sit on the large sofa and Piper, Darcelle better known as Darci sat beside him. Nicole, Emma and Sami sat on the sofa arms pushing Piper and Darci tight against Jim. Zoe and Kat stood behind the sofa and hugged Jim placing their cheeks on his. AJ took center stage and announced to everyone that today was Jim’s birthday too.

“Now, now AJ let’s not make a big deal of it. The celebration is all about you darling.”

“Oh, but Jim that’s where you are wrong. The girls want to give you a birthday kiss. Mom, you might want to give Jim your gift before the girls get carried away.”

“Vee, I said no gifts.”

“Well, you may want what I have for you, my love.”

I handed him a small ring box with two little blue tablets. Jim looked with a puzzled face as he opened it and saw the two Viagra tablets. His smile widened as Piper took a pill in her hand and pushed it into his mouth then kissed him. Darci followed with the other tablet pushing in his mouth, then kissing him passionately moving her hand to his crotch. Jim broke the kiss but did nothing to move her hand which was now groping him in unison with Piper’s hand on his belt buckle.

“Whoa, girls what’s this? Vee, did you have anything to do with this?”

“Surprise, surprise hope you enjoy your sweet little virgins."

Heath and Scott were seated on the other sofa their eyes wide and mouths gapped open. AJ jumped between them and got ready for the show. I sat in the big chair directly across from AJ. I thought to myself, just how surprised she was going to be. I hadn’t told Heath or Scott that I planned for them to join Zach, but I knew there’d be no resistance from them.

Zoe and Kat leaned in and began unbuttoning Jim’s shirt. Darci and Piper were busy unbuckling his belt. Nicole sat between his legs and tugged on his zipper. Emma and Sami took a foot and began removing shoes and socks. Jim closed his eyes, leaned his head back and let the girls strip him naked. I could see his dick grow and as soon as the belt and pants were opened it sprang to full attention. His mushroomed shaped bulbous dick-head a dark purple in color filled with blood and oozed pre-cum. Jim was totally naked in no time.

“Girls you know I’d rather take you each to the bedroom and make love to you individually. Wouldn’t you like me to make love to you as your very first time?”

Darci stood, “No we want you to fuck us in front of everyone. Are you okay with that?”

Jim nodded as Darci began her seductive striptease. It was making me so wet watching all of this and I began to massage my breasts. Darci took off her top and shimmied out of her skinny jeans. She as braless and had no panties on. She straddled him placing one foot on either side of his thighs. Zoe came around and grabbed his cock in her hand and rubbed it up and down Darci’s slit. Darci began a slow descent onto his cock as Zoe guided it in.

All the other girls still clothed began to kiss and rub all over Jim and Darci as they fucked. AJ was rubbing her tiny breasts. Heath and Scott shifted in their seat as their dicks bulged imprisoned by tight jeans. I watched them fondle their crotches when suddenly Zach made his appearance. He was so hot dressed in a bow-tie, black tuxedo pants and barefoot. AJ stood knocking Heath and Scott back as she screamed,

“Oh my god, Zach, you made it. Wow, what do you have on?”

“I’m your present AJ. I am here to dance for you.”

I stood and went to the kitchen to retrieve a chair for AJ to sit in. Zach took her hand and led her to the chair and began to give her a lap dance. I saw her nipples harden as he hunched her leg. Her short skirt rose high on her thigh as he ground his dick on her. I could clearly see how huge it was. He was getting very hard as AJ put her hand around it still bound within his tuxedo pants. I was beyond as I watched all the ministrations. Heath and Scott now had their dicks out and stroking slowly.

“Heath and Scott, why don’t you strip for AJ? I’m sure she would love to see you naked and hard again. She will most likely want your dicks in her after Zach’s.”

“Really Ms. Kirk, you would let us fuck AJ tonight?” Heath asked.

“If she wants you it’s okay with me for both of you to ride her. What do you say AJ, do you want them all to put their dicks in you?”

“Oh my god yes mom. Really, you’d let them all fuck me? Can they cum in me too?”

“Whatever you want, AJ. It’s your birthday.”

My panties were soaked, and my turgid nipples were poking through my bra. Jim was deep inside of Piper and Darci sucked on her nipples. I watched as Lisa, Lori, Kristy, Jenelle, Krystal, Alicia, Whitney, Avery and Sydney stripped each other. They kissed and fingered each other as I pushed my hand inside my pants. Krystal came to me and began to kiss me. Soon she was joined by Jenelle and Kristy. I let them strip me as I kissed each of them passionately.

I was being eaten, fingered, and kissed by all the girls. I forgot about AJ and Zach. Jim was busy fucking Nicole when I heard Zach scream he was cumming. I looked up to see AJ bent over the ottoman as Zach was buried deep in her pussy and cumming. She had Heath under her licking her clit and Zach’s balls as Scott sat with his legs scissoring Heath. Their cocks held tightly by AJ as she sucked both. She licked and put as much of both in her mouth as she could.

“Oh god yes, Zach, fill my pussy. Mmmm, Heath, suck my clit, oh my god I’m cumming. Cum in my mouth, Scott. Jack off in my mouth.”

“AJ, eat my cum. Oh shit, Heath, cum too. Fill her mouth with me.”

I looked down as Lori pushed two fingers into my ass. My body shook violently as orgasm after orgasm spasmed within me. Jim was eating his cum out of Emma as Sami sucked he cock, still rock hard from all of the Viagra I gave him. Just when I thought I’d cum harder than I ever could I felt a huge cock pushing at my slit. Zach kissed me and told me now was my turn to feel his cock deep in me. I laid on my back as Zach fucked me hard. Jim and AJ came to me as Zach pounded away at my pussy.

“Vee, you are amazing. Thanks for the amazing gift.”

“Mom, you are the best.”

They both kissed me then each other. Darci came over to me and kissed me.

“Ms. Kirk, thank you for letting me fuck Jim. Oh, my god, he fucks better than my step-dad!”

Zoe joined us and kissed me.

“Ms. Kirk, did you like Zach. He’s a good fuck, isn’t he? My mom and I love it when he fucks us just like that.”

The look on my face must have been quite a sight. Here AJ’s friends are having sex with step-brother and step-dad. This is going to get good!

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