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At last I have sex

I was seventeen and had a boyfriend for a few months but apart from lots of kissing we’d not got as far as having sex. Paul was the same age and a good looking guy; he was a few months older than me, stood about 5’ 10, shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes and was pretty fit. My name’s Joanna, I’m 5’6, long dark hair, blue eyes, slim build with B cup boobs and I shave.

It wasn’t as though I hadn’t wanted to have sex with him. I had ever since we kissed first time and every chance I had, I’d be masturbating, then naked and squirting over and over as I moaned his name. I thought I was giving him all the right signals. I’d stopped wearing a bra or undies, made sure I wore short skirts or dresses and tops that would give him easy access to my boobs.

Our snogging sessions were always intense; Paul would end up with his hands under my top fondling my breasts and teasing my nipples, until finally he’d caress my bare arse cheeks. On a few occasions he’d feel my pussy but it was as though he’d not want to do more or didn’t know how.

I’d always stroke his cock through whatever clothing he had on and he’d always cum and just before this story took place I’d started to straddle him and grind on his hard cock until he came. He’d pull my skirt or dress up completely, I’d get so wet his clothing would be soaked and the last time we did it I’m certain that we came at the same time.

I’d gone to college but it was one of my less taxing days, a lecture followed by a gap, more lectures, more gaps and more lectures. During one of those gaps, study was the last thing on my mind and ended up talking to my friend, Gemma. She’d had her boyfriend the same amount of time that I’d been with Paul but they were different, having sex at every opportunity and wherever they were, so it was no surprise when our conversation turned to sex.

Without question, I’d describe Gemma as hot, most people say we could be sisters we looked so alike. She’s a little smaller than me, our eye and hair colour are similar and we are proportioned physically in the same way. I loved her bubbly personality and was no surprise how well we got on.

Her boyfriend Gary or Gaz as everybody called him was far from what I’d be attracted to; smaller than me, dark eyes and very short hair (most times he’d shave it all off) and quite plump physically but Gemma had always described him as her sex machine.

As we talked, Gemma telling me about the sex they’d had the night before and of how they’d fucked on the bus that morning, coming to college, I could feel my pussy starting to dribble and clit throb as she told me in minute detail what they’d done. I couldn’t help but imagine what it’d be like to do the same things with Paul, what it might feel like to have his cock inside me and oh my god, to maybe have him undres me on the bus. I was so turned on, my shoes on the floor as I sat Indian style on the armchair, not bothered that my skirt was so short it was exposing my pussy to Gemma’s gaze as she sat in front of me. The truth was, I was desperate to plunge my fingers into my pussy, strip and cum right there.

“Gaz thinks you’re so hot, Jo. He wants you and Paul to come round some time and maybe we can watch each other fuck. He’s dying to see you naked.”

I didn’t know what to say. The idea didn’t repulse me one bit, in fact I’d say I was even more turned on by what she was suggesting.

“It’s so hot that you’re not wearing any knickers or bra, Jo. I think I’m as wet as you look.”

And before I had chance to say anything, Gemma had put her bare feet on the chair either side of my legs, unbuttoned her skirt and put her hand inside it and her thong and began to masturbate as she looked deep into my eyes.

“Think about the four of us naked on the bed together Jo and the four of us fucking.”

Those words were the final straw, I could resist no longer and began to masturbate, not caring that there were another twenty students in the room. My eyes were fixed on Gemma, the way her body was writhing, how her fingers moved and listening to how she moaned. The fingers of my right hand teased my clit faster and faster as I shifted my position; putting my feet on Gemma’s thighs, pushing my bum closer to the edge of the chair, skirt covering nothing as it rode higher and my left hand lifting up my top as I began pinching my nipples.

This was the hottest thing I’d ever done and I knew there was no stopping, my orgasm building quickly. I wanted to be naked and was trying desperately to pull off my top but just as I got it over my head, my pussy contracted violently, I couldn’t breathe or move as my eyes shut tightly. Hearing Gemma moan that she was cumming was perfect timing as my pussy exploded, squirting my juices onto the floor.

The two of us giggled as we started to relax and recover from our orgasms and straighten up our clothing. After a few minutes we started to chat once more and almost before the words had come out of her mouth I’d agreed to go home with her after college, excited that Gary would be talking to Paul about joining us but part of me was hoping I’d be fucked by both boys and not just him.

The remainder of the day dragged by slowly, all I could think about was having sex later that day, my pussy didn’t dry from the orgasm I’d had with Gemma, every time I looked at my watch it was as though time was standing still but eventually, lectures came to an end and I could meet her to go home.

I waited outside the college gates as we’d arranged and eventually Gemma came bounding towards me, greeting me with a hug and kiss to my lips and we then got onto the next available bus as we talked. It was about a twenty minute ride, we sat half way up the bus, with me closest to the window, thinking all the time of seeing Gemma and Gary having sex on the seat next to me and could smell how turned on I was.

“I thought you were going to strip off earlier, Jo, you really turned me on.”

“I was trying to be, Gem, but was so turned on that I came really fast.”

“I’ve been turned on all day, ever since Gaz fucked me but since we talked I’ve been thinking about seeing you naked and cumming again.”

I didn’t think her comments were anything unusual or that she was coming onto me in any way. I simply assumed she was talking about when our boyfriends arrived. I’d even thought that Paul would say no and that only Gary would be there and that he’d want sex with me as well as Gemma but as I considered that scenario I decided that I’d do it if that’s what he and Gemma wanted.

We arrived at Gemma’s house, both extremely excited, kicking our shoes off as soon as we got though the front door and then went to the kitchen to get a drink. With a glass of orange juice in hand we went into the living room. I sat down on the sofa and watched as Gemma put her drink down onto the table and then as she looked at me, said,

“I’m so wet, Jo, it feels like I’ve pee’d in my thong”

And before I had chance to say anything she’d undone her skirt, letting it drop to the floor to reveal her saturated red thong, pussy lips clearly visible.

”My nipples feel so hard and sensitive too, Jo.”

Without taking a breath Gemma had taken off her top, undone her bra and taken it off. I was speechless but unbelievably turned on as she sat next to me on the sofa and looked into my eyes.

“I want to try something I’ve never done before. Are you game?”

I’d no idea what she was going to do, simply knew how turned on I was but was beginning to realise that I was attracted to her. She was sat to my right, took my left hand and placed it on her saturated thong with her legs parted a little, then turning to face me, kissed my lips softly. It was as though instinct had taken over as the fingers of my left hand began to tease her though her thong.

The tip of Gemma’s tongue began to trail slowly across my lips, encouraging me to open my mouth nervously, an instant later our tongues met for the first time, kissing tenderly, our nerves disappearing with every passing moment. As we began to kiss more passionately I felt the button and zip on my skirt being undone, so lifted my arms. We broke our kiss for a few seconds as Gemma pulled my top off over my head. I then raised my hips and took off my skirt as she removed her thong, to leave us both nude.

Without hesitation we began to kiss again but this time, as we masturbated each other; it was a kiss full of desperation and desire. My pussy throbbed in response as Gemma’s fingers pushed inside, body writhing involuntarily as e fingers probed in and out faster and faster. We were moaning more and more, I knew I was soaked, feeling my juices dribbling between my open thighs but was a little surprised to feel that Gemma’s body was reacting in the same way.

It wasn’t long before we were moaning and writhing so much that we’d stopped kissing, our fingertips switching to the others clit, teasing feverishly as we neared our climax. I could feel my pussy throbbing harder and harder, each contraction taking my breath away and knew I was going to cum at any second. I was desperate to make Gemma cum too, so increased the speed of my fingertips on her clit, her moans grew in intensity and movements of hips more desperate.

Suddenly my pussy tensed hard just as Gemma’s did and a few moments later we were cumming, juices oozing between our lips and onto the sofa and moaning in pleasure. Eventually I opened my eyes as I started to relax and smiled as Gemma did the same, an instant later, wrapping our arms around the other and kissing, less urgency than before, more intimate but just as intense.

I allowed my fingers to start roaming over her naked body, from her thighs, up her shaved pussy, over her stomach and onto her breasts and nipples, pinching and teasing them gently but suddenly Gemma got to her feet, holding out her left hand invitingly. Taking her outstretched hand with my right one, I got to my feet and she immediately led me out of the living room, down the hallway, up the stairs and into her bedroom.

Gemma sat down on the edge of the unmade bed, duvet cover in a heap to her left and just as I was about to join her, she said,

“Wait, Jo, I want to take a proper look at your body.”

I stood motionless, about a metre in front of her, feeling somewhat self-conscious all of a sudden; being looked at by another girl, forgetting that we’d had sex a few minutes before.

“Your body is so sexy, Jo. Oh my god, look how wet you are, you’re juices are dribbling down your legs. Even your clit looks gorgeous. I love your boobs and your nipples are saying, kiss me.”

She reached out and took my hand, pulling me towards her as she opened her legs and with me right in front of her, Gemma leaned forward and kissed each of my nipples softly. They were so hard and sensitive that it was impossible not to let out a moan of pleasure. Then she took as much of my left breast in her mouth as she could, sucking and grazing her teeth on my nipples.

“Oh god, Gem, that’s so good.”

She looked up at my face, smiling.

“Has nobody ever sucked them before, Jo?”

I didn’t answer, my knees buckling as she continued to suck my breasts an tease my nipples, moaning more and more, feeling my pussy throbbing as if another orgasm was building quickly.

Gemma stopped suddenly, encouraging me to lie on the bed and without hesitation I did as she’d motioned with her eyes.

“Are you still a virgin, Jo?”

I nodded, almost with embarrassment that I was. Gemma merely smiled reassuringly. “I could take it for you, Jo. Sex with a guy won’t hurt as much first time.”

I was totally confused, wondering how she could take my virginity but with a mixture of curiosity and desire for her I said yes. Gemma encouraged me to open my legs as I lay on my back, feet raised and placed close to my bum and knees spread wide. She reached across to her bedside table, picking up her hair brush and placing it by her side. An instant later, as she looked into my eyes she began circling my clit gently.

My pussy hadn’t been dry since we’d been naughty at college but with me having cum not long before, my pussy lips and clit were swollen and sensitive and as soon as she touched me I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure and my body writhed in response.

Gradually her fingers increased speed an intensity on my clit. I was so turned on that I’d almost forgotten what she’d asked but then, as she continued to tease she started to push the handle of her brush into my pussy. I groaned as it went deeper inside me, feeling myself throbbing on and squeezing it as it moved but then I felt it hit my hymen and Gemma held it still.

Gemma’s fingers hadn’t stopped teasing my clit, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came again and was moaning louder and louder as I writhed more and more, feeling the brush stretching my virginity more and more. Suddenly my whole body tensed, I couldn’t breathe, pussy contracting violently. At the same time, I felt Gemma press hard and fast on the brush and in an instant, my virginity had gone. The pain of having it taken bringing tears to my eyes but a second later the sensations of pleasure radiated through my body as I began to cum.

I couldn’t believe the extreme sensations that I’d experienced; pain followed by the intense pleasure from an amazing orgasm but as I started to come down from those feelings I couldn’t help laughing that I’d lost my virginity to another girl and as I told Gemma what was so funny she too began to laugh as she lay on top of me.

Her skin was so warm against mine, her hard nipples pressed hard against my breasts as we began to kiss once more, her legs and arms wrapping around me. Following the lust of the previous hour, we were enjoying the moments of intimacy, our tongues moving slowly but passions building slowly. She was using her legs to grind herself against my pussy and with us both extremely wet and sensitive; it wasn’t long before I was responding, grinding against her instinctively, in slow rhythmical circles.

My pussy lips were opening bit by bit as I moved, exposing my throbbing clit. Suddenly, our clits were rubbing together; it was as though electricity was surging through my body, controlled movements developed from a controlled rhythm to desperate thrusts, the two of us moaning and grinding harder and harder.

Gemma’s hands took hold of my arse cheeks, pushing me harder onto her. I needed no encouragement to thrust harder, I was desperate to cum again and satisfy her. My pussy was throbbing, contracting with increasing intensity, I knew my climax was close and guessed from Gemma’s moans and movements that she was too.

Suddenly Gemma gasped and tensed under me, she was cuming and an instant later so was I, squirting my juices onto her pussy.

We lay motionless, for what seemed an age but in reality was only a minute. It was as though every orgasm was becoming more intense. I couldn’t believe how good I felt and wondered if sex with a guy would be as good but at the same time I’d almost forgotten that our boyfriends were meant to be there too.

I didn’t want the sex to end there, beginning to kiss Gemma’s neck and then inch by inch down her body, taking time to suck and tease each of her nipples before continuing to move lower and lower. As my lips caressed further down her stomach I could feel her tense and react, breathing getting heavier with quiet moans of pleasure. Her legs had long since parted in anticipation as I readjusted my body, kneeling between them, finally tasting the juices on her swollen pussy lips.

She gasped as the tip of my tongue trailed slowly and softly up and down her lips and then as I grew in confidence and curiosity, pushed it inside her. It felt as though my tongue was being squeezed the more I explored her pussy, swirling and probing in and out. The more Gemma moaned and pushed against my mouth the more encouraged I became, my tongue moving faster, instinctively responding to her desperation. As soon as I began to lick, suck and tease her clit, she let out groans of ecstasy; I was as turned on as she sounded.

I was trying to maintain eye contact with Gemma as I teased her, watching the pleasure building in her eyes. I was totally focussed on trying to satisfy her and was curious when she began to smile.

Suddenly I felt hands on roaming over my body from behind, immediately tensing, unsure of what to do. I’d been so focussed on pleasing Gemma that I‘d not heard anyone coming up the stairs, not even sure how long they’d been there but as the beat of my heart quickened I continued to tease Gemma’s clit, encouraged that she was close to another climax.

As I worked feverishly with my tongue, I could hear clothes being removed behind me and wondered what was going to happen and even, who it might have been there. I was getting wetter and wetter as the cheeks of my arse were squeezed again and then my breasts as my back was kissed over and over.

Suddenly Gemma let out a loud moan and an instant later she was cumming, squirting her juices over my face. I looked up to see her smiling, almost ignoring the third person in the room as I crawled up her body to begin kissing her again. Instinct had long since taken over, the two of us with open legs, grinding our pussy against each other, harder, faster with more desperation as each second passed by.

I could feel my pussy beginning to pulsate again, my lips spread wide and clit rubbing hard on Gemma’s and knew I’d cum soon. I was totally focussed on her and was unaware that we’d been pulled to the edge of the bed, only noticing when I felt hands take hold of my hips lifting my up off her slightly.

An instant later, my focus completely switched, I felt my pussy being eased open and stretched gradually by somebody’s cock. I couldn’t help but tense up, part of me was desperate to see who it was but a considerable part was more turned on by not knowing. I guessed it was going to be either Gary or Paul but thought it was unlikely to be my boyfriend. Bit by bit I was being filed and stretched, pussy still a little sore from Gemma’s act with her hair brush.

We had stopped kissing and I was looking into Gemma’s eyes as if to find reassurance.

“Relax, Jo”, Gemma whispered.

I felt her legs wrap around me at the same time the cock began to move in and out of me in slow long deliberate strokes. I felt so full but being as wet as I was meant he slid effortlessly and soon the sensation became more enjoyable as I responded more and more. He was guiding and controlling me with his hands on my hips but as my body moved, so Gemma began to buck against me.

It was as if the three of us were fucking and was such a turn on. His cock was filling me completely and though moving slowly was stimulating my g-spot hard and as she bucked, so my clit was also being teased. It was no good; I simply couldn’t control myself any longer, gasped and tensed. I was cumming and cumming hard and because the two of them continued to tease me it felt like I was having one orgasm after another.

I was moaning, virtually screaming with pleasure, strength being sapped from my body by each orgasm. How much of this could I take, I could hardly breathe and was being fucked mercilessly, I was on fire. I knew that Gemma too was cumming, which turned me on more and at that point his pace quickened, cock feeling as though it was growing as he thrust harder and harder. Suddenly with a groan and hard thrusts he was spewing his cum into me.

He made sure he milked himself dry into my pussy until the three of us slumped onto the bed in a heap andi could see I’d been fucked by Gary.

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