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An Opportunity Arises - Part One

Paige seeks relief but is met by more than she ever expected
Looking at her solid figure, Paige almost felt disgusted in herself for being such a big girl. She didn't look dangerously obese but she was definitely a big girl. Her hips were too wide, as were her shoulders and her breasts barely filled out a b cup. With self-confidence and self-esteem lacking, at 19 she had never had a boyfriend and still had her virginity which frustrated her as she became more and more desperate for some semblance of sexual activity with a man.

Working at the nursing home closest to her house, Paige spent most of her days there earning money in between semesters at university. At work, she had become increasingly attracted to a man named Ian, whom she knew had a de-facto partner and loathed the desire she felt for him.

Ian had just turned forty six and was twenty seven years older than the nineteen year old Paige. That wasn't what worried her. What worried her was whether or not he wanted her back. She knew he enjoyed looking at her and smiled at her in a faux mysterious way, as if to try and cover up some sort of forbidden thought.

Today, Paige was particularly aroused, her lust fueled by Ian's presence and increased amount of stares and smiles. The familiar tickle in between her thighs when she saw Ian was beginning to frustrate her and she slipped out into the fridge and slipped her hand down her work shorts and pressed her palm against her clitoris to alleviate some of the tension she felt in her loins and mind.

Paige knew she was safe as the other staff were busy preparing that nights meal and did not need to access the fridge. Although she was no where near orgasm, Paige still felt excited as she rubbed and pinched her pleasure spot and in response her fingers became more and more moist from the juices that began to leak onto her knickers and hand. Soon Paige was becoming closer and closer to orgasm, and just as she let out a soft moan, the doors hinges squeaked and Ian stood still, trying to figure out what he just saw.

"Paige, what are you doing?" Ian asked, still trying to decipher the image which he could not shake.

"Nothing, nothing! I was just in here looking for some cornflour, the soup is too thin", answer Paige, as she turned around and pretended to fiddle with the array of ingredients which the fridge held.

Driven by a growing penis and frustrated lust, Ian walked into the fridge and closed the door. Confused, Paige attempted to take a step back but her heels hit the wall and she was cornered. Embarrassed, she looked around trying to think of something to say, but as she swept her eyes over Ian, she noticed his almost full and raging erection and didn't move her eyes from it as he walked to her.

"You had your hand on that young pussy of yours, didn't you?" Ian asked, almost shocking Paige with the change in his tone, yet sending bolts of arousal down between her legs.


"Why? What were you doing with your hand down there, Paige?"

These questions almost left Paige perplexed as he seemed as if he was angry, yet he continued to close the space between their bodies and his erection remained as present as ever.

"M-masturbating", she stuttered in replay as Ian moved his hand just over the front of her pussy.

"Well what am I going to do with you then?"

To be continued.

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