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Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing PartIII

Alex finally gets to show Eva how its not in her best interest to keep things from him....

All of a sudden I felt the ache in my legs and pussy from Mia making me cum so many times that I slowed my pace as I walked into my bedroom.  My heart started to race as I knew that Alex would be fuming because of what I did.  Alex knew very well how to control me and the one thing he did not like was being lied to.  I felt my heart pounding as I was looking for Alex in the dark and as I was about to open the door to my bathroom I suddenly felt his body press up behind me as he grabbed me by my waist and slowly took off my shirt.  I felt his hands caress both my breasts and it sent ripples of pleasure all over my body.  I felt him start to play with my nipples and his touch was getting harder and harder.  It was painfully delicious as a soft moaned escaped my mouth.  He lowered his mouth and whispered in my ear as he continued to torture my nipples.


"Such a naughty, naughty girl you've been Eva.  Why did you not tell me about your hidden desire for Mia?"


I started to explain my reasons for not telling him when I suddenly felt him hold my neck firmly with one hand and his other hand making its way down my thigh as he slowly slid two fingers into my already wet pussy.  I automatically arched my back and started breathing heavily as he continued to finger me deeply.  I suddenly lost my train of thought.  He continued to whisper in my ear in a tone that sent chills down my spine.

"Did her pussy taste good to you?" 

He did not even give me a chance to respond when he turned my head around and kissed me and started to suck on my lips and tongue.  He pulled away and licked his lips and said 

"Oh, you taste so much better my dirty little girl!" 

I felt myself getting wetter as he kept on fingering me deeper and deeper.  He kept on whispering as my heart started to race.

"I see Mia made you cum three times tell me how did it feel to have a woman make you cum?"

"It felt good." I whispered to him as I slowly lowered my hand to his cock.

"But all that time I was really thinking about was this...." As I gave his cock a hard squeeze. 

"Is that right?" he whispered softly in my ear.


As I started to unzip his pants, his fingers started moving faster inside me as I was trying hard not to let my knees give way.  I pulled his cock out of his pants and started to move it up and down slowly.  I could feel him breathing heavily on my neck as he faintly moaned at my touch.  I felt him press his cock against my ass and I could feel how hard it was and I instinctively pressed my ass back into him.  By this point I could not even think straight and all I managed to whisper softly was...


"Please what?" He said in a demanding tone.

Then right at that moment he took his fingers out from inside my pussy and started to roughly play with my clit.  He knew that was going to drive me absolutely crazy.  I arched my back even further to him as I held his cock in my hand. 

"Please Alex..."  I moaned softly. 

"Please what my naughty little girl?"  He replied moving his finger faster on my clit. 

"Please WHAT!"  He demanded.

"I want you to say it!"

I started to breath heavily and responded.

"Please… I need you…don’t tease me like this please" I moaned.

"Need what? What do you need?" He replied as he kept moving his finger over my clit. 

I grabbed his cock tighter as he chuckled and said,

"Oh! Is this what you want?" As he pressed his hard cock against my ass.

"Oh God Yesss!" I moaned. 

"What do you want me to do with this?" As he pressed his cock against my ass harder.

"SAY IT!"  He demanded "I want to hear you say it!"  As he slid his finger deep inside my pussy.  I finally let out a scream as I moaned.

"Oh! God Alex PLEASE FUCK ME with your cock!" as my moans grew louder and louder the deeper he inserted his finger.  I could feel Alex smiling as he licked my ear and whispered.

"Oh I will Eva…BELIEVE ME I plan to FUCK you until you are begging me to stop."

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "That's what I want baby, PLEASE JUST PUT IT IN!"

"Uh, uh, uh!" he whispered in my ear as he removed my hand from his cock. 

"But first things first my little naughty girl, just like I waited patiently in a torturous state of arousal while I watched you and Mia fuck each other over and over for hours.  It’s your turn to experience the same heavenly hellish torture I just went through."

"Wait! Why!? Please, Alex NO! Don’t tease me this way; I have been thinking about you fucking me with your cock all day!" 

I started to press my ass against his cock to try to convince him not to do this, but I could not focus, and then I suddenly felt him throw me on my bed and position himself on top of me so fast I could not even finish my sentence.  Out of the blue I felt a silky cloth around my wrists as I finally realized what he was about to do.  He wanted total control of my body.  I knew what this meant as he did this once before and my heart started to race and I struggled a bit as I tried to pull my hands forward but it was no use I could feel the restraints around my wrists get tighter.  I felt him slide down my body and tie up my ankles the same way and then to my surprise this time he blindfolded me, which he never did before and I felt so vulnerable, laying there naked at his mercy.  I knew this is what he wanted me to feel.  He knew I hated when I could not move and especially when I could not see him.  

"Don't do this Alex! Please! I know I should not have seen Mia but please dont do this!" I began pleading with him.

I started to remember how good it felt to watch him squirm while Mia fucked me knowing he could not touch me and a smirk came to my face but I quickly tried to hide it.  I felt him stare at me and I knew it was too late.  I felt something go up and down my body and it felt like a feather.  It was sending chills all over my body.  Alex mercilessly teased me with it as he put it on my nipples then down my side and then I felt him glide it along my thighs and it was driving me crazy not being able to touch him or see him.

"Please Alex...please don't! I'm sorry, I won't do it again!" I pleaded with him again and again. 

He ignored my protests and started to roughly nibble, bite and suck on my breasts and in between his nibbles he whispered. 

"I have let you be a naughty girl far to long Eva and its time I teach you a lesson on how its not in your best interest to keep things from me."

With that being said I felt him lower his head straight to my pussy and slowly began to open my lips with his tongue.  I could not help but to arch my back as I felt his mouth engulf my entire pussy.

"Ohhhhhmmmyyygoood! YES!" Was all I could say as he began to lick and bite my clit slowly and then faster slowly and then faster. 

He slid his fingers in my pussy and out then in and out.  I wanted to see and touch him so bad but I couldn’t move. 

"Oh!!! Alex baby that feels sooooo good, faster,  yes…faster."

Then suddenly he stopped his tongue and then started to lick my clit slower and slower. 

"Oh god NO! Do it faster Alex!!!…Faster!" I demanded.

I tried to position his head where I wanted him to be but I could not reach him and it was driving me crazy.  He pushed my hips back down and said,

"Nope! This is your punishment Eva not being able to see me, touch me or stop me, I get to do what I want to you and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop me.  You haven't seen nothing yet baby"

He then chuckled to himself as he slid his hand to my ass and slowly inserted one finger, then two fingers and then three fingers. 

"Ohhmyygoddd, Alex yesssss…yesssssss ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh,..OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!."

He kept inserting them deeper and deeper and licking my clit faster and faster.  My body was moving all over the place by this point and I started to yell,

"Faster, faster make me cum baby!" as I raised my hips towards him in the effort of putting my pussy deeper into his mouth. 

"Oh no baby you’re not going to cum until I say you can cum." And with that he held me tighter and stopped licking my clit and began to lick my inner thighs while inserting his fingers deeper in my ass.  

He then raised his other hand and started to insert one finger, then slowly two fingers, and then finally three fingers into my pussy.  

"OHMMMMYYYYGOOOODDDD ALEX NO!!!!!  He had three fingers in my ass and three in my pussy and  I could not stop him, I could not see him and the more I tried to move my hips the tighter he held me down.  Suddenly I felt his tongue on my clit again moving slowly then faster then slowly again and I just lost it. 

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh goddd Alex,,,,,, PLEASE I need to cum, please let me cum, let me cum........... please….Ohhhhhhmygoddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Alex PLEASE!!!!!"

He started to lick my clit faster and faster and pushed his fingers in deeper and deeper into my pussy and ass simultaneously  and my moans changed to screams and I got louder and louder. 

"YES!" He said sarcastically, "Scream for me baby….Scream my name louder!!!….I love having control of your pussy and your ass and I love the fact that you can't do anything to stop me!"

"OHMYGOD!, Alex please let me cum baby, please!!!"

"No! Not yet! Don't you dare until I tell you that you can!" he demanded.

I kept pleading with him to please let me cum but he ignored my protests and kept on with his torture. 

Then he just stopped as I was on verge of losing it, I could not feel his hands anymore and I heard my door open and slam.  I tried to squeeze my legs together for some relief but I couldn't and I was so wet and I could not move.  I must have got him real upset for him to punish me this way.  How long was he going to leave me like this is all that ran through my mind as my pussy was aching for some relief. 

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