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And then one night

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What was that?
"It's your birthday," he whispered in her ear, his fingertips sliding up her arm.

The thin strap of her new, white dress was slipping off her shoulder.

His lips were brushing against her shoulder, pushing the soft material lower down her arm.

"Yeah.." she whispered. Her eyes were closed. She didn't know if she wanted to go through with it. She didn't know if she was ready, but she loved him. And her body was shivering. And his breath against her skin was driving her insane. That was enough, right?

She pushed away a little, beginning to tell him to stop, but before she knew it, his soft lips were pressing against hers, and her mind was once more taken away, almost like she was unconscious. He did that to her. His smell, his skin, his touch made her lose focus completely.

Before she knew it, she was lying on his bed with him on top of her, the kiss never stopping the white contrast of her dress against his dark blue bed sheets were making it easy for him to find her.

He knew he should take it slow, but the way her chest was moving up and down, her breathing heavy and her thighs so exposed, he was quickly losing control. He stood up, his lips peeling away from hers. She looked at him, slightly shocked, her green eyes undressing him. She wanted it, she knew it now, and with that she began to undress him. Off came his shirt, exposing his muscles and abs, and she couldn't help but slide her cold fingers down his chest, over his pants before unbuttoning them.

He groaned as her fingers brushed against his cock, and he felt himself get more erected by the second. He was experienced, but she drove him equally as insane. He leaned back over her and kissed her, his tongue gliding against her lips, pushing in between them as his hand made its way over her smooth legs, higher up her thigh, sliding her dress up along with his hand. He felt the tip of his finger reach the bottom of her panties, and they felt hot, as if her wetness was traveling through the material in order to keep them 20 degrees hotter than the rest of her body.

She lifted her butt up, pressing her hips against his in order to let him push her dress up even more before moving his body down, kissing her stomach and up between her breasts. She was blushing, and over-heating, so she quickly slipped her dress off and threw it across the room.

He pushed his body against hers once more and she fell onto his pillows, their lips locking together once more as he pushed her underwear aside and started rubbing her bottom lips, admiring how wet she was because of him. Loving the power he now felt he had over her body.

Her legs spread involuntarily as he felt around her private parts some more, his pants growing bigger, and he didn't think twice about taking them off. He felt her eyes on him and couldn't help not smiling. He was confident about his looks, and he had the right to. His eyes and hair matched his skin tone, and body was fit enough to qualify for the "best body" in school award.

He began kissing her once more, her hands feeling every bit of his body. His chest, his back, his butt, his thighs, his crotch. She pulled him closer and closer, scratching his body, moaning as pleasure overcame her.

She wiggled around as he hit her G-spot. Her body started to spasm, and she felt herself get wetter than ever. She didn't know what had happened. It was her first orgasm, and everything was throbbing. She looked at him, shocked.

He wasn't expecting it either, but her partially scared face made him laugh, and she realized what had happened. She pushed him playfully and sat up once more to kiss him.

It was her first orgasm, and it was enough for one night. She knew he wouldn't mind waiting, and it was getting late anyway. She had to get home before her parents found out she was even gone.

That night, though, she followed his moves. She closed her eyes, and pretended that her hand was his. She did the exact same thing he did, remember every move perfectly, and before she knew it, she broke up into an orgasm once again.

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