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Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 2

Anne's sexual awakening continues...Mike discovers a mentor
Anne woke to the sound of her cell phone ringing. The water was lukewarm now. She must have nodded off right away. She looked at her fingers. Yep, good and pruney. It was time to get out anyway. She pulled the plug to let the water out and stood. Water flowed from her body leaving droplets to bead on her smooth shoulders. She watched rivulets of water course down her belly to disappear in the soft black hair of her pussy.

She stepped out of the tub and started drying off. She worked her way down her body to her feet. Finished she reached for her panties. She paused for a moment. Instead , she picked up her long nightshirt and put it on. She decided she wouldn’t need her panties. They’d be on the floor tonight. She knew she’d masturbate again before she fell asleep.

After hanging up her towel; she walked back to her bedroom. She picked up her phone and looked at the display. It was Jessica.

Anne hit the call back button. It rang only once before Jessica picked up.

“Hey, is Mike still there?”

“No, he left a while ago.”


“Well what,” Anne asked.

“Well…did you try him on for size?”

Anne giggled. “God Jess you are so bad. No, we had a perfectly decent time studying.”

“Damn. Not even a blow job?”

“Not even. Though truth to tell it wasn’t really decent.”

“What? Did you flash him?”

“Let’s just say…I’m short a pair of panties.”

“Sluuuuuuuut, slut, slut,” Jessica squealed in admiration. “Did you take them off in front of him?”

“No nothing like that,” Anne replied, smiling at the memory of tonight’s earlier events. “Well…..After we split for home I was kinda hot. You know all that talk about teasing, losing our cherries and stuff.

“Anyway, the rest of the walk home my skirt was pricking me. Oh, and half of my panties had crept up my ass crack. So the wool was pricking my ass too. Being turned on made the scratchy wool feel good, you know? I broke out in goose bumps and that made me even more sensitive. By the time I got to the door I was soaking wet.” Anne paused to take a breath.

“You frigged yourself didn’t you?”

“Hey, let me tell it at my own pace,” Anne said.

“Ok, but hurry to the good stuff.”

“Jess, this is all good, believe me. So, anyway I WAS soooo horny by the time I made it through the door. I put my books up and I couldn’t help it. I started playing with myself.”

“God, I wish I was there to watch.”

Anne cleared her throat. “Do you want to hear the rest?”

“Yes, please yes.”

“So I took my panties off for; you know; better access and I was really going to town. I could tell it was going to be a big one. I was so fucking close,” Anne paused for another breath.

“Did you come?” Jessica asked breathlessly.

“No, my Mom came home and I almost got caught.”

Jessica started laughing and couldn’t stop. Anne caught the laughter bug and joined her.

“It’s not funny Jess,” Anne said through another round of laughing and giggling. “I could have been caught. By my Mom.”

“God, I’d have dried up right there.”

“I know. Well I grabbed my tidy whities and stuffed them in my shirt. So I didn’t get caught. But, hey have you ever gotten so close you couldn’t stop if you had to, but you really, really had to stop?”


“Well, that’s where I was. I think two more seconds and I would have started coming and my Mom would have walked in on her daughter in the throes of an orgasm.”

“Too funny. But did you finally get off?”

“Eventually, but it was much later,” Anne said.

“So how close did you get to Mike the Geek’s cock tonight?”

That reminded Anne of the last conversation she’d had with her Mom.

“Change of subject. Who’s your GYN?”

“My Mom’s. Some old geezer. I don’t like him. I want a new , good looking doctor,” Jessica answered. “Are you thinking of going on the pill?”

“Yeah, I mean why not. It might help my periods be less painful. And of course if something does happen…well it pays to be prepared.”

“My little girl scout,” Jessica said with a giggle. “Hey if you find one, maybe we could go together.”

“I think I’d like that. Will you hold my hand,” Anne asked.

“Are you kidding? I’m going to be the one handing the doctor his instruments out of the fridge.”

“Only if we can switch places.”

“Deal. Hey, what else went on tonight?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow. I still have homework and I need to go online and pick a Doc.”

“Come on,” Jess whined. “Not even a little hint?”

“Ok, just one.”


“Let’s just say….he’s about seven inches long.”

“You saw it? Tell me you saw his cock. How did you see his cock?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow. Good night Jess.” She hung up on Jessica’s protests.

Anne logged in and searched for about fifteen minutes before she found what she was looking for. She read up on the candidate doctor and liked what she read. She registered on line and made an appointment for Friday after school. She emailed Jessica the information and let her know when her appointment was.

She sat in front of the computer for a while replaying the night’s earlier events.

“No Anne, time to study. Play later,” She told herself.

Homework finished and packed away; Anne was downstairs rummaging through the fridge when her Mom came home.

“Hey Mom, have a good time?”

“Yep,” she said and plopped a double handful of bills and coin on the counter.

“Wow, how much did you win? I thought you were the dealer tonight.”

“Um, twenty-five or thirty bucks. Marcy was off her game. She went broke early and took over as the dealer so I bought in.”

“Are they still your friends? How many times can you wipe them out before the close the door on you?”

“Hon, I’ll be the one broke next week or the week after. That’s how it goes.”

“You always seem to come with money in your pocket.”

“Yeah, but that’s because I’m pretty good and still have chips in the game at quitting time.”

“Have you guys ever thought of having a mother daughter night of poker?”

“Trust me sweetie, you don’t want to hang around a bunch of old women swapping gossip and pin money.”

Anne laughed. “You aren’t old and we daughters gossip too.”

Her mom laughed. “I’ll bring it up next week, but don’t hold your breath. It’s mom’s night out.”

“Yeah, I get that. But what I’d like is time with you. Maybe you could teach me to play.”

Her mom touched her cheek. “That would be fun. We could get together with Amy’s mom and maybe Zoe’s. That would be enough for a game.”

“How about Jess?”

“Why not? Her Mom’s not a regular since she started teaching across town. Hell of a commute.”

“Well, ask and I’ll talk to Jess.”

“Ok. Good night sweetie. It’s time to hit the hay.” She said and gave Anne a kiss on the cheek.

“ ’K . Nite Mom. Oh, I made an appointment at the Brown clinic. For Friday. So, I’ll need the car.”

“Um, take the Miata. I’m hauling some stuff for work.”

“Really,” Anne squealed.

“Not if you ’ re going to cause hearing loss.”

“Thanks, Mom. Oh, um, Jess may make an appointment too. Do you mind if she goes with me?”

“That’s fine hon. Just remember….”

“I know. We can’t play two hot babes and go to the mall. There and back. I swear.”

“Sweet dreams hon.”

“You too Mom.”

Anne grabbed a piece of cheese cake and some milk then headed back up to her room. She sat down in front of her laptop and took a forkful. She let it melt on her tongue. She loved cheese cake, especially homemade. She liked the way the silky texture felt. The way its complex, tangy, sweet flavors seemed to excite different parts of her pink tongue as she massaged the roof of her mouth. She lost herself in the moment; savoring the smooth texture. She closed her eyes and swallowed; her plump lips pressed firmly together; she shivered.

Smiling now, s he logged in again and surfed some of the porn sites. She usually didn’t , since most of the stuff she saw was gross. But now she was curious and wanted to see what a realistic cock looked like. Not the horse cocks the porn stars seemed to have.

Scrolling down the page she found a site that might work.

“Hmmm. Schoolgirl and the geek. That sounds like me.” She clicked on the site. It opened up and saw huge breasted women in plaid sucking huge cocks. She backed out and scrolled further. She found another site. Teenagers in love.

When the site opened she looked around a few of the links. Ok. Not teens, but skinny women and men dressed like teens. Most of the girls were dressed in plaid skirts and fuck me heels. The guys were either jocks or geeks. She got a kick out of some of the videos, but she didn’t feel turned on. She scrolled back to the top of the page and found a search window. She clicked the advanced search function and found several drop boxes to choose the boy and girl by race, hair, build.

“Now this is more like it.” She said.

For the boy she chose white, brown hair, athletic. For the girl she chose Asian, black hair, large breasts. She hit the search button.

A dozen or so links with photos popped up. She sorted by rating and clicked on the first one. She watched for a few minutes, but neither actor resembled her or Mike so she backed out again. Besides the girls boobs were crooked and the guy had a foreskin.

She read the captions and found one that sounded intriguing.

“Korean school girl and the English teacher.”

She clicked.

She gasped in shock. The girl could have been her. Same build, same features. But no, she wasn’t as large up top and her pussy was bare. The guy ’s face didn’t look much like Mike, but his build was similar. She settled back to watch and finish her cheese cake.

“Porn and cheese cake what could be better.”

The actors were nude in just a few minutes. She was sucking his cock and there were lots of close up scenes. She paused several times when there was a good view of the actor’s cock. There was one really hot scene where the girl was massaging the head of his cock. She switched to slowly stroking it. Anne watched mesmerized as clear fluid oozed out of the tiny slit. The girl played with the shaft for a few minutes longer while the fluid formed a large bead. Anne paused the movie when the girl’s tongue made contact with the dark pink head. She stared for a long time. She started the movie again. The girl licked over the head and picked up the clear liquid.

The male actor moaned in the background as the girl continued to suck his cock. The scene switched and the guy was licking the girl’s bare pussy. Anne understood what eating out meant. That’s what he was doing. He’d lick up and down her pink slit then he’d suck one of her labia. The girl spread her lips apart with her index fingers. Anne backed the video up and paused on the close up.

She could see the girl’s clit and the hood that covered it in calmer times. The girl’s labia were pink and swollen with blood. They stood , proudly framing her entrance. It wasn’t just a hole. There was the muscle that kept the pussy closed. She remembered the resistance she felt when she fingered her own pussy. She felt that muscle stretch around her finger.

She hit play and the guy continued to lick and suck her pussy.

The scene changed and they were in a sixty-nine. The girl could take his whole cock in her mouth. Anne watched the girl’s lips make contact with the guy’s pelvic bone. The girl’s cheeks moved inward as she increased her suction. She slowly traveled up the guy’s cock, sucking hard as she went. The scene switched again. Anne gasped when she saw him licking her anus. He licked around the rim and then tried to push his tongue into her. She must have been too tight because he couldn’t open her.

He pulled back reveal ing two fingers in the girl’s pussy. Her opening was stretched to accommodate the thickness of two fingers. He was fucking her with them. He was ramming his fingers in and out in and out. Anne could hear the girl moaning and getting louder. The guy picked up speed, fucking her faster and faster. In seconds the girl was screaming as she came. Her pussy clenched around the fingers and her hips bucked as if she was trying to get away.

“Her pussy must be too sensitive,” Anne said to herself. She took a long drink of milk. Her mouth was dry.

The scene switched again. This time the girl was on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed. She had her legs spread wide with her knees pulled against her boobs. The guy was standing between her feet. He must have been holding the camera because the view was directly above his cock.

Anne pause the movie again. This was a perfect view of his cock. She gazed at the flared head, noticing its texture. It wasn’t smooth like his shaft, but well it looked like the girl’s labia. She couldn’t describe the texture. Pebbly? No , that wasn’t right. She shifted to the dark pink ring behind the cock head.

“That must be where he was circumcised.” She said. Her fingers slip across the screen.

The shaft was pale and covered with blue veins that stood in relief. Anne hit play again.

The guy move d his cock closer to her pussy and when he made contact, he rubbed the head up and down her slit to spread her juices over his cock, making it shine with her juices . Then he pushed his cock into the girl’s opening. Deeper and deeper with each stroke until their pelvises met. He held his position for a few seconds then he pulled most of the way out and plunged in again. He worked in and out of her bare pussy for several minutes as the scene switched from a top view to a bottom view giving Anne a clear look at the bottom of his cock and balls.

The scene switched again and Anne could see the girl’s head and face at the bottom of the screen. She watched as the guy sped up ramming her with his cock. Finally, he groaned that he was coming and pulled out. He grabbed his cock and jacked off for a few seconds and shot a long white stream of come on the girl’s breasts and belly. The second stream flew just a little shorter, most of that landed in her middle and filled her belly button. The third landed just above her pussy. The rest oozed out of his cock and clung to his fingers.

He slip ped his come-covered cock back into her pussy for a few more strokes before the scene changed again. The camera panned back to show a full length body shot of the girl. She was running her fingers through the come, rubbing into her s k in. Her other hand pushed the come at the top of her pussy down her slit. The movie ended.

Anne was breathing hard. “Wow that was good.” She’d been totally engrossed with the movie, now she came back down to earth. Her hands were trembling and her pussy felt as if it was screaming for attention. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt.

“Not yet. No touching just yet. One more. Let’s fine one of a girl playing with herself.”

She backed out to the search window. And selected Asian, solo, masturbation, toy. She hit search.

Again a list of movies came up. She sorted again by rating. She scrolled down the page looking just the right one. She found a video with the same girl titled “L onely S choolgirl G ets O ff .

She clicked play and the scene opened to the girl lying on her bed….

Anne watched this one to the end as well. She’d paused a couple of times to check out the toys the girl used.

By now Anne’s pussy was on fire. She’d neglected it long enough. It was for a good cause the told herself. She’d watched the movies simply for some pointers and now she’d try a couple on herself.

Anne stood up and walked around the room. She wanted something other than her finger in her pussy, but it had to be small enough to make it passed her cherry without tearing it.

She picked up her hairbrush and stroked the handle. Too big. Her lipsticks and fingernail polishes were either too big or too sharp. Frustrated, she went back to her desk. Pens, no. Pencils, hell no. There !

She picked up the Sharpie marker and studied it. Small, smooth, just right. She giggled and thought I sound like goldilocks.

She pulled off her sleep shirt and stood in front of her mirror. Another smile danced on her lips. She liked watching her reflection while she played with her pussy. Before today she was self - conscious about it. Maybe because she felt a little guilty for masturbating, but now she loved the additional stimulus she got watching. She knelt down in front of the mirror and then leaned back on her heels. Her pussy opened up and her labia appeared through her sparse hair. She ran her fingers through the soft patch and pressed her middle finger into her slit once more. She stroked her clit slowly. She liked the closer view, but she couldn’t see everything.

Anne got back up and thought for a few seconds. She moved the overstuffed chair across the room until it touched the mirror’s frame. She sat on the arm of the chair and let herself fall over. It took a few seconds to get situated, but finally she was ready.

She spread her legs over the chair’s arms. Now her pussy was totally exposed. She saw that her lips and labia gaped open to reveal her clit and opening. She looked at her reflection and smiled. With her legs spread so far apart she had a nice view of her breasts and pussy. She could see her hard nipples. They were harder than ever .

Anne’s gaze traveled down to her pussy. She could see she was leaking . A lmost flowing. She saw a large dollop of her juice form at the bottom of her slit. It was thick, but clear. She reached down with her finger and touched it. Yes thick. She used two fingers to gather the slick flow. She brought it up so she could see it. She rubbed her thumb against her index and middle fingers. It was so slippery. She held it up to her nose. It had no smell. She touched it to her tongue. Salty sweet. The same complex flavor she had tasted this afternoon .

She picked up the Sharpie and glided it over her right nipple. Nothing. She reached up and tweaked the same nipple with her slick fingers. She shivered with pleasure. She twisted it and groaned. She plucked her other nipple and squealed.

She placed the Sharpie above her slit. Slowly she pushed the white barrel of the marker into her pussy. She watched as her labia folded around the tiny shaft, caressing, tugging, and guiding it toward her opening. She press further and felt the first bit of penetration. She watched the white tube disappear into her pussy. She felt every bit of the thin shaft as it entered her. She stopped when only the black cap was visible. She released the pen and watched it slowly slide out of her pussy. She clenched and the Sharpie stopped.

Anne breathed deeply and clenched tighter and tried a pulling action with her muscles. She watched as her pussy sucked the pen in a little bit. She pressed the pen back in and let it go again. She clenched again and it stayed in place.

She stared at her pussy’s reflection. She saw the black cap hanging in mid-air. She stroked her clit and the pen bobbed as she rode the pleasurable sensations.

She gripped the pen in her fingertips and wiggled it up and down. God, it felt good, better than her finger. It went deeper than her finger; touching more of her. She changed to a circular motion.

“Ahh, fuck, fuck,” Anne moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy.”

She used the fingers of her left hand to stroke her tiny bud of a clit while her right hand fucked her pussy with the pen.

Anne’s hips and ass were fucking back with increasing force. She switched to a figure eight motion and she exploded.

“Ahh, Ahh, fuck me Mike, make me your sluuuut, fill me up with your come,” she whimpered . Her lovely pale legs gripped the chair arms and her ass was writhing in the air while she fucked back has hard as she could. Her toes were bent double as she rode wave after wave of the powerful orgasm.

Slowly, she relaxed. She was sweaty and gasping. She laughed and cried as she tried to catch her breath.

She had to force her legs to let go of the arms. She rocked her hips up so she could see her hole. The pen was still inside her. She pulled gently and felt her pussy suck against the shaft. Finally, she pulled it free and heard a low pop as her pussy let go.

Now that she was calmer, she could feel her pussy as it twitched from her fucking.

“Yeah, fucking. This wasn’t masturbation, was it?” She’d put something in her pussy and she liked it. She stared at her reflection. Her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration. Her face was pink. Her eyes shone brightly.

With her legs still spread wide she looked down. There was a little blood. She touched it and felt a tiny bit of stinging.

“Oops,” she said. “I think I popped my own cherry.”

She put her feet on either side of the mirror frame and pushed. The chair moved back enough for her to stand. She got to her feet and walked to her bureau. She picked up her make-up mirror and lowered it to her pussy.

She couldn’t see anything. She sat back down in the leather chair and spread her legs over the arms again. Now she was wide open. She placed the mirror on the cushion and spread her pussy open with both hands. She looked closely.

“Good, it’s still there. Just a little tear at the bottom, but plenty for Mike to plow through.”

She got up, moved the chair back in place and put her sleep shirt back on. She climbed into bed and fell deeply asleep.


“Mikey, pal, are you ok?”


“He’s coming around.”

He felt his eyelid being pried open and a bright light flash.

“Stoooooop iiiiit,” he slurred.

“Come on Mike, wakey, wakey.”

Slowly, life returned to his body and he opened his eyes.

“Wha pnd?”

Consuela’s face appeared over his. At first blurry, then sharpening.

“You forgot to block a kick to the head, H ermano,” she said. Her full lips broadening into a smile; relieved that he wasn’t hurt too badly. “You must be off your game to get popped like that by a novice.”

Mike tried to sit up, but nerves were still misfiring.

“Take it easy. There’s no hurry.”

“Owwwccch.” He slurred again.

Consuela laughed. “Better you than me.”

Mike uttered a pain filled laugh and finally made it to a seated position. He put his hands on the floor and rolled to his knees. Pushing, he stood up. The world shifted and swayed.

“Easy, easy,” Consuela said. She snapped her fingers. “Here, look at me, look at me. There.” She looked into his eyes and smiled. “He’s back. Both eyes are looking in the same direction….more or less.”

Mike was slung between two larger students and dragged off to the locker room.

Consuela turned to the frightened kid who’d knocked Mike out. “You, come here.”

He stepped forward. “Sensei,” he said with a bow.

“That was a good kick; and it was fairly delivered. It’s his fault he got knocked out not yours. When you fight, it’s your responsibility to deliver the blow, not pull punches. I wonder if you are in shock because you landed the blow or that you hurt someone. It doesn’t matter. This is Krav Magna. It’s a weapon, not a sport. Take a few minutes to gain your composure and back to work. I think a hundred pushups will do it.”

“Yes Sensei.” The kid trotted off to the back of the room and began.

“Markus, stay with Mike until he’s steady on his feet.”

“Yes Sensei,” he said and made his way to the locker room to babysit the dojo’s newest instructor.

The martial arts studio was closed; all the students and instructors gone. It had taken him a couple of hours to recover and now Mike was standing under the shower. He was switching between hot and cold hoping to keep the swelling down. He was still shaky and his head hurt, but no blurred vision, no nausea.

He couldn’t keep the image of Anne standing in front of the mirror, his gi wrapped around her naked skin. Or the smell of her panties. God, the stronger, sweeter scent she’d rubbed into his sleeve.

When he dressed out tonight he thought he could smell the scent of her skin rising from the silk. He inhaled deeply as he pressed the sleeve’s cuff against his nose. Her pussy, her labia, her clit had pressed against this. Anne had masturbated to orgasm against the embroidery of this sleeve. And he had watched every beautiful stroke she made. Her voice, usually so sweet and clear, was hoarse as she cried out. And the words she used. She sounded like a porn star.

He tried to keep focused on the fight, but here was the proof. He was standing under a cold shower with fuzzy head, a swollen jaw and an erection that just wouldn’t go away.

“So , H ermano, feeling better,” Consuela’s voice coming from a few feet away.

He started, turned around looking for her. She’d snuck into the men’s locker room and had somehow gotten undressed and entered the shower just one stall over. The dividing wall between stalls was short, just over a half wall. She was his height so he could see her shoulders and the tops of her breasts.

She ducked under the steaming shower and wet her short hair. She backed up and shook her head.

“What’s got you so distracted? You could have gotten a concussion or worse tonight.”

“Well, I don’t know. I’m distracted, but I don’t really want to talk about it.”

She squirted shampoo into her hand and started washing her hair. Her small breasts rose with her arm’s movements.

Mike could see her nipples now. They were hard and her areola were contracted and wrinkled tight. He watched her slowly kneed her fingers through her thick hair.

She watched him take in her breasts. He licked his lips. He tried to turn away, but he kept his gaze locked on her tits.

“Me, I think it’s a girl.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well, you are too young to be bankrupt, and you have a job. You got no credit so you got no debt. Your grades are good, I know that for sure. Your car? Plain Jane all the way, but it’s still got a few good miles on it. So that leaves girls.

“So, did you knock some cheerleader up? No. Not that. You aren’t dating anyone regularly so no break up. One of the girls you tutor finally catch your eye?” She laughed at his expression.

“So which girl?”

Mike rolled his head around for a few seconds. He used the time to think of how to start.

“Anne, the girl I’m tutoring in pre- college algebra? Out of the blue today she started flirting, teasing me. Not just innocent flashing either….” He relayed some of what he’d been through at Anne’s house. He left out the robe scene because he didn’t want to share that one.

“Wow,” Consuela said. “She must have driven you up the wall.”

“Yes, she did.”

“Do you think she did it on a dare?”

“I don’t know. All I do know is if her mother hadn’t been home I’d have been late for work. If I showed up at all.”

“Yeah, and maybe in jail.”

“No she’s eighteen.”

“And if she said no, stop.”

“Then I’d have stopped and left right away. And I’d be under a cold shower just like I am now.”

“Poor Miguel. I bet you’ve had a hard on the whole time. Even now? Even under that cold shower?”

Mike blushed.

“I thought so. I can tell just by the way stand.”

“Consuela, you aren’t helping.” Mike said. He ducked his head under the cold shower spray and tried to make his cock go down. He was starting to hurt. His balls ached and his cock throbbed with each heartbeat.

He felt soft, warm skin press against his back. Hard nipples dug into his shoulder blades. Her pubic hair was pressed against his ass. He heard the faucet squeal as the shower was turned off.

He stood there with Consuela pressed against his back and felt her hands explore his chest. He felt her hands as they tweaked his nipples. Lower ing, the hands stroked his abdomen tracing the six-pack he’d worked so hard for. Lower to tug his pubic hair. Lower to cup his aching balls.

Finally, he felt her left hand grasp his cock and gently stroke him. Her right continued to knead his sack. She kept a slow steady pace. Each measured stroke went the full length of his cock. So slow. Up…..Down….Up….Down. She shifted her right hand away from his balls and move d it behind him. He could feel her digging into her pussy. He thought she was stroking her clit. He started to turn, but she held him in place.

“Ah ah ah hhhh , if you turn around or interfere then this yes becomes a no. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sensei,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Good, you learn very well.”

Mike felt her hand leave her pussy and move to the swollen, purple head of his prick. Her hand was slick with her pussy juices. He could smell her. Different from Anne’s. Stronger. Exotic. Good. T his was a woman’s scent.

Mike moaned almost in pain as her slick palm engulfed his sensitive head. She kept the slow steady pace going with her right hand as well. Only there seemed to be a counterpoint.

Consuela could feel his legs tremble as he struggled to deal with the sensations she inflicted on his tortured cock. He was good , she reflected . None of her lovers ever let her get this far along. Some tried to fuck her, others just took over. But , this one. He liked the sweet pain she was delivering. He liked hovering just below the threshold of an orgasm. How long could he last? W as he strong enough, disciplined enough to let her do as she pleased? S he ha d know.

She breathed in his scent. It would be funny if she were the one to break down and jump on his cock. Of course it would be over so fast.

Mike felt her breath feather against his neck. Felt her hot, sexy lips kiss him between his shoulders. Right where the knot of tension was forming. Her teeth gently bit into his skin. She sucked the skin she captured. She ran her tongue over it. She eased her bite and licked the indentations.

Mike tilted his head back over her shoulder. He raised his arms and gripped the top of the block walls that acted as shower dividers. He was struggling now. Struggling to stay on his feet.

Consuela repeatedly returned to her to her pussy for more of her juices. Only now she was staying longer and fingering deeper.

She’d return to his cock head and apply a fresh coat to supplement his lubricant. She never increased or decreased her pace. When she’d estimated they’d been at this for nearly thirty-minutes she stopped.

“Ok, Miguel. You can turn around and fuck me as hard and as fast as you can. No holding back. No worrying about my pleasure. No worrying about hurting me. All of that can come later. Yes?” She released his cock.

He spun around. He kissed her savagely. He bent down and seized the backs of her thighs and lifted her. She opened her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She laced her fingers behind his neck.

Blindly he thrust upward and cried out as he plunged deep inside her. Consuela screamed his name ; her legs gripped his pelvis tighter. She bucked her hips fucking back. He drew back and slammed deeper. He began fucking her without mercy. He could feel how hot and wet she was. She was tight. Tighter than any other girl he’d been with.

She flexed her legs, her hips timing against his thrusts. She used her pussy muscles to seize him. She rotated her hips so her clit ground against his pounding shaft. She could feel his cock starting to swell. He was getting close.

Mike felt his balls starting to boil. He tried to speak, but couldn’t. Consuela was growling and muttering under her labored breathing. Her head lolled loosely. No control. She was getting close now.

Mike could feel the tide of his orgasm rise, but it remained just out of reach. He started pounding her abused slit with harder, longer strokes. He’d pull almost all the way out and slam back, grunting with each thrust.

Finally, he felt his come rise. He managed to say her name and he was coming. Each blast was so full and powerful it hurt ; only to be drowned beneath another shattering wave of pleasure. He never stopped his pounding even after he filled her with his come.

She could feel the head of his cock swell against the tight walls of her pussy and then the wet heat of his first load of come blast deep inside her. That was all she needed. She was lost to her own orgasm. They kept fucking until their orgasms subsided.

Gasping and shuddering he wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her. She kissed him back parting her lips and slipping her tongue over his lips. She teased his tongue into meeting hers.

They broke their kiss and rested their foreheads together. She lowered her legs and stood. Mike’s cock was still buried deep in her pussy. Now standing face to face Consuela lowered her arms and threaded them under his and hugged him tightly.

“That was excellent Miguel.” She breathed against his mouth. “I needed that as much as you did. It’s been a long, long time. Maybe longer than your dry spell.”

“A year?”

“Ok, almost as long as yours,” she said with a chuckle.

She sucked his lower lip. “You are still hard.”

“I think it’s because you’re so tight. You’re keeping the blood from flowing back.”

She laughed, showing her white teeth. She looked into his eyes.

Mike grinned and kissed her again. She had black eyes that shown with naughty fun. Her lashes were long and thick.

They stood locked together for a few more moments nuzzling and kissing. Mike slowly softened and finally slipped free of her vice-like pussy.

“Oops, you fell out.” Consuela said with a throaty chuckle. She could feel his come starting to flow down her thighs. “Time to have another shower.”

They spent the better part of an hour washing each other’s bodies a nd playing of course. They fucked once more. This time, it was slower less heated, but still just as intense.

Mike waited outside while Consuela locked the doors to the studio.

“Still here,” she asked when she saw him standing there.

“I figured I’d walk you to your car. Not that you need it, but it seems right.”

She flashed him a warm smile. “A girl likes to have an escort after dark.”

She took his arm and leaned into him. They strolled toward their cars; taking their time.

“It was good, you know.” Consuela said to him. “You were good. I’ve tortured my boyfriends like that, but none of them lasted very long . Not like you. You like to hover…to be kept just below the threshold…not able to relax; not able to come. I’d like to have that done to me. I want to see if I can hold out like you did. Do you think you could tease me like I did you? Torture my nerves until YOU are ready to give me release.”

Mike’s cock hardened again just listening to her describe her desires her fantasies. Her softly accented words were musical, sweet.

“Not tonight though. We need a day or two for rest.”

“I don’t think I could survive another round.”

Consuela gave him another throaty chuckle. “Oh, I think you’d be surprised.”

Mike looked in her eyes. “It would be worth the risk.”

“How old are you? Nineteen? Twenty?”

“Twenty-one next month.”

“Thank god for that. I don’t feel like such a cougar now.”

“Cougar? You’re hardly old enough to rate Puma.”

Consuela barked laughter. “What the hell is a Puma?”

“Well, a cougar is a woman in her forties chasing much younger men. A Puma is a woman in her thirties doing the same. You aren’t thirty yet. Probably twenty-seven, twenty-eight. Am I right?”

Consuela stopped him and turned into his arms. She kissed him taking his lower lip between her teeth and sucked gently. She released his lip and kissed him again.

“In about six months I will enter the territory of the Puma.” She breathed into his parted lips. “ T hank you for the low ball guess at my age. That’s a lesson you should learn early by the way . Try to avoid answering two questions. Do you know what they are?”

“Um, a woman’s age and her weight.”

“Right,” she said as she turned, linked her arm in his again. At her car she turned and molded her body to his.

“I could get used to this.” She purred.

Mike shivered as the soft , breathy voice vibrated against his ear. She dragged her mouth over his cheek to his lips. She kissed him with wet open lips. He pressed into her mouth and captured her tongue. She moaned into his mouth just before she broke the kiss.

She hit the button on her remote and her car chirruped to let her know it was unlocked. Mike opened the door for her and she sat behind the wheel. He closed the door for her and turned toward his own car.

As he was getting in Consuela pulled up and rolled down her window. “Hey Mike, just out of curiosity, what do you call a woman in her fifties who pursues younger men.”

Mike thought for a moment and said, “A silver back.”

Consuela’s laughter stayed with him as she drove away.

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