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Beach Patrol

Strict enforcement has its rewards
I first met Nancy when I was working the overnight shift as a part-time police officer for a small ocean-side town on the Atlantic. She was sixteen, and her parents had just bought a small complex of duplexes in town. She was working at the only fast-food joint in town, and the only place in town open to get something to eat or drink after 10PM on a Saturday night, my usual shift. However, my contact with her was less at the restaurant than it was catching her, like clockwork, making out on the beach after she got off work.

It seems like almost every Saturday night I’d catch her and some boy in various stages of undress while patrolling the beach. While I never wrote her up for the partial nudity infractions, I was constantly writing JT’s for the curfew infractions, which required her parents to come to the station in the middle of the night to get her. Needless to say, I was not her favorite cop. This went on for two years. Then, one summer night, things took a turn.

It started like any other Saturday night. I came on at ten, patrolled in the cruiser for a couple of hours, and then caught a burger and coffee right before the BK Nancy worked at closed at midnight. I took mine to go so as to avoid her nasty looks and “sotto voce” comments, preferring to eat at the station. After my break, I parked the car and took the beach buggy out. It was a warm, clear night; with a full moon that illuminated the white sand on the beach such that I really didn’t need lights to see where I was going, so I left them off. I started at the south end of the beach, so that by the time I came to the stand of sea grape trees just north of the pier, a popular illegal drinking spot that shielded partiers from view of the beach and street, it was about one a.m.

I wasn’t disappointed. With the lights out, and the sound of the buggy’s engine masked by the sound of the surf, I drove right up to a couple of teenagers on a blanket without their noticing. The boy was standing, naked from the waist down. The girl was kneeling in front of him in her panties and a tunic of some sort that was unbuttoned down the front, showing her to be bra-less. I popped the lights.

Well, the boy took off running down the beach, the moonlight illuminating his “pale moon” as he sprinted away. It was so funny to see that I just sat in the buggy laughing instead of giving chase, until I noticed that the girl was still there, on her knees, glaring at me. Yep, you guessed it; it was Nancy.

“Officer Dan! I can’t believe it!” she cried. “Every time I try to get some action, you show up. Thanks to you, I’m probably the only eighteen-year old virgin in town. My parents may thank you, especially my father, but I sure don’t!”

“Eighteen?” I queried. “You better have some ID to prove that or it’s another JT and call to your parents” I said. Without bothering to put on pants or button her top (her work uniform, it turned out), she dug into her purse and pulled out her driver’s license. Sure enough, she was eighteen.

“Well, that saves you from the curfew JT” I said, “but there is still the matter of the public nudity and public sex violations to deal with” I pointed out. “Public sex?” she yelled. “I didn’t even get his cock in my hand before you were on us. You’re like ‘Coppis Interruptous’ in that department. And, if you will notice, I’m not nude.”

“Really”, I said, shining my flashlight onto the bare breasts inside the unbuttoned tunic, “then what are those?” “Well” she replied, “if you are going to write me up for being nude, I may as well get really nude!” So saying, she took off the tunic and skimmed off the panties. She was now, in fact, totally nude. And, as I realized for the first time, quite well built.

Her breasts were capped by two very erect nipples. Since it was quite warm out, I wasn’t sure whether they were in such a state due to arousal from what she had been caught about to do, or because she was standing naked in front of me. But I was willing to find out.

“I’m sorry I’ve spoiled all your chances to lose your cherry” I said, as I stepped closer to her. “However, I’d like to make that up to you if you’ll let me.” It took her about a minute to realize what I was proposing. A crooked smile replaced the glare as she pulled me to her, her lips finding mine in a hungry kiss as she mashed her body against mine. Leaning back, she pulled us both down onto the blanket.

“One of us is overdressed,” she said. I had to help her undo my gun-belt, but after that she had me stripped down in a minute. Pushing me onto my back, she began kissing her way down, starting at my lips, then over my nipples, and ending at my eight inch hard-on. I tried valiantly to touch her breasts, but she kept slapping my hand away as she began to expertly polish my knob with her mouth while she stroked the exposed shaft.

“I thought you said you were a virgin” I groaned. “I am,’ she replied, “but I’ve given my share of back-seat blowjobs and movie theatre hand-jobs, although I've never worked on something quite this big before. Now lay back and let me finish what I was about to start on that guy you just chased off.” With that, she began to minister to my cock in earnest. It was incredible. Between the swirling of her talented tongue on my tip and coronal edge, the supple grasp of her hand as she pumped my length, and the gentle yet urgent cupping of my balls in her fingers, I was coming in no time at all. Grasping her head and shoving upwards, I began pumping spurt after spurt of semen into her mouth until it began to leak out from between her lips, dribbling down her chin as she swallowed the rest.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never had a guy cum so much. I hope you saved something for my pussy.” “Not a problem” I said, “I promise. But, first it’s your turn for some oral magic.” With that, I pushed her onto her back. But unlike Nancy, I just couldn’t do a “hit and run” on her nipples. Nope, I stopped to savor them, alternating between suckling them, flicking my tongue across them, and nipping them with my teeth. Her response was to hold my head as she directed my actions back and forth between her two globes; all the while making mewling sounds of contentment.

Meanwhile, my fingers had found her mound, and they were teasing her slit and clit until they were slick with her juices. Inserting my middle digit into her tight tunnel, I searched for and found her G-spot, eliciting a groan as her vagina clamped down on my finger. Departing her breasts, I kissed my way down her taut stomach, across her “innie”, finally arriving at her untapped sex. I was pleasantly surprised to note that while her bush was neatly trimmed, it was full and womanly (I’ve always felt that attraction to a hairless pussy was akin to pedophilia). I replaced my fingers with my tongue as first her outer lips, and then inner lips, unfolded before me.

I licked up her juices for a bit as my oral member probed her hole, then turned my focus to her nubbin. As I licked and sucked on her sensitive pea, she began thrusting herself against my face. “OH…MY…GOD!” she suddenly cried out, and mashed my face against her thrashing cunt as she came; not releasing me until she had concluded. I looked up, my face slick with her. “None of the boys in school ever did that to me before” she panted. “Now it’s time for you to do the other thing no one has ever done to me before.” Smiling, she lay back, spread her legs and flexed them at the knee, offering me unfettered access to her virgin hole.

Taking my cue, I directed my newly revived erection so that the head was just parting her labia. They were still moist, but as I slid my hardness up and down in her cleft, she became even wetter. When she was sopping, I slowly pushed forward, bit by bit, allowing her to get used to the feeling of penetration as I stretched past her hymen, reveling in the tightness. Nancy did not appear to experience any real discomfort (she later told me that in preparation for losing her virginity she had recently begun inserting two fingers when she masturbated), and after a bit of shifting, I was balls deep into her.

I slowly withdrew, until I was almost completely out, then slowly pushed back in; all the while manipulating her bud with my thumb. After repeating this maneuver about four or five times, Nancy looked up at me with that crooked grin again and said, “Gentle is okay, but it’s time to fuck me like you mean it. Pound my pussy!” I didn’t need to be told twice. I thrust as hard as I could, impaling her on my rod. Over and over, I kept a steady beat as my cock conquered her cunt, her breasts wobbling in time to the passionate rhythm. Nancy helped by hooking her heels behind my ass and pulling me into her, adding vigor to my vanquish as she stared into my eyes with a remarkable wantonness for someone so young.

Between my girth and her tightness, the friction and heat were driving us to the point of no return. We were both reaching our peak when she said, “Now it’s time to keep your promise, Danny boy. Cum in me! Fill me with your seed!” And I did, pumping her pussy full as she gyrated to her second orgasm of the night, my balls aching at the force of my discharge.

Both spent, we fell cuddled on the blanket for a few minutes as we regained our strength. “Well,” I asked, “did I make it up to you?” “Oh yeah,” she said, “in spades. You can't imagine how much I needed that fuck. But, I’ve really got to get going.” Suddenly, she jumped up and put on her work tunic and pants. As I lay there naked watching her, my now semi-hard dick covered in our mingled juices, she threw me her panties and said, “Here, these are for you. Maybe we’ll do this again.” And with that, she turned and walked away.

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