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An Unexpected Lover Ch. 3

Emma and Kevin finally cross the line
I hadn’t said this in the beginning of either of the previous chapters, but this is a true story with a name or two changed to protect the less than innocent!


I awoke the next morning with the realization that I couldn’t see Kevin that day; I had to work at 5 o’clock. I called his house and his brother Steve answered.

“Hi Steve. This is Emma, um, is Kevin around?” I asked.

“Yeah, hang on.” Steve said handing the phone to Kevin.

“Hey.” Kevin said taking the phone from his brother.

“We have a problem with today, I have to work so I won’t be able to see you.” I said pouting.

“You’re kidding.” Kevin said. “Isn’t there a way you could get out of it, switch shifts with someone or something?”

“I could try, but I don’t have to work until 5, and my whole family is gone to visit family out of town, they won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. Why don’t you come over now?” I said.

“I’d have to have Steve drive me, and you know he’s going to give me the third degree as to why I am coming over to see you, alone, in the middle of the day.”

“So ask him, what’s the worst thing he could say, No? If he won’t bring you over, I will come get you. Ask him and let me know.” I said, coming up with the perfect plan to get out of work that night.

After calling work and faking a migraine, I waited for Kevin’s call. Ten minutes passed, twenty, then thirty with no word. I picked up the phone to call Kevin and find out what was going on when my doorbell rang. “What the . . .?” I asked as I hung the phone up and went down the stairs. Opening the door, there was my prince charming.

“Kevin, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I thought you wanted me to come over.” Kevin said, looking crestfallen.

“I did, I mean I do.” I said. “I was just expecting you to call. What did you do, walk?” I asked letting Kevin into the house and closing the door behind him.

“Actually, yeah, I did.” Kevin said. “Steve was being a dick and wouldn’t drive me, said that he wasn’t taking me to my booty call.”

“Nice to know I am only a booty call.” I said.

“You are more than just a booty call. I’ll show you later, but it’s stupid hot outside and I just ran here from my house. I’m covered in sweat, do you mind if I steal a shower?” Kevin asked pulling his shirt over his head.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I said motioning up the stairs. “Turn left when you get to the top of the stairs and it’s the second door on the right.”

Kevin walked up the stairs, pausing at the landing. “What happens if I turn right instead?” He asked.

“You’d end up in my bedroom.” I said.

“Ok, good to know. We’ll need that later.”

After his shower, Kevin came downstairs to where I was watching TV on the couch. I looked up to see him wearing only a towel and a smile. I felt myself get wet just thinking about what was hiding under that towel. I reached up and pulled the towel off his waist, letting it fall to his feet. He was already hard in anticipation. He jumped slightly when my mouth enveloped his head, my tongue swirling around it, with one hand stroking him while the other tickled his balls. His fingers instantly grabbed strands of my hair and pulled tight. I gasped in a combination of pain, pleasure, and surprise.

“Wait!” Kevin said forcefully. “We have all night.”

“All night?” I asked. “What do you mean we have all night?”

“You said your family wouldn’t be home until tomorrow afternoon, right?”

I nodded. “Yes, they went to visit my cousin Jamie in Lansing and see her new house.”

“So I’m staying here tonight. I told my parents that I was staying at Paul’s; no one is expecting me to get home for at least two days.” Kevin said.

I could only nod at Kevin, for some reason my vocal cords wouldn’t work. I was shocked; no guy had ever stayed the night before, let alone lied to his parents to do it. I wasn’t a virgin, but most of the times I’d had sex before were hurried affairs between school and my dad arriving home from work or when the parents went to a concert or party and were only gone a few hours. Now I had someone staying the night, sleeping next to me in my bed, seeing me when I first wake up. I was nervous something would go wrong.

“Well if I have all night, why not make the whole day worth it?” I asked, taking his cock back into my mouth and beginning to stroke him again. His fingers gripped my hair again, but this time in order to keep my mouth on his throbbing member. I slowly moved my mouth up and down along his hard shaft, still stroking with my hands. I gently pulled more and more of him into my mouth and started stroking harder and faster. As his head brushed the back of my throat, I quickly relaxed, allowing him to slide further into my mouth. I looked up and saw his eyes half closed, head tilted back, and mouth partly open. He kept letting out small grunts that grew louder as the pleasure grew. I began to mouth fuck him, still stroking him the entire time. I felt the tap on my shoulder to warn me of his impending orgasm, but didn’t pull away this time. I pushed him as deep into my mouth and throat as I could, feeling his balls tighten against him as he exploded down my throat. As I swallowed everything, he slowly sat down on the carpet in front of me.

“Ok, you can’t tell me you have never done that before; you are too good at that!” He said trying to catch his breath.

“I’ve never done it on something that big before.” I said. “And I’ve never swallowed either.”

Kevin crawled up next to me on the couch, laying his head in my lap and letting me stroke his hair. “Well you can do that any time you want.”

The rest of the afternoon and evening were uneventful. We watched TV and movies, ordered pizza for dinner, and made a bonfire in the fire pit in the backyard. As the sun started to set, we made s’mores.
“So why didn’t we have a bonfire last night?” Kevin asked, brushing the hair off my face.

“I was trying not to draw attention to us last night, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right, we were hiding.” Kevin said kissing the nape of my neck. “I’m glad we don’t have to hide tonight. Let’s go in.” He said reaching out a hand to help me up.

We started kissing as soon as we hit the back door and continued all the way up the stairs to my bedroom. As we reached the bed, Kevin pulled my shirt off over my head. He kissed his way down my neck to my collar bone. He pulled the strap of my bra down, his kisses trailing after it. I pulled his shirt over his head, running my fingers back down his chest and abs to his shorts. As I unbuttoned them, he resumed his kisses on the other collar bone. His shorts fell to the floor as he unhooked my bra, freeing my perky 34B breasts. My nipples hardened in the cool air-conditioned air. Kevin’s thumbs flicked at the hardened buds as I pulled his boxers off. I wrapped my hand around his hardened shaft and began stroking as he took one then the other nipple in his mouth, running his tongue around each hardened nipple and sucking gently.

My back arched from the pleasure “Kevin . . . that feels so good. You are making me so wet.”

He traced my skin down my chest and stomach to the apex of my thighs. Pulling my shorts and panties off, he pushed me back slightly so I fell backwards on to the bed. Spreading my outer lips and lightly tracing my slit with his tongue, he said, “Yes. Yes I am.” With that, he speared two fingers into my wet hole and started rubbing my g-spot.

I was so horny and wanted him so badly that it didn’t take long for my orgasm to approach. Grinding my pelvis into his hand as my back arched off the bed, I screamed out his name as I pulsated around his fingers; my juices running down his arm. Before the orgasm could subside, I had my finger on my clit making furious circles to bring on a second one. Kevin figured out what I was doing and resumed his torment of my g-spot while licking and biting my nipples. Seconds later my second orgasm in about as many minutes left me breathless and limp on the bed.

“Wow.” Kevin said slowly pulling his fingers from inside me. “That second one was unexpected.”

“Yeah. I know.” I said. “I’m just so horny, one wasn’t enough.”

“I hope you didn’t wear yourself out.” Kevin said, moving to lie in between my legs and lightly kissing my stomach.

“I don’t think so.” I said. “But give me a minute to catch my breath.”

As my breathing normalized and my body relaxed, I felt Kevin adjusting his position and moving more toward the head of the bed. I opened my eyes to see him over me, resting on his elbows. I felt the head of his cock brushing against my clit. This was the moment of truth. Even though I hadn’t been a virgin in almost 3 years, considering the largest cock in me up until that moment was only half the size of what was in front of me, I was scared to death that it was going to hurt like hell.

Kevin must have noticed the apprehension because he backed away slightly. “You know I won’t be mad at you if you don’t want to have sex with me.” He said looking away. “You wouldn’t be the first one to say no.”

I grabbed his face, forcing him to look me in the eyes. “Why would you say that right now? Don’t you think if I didn’t want to have sex with you, we wouldn’t both be laying on my bed naked right now?” I said. “Yeah, that thing is a little overwhelming; I’m not going to lie. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do it.”

“Well you’ll be the first one.” He said.

I sat up, almost knocking Kevin in the head with my own. “What do you mean I’ll be the first one? The first one to say yes after seeing it beforehand?”

“No.” Kevin said. “You are the first one to say yes period. Every other girl said yes until right before it happened, then they all freaked out and pushed me away. I’ve never had sex, you know, like REAL sex.” He looked away out of shame.

“Ok.” I said. “So other girls got too scared. That sucks for them. Yeah, I’m a bit nervous about it, but if you go slowly I should be ok.”

Kevin looked at me, his eyes lighting up. “Ella, you know I would never hurt you on purpose. Of course I’ll be gentle with you.”

Kevin readjusted himself so he was back at my entrance. Even though I was nervous, my pussy was still soaking wet in anticipation. He pressed forward slowly, letting the head creep inside. I gasped from the shock of the initial stretch and a small tear. Kevin stopped suddenly. “It’s ok.” I said. “Just a little pain. Keep going.” As another inch entered me, the pain subsided and I moaned quietly. Little by little Kevin kept going, moving slow, ensuring my juices lubricated his whole shaft until all of him was inside of me. I felt like an overstuffed sausage with all that inside me, but it felt good at the same time.

Kevin slowly picked up speed, shuttling himself in and out of my tight wet hole. I wrapped my legs around his waist, digging my heels into his hips to encourage him to go faster and deeper. With every stroke of his enormous cock I moaned louder. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew I couldn’t hang on much longer. I dug my nails into the flesh of his shoulders as he pounded me relentlessly. I was screaming his name as I came, my pussy muscles pulsating and squeezing his shaft as he continued to pound me. Thankfully, he didn’t stop or slow down and just kept slamming into me through the entire orgasm, making every hair on my body tingle. He kept up through three more of my orgasms before he got close.

“Emma, babe, I am getting really close.” He said “Where do you want it?”

“God Kevin, please don’t stop, I’m getting close again. I want us to come together.” I said using my legs to pull him deep into me again.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

I nodded in return. He grabbed my ankles, and placing them on his shoulders, began slamming into me so hard that my headboard began to smack against the wall. He was grunting with every stroke and looking me straight in the eyes as our orgasms approached. Our eyes locked, unblinking, I felt the twitching of my orgasm start. As my screams of ecstasy escaped my lips, I felt the burn of his hot load inside me. We came simultaneously, our eyes locked on each others. Kevin plunged his tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply as our orgasms subsided.

We must have laid there near an hour, just kissing and holding each other while waiting for our excitement to gradually crest down to a normal level.

“There, now at least one woman has said yes to you.” I said tracing the outline of his lips with my fingertip.

“Yes. Yes you did.” Kevin said. “And you definitely made my first time memorable.” Kevin moved so that he was lying on his side behind me, spoon fashion, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Right before drifting off to sleep, Kevin whispered in my ear. “I love you, Emma.”

To be continued . . . again

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