Ashley part one; First time with Miguel

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Ashley and Miguel lose their virginity in this hot, loving story

Ashley walked through the huge ivory doors, again. High School was endless and summer was just around the corner, (plus a few million miles,) though as much as she tried to think of it as a prison, she couldn’t. With Miguel, her handsome, sporty boyfriend, and Jennifer, her wild, yet sweet best friend, school had turned into a retreat from her bad home life.


  “Hey Ash,” called Miguel. He smiled and walked over to her at her locker.   They talked about a week ago; Friday, at the movies. She relived her memories. It was a new romance movie; all her friends thought it was the best since last year. Ashley couldn’t disagree; crying into Miguel’s shoulder had been great, and with his arm around her waist the whole time, (except from when they kissed and their hands were behind each other’s necks), she was in her own form of heaven.


  Together they walked to their first period, they both had Spanish. They passed easily, he being from Mexican heritage, and her from amazing learning abilities. First period was normally spent passing notes that said “Ti amo!”   And then the other would reply “I love you too.”


  The rest of Ashley’s day was the same boring mess. Aaron, the biggest geek in school, had his nose stuck in “Advanced Calculus and you” (AGAIN!!) ,and he bumped into Ashley (for the millionth time!) Her Long blonde hair whipped into her face as she fell. Her books scattered everywhere.


“Aww Ash! I turn my back for one second and you get sucked into chaos!” It was Miguel; he was standing behind her holding one of her books. His smile was the sun in the middle of a rain storm.


  “Thanks,” was all Ashley could say and she blushed. She collected the remainder of her books and stood. Miguel chuckled at her embarrassment and casually wrapped his arm around her.


“So, Blushing Beauty, I was thinking you could come over to my house tonight. I have something special planned, if you want too.” He said. Ashley laughed. She had the cutest nickname, and she had awesome plans for that night.


  “Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Ashley said sounding way to excited, but could you blame her? She was spending a night in heaven with her perfect boyfriend. His Brown eyes sparkled, mirroring her excitement.


“Oh and my parent’s aren’t going to be there.” He added before turning and jogging away. Unsupervised? At his house? ALONE? She had to be dreaming. THIS WAS HEAVEN!


           *Later that night. Ashley’s Bathroom. Before her date*


Ashley looked in the mirror approvingly. She looked hot. Her Blonde hair was in bouncy ringlets and her C-cups were just as bouncy. Her teal tank top was showing them off very well. Her jean mini skirt was centimeters away from exposing her thong. Her black boots, hoop earrings, and Coach purse topped off her outfit.


One last glance in the mirror and she was ready to go. As if on cue, Miguel honked his car twice. Ashley rushed out of her bathroom, down the hall, and out the door. Miguel looked just as hot.


He was sporting a jersey and jeans, his converse shoes were ultra-cool and his cologne radiated around him. Ashley breathed in deeply. Yep, definitely heaven.


“So what’s that special thing you have planned?” Ashley asked. In response Miguel reached over to her and placed his hand on her leg, and slowly brushed his way under her skirt resting on her inner thigh. Ashley’s heart fluttered. She was a virgin, totally not used to this kind of physical contact, but she didn’t say anything, to her surprise she liked it.


“I’m sure you can guess, but if not I’ll show you. Your okay with this aren’t you?” Miguel asked her gently. Not forcing in any way. Ashley touched his hand and moved it upwards, resting it right beside her outer lips, and nodded. Of course she knew what was going to happen. She wouldn’t be a virgin for long. She was anxious, nervous, but happy and willing too.


They drove to his house, the whole way Miguel brushing his finger on the side of Ashley’s lips lightly through her thong. When the car stopped they got out. Miguel led Ashley into his house by her hand and into his room. His Bed was Queen sized with room enough for both of them.


They sat down on his plaid bedding. “You’re sure your okay with this Ash? I don’t want to force you. I love you too much to hurt you, you know that, right?”   Miguel asked. His voice was sincere and loving. Ashley knew with her entire being that his words were true.


“I’m sure. I trust you and I love you too, I could only ever do this with you.” Ashley answered honestly. She DID love him and she could never lose her virginity to anyone else, it had to be Miguel.


He smiled. “Okay, Ash.” He leaned towards her and their lips touched. Ashley spread her legs apart to give him access which he took immediately. He stroked her sensitive areas through her thong for the duration of their long, passionate kiss. She was already wet and he was starting to get hard.


“Ash, take off your thong.” She did as she was told, Slowly and deliberately. The tease made Miguel excited, he could feel the pre-cum oozing from his dick.


Ashley reached out and took off Miguel’s Jersey . His chest was so hot with a little hair and manly nipples, and a seductive six-pack. She rubbed his chest with her fingertips then kissed his entire chest area, paying special attention to his nipples. He moaned with pleasure while unzipping his jeans.


Ashley took the liberty of pulling her tank over her head, her Bra and mini the only thing remaining on her body.   Again they kissed, this time Miguel rubbing her bare slit and Ashley stroking his dick through his briefs. The broke their kiss.


Miguel slid his hands up Ashley’s body, making her lay back. His fingers found his way under her bra and pulled it down to reveal a perfect pair of tits with large and dark areolas and soft pink nipples. His dick pulsed at the sight.


He leaned down onto her and kissed each nipple lightly. Then he sucked harder, harder, faster, and faster. This was driving Ashley crazy. She moaned and reached for her clit, rubbing it ferociously. Miguel’s hand stopped her.


“Let me take care of that.” He said moving his face down to her clit. He sucked on her love-bud and flicked it with his tongue. “AAAAHHHHH! OOHHH! NO MIGUEL! WAIT!” She screamed. He stopped immediately.


“What? What’s the matter? Did that hurt? It’s not supposed to hurt.” He started rambling but was cut short.


“I shouldn’t get all the pleasure!” Ashley said reaching for his briefs and pulling them off. His dick stood at attention, this made Ashley smile inwardly. She stroked it gently, teasing him, before flicking the head with her tongue. She licked the pre-cum off before taking the remainder of the head in her mouth.


“Damn Ashley! OOOOOHHH! Ash stop fucking teasing me!” Miguel yelled. She responded by taking the whole 7 ½ inches into her mouth. She moved her tongue all over it. It pulsed in her mouth. “SHIT! Ash you better this shit!”   with that he dumped his load down her throat, moaning the whole time. Not a drop escaped Ashley’s mouth. She smiled proudly once he took   his dick out of her mouth.


“Okay, now you can pleasure me!” Ashley said flirtatiously. Miguel smiled and said “ Oh , you can be sure of that Ash!” He reached for her mini skirt and pulled it off.


He placed his dickhead at the opening of her slit while playing with her   nipples. “Ready?” he asked rhetorically. He pushed his head in and she moaned lightly.


“Miiiigggguuuueeellll!” She moaned as he pushed his way deeper in side her. Then he withdrew his dick and pushed his way back in. Her mind was lost to her while she though only about her intense pleasure. It was if the sky opened up. It was a milestone. She was no longer a virgin. Miguel pounded in and out quickly.


“OOOOHHHH! SHHHHIIIIITTTT! I’m gooooiiinnnnggg tttooooooo cccuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!” She screeched. At that second she exploded with her girly juices. Miguel pounded harder and harder. He came within seconds. Their cum mixed inside of Ashley. Miguel withdrew his dick then collapsed to his bed beside his girlfriend, exhausted. They lay there for a few minutes gasping for breath.


When it returned, Miguel rolled on top of Ashley and kissed her. He broke it only to say four, now truer than ever, words.   “I love you, Ash.”