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I got more than I was looking for.
I had some time to kill. So, I decided to go to a nearby adult store to have a look around. I had been there before. I wandered around and checked out the different items there. I had a look at the movies on DVD. The usual things a guy does in a place like this. And, I noticed they had an arcade. So, I bought some tokens and wandered on in.

It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the subdued lighting. There were several short hallways with doors on either side. It was at this point that I noticed several men standing in different spots along the corridors. There was nearly every description you would care to mention or desire. I wandered down one and then another of the corridors until I felt somewhat comfortable with the layout.

I wondered if the rooms had a gloryhole. Secretly, I hoped they did because I'm bi-curious. I had a gay experience with a gay friend and had really enjoyed it. But, I felt the desire to try something I had never done. I wanted to experience a blow job from a complete stranger. Someone willing to extract my bodily fluid with no expectation of anything in return. No names. No conversation. Just something raw and anonymous. Something that was totally alien to my normal character.

I chose a booth and stepped in. There was no chair. Just a trash can. I put some tokens in and picked a video of a blonde blowing a guy who was hung like a horse. A few moments later, the door opened in stepped a short, round man. He was very similar to myself. Somewhat non-descript in appearance. Very normal and average. He flipped the garbage can over And sat down. I could tell this wasn't his first time.

He looked me in the eye and began undoing my zipper. I was already hard from the sheer anticipation of what I was allowing to happen. He reached through my zipper and pulled my briefs down. Then worked my cock out in to the open.

His hands were cool and dry. They were incredibly soft. He stroked me a few times. It was an incredible sensation.

He leaned forward and took the head in his mouth. After the coolness of his hands, his mouth felt like a hot furnace wrapped around my cock. He sucked on just the head for a short moment. Swirling his tongue around it. I had never had anyone pay attention to my cock like that in my life. I got harder than I had been in several years of straight sex.

I am, by no means, what you would call well hung. In fact, average would be a more apt description. But, he took the entire length of my cock in one go. His nose touched my belly. And I felt the back of his throat. He massaged the head with his throat. The feeling was so intense, my knees got weak. My head got light. And I had to lean against the wall to support myself.

He started bobbing up and down on me. Sucking me as he did. He gave my cock his undivided attention. Another first for my limited experience. He ministered to it as if that blow job was his entire reason for being.

Now, I would like to be able to tell you that it was the most incredible 15 minutes of my life. But, sadly, I can't say that. The sensations were so incredible. And the situation so erotic to me, that I lasted less than five minutes.

The first words between us were said. "Oh shit! Here it comes!" Instead of pulling back, he began sucking the head even harder. He never missed a drop. He licked me clean And stood up. He flipped the garbage can over And spat out my load.

Before he left, he patted me on the shoulder and said, "Thanks. See you again soon." He stepped out and closed the door behind him.

I had to put to put more tokens in for another movie. I needed a few moments to regain my composure. I put myself back together. Put my cock back in my pants. And thought for a few minutes about what had just happened. It was a risky proposition. But, I had no remorse. It was intense and incredible. And I couldn't believe I had actually let it happen. Especially after 30 years with the same woman.

I think there may be another trip to the adult store in my near future. I want to see what's behind the curtain on the other side. Maybe another new experience is waiting for me.

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