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Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing Part II

Alex waits patiently in exquisite torture.....

As I observed the way Alex was looking at me I told Mia to wait for me in my room and that we would be up there shortly.   She grabbed me by the back of my neck and kissed me softly and told me not to be long as I felt her tongue lick my lips.   My eyes were focused on Alex the whole time I saw that he had a hard on.   As Mia left up the stairs, Alex walked closer to me backing me up on the wall behind me.   His face came closer to me and my anticipation grew as he licked my lips and started to suck on them.   He then whispered in my ear “Hasn’t anyone ever taught you how to share?”   I gasped as he bit my earlobe.   I said nothing as he slowly put his hand on my pussy over my shorts.   H e smiled and visibly got harder because he knew that Mia had made me very wet and his curiosity grew.   He then whispered to me why I never told him I had a little crush on Mia.   I still said nothing as my heart started to beat faster as he was now fondling my right breast.   I softly moaned and urged him with my eyes for us to go upstairs.   He smiled, as he knew what I wanted.   He knew I wanted Mia real bad.   He whispered to me with a straight face and said that I can go and have my fun right now but that I will be paying for this indiscretion tonight.   I knew how Alex felt about me not including him and I would have to be taught a lesson but as I imagined what was waiting for me in my room it was worth enduring any pain Alex was going to put me threw.   I nodded my head in agreement to his punishment as he smiled wickedly and grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.  

I entered my room and Mia was already on my bed naked.   I feel my pussy ache as I saw her lying there.   I know that Alex was harder then ever as he turned to me and whispered “Oh Eva I am really going to enjoy teaching you a lesson!” He then sat on a chair near my bed,   I came closer to Mia and she started to undress me slowly and as she took off my shorts and underwear and then my shirt and bra I could feel my nipples get so hard.   I was looking at Alex as Mia started to suck and fondle my breasts.   His eyes were full of lust as he started to up zip his pants and pulled out his cock.   I felt like I could not focus because my need to have Mia and Alex at the same time was growing.   I wanted them equally.   Mia noticed as I stared at Alex and she turned my head and started to kiss me hard.   Mia and I started to finger each other slowly as we kissed.   As I moved my finger inside her, I licked her breasts and sucked on each erect nipple.   She started to touch me all over and then started to lick and bite my breasts, teasing my hard nipples with her tongue.   The room filled with our moans and did not want it to end.   Every so often, I would glance at Alex, looking at him to see if he was enjoying it.   His eyes were fixed on me and I could see he was aroused he started to play with his cock.   Both Mia and I moaned with pleasure as we reached our first orgasm together.   I felt her tremble over my finger as she came.   I followed with an explosive orgasm as she continued stroking my clit.   We collapsed onto the bed and hugging and kissing each other we held each other close, so that our breasts were touching.  I was still feeling so horny and wanted to experience another orgasm with her.

As I moved into a doggy style position, I positioned my pussy over her mouth as she lay underneath me and I moved my mouth over her wet pussy as I positioned myself on top of her and started to lick her pussy as well.   Since I was closest to where Alex was sitting, I looked at him and maintained eye contact as I slid my tongue all over her pussy and buried it inside to taste her and I grinded my pussy deeper in her mouth.   I could feel her lick me harder as I continued using my tongue on her.   Gently grinding back and forth over her mouth, I felt her hands grab hold tightly around my ass, pulling me towards her hard.   I felt her hands touch my ass and then I felt her gently sliding in her finger into my hole.   I arched my back and started moaning loudly.   Using two of my fingers, I pulled her pussy lips apart and licked up and down.   She felt so and tasted so good.   I could see Alex masturbating before me faster and faster, looking at me as I continued to lick Mia.   It turned me on so much to know he was enjoying this as much as I was but I could see in his face that I would soon be paying for this ultimate discretion of mine.  

Seeing Mia and I enjoying our selves I know turned him on so much because I could hear him softly moaning as his hand played with his cock.   However, he was not allowed to join in and I know how hard it was for him to control himself.   I wanted this to strictly be a moment for Mia and I and as we reached another explosive orgasm together moaning and yelling and all I could think about was how much I did not want this to end with Mia.   I looked up just in time to see Alex coming as well and softly moaning in the chair by my bed.    

Mia and I both collapsed exhausted and laid next to each other for a moment.    Mia kissed me once again and stated that she had to go but asked loudly if Alex could go and wait in the bathroom while she got dressed.   I knew Mia did not like Alex very much and I tried to ease the situation.    I looked at Alex and he reluctantly obliged and gave me such a lustful look that I almost didn’t want Mia to leave as I chuckled to myself.   I helped Mia get dressed as I slid her underwear back on and kissed her all around her ass and thighs as I helped her put her shorts on over that luscious ass and I just had to bite it as she bent down and put her shoes on.   I put her bra on but not before sucking her breasts over and over and biting her nipples.   As I pulled her shirt over her she played with my clit as I glanced to the bathroom door to make sure it was still closed.   We continued to fondle each other and I slipped on a long t-shirt as she continued to suck my breasts.   I felt so naughty knowing Alex was in the next room and I was enjoying Mia to the fullest without him.   We continued to kiss quietly as I continued to grab her ass.   Her tight shorts turned me on so much I wanted to tear them off of her.   She started to lead me back to my bed and I whispered “No Mia…I cant, wait” “Yes you can” she whispered as she pushed my head in between her legs and my mouth started to suck her pussy almost instantly.   I pulled her forward and out of my room and dragged her to the hall as I closed my bedroom door.   I pushed her up against the wall and pulled her shorts down and moved her underwear to the side and started to suck on her clit as much as I could.   I could not help myself.   I wanted more of her as I squeezed her ass and put my finger in her hole again.   She started to moan and I told her to not make a sound because I didn’t want Alex to hear.   The harder I sucked the harder it was for her to contain her moans and I felt her coming in my mouth.   I swallowed every last drop trying to savor her as much as I could.   I came back up and kissed her mouth as I pulled her shorts back up.   I fondled her breast as she tried to compose herself.   We were both still so turned on that we kept kissing and fondling each other as we walked down the stairs.   She pinned me to the railing on the stairs as I whispered “No Mia stop please”...She smiled and knelt down and spread my legs wide, and since I had no underwear on she started to lick my clit so ferociously that all I could do was hold on to the railing and moan in ecstasy. She forced me to cum so intensely yet again.   I could not contain myself as I picked her up kissed her sucking her tongue and biting her lips.   I whispered in her ear and asked her that how did she know exactly where and how to touch me to make me cum? She then put her fingers in my soaked pussy and caressed my aching clit and said because I am a woman and I know what you want and like.   All I could think about as she continued kissing me as she played with my clit was that I couldn’t believe what we had just done.  

I whispered in her ear to that we need to stop because Alex is waiting for me upstairs and she whispered back are you sure you want me to stop?   She kissed me some more as I reluctantly said, “Yes Mia, please… I don’t want Alex to see us like this” Mia continued to kiss me as I walked her to the door and I could not believe that she was driving me this crazy.   I was so turned on by her I could not believe it I did not want her to leave.   We kissed each other some more and she still managed to slide two fingers inside my pussy and whispered in my ear that she would let me fuck her anytime and anywhere I let out a moan as she continued and said, “We will be fucking again!” I started to moan as she pulled her hand out of me and grabbed my ass and kissed me hard again but this time sucking on my tongue and pressing me against the door leaving me breathless as she walked out.  I felt a rush of wetness between my legs as I closed the door.  I was still reeling from all the pleasure that Mia had given me and even though she surprisingly did turn me on I was still really craving Alex’s cock.  I suddenly realized that he was still waiting in the bathroom and I rushed up the stairs.......

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