Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing Part IV

By Zafia

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Eva starts to regret her betrayal...

I don't know how long Alex was gone and from the excitement of the day's events I was slowly falling asleep.  I could still feel an ache in my pussy that longed for the relief that only Alex could give me.

I heard the door open but I felt powerless as I was still blindfolded and tied up at the wrists and ankles to my bed.  I suddenly heard more then one voice and I was alarmed to realize that Alex was not alone.  I started to panic because I did not want anyone to see me like this.  I felt a hand touch my stomach and it sent shivers through out my whole body.  I knew Alex's touch instinctively.

"Here she is, doesn't she look good?" Alex asked the stranger as he rubbed my nipple. 

"What's going on Alex, who's with you?" I asked as my heart began to beat faster.

He ignored me and continued to paw over my body like I was his property and he was showing it off to whomever was in the room.  I felt him pinch my nipple hard as he slide his hand down my stomach to my aching pussy and spread my lips.

"See she is so wet so you won't have any problems with her.  Touch for yourself." He told the mysterious stranger.  I all of a sudden felt another finger fondle my clit as Alex held my pussy lips open as a display.

"What are you doing?!" I exclaimed and began to thrash my hips back and forth in an effort to dispel the foreign finger from within me. 

"Where you going love? Don't be rude to our guest." 

Alex chuckled and forced my pussy to open wider with his hands.  He held my hips down with his elbows and I felt so vulnerable at this point.  The mysterious stranger started to speak and his voice sounded so familiar, but I could not place it.

"So can I taste her before you leave?"  The stranger asked politely.

I began to worry and to breathe heavily and I realized that Alex was offering me to this mysterious man and if I was to his liking he was going to leave me alone with him powerless to stop him.

"PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME!!" I yelled and I begged Alex to explain to me what was going on.

I then felt a warmness on my pussy as a tongue flicked my clit back and forth and then devoured my clit all together.  My body lifted off the bed as I moaned in pure pleasure.

"OH GOD! Noooo!, Please stop!"

I heard Alex chuckle and whisper in my ear.

"You feel that? Does that feel good to you? I know you like it baby."

"Alex don't do this! Please tell him to stop! I only want you and no one else!" I felt my body betray me as I began to moan from this mysterious man's tongue.

"Oh no love, he will not stop.  You see he too, is here to teach you a lesson on sharing!" He then grabbed my left breast and started to suck on it.

"WHAT! WHY?" I could not even talk with him this stranger sucking my clit and Alex sucking my left nipple so hard.  I began to moan louder.

"PLEASE DON'T, PLEASE STOP, NO JUST STOP!!" I begged them both and Alex knew I wanted to cum.

"Do you want to know who is giving your clit such wonderful pleasure my love?" Alex whispered to me as he licked my ear.

"YES!" I demanded.

"Well as I left the room earlier I thought to myself, if I feel like I was left out of yours and Mia's little escapade I'm sure I knew of one other person that surely would feel left out as well."

"What are you talking about Alex, your not making any sense!" I replied angrily.

I tried to concentrate on his words but the man invading my pussy was making it difficult for me to comprehend Alex.  Alex continued his explanation.

"So I called him up and told him about my plan and he rushed right over to help me implement it."

They both started to laugh as I felt my heart beating faster and faster as my mind was trying to figure out what was going on.

"You know who this man is Eva, say hi to Eva, David."

I felt like all the breath had been sucked out of my lungs as I heard that name and I heard him say.

"Hello Eva, long time no see huh?"  He devoured my clit and licked with more pressure now up and down my pussy.

"OHH!! David don't do this, please stop, why are you doing this to me?" Ten thousand thoughts were running through my mind and then my mind stopped on one thought......Mia.

"Well I thought it only fair to invite David over here to help me teach you a lesson since you decided to fuck his girlfriend behind his back as well!"  Alex exclaimed.

I felt my face flush as Alex's words pierced my mind and left me utterly speechless.  I heard David laugh and he said.

"So did you like my girl, Eva, we have been eyeing you for sometime now and I had hinted to Mia that we should maybe ask you and Alex to swing with us, but I never thought she would fuck you and not include me, she will get hers later, right now all I want is this."

As I felt his hands move up my body to my breasts as he devoured my pussy once again and made me moan louder and louder.

"David please don't do this.  This was not planned it just happened between Mia and I." I tried to loosen my wrists as I tried to lift my head off the bed, but I could not move.  I felt helpless.

"Well I will leave you two alone, it seems like you have a lot to talk about" Alex sarcastically said as I heard my door open and close.

"I guess its just you and I, Eva.  You have no idea how long I have been wanting to fuck you so its only fair I get a taste of you after you fucked my girlfriend and all."

I felt David put his entire tongue inside me as I begged him to stop, I begged him over and over again but it was no use my pleas seemed to excite him more.  I could not help but moan as he invaded the inside of my pussy, my god it felt so good.

"You know you like it Eva, just go with it, Alex told me exactly how rough you like it, so I could be real nice or I could be real bad.",

With those words he held my held my clit between his teeth and bit down hard, the sensation hit me like a bucket of water to my face as I screamed and realized that Alex was really going to let David fuck me.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!!" I stammered as I quickly started to move my whole body in the effort of getting him off me.

"I am going to do more then that Eva, so maybe next time you will think twice before fucking my girl....mmmm....I see you want it rough, as you wish baby."

I felt him get off of me and heard him taking off his clothes as I heard his belt hit the floor.  I suddenly felt his hot body on top of mine as he spread my legs wide and slowly rubbed my clit with his cock.  I felt him start to lick my whole body as his hands wandered every where invading me mercilessly.

"Oh God Eva your pussy feels so good, I could see why Mia wanted you." as I felt his cock slip further into my pussy.

"OHMYGOD!!! David please stop, please, don't, NO! STOP!"  I pleaded with him again and again but he kept on pushing his cock slowly into me inch my inch.

I felt his massive cock thrust into me as I screamed, "ALEXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!"

David started to laugh and said, "Alex can't help you now Eva he is quite busy in the other room and let me give you one hint with who."

I started to scream as his cock invaded me over and over and over as he leaned forwarded and whispered in my ear,

"Her name starts with an 'M'" as he began to laugh even more and pushed his cock inside me as deep as it would go...........