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When the parents are away, the fun ones come out to play.
"Bye, honey!" Mom yelled as she waved over her shoulder, walking to the cab.
"Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! Love you both!" I yelled back.

My parents were going on their anniversary trip, like they always do. They normally leave me with my grandma, but now that I'm 17, I can stay by myself. They told me not to have any parties, and I knew that. However, they didn't say not to have any boys over.

As soon as I got the news of the trip, I texted my friend, Jane. I asked her if she wanted to come over, and she accepted. She suggested we have a boy over as well.

I wasnt the one who flirted or did anything bad. I had a boyfriend, Jake, of fourteen months, and good grades. But, I thought maybe I should go crazy this weekend.

I texted Jake saying: "Hey, babe! Wanna come over tonight? Parents are away;)"

He quickly replied with: "Of course, sexy! I'll be over at 8! C u then ;)"

I told Jane about it as well, but she couldn't come over because her family was going to dinner for her cousin's birthday. I was disappointed, but I had Jake for fun.

I think I was ready. For sex, that was. Maybe I could seduce him into it. I knew where my parents kept the condoms, if he didn't have any, and I knew my comfort zone. This would be the night.

It was 6:00, so I decided to make dinner. I wanted it to be romantic and sexy, maybe he'd get the hint. As the oven was preheating for chicken, I went upstairs and picked out an outfit. I wanted it to be slutty, but not a straight up whore costume. I settled on a red dress that hit mid-way between my waist and knees, with a black lace trim.

The oven timer went off, so I ran downstairs to put the chicken in, and made the decadent sides. I checked the clock, it was 7:00. I went back upstairs to finish my hair and makeup. When that was done, I went back down and set the table, along with candles, and then took out the food. I finished and sat down to wait, when the doorbell rang.

I flew up and opened the door. I flung my arms around his neck, and walked him into the house. He was used to the place, he'd been here hundreds of times, so he went straight to the kitchen.

"Smells great, Aly!" he said, walking toward the table.

"I hope you'll like it, babe. I mean, I know we will," I replied with a wink.

We sat down and began to eat the meal, which, as I'd thought, he loved. We talked about everything, and he told me he got me something.

"Jake!" I said, with a gasp. "You didn't have to!"

"Oh but I wanted to," he replied.

As I unwrapped the box, I was getting horny. Inside, it lay a gold chain with my initials on it.

"You like it?" he asked, seeing my response.

"I-I love it. It's perfect," I stammered. I stood up and walked to his side of the table, and knelt down to kiss him. He stood up slowly, not to make me fall over, and put his hands all over my body. We made out for what felt like forever, but was pure bliss.

He walked over to the couch in our living room, his lips never breaking contact from mine. He lay me down on it, his lips still on mine. I moved my hand from his neck to the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Mhmm," I heard, as I wrapped my other arm closer around his neck. I then undid his gold belt buckle, and then his zipper.

"Babe? You sure?" he asked, knowing I had never dared to go that far.

"Fuck yes, Jake. I want you to fuck my pussy and my tits and my ass so hard. Give me a good first time," I whispered loudly into his hair. It was true, I wanted him so bad, and it was mutual.

He pulled away from me and said, "Get undressed, I'll be right back."

I nodded as he disappeared into the kitchen. I stood up, and stripped as fast as I could. My 34 D tits were perky with my erect nipples, and my tight, virgin pussy was shaven, as well as cold. He walked back in, without a shirt, and had a condom in his hand. He looked up from the blue package and stepped back.

"Holy shit," he said. "You're so fucking hot. "

I smiled and walked over to him, grabbed the back of his blonde hair, and whispered, "Fuck me please."

He looked very pleased at this, and pulled me to the couch. He had me sit down and open my legs. I felt a little embarrassed, but that quickly went away. He positioned his head in front of my snatch, and took a deep breath. He lowered his head to my lips and kissed them all around. I moaned instantly. He opened my outer lips, and swirled his tongue around. He then began to put one finger, then two into my hole as he sucked on my clit.

"Jake, oh my god," I screamed, in so much pleasure. He smiled at this and continued pumping and sucking. I grabbed the back of his hair and pressed his face closer to my pussy. I felt a wave build up inside me.

"Ja-ja-Jake! I-I'm cumming!" I yelled, at the top of my lungs. He kept eating me, until I felt every muscle in my body contract and release as I came. He licked up all my juices, then leaned up with his crotch on my bare pussy and put his forehead on mine.

"How was that, babe?" he asked tauntingly.

"Great. Now it's my turn," I said, pushing him off me.

We both stood up and I had him lay down. I straddled him and kissed his neck. I made my way down to his gorgeous abs, and licked through the indentions from the muscle. His crotch grew more and I began to get excited. I took off his pants and boxers without a sound. When I finally got his boxers off, I looked up to his dick.

"Holy shit," I whispered. It stood straight up, and I guessed it to be no less than nine inches. I got back over him and started licking the tip. I licked the sides and his balls, as well. He stood up so I could kneel in front of him for better access. I started deepthroating him and playing with his balls.

After about two minutes, he yelled, "Fuck! I'm cumming!" And I felt his hot load down my throat. I swallowed it all.

He asked me, "Ready to get fucked?"

I'd been waiting all day for this. I got up onto the couch again as he put on a condom, and then placed his already hard cock at the entrance.

"Now this may hurt a bit at the beginning. I'm not trying to. But wait for the pleasure, and it will be worth it," he warned. I waited in anticipation as I felt a large stick enter me. I cried out in pain, and he leaned up to kiss me.

"Shh. It will be better. I promise," he said. I nodded. He began to make rhythmic strokes, and our bodies collided perfectly. I heard him say he was close, and I was too. He played with my clit to build me up, and we came together. It was amazing, pure bliss.

We lay on the couch, still naked, and fell asleep spooning.

I wanted this again.

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