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Annie and the Exchange Student

As exchange student David prepares to leave, will Annie show her true feelings?
Taking a sip of her herbal tea, Annie double-checks her things for school. Her berry-coloured lips twist as she goes through her mental checklist. Textbooks, notebooks, pens and her phone…yep, everything is in there.

Slinging the satchel around her and settling it onto her shoulder, she adjusts her ponytail containing her thick brown curls and leaves her room, before knocking on the door next to hers.

“David, are you ready?” she asks nervously.

“Yep, two secs!” a deep, smooth yet muffled voice replies before the door opens, causing Annie to take a sharp mental breath.

For six weeks, she and her father had been hosting David, an exchange student from Minnesota while he takes part in a study abroad programme. She recollects the moment she first met him. She was standing nervously outside her principal’s office as she aimlessly thought about the person who would be living with her for the next six weeks. She had agreed to host a student as she thought it would help her with her college application.

She imagined it could be a cool girl who would actually be nice to her, rather than the stuck-up girls who ignored her at school; someone that could teach her to tame her long, dark brown curls or make her green eyes look less big.

As her thoughts are interrupted by her principal, she entered the room and instead of an average-sized super-smiley girl, she was greeted by a six-foot, dark-haired, blue-eyed boy with a devastating smile. At first, Annie was excited to be ‘stuck’ with such a good-looking guy but her father made sure that no ‘funny business’ would be going on and as a gentleman, David promised nothing would happen and a sibling-like friendship quickly developed between him and Annie.

But David’s charm and good looks quickly made him one of the most popular boys at school. All the guys wanted him on the sports teams and the girls just wanted him. As for Annie, all she could do is watch as everyone swarms round him and go on being unimportant…


Shaking her head slightly, she looks at David, who is looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

“C’mon, we’re going to be late,” he says, heading out of the door.

“Sorry, was just thinking…” she mumbles, but he is already out of earshot.

As Annie’s father drops them off, David waves bye to her as he bounds off to the main building. She walks slowly behind, knowing that in a few days, his exchange programme would be finished and he would be leaving to go home. Part of her is sad as she is losing a friend, but something else is bothering her, though she didn’t know what.

She is playing with a loose curl that has escaped from her ponytail when Kelly walks straight up to her.

“Hey Annie.”

Stopping dead in her tracks, Annie looks at her dumbfounded. Kelly is one of the most popular girls at school and with her athletic figure and blonde, sun-kissed hair, she certainly has no reason to be talking to a relative nobody.

“Kelly…what’s up?” she asks, clutching the books in her hand closely to her chest in a bid to hide her fidgeting.

“I just wanted to know when David was leaving on Saturday?”

“Oh, ummm, his flight isn’t until 1pm.”

“Great, we’re going to set up this little farewell party for him so if you could make sure he’s free on Friday night?”

“And what do I get in return?” Annie asks innocently, only to get a stern look from Kelly.

“You get invited. Now, be the goody-goody that you are and don’t mess up these plans, okay?” she says in a low, almost threatening voice.

Looking down, Annie nods solemnly and only looks up once Kelly has walked away, heading down the corridor towards David and unceremoniously wraps her arms round his neck. Annie jealously huffs at the smile across his face as Kelly holds him close to her.

“Where’s my ‘please’ or ‘thank you’, you rude rich bitch,” she thinks as she turns and heads to her first class.


It's the night of the party and Annie puts the final touches to her look. Wearing her hair down, she styles it so that loose tendrils are not falling over her face. Her bright eyes pop out despite the subtle brown eyeliner on her lower lids and her lips are painted with a soft red.

She has chosen a yellow, summery dress dotted with tiny red flowers and thin spaghetti straps and wooden sandals so at least she knows she’ll be comfortable.

Putting her keys in her small bag, she begins to head out of the house. David had already left to go on a ‘date’ with Kelly so she decides to walk to the party on her own.

“Dad? I’m out. Any problems, I’ll give you a call!”

“Bye honey. Make sure David doesn’t get into any trouble!” her dad calls out from his study.

“I can’t guarantee that…” she says under her breath and jumps down the short row of steps in front of her house and begins to walk.

Walking in the balmy, clear evening, she begins to think about how quickly the six weeks have flown by. She smiles as she reminisces David always listening patiently to whenever she had problems or if he needed advice, she was there. From the late night study sessions to snacking in front of the TV, she isn't afraid to admit to herself that she had grown fond of him. But as soon as Kelly had gotten her claws into him on his second day, Annie just stepped back and let him do his thing.

Her thoughts continue to plague her as she reaches the party. Music is already pumping and people inside are dancing to the beat. She looks around for David and sees him by the kitchen bar, dressed in a simple white T-shirt and jeans and helping himself to a drink. He glances up and sees her, his face lighting up with a dazzling smile.

“Annie, hey! You look fantastic!” he says, unexpectedly giving her a hug.

“Thank you. So, was it a surprise?” she asks, her face breaking into a smile.

“Totally! Kelly and the guys from the team sprung it on me,” he says, as he finishes pouring his drink and turns to face her.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Annie. I was wondering-"

“David! Where have you been, I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Kelly practically screeches, cuddling him round his waist. As she rests her cheek on David’s chest, she gives Annie a look that practically screamed ‘back off.’ Politely smiling, Annie takes a deep breath.

“I’m going to get a drink and mingle,” she excuses herself, slowly backing away from the ‘happy’ couple.

“Okay, I’ll catch up with you later, yeah?” David asks, while Kelly clings onto him like a koala bear.

Nodding, Annie walks away and heads to the outdoor garden.


Two hours later and Annie has had enough. After a couple of drinks, a dance and a couple of conversations with her classmates, nothing else warranted her being there. She is only there to make sure David is having a good time and judging by his wide smiles and laughs, he definitely didn’t need her around.

As Kelly calls for David to make a farewell speech, everyone crowds round him. For Annie, she couldn’t take it.

“I just want to thank you all for this awesome party. If it weren’t for Kelly and the crew here, it probably wouldn’t be as amazing as it is…” David starts, but the rest of this speech becomes soundless to Annie’s ears.

I am surrounded by people and he doesn't even notice I’m here,’ she sadly thinks.

So, he probably won’t notice I’m gone,’ and with that sad thought, she pushes through the back of the crowd and leaves the party, making sure that no-one saw the tears pooling in her eyes.

Instead of walking home, she heads towards the beach. It instantly became a favourite spot for David to visit as soon as Annie introduced it to him and on the rare occasion when he wasn’t with his classmates or Kelly, they would go and sit on the beach and talk for hours about random stuff.

Sitting down on the cool sand, Annie removes her sandals and looks out to the crashing sea. The moonlight speckles the waves as they lap onto the shore. The harsh whiteness of the streetlights light up the tide and the ambient silence is comforting. As she is shielded by a rock wall, she is hidden from the rest of the world.

Resting her elbows on her knees, she begins to weep. Choked, quiet sobs escape her as a thought of a close friend leaving her life consumes her. Had their friendship become so insignificant to him?

He must really think little of me, she thinks as her tears run down her face.

“Annie?” a voice appears, startling her.

Annie looks up and sees David, standing a few feet away from her. Leaping to her feet, she quickly wipes her tears away but it is too late as her skin has already become blotchy from her sadness.

“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at your party?“ she asks defensively.

“Well, it’s my party and I can leave if I want to,” he smiles.

“I needed some air and yet, I find myself here and you, like this. Why are you crying?” he asks, concerned. He starts to close the gap between them, causing Annie to cross her arms and begin fidgeting with nerves.

“I’m not…I’m not crying.”

“Yes, you are. Why are you upset?” he gently asks, moving so he is standing right in front of her.

Annie’s eyes shift down, unable to deal with his piercing gaze. She sharply inhales as she feels his warm hand stroke across her cheek before his thumb tilts her chin up. Blinking her tears away, she notices David’s eyes become slightly more grey - a smouldering, intense expression crosses his face.

“Tell me, Annie,” he whispers.

Biting her lip, she wishes she can escape but David is blocking her. Unable to speak, she closes her eyes and hopes he would grow frustrated and leave. Instead, a softness touches her closed eyelids.

Is he kissing me? she thinks, as his other hand cups her face and his lips gently brush over her face. Her nervous breaths become pants as she feels his body closer to hers, her hands involuntarily move to his hips.

“Please,” he whispers.

“I’m crying because I’ll miss you,” she admits.

“I see. Would it help if I tell you I’ll miss you too?” he murmurs, leaning his forehead against hers.

Biting her lip, Annie nods. Clenching her eyes closed, she didn’t want him to see the pitifulness in her eyes.

“Look at me, please. Annabel,” he quietly asks. At the sound of her full name, her eyes spring open to see David staring intently at her.

“That’s better,” he smiles, his hands running in to her hair.

“Why is me looking at you better?” she whispers.

“Because I want you to see me when I kiss you,” he huskily says and before Annie can say anything else, David captures her mouth in a kiss.

The kiss starts as tentative and gentle, but as he coaxes her lips open and strokes his tongue inside her mouth, Annie quietly moans and her eyes roll closed. Her arms cautiously move around his neck as they slowly explore each other’s mouths. David pulls her closer to him so her the tips of her toes brush over the sand. Annie is lost in the moment for a few minutes before realising what is happening and breaks the kiss.

“What are you doing?” she asks, startled.

“I’m kissing you. I’ve wanted to kiss you for weeks!” David replies, keeping her close to him. His hands hold her by her waist, so she doesn’t escape.

“But, what about Kelly?”

“God, don’t. I can’t stand her!” A look of revulsion crosses his face.

“But, you guys looked so close and you spent so much time with her…”

“I have never been attracted to her. I’ve never kissed her or said anything about being her boyfriend.”

“But you didn’t say anything about not being her boyfriend…” she starts, but David puts a finger to her lips.

“Truth is, I only hung out with her because…it took my mind off you. Whenever I didn’t want to hang out, she gets all clingy and I ended up going with her to save the hysterics.”

“So, what are you saying?” Annie asks with a quizzical look. David cups her face and brings it closer to his. She smells the faint mintiness of his breath and his cologne tickles her nose in a surprisingly arousing way.

“I’m saying…that I like you. I really like you. You were the best thing to come out of this programme and out of everything and everyone here, you will be the one I miss the most.”

Taken aback, all Annie can do is look into David’s darkened eyes. Her pulse begins to race, her heart thump against her chest. Shakily, she rests her hands on his chest, struggling to control her quickened breaths. David leans in closer so their mouths are almost touching.

“And I’ll be damned if I have said all those things and you don’t feel anything for me,” he whispers.

Unable to resist, Annie presses her lips to his and places a soft kiss on his top lip.

“Oh, Annie…” he groans, immediately pulling her to him to catch her mouth in a deep kiss. They sink onto the sand, their lips never breaking and their hands move restlessly around each other. The sensations of David’s mouth and hands caressing her overwhelm Annie. She had never thought being with someone would make her feel like this. It didn’t matter that he was leaving in a few hours, this moment of them together takes her breath away.

David buries a hand into Annie’s curls and gently pulling her head back to softly nip and lick her throat. Moaning, she closes her eyes as he guides her to lie down so he is lying on top of her, treasuring her smooth skin.

“David…” she moans, tugging his hair to kiss him. His tongue lightly dips into her mouth, guiding its way around her before stroking it along her tongue. Each kiss is intoxicating to their senses. David moves his hand to Annie’s thigh and as he begins to slowly stroke it, she suddenly catches his fingers.

“Wait a sec,” she says breathlessly.

“Annie, what is it?” he asks immediately, stroking the hair from her face.

“I’ve…I’ve never had sex before. I’m a virgin,” she quietly says. David pauses, looking conflicted.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Your first time should be special,” he murmurs, his thumb brushing against her swollen bottom lip.

“I want to do it…I think it would be special with you,” she whispers.

“But if you’re uncomfortable doing it, then we don’t have to.”

“No, I want to…especially with you. I promise I’ll be gentle,” he says, kissing her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks before pressing his lips to hers. Annie surrenders to his touch with a sigh, unable to resist. David presses her into the cool sand as the touch of her sweet lips overwhelm him. He had dreamt of touching and kissing her for so long and now that it is finally happening, it is better than he thought it would be.

Annie’s hands reach the hem of his shirt and her fingers immediately move to stroke his back, causing him to sit up and pull it over his head. She sits up too and nervously, she gently runs her fingertips down his toned, hard chest and his rippled abs. She smiles as her touch makes him quiver, making him wrap his strong arms around her to bring her into his embrace. Taking advantage of his closeness, she plants sweet kisses by the crook of his neck and the top of his chest, causing him to softly moan in her ear.

“Is this okay?” she whispers, in between his kisses.

“Yes, that’s perfect; please don't stop,” David murmurs, burying his nose into her hair. His fingers stroke up her back, admiring the tightness of her dress against her lovely figure before reaching the zip in the middle. He hesitates before pulling down the tiny metal fastening.

“May I?” he asks.

Tilting her head up to catch his earlobe gently between her teeth, she breathes her answer.


Closing his eyes at the pure sensuality of her voice, David slowly pulls down the zip to unveil Annie’s alabaster white skin. As he gently peels off the spaghetti straps on her shoulders so the dress now pools around her, he feels her goosebumps against her bare chest, her hard nipples pressing against him.

“Sssh, it’s okay. I’ve got you,” he purrs, running a hand down her flawless back while dotting kisses along her naked shoulder. The touch of his firm, strong hand and warm lips against her cool, soft skin causes Annie to tremble. He feels amazing against her and his slow, tender movements in admiring her body gives her courage to make a bold move.

Her hand drifts to undo the top button of his jeans, only to feel his hard erection standing out against the denim. Quietly gasping, she is surprised at the strength of his arousal. Boldly rubbing her palm against the bulge, she marvels at his reaction. A deep groan escapes his lips, causing him to instinctively move his pelvis against her hand to rub himself against her.

Devilish thoughts cross Annie’s mind as she meets David’s ardent gaze. Challenging him to go further, her hand slowly undoes each of the buttons on his fly before slowly moving it under the waistband of his boxers. A quiet moan plays across her lips as her hand meets the smooth skin of his cock. It is hard and throbbing and as David moves to deeply kiss her, nothing stops her from wrapping her inexperienced fingers around him and slowly moving them up and down his long shaft.

“Are you teasing me, Annabel?” he purrs in between his lustful kisses.

“I don’t mean to. I’m not even sure I’m doing this right,” she pants, resisting the urge to move her hand faster.

“You’re doing everything right,” he murmurs, guiding her to lie back on the sand so he can cover her chest with long, stimulating kisses. Biting her lip, Annie loses herself in his mouth worshipping her body. She moans as his tongue flicks across a hard nipple before feeling him suck it between his soft lips before giving the other the same treatment.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asks, his lust-fuelled gaze meeting hers. Looking down, all Annie can see is the sincerity in his dark eyes.

“Yes. I’m sure,” she whispers, tilting her hips up so that he peels off her dress and her panties before throwing them by her. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulls out his wallet to fish out a foil wrapper. Without taking his eyes off Annie, he pulls off his jeans and boxers and slowly unrolls the condom over him.

He moves to lie on top of her and supporting himself on his elbows, he strokes his nose along hers while her hands idly glide down his hard biceps.


“Yes. Please, David,” she murmurs, touching his forehead with hers.

With her heartfelt plea, he begins to slowly sink into her. A sharp pain swims through Annie's body as David penetrates her. Clenching her eyes closed, she feels him fully inside her, stretching her with his long, hard length. Tears begin to swim in her eyes as he slowly begins to move in and out of her, before feeling him kiss away her salty tears.

“Are you okay?” he whispers.

Opening her eyes, Annie blinks away the tears as the pain quickly subsides.

It is finally happening, she thinks, I’m finally losing my virginity.

Nodding, her glassy-eyed gaze cuts through David, who is unable to look away from the beautiful girl underneath him.

“You are wonderful,” he moans, moving to kiss her deeply. Annie’s hands and legs move to cocoon him in her embrace while he holds her closer to him with his measured thrusts beginning to stir her deepest desires. She slowly rotates her hips, spurring him on, and her gasps of pain quickly become moans of pleasure.

David feels lost in Annie and the emotions that are brewing within him. He starts to move slightly quicker and is rewarded with the quiet moans echoing in his ear. Groaning, he indulgently kisses her throat and her hot, sweat-slicked skin, causing her head to throw her head back, moaning loudly. As she begins to feel her orgasm building, she digs her nails into David’s back. Growling, he grabs her arms and holds them by her head before seizing her mouth in a hard kiss.

He thrusts harder and deeper within her and all Annie can do is remember to breathe as David takes control of her body. Moaning against each other’s lips, she begins to shake as the sensations within her are close to erupting. She feels David trembling on top of her and she manages to pull her arms away from his grasp to encircle them around him.

“I’m coming, David…” she breathlessly moans in his ear.

An intense groan escapes his lips and after several hard thrusts, Annie’s body explodes in a sea of emotions. Her fierce orgasm devastates her and she tightens her long legs around David, who tenses and throws his head back. A deep moan erupts from his throat as he comes powerfully inside her. Clasping the nape of Annie’s neck, he buries his face in her hair and they ride out their orgasms together. All she can do is grind her hips against him as he continues to come inside her, moaning as she drags on his consuming release.

Collapsing on top of her, David rests his cheek on her chest, his hands idling stroking the outline of her hips and sides as his hammering heartbeat begins to slow down. Annie struggles to catch her breath and as she moves to stroke his back and the nape of his neck, all she can do is stare up at the stars in the navy blue sky while listening to the waves lapping on the beach.

The closeness between them is intoxicating and a sense of simple contentment washes over them. Their thoughts don’t wander to anyone or anything else; they simply lie there in their own private den in a comfortable silence.

David is the first one to break the silence.

“Are you okay?” he murmurs, moving to kiss her belly.

“Yes. I’m just…recovering,” she remarks, smiling down at him. Returning her smile, he moves up so he is face-to-face.

“Same here. That was…astounding,” he says, gently kissing her on the lips.

“I’m glad you feel the same way,” she purrs, stroking his soft hair between her fingers to deepen the kiss.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he anxiously asks, a serious stare crosses his eyes.

“No, no. It was wonderful,” she smiles, causing his face to break out in a smile before lowering his lips to hers. The pair gently and leisurely kiss like they have all the time in the world. Their fingertips play across their bodies as they lose themselves in each other.

However, their peaceful state of bliss is soon broken by a loud screech.


Abruptly breaking the kiss, the pair exchange panicked looks as Kelly’s voice booms out from the dock.

“Where are you? David!!”

David looks around; she definitely cannot see them as he and Annie are hiding behind the tall wall. Completely embarrassed, Annie moves to sit up but David pins her down, his hands moving to hold her wrists down with a wicked look on his face.

“David, she is right there!” she whispers, horrified.

“Hush, I don’t care about her. She’ll be gone in a minute,” he murmurs, urgently kissing Annie to quieten her.

“But what about-“ she asks against his mouth. David reaches to clasp her face so he is looking deeply into her jade green eyes.

“Sssh, quiet. Look at me. It’s just you and me here. I don’t want to ruin the most perfect moment I’ve had since I arrived,” he whispers, smiling broadly.

Biting her lip, Annie smiles and finally returns his cherishing kisses while ignoring Kelly’s high-pitched yells. After the screeches quickly die down, they drift in each other’s arms until the sky begins to lighten, the stars disappearing in amidst the golden sunlit dawn.

They eventually dress and rise from the beach when the sun finally appears on the horizon. Reaching the pavement, David takes Annie’s hand and clasps his fingers around hers with an adoring smile. As they walk back to her father’s house, they both know that that night is the start of something new.

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