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Another Sunday Morning

The sequel to Sunday Morning, which is to be read first. Now, Mark tells Debbie of his first time.
"I missed you this week. Glad you're back home with me."

"Yeah, travel is a bitch and I miss my beautiful, and I must say, very sexy, wife. I live for these Sunday mornings."

"Mmm, it's fun catching up on the weekend but I miss you when you're away. You must have missed me a lot, you usually don't wake me up in the middle of the night, like last night, to make love. We already did it twice on Saturday. But I guess it's better than not wanting me, right?"

"Oh, I could never not want you. I did miss you a lot, maybe that's why I've wanted you so much this weekend."

"Yeah, well, dinner got cold Friday night, you just couldn't wait. Just like a teenager."

"Oh, come on, you loved it. When you scream, I know, you've missed me and are glad to have me back."

"Mmm, well, yes, inside me."

"See, you're just as bad."

"Well, this morning was the loveliest of all. I like it when we take lots of time together, not rush it. I mean fast is fun sometimes but slow and cozy is just what I was wanting."

"I was thinking about last week when you told me about your first time, you know about you and Phil."

"Yeah, it was on my mind some this week. What about it?"

"Oh, that I owe you my story, my first time. Well, with something other than my hand."

"Oh, you guys. Well, tell me, you want to tell me, don't you?"

"Sure. I was sixteen and my next..."

"Sixteen, like me?"

"Well, yes, just listen. My next door neighbors were a couple, he was kind of nerdy, had a big hothouse in the back yard, grew orchids, as I remember. His wife was as tall as he was and really nice looking. Long brown hair, slim figure, small breasts, long, very pretty legs."

"Should I be jealous?"

"Hon, I was sixteen. Anyway, I mowed their yard and weeded the flower beds and stuff, you know, a little extra pocket money. I was old enough to notice pretty women, I don't remember when that started but I knew I liked her."

"You haven't changed, have you?"

"Well, I noticed you the first time I saw you, aren't you glad?"

"Yes, very much. Please go on. You were sixteen."

"Yeah, okay, so I would mow their yard and Mrs. Phillips would have me come inside while she made out a check and, being summer, would offer me a glass of iced tea."

"Tea and me, maybe?"

"Now, hon, let me tell the story.

"So, we would sit in the cool air conditioning and have iced tea and she would ask me about school and stuff. She always dressed in shorts, I've said she had nice legs, I'm sure she knew it, I looked at them a lot, and halter tops. She wasn't really big on top, just nice size, and looked to be very firm, no sag."

"Just like your beautiful wife."

"Well, yours are prettier. So, sometimes her halter would be kind of loose and when she would pour me some more iced tea, I would get rather a nice look, not everything, but remember, I was a just a boy."

"Old enough to cum, right?"

"Oh, I could jack-off and it looked just like regular semen, so I guess. I know I got a nice look at her boobs which I'm sure she loved.

"Then, she started asking me about girlfriends, and such, did I have any, you know. She also asked if I wanted to take my shirt off since it was so warm, which I did.

"I can still hear her saying, 'Oh, what a big boy you're getting to be, Mark, so handsome, without your shirt, you look very sexy.'"

"She wasn't too subtle, was she?"

"Well, remember, I was sixteen. She asked me if I had kissed a lot of girls, she thought the girls would be all over me, I was so handsome. I told her that the girls pretty much left me alone and she just couldn't believe they would. So, she suggested that she give me lessons on how to kiss girls."

"Are you sure you're not making this up?"

"No, really, it happened just like this. The thought of kissing her got my little pecker hard, of course, so I jumped at the chance. We sat close together and she had me close my eyes, then gave me a rather grown-up kiss right on the lips.

"Well, this went on for a while, several months during the summer, then after school started, she would invite me over for tea. My mother worked, so I was basically home alone, my brother was home sometimes, mostly not.

"Anyway, that fall, Mrs. Phillips now was having me call her Marsha when we were in her house. I still remember the day she introduced me to French-kissing. She asked me if I'd ever heard of it; I said I had but I didn't really know much about it. 'Well,' she said, 'you must know how if you're going to get the girls.'

"So, she explained about tongues and all, it really sounded strange to me but when she showed me how to French-kiss, I immediately understood that this was something far more adult. It sent tingles to my shorts, for sure.

"She asked me if I liked this new way of kissing. Well, I'm a male, anything that gives me a hard-on, I like, right?"

"Right, um, like this, maybe?"

"Yeah, exactly like that. That feels nice. Just keep rubbing right there. So, French-kissing was pretty hot stuff and she was rubbing me all over my chest, she had some excuse, I don't remember, to get my shirt off. I mean, I knew what was going on, that this was sex and all. And I was loving it.

"Then, one day, her halter was more loose that usual and she said that she saw me looking at her boobs and was I curious about how women look. Well, I'm not crazy, I jumped at the chance and she said that we must always keep it a secret between us and she would show me what women looked like."

"Oh, you horny little devil, you ate this up didn't you?"

"Just keep rubbing and I'll tell you. So I pledge secrecy forever and we seal it with a kiss, a French-kiss, of course, and she turns and asks me if I would untie her halter. I thought I might have a heart attack but I nervously pulled the bow and saw it loosen. She turned back to me and slipped it off as I sat staring at her breasts.

"As I said, she had fairly small ones, I would guess she was about thirty years old and they were very nice and firm. Her nipples were really standing out, like yours do when I've sucked on them, and I just sat there almost drooling.

"She reached down and took one of my hands and placed it on her breast and asked me if I liked them."

"Oh, I bet you said, 'no.'"

"Sure I did. I said I thought they were beautiful, the prettiest things I'd ever seen. She thanked me and said I could kiss them, that pretty things should always be kissed. I remember her saying that. Well, you know how I love to kiss and suck pretty breasts, I was in heaven. She cradled my head as I lay on the sofa. Before long, I felt her hand on my pants, oh, this was getting serious."

"So, she's gripping you through your pants?"

"Yeah, and rubbing around. She asked me if that felt good. You know what I said, right? I was making her feel good so she wanted to make me feel good. Oh, did I like that."

"And do you like it when I do this?"

"Oh, yeah, that's wonderful. Oh, yeah, Mmm. But we didn't get to that for another month or two. You're making it hard to keep my train of thought but don't stop.

"Anyway, it soon ended up with her hand shoved into my pants and her feeling my boner. She said I was certainly becoming a man and she was glad to be helping me grow up. Oh, so was I.

"She asked me to slip my pants down and she would make me feel real good while I sucked and fondled her breasts. I tried not to bite her nipple as I cummed a few minutes later.

"Well, I was sixteen and I was in heaven. Here, this older woman, very pretty, older woman, is giving me handjobs and I'm playing with her titties several times a week. What guy wouldn't die for such a chance.

"I was naked at her house and she was topless until one day, not long after New Year, she suggested that I learn what a woman looks like all over. All over. What I had lusted over, hoped for, now it was here.

"She stripped and had me sit in front of her on the floor, she was on the sofa, we were both naked, and she spread her knees wide apart. I thought I'd faint. She had pubic hair of course, she might be shaved today, maybe, and she was so wide, I could see her open slit which was very wet.

"She took me on a guided tour having me look inside and touch all the interesting parts, and how to touch them, her clit, and where my penis would go during intercourse, inner and outer labia, everything. Why I didn't shoot my wad, I don't know.

"She said that looking at her naked was making me get very hard so she would try to make me happy, so she had me lay on the sofa and she knelt on the floor and gave me my first blowjob. The first of many.

"After I cummed in her mouth, she asked me if I would use my lips and tongue on her. The first oral sex I ever gave. She coached me through to giving my very first orgasm. I was sixteen and very proud. She said, I was the best lover she had ever had. Even if I wasn't, it made me feel pretty damn good."

"Mmm, you are good. Am I good?"

"Oh, yeah, you've got me good and hard again. Let's see, where was I? Oh, oral sex. How could I forget. Mmm, don't stop. Uh, we got together on the average of about three times each week. Not enough for this horny kid, but I knew how lucky I was, most guys were only dreaming about it, I was getting it.

"Seems hard to imagine, but this went on for almost a year. I got to be pretty good at giving her orgasms, even some big ones at times. I got very used to being between her legs licking her and probing her with my fingers. Then on the week of my seventeenth birthday, she said I was old enough to make love to her.

"She told me she was on the pill and that she wanted to be my first lover. She said she needed to be as wet as I could make her so I gave her a good tonguing, then got up between her legs and did it. Pushed it in. It really went in fairly easily and I think I lasted about five minutes. Now I'd had lots of handjobs and blowjobs but when we fucked I was so turned on, I cummed pretty quick. As I pulled out, she looked down and told me there was a little of my juice running down her slit, would I lick it off. I was glad to oblige. What a time."

"Do you think you were in love with her?"

"Yeah, good question. Well, it started when I was sixteen and went on until I almost finished college, geez, nearly six years. I had kind of forgotten that it was that long. That's a long time. Well, maybe I was in love with her. It was odd, we always kissed, a lot, actually, it wasn't just the sex. Well, there was a lot of sex but there were a lot of feelings, too. Especially later on."

"Did her husband ever suspect?"

"We really never talked about him, just wasn't mentioned. I don't think he ever suspected, we never discussed him."

"Do you think she used you?"

"Well, I suppose we used each other. So, in that sense, yeah, maybe so. But we also had something more, I think. After a while, there was an ease with each other, it felt natural to be naked with her and we just felt at ease with each other's bodies."

"Hmm, sounds familiar. So, maybe, she prepared you for me?"

"Yeah, I never thought of it that way, but, sure, we are a lot like she and I were after a while. If she wanted me to make love to her she just said it. Or did it. It was really nice, actually."

"So, when was it over?"

"Well, I'd been away to college, so our sex had become much less frequent. I remember the last time. We had a bottle of champagne, my first. She told me it was time for me to move on and find someone I could spend my life with. I was just turned twenty-one. She gave me a lot of firsts, she did. We made love twice and she thanked me for my love and that I would soon be off to a new life and that we needed to go our separate ways. I remember crying in her arms at her front door as I left. After over five years of sex."

"Did you ever do it with her again?"

"I did see her, even went to her house a few times, but, no, we never did anything sexual after that. Oh, I kissed her hello and goodbye, but that's all."

"That's kind of sweet."

"Yeah, it was. I really feel lucky to have had such an experienced woman to introduce me to sex and she did it in a way that was slow and calm and loving. Not like some stories you hear of predatory women and young boys."

"Are you nice and hard from thinking about her or from what I've been doing?"

"Here let me show you. How about getting on top, you always like that."

"Mmm, I love our Sundays together."

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