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Alone with My Brother's Friend

She's wanted this to happen for a year, now it finally has
"Hello?" I shouted as I walked through my front door, pulling the key back out. "Is anyone home?" I closed the door behind me, kicked off my shoes and took off my coat. I walked through to the living room. I was glad to have the house to myself for once, normally my brother would be sat in front of the t.v. hogging the remote, or my mum would be pestering me about some chore I hadn't done yet.

It was basically winter outside so I decided to go take a shower so I could relax in my p.js and watch t.v all nice and cosy afterwards. I ran up stairs, grabbed a towel, and started slipping out of my clothes as I entered the bathroom. After washing my hair I got out of the shower realizing that I'd picked up a smaller towel than I'd thought. (It was one of those towels you've had for years so it has shrunk or maybe you've just grown). As I was combing out the tangles in my hair someone knocked on the front door. Cursing I went downstairs, grasping the towel around myself; it barely covered me.

"Oh hi," Callum said blushing as I swung the door open. Callum is one of my brother's best friends, we've all known him for years. "Is Michael in?" Callum finally said with his eyes fixed on the ground

"Nope, just me," I said walking away leaving the door open behind me. "Come in then I'm freezing!" My nipples had begun to harden because of the cold and goosebumps were covering my wet naked body

"I can see that," Callum laughed under his breath. He came in, shut the door and removed his shoes and coat, he knew the routine. As I began to walk into the living room I could feel Callum's eyes exploring my body, and it felt good.

Now is probably a good time to describe myself. I'm 17, about 5'3", I'm a brunnete and my hair is quite long. (It reaches the small of my back.) I have a small frame and a toned stomach (thanks to my dancing) and I'm a 36c. I have blue eyes (which some say is quite unusual, but my brother has the same eyes and brown hair as me).

Callum, if I had to guess, is around 5"9. He is 21, he has dirty blonde hair and blues eyes. He is a swimmer so he has a body to die for, I've fancied Callum since I was 16 but I'd never admit it.

"Right, I have to go get changed then clearly," I said laughing, making my way to the stairs

"You don't have to on my account, if you want to stay like that I have no complaints." Callum laughed, I shot him a look, laughed and made my way to my room. I caught Callum's eyes following me for as long as he could.

When I reached my room I shut the door behind me, feeling excited and slightly turned on at the fact that Callum had finally noticed me, that he'd finally seen how much I had matured. A knock on my door interrupted my thoughts. I quickly slipped on my pink and black lace panties and bra, and put my robe on over the top. (My robe was also quite short and revealing, I left it open slightly at the top, to give him an eyeful.) Finally I opened the door.

"Erm, Michael just text me," Callum said clearly staring at my chest with no shame. "He said to tell you he won't be home til about 9 so don't be nice to me whilst he's out." Callum finally made eye contact with me

"Oh that's fine, want to watch a film?" I suggested knowing this could be a prime opportunity to spend more time with him.

Callum sat on one side of the sofa and me the other. I couldn't make the first move, I didn't have the courage to. We ended up watching a horror film with all the lights out and it was dark outside too, because Callum bet that I wouldn't be able to watch the whole thing. I kept glancing over to Callum and now and then I would catch him looking at me in my revealing robe. "Ok, I'll admit this is actually quite scary." I laughed, admittedly quite nervously.

"You have to be joking." Callum laughed, then reached out his arm. "Come here you big wimp." I immediately slid along the couch and rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around me. We stayed like this for a few minutes until something in the film made us both jump and he squeezed me around the waist. I could hear his heart pounding against his chest, then we both started laughing.

I looked up into his eyes and he leaned in and kissed me so gently on the lips. Callum tried to study my reaction. "I'm sorry, its just you looked so... I thought you wanted.. I mean-"

I cut him off by kissing him back, our tongues intertwined and we made out for what felt like hours. Callum untied my robe exposing my pink and black lace underwear. I sat up slightly, with Callum still on top of me, and took off my robe and threw it to the floor, then resumed with passionately kissing Callum, my hands tangled in his hair.

His hands started to explore my breasts, he then reached round my back and undid my bra, took it off and threw it to the floor near my robe. He started to kiss my breasts, licking and sucking on one whilst using his hand to stimulate the other. I began to moan louder then Callum came back to my mouth and started kissing me again. His hand then started to go further down my body, tracing the outline of my waist as it did, until he reached my panties. He rubbed my throbbing clit through my panties, making me wet, and I moaned ever louder as he started to flick my now erect nipple with his tongue and suck and kiss it. He started rubbing faster and I moaned louder.

"You're going to make me come," I panted and he stopped.

"Not yet." He sat up and took off his shirt. I now assumed it was my turn to give to him. I straddled him and began kissing him again, slowly grinding his crotch. I could feel the bulge in his jeans growing, from what I could tell he was quite large. I got off the sofa and kneeled in front of him, I then undid his belt buckle unzipped his jeans and helped him take them off (including his boxers). I gasped at the size of his penis. Although I was a virgin I had done other things with boys and that's exactly what they were compared to Callum, "boys".

I wrapped my hand around his penis and slowly started to move my hand up and down adding slight pressure. I then started to kiss the head of his penis and caress it with my tongue. His sharp intake of breath told me that he was enjoying it. He put his hands on the back of my head, holding my hair as I started to allow more of him into my mouth. I was in a way determined to try and get the whole thing in, so soon enough I was deepthroating him, trying so hard to fight my gag reflex. I started to caress his balls with my free hand. Callum's head was back resting on the sofa and his breathing had got heavier.

"I'm going to cum," he moaned, as he said that he unloaded his hot shots of cum down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but some dribbled out the side of my mouth. I wiped my chin and gave Callum a sexy smile.

"Damn, that was good," Callum said, catching his breath. "I'm going to have to repay you for that." He laughed, pulling me up on top of him and kissing me passionately again. He lay me on my back and kissed his way down my stomach until he reached my (now soaking wet) panties. He tucked his fingers under the waist band and looked into my eyes as he pulled them down and over my legs. He then returned to my throbbing clit, he sucked and kissed on it, flicking it with his tongue. He then darted his tongue in and out of my hole, causing me to moan loudly and grasp the back of his head, my fingers tangled in his hair again. He returned to my clit and then put two fingers into my cunt.

"Ohh Callum." I moaned as my hips started to thrash uncontrollably. "Yes!"

"You're so tight." He smiled as he pushed his fingers deeper, suddenly reaching resistance. "And a virgin!" He looked up at me but I was in too much ecstasy to care that I hadn't told him. He didn't seem to care as he continued to finger fuck me. He then entered a third finger and I drew in a sharp breath wincing in pain. "It'll get better, I promise, I'm just trying to get you used to it," Callum said quite soothingly and then started to move his fingers in and out. Each time was less painful as he promised. He then continued to use his tongue to flick my clit back and forth causing me to have my second orgasm

"Ahh yes Callum! Yes!" I yelled almost involuntarily. Callum laughed removed his fingers and sucked on them before kissing me again, allowing me to taste my own juices. I could feel Callum's penis now fully erect again, pressing against me as it throbbed whilst he continued kissing me. "I'm ready," I whispered into his ear. He lined up his penis with my hole and slowly pushed in the head using my juices as natural lube. I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched hold of the sofa. Callum kissed my forehead and pushed in a bit further, I winced in pain. He kept pushing until he reached my hymen.

"Are you sure?" he asked me, panting slightly, obviously trying to be as gentle as he could stand. I couldn't speak so I nodded in response, my eyes still shut. He pushed through with force, causing my eyes to open and tears to trickle down my face, but no sound came out of my mouth. Callum wiped away my tears and stayed in me for a minute until I got used to the feeling, then he started to slowly move in and out, and yet again like he promised each time it hurt less and became more pleasurable

"Fuck me harder!" I eventually said, nearly screamed, and he did. He started thrusting in and out harder and I reached down and started to rub my clit, "Yes yes yes!" I screamed as I came all over his cock. I could see he was ready to cum. "Cum inside me, Callum, I want to feel it inside me." And he did, shooting ropes of his cum deep inside me before he collapsed beside me. We shared another kiss. "That was amazing," I panted.

"Yes it was," said a male voice from the doorway. Both me and Callum jumped, trying to cover ourselves up.

First story ever, please leave comments and ideas for improvement.

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