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been waiting for this

nicole and her boyfriend of 9 months finally have sex, on bad terms.
Nicole sat at the end of the bed. Shaun would be coming over soon and she fixed up the place real nice for his arrival. Shaun never came to her house, cause her parents were always home, or about to come home. Shaun lived about 1 1/2 hours on local transit, but when he visited his dad in her city, she always came over to see him.

But today was a nice day. Her parents went to New York for the weekend and left Nicole alone in the house. Well, not exactly. Her cousin was supposed to come and wartch her, but he said he didn't really want to so just say he did and take care of herself. The doorbell rang, Nicole sprang to her feet and opened the door. "Hey Babes." he said in his seductive low voice, everytime she heard his voice it instantly turned her on. One of the reasons she could never say no to him, but did anyway since her fear always got the better of her.

He came in and they started having friendly conversation. She had talked to Shaun's brother the other day, and Shaun was very protective about thier relationship. He was also jealous of his brother, since he was such a ladies man. Well anyways, Nicole never tells Shaun when she talks to his brother. Trying not to get him mad, she only wants to make shaun happy.
Turns out Shaun found out and got extra pssed.


"You talk to eachother behind my back!?!" he yelled standing up while nicole was on the couch.
"Well, we just have friendly conversation" she replied shepishly.
"If you two are so fuckin close why dont you date him!?!, you say no to my dick, but you'd probably welcome his with open arms no?!?!" he kept yelling. The windows were open and nicole couldn't help but get a tad embarrassed. But she was also getting frustrated. She had no idea he felt that way about her virginity.

"I say no because I'm scared!" she yelled back as he moved towards the door.
"Where are you going!?"
"Fine Fuck you!"
He walked towards the door and Nicole was coming up behind him to lock it, but  as she motioned to close the door he busted back through and pushd himself on her, forcing himself back inside. Nicole couldn't help but get a litle scared. "Uhm, Shaun what the fuck...?"
He shut the door behind him and rammed her into the wall passionetly kissing her she got dizzy and pushed her tounge into his mouth.

He pulled away and went straight for her neck, nicole let out a barely audible moan and he pinned her hands on the wall biting at her 38 DD breasts, he was putting so much pressure on her arms that she thought they would go numb.

Next thing she knew she was being carried to the bedroom and he laid her down, she was getting wet.  She had always dreamed of Shaun haing his way with her. He practically ripped off her blouse and sucked on her nipples long and hard. Her back arched and she bit her lip trying to keep quiet, she didn't want him to know he was getting her rowdy. It was probably a pride issue of hers.

He then moved down to her skinny jeans and tugged them right off, he kissed her thighs and moved up to her pussy which was hot and wet and hungry for something to fill it up. She was dying she wanted him so badly, she moaned just out of frustration. He licked her clit lightly then pressed hard "Ohh...Hmmm" was all she could say at the moment. He didn't stop, he pulled away only to rub her clit with his thumb ang tounge fuck her hot wet pussy, he inserted his tounge way down in her steamy cunt and touched her g-spot. She couldn't help it, she let out a huge "Oh Shaun!" as her insides were about to squeeze onto his tounge but he pulled away, not giving her a chance.
He then tugged off his jeans and boxers and she noticed he already had a condom on, she couldn't be bothered with asking him about it, all she wanted was for him to fuck her ready pussy but instead he grabbed nicole's head and rammed it onto his cock. She had no choice but to suck it, guessing if she did this he'd finally fcuk her. She wanted it so bad that she actually did it. Nicole licked his penis lightly at first, just tasting it, it was weird, but she wanted to make Shaun happy so she practically devoured his cock. She sucked hard and long and he was moaning and she got more turned on by this his body jerked and he held her head to his cock fucking her mouh and jaming every bit of his 7inch inside her, she gagged abit but soon he let out a load in her mouth, she didn't really want swallow but did anyway, remembering you cannot get pregnant that way.

She stared at him waiting, but he pushed her onto the bed and pinned her arms above her head. He then rubbed her clit with the tip of his cock and she moaned, her clit was so hard that she had a tiny orgasm right there. Then finally he gently jammed his cock inside her hot pussy. She was in heaven at this point, she was hungry for it but he was putting all his weight on her and she couldn't move, she just had to take it. So he fucked her harder and harder unti she thought she'd fly through the wall, she was screaming his name, and the windows were open but she didn't care.
They both orgasmed together, but he wasn't done. He turned nicole around and quickly squirted his fluid on her anus, and she smiled caus eit tickled. then quickly grabbed some lotion on her dresser top and rubbed it al over his dick. Then gently rammed it in her asshole. Nicole bit her lip as he fucked her hard, it urt, but it hurt in a good way. She turned to look at him, he was still angry. Then she felt his hot fluid in her ass. She moaned from the feeling. he turned her around again and fucked her pussy again, she didn realize how much she still wanted. He fuckked her non stop in ou in out.

He took her leggs and spread them lifted in the air as he made his last couple thrusts and he insides squeezed around his cock "Uh Fuck YESs, please Shaun, Ahh" she kept saying screaming so loud. And he orgasmed and so did she. They were both panting wildly and nicole tried to walk to the bathroom but fell, so she crawled instead. behind her she heard Shaun say "I don't know what came over me, I just really wanted to fuck you, and I didn't want my bro taking you from, I love you" he said as she was just getting close to the door "I love you too, and don't  worry, I'm all yours" she said smiling.
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