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Best Friends' New Pleasure

Best friends, with a new meaning.
Rachel jumped into the pool, feeling the cold water wrap around her body. Mark followed her in, diving deep into the water. He rose up to the top of the water, just as the volley ball flew into his head. Rachel sat there laughing, until Mark swam over to the ball, grabbing it, and flung it back at Rachel. She ducked out of the way and quickly swam for the ball to send it back at Mark. She grabbed the ball, turned to Mark, and began arch back to throw it.

Mark paused. His eyes were fixated on Rachel’s nipples, which were extremely hard from the cold water and piercing through her bikini. The ball hit Mark again, but he didn’t really care. All he could think about was running his tongue over Rachel’s nipples and grabbing them with his teeth. Mark came back to reality as he saw Rachel getting out of the pool. Again, his gaze was stuck on her, watching her ass as she climbed her way out of the pool.

He had always found Rachel quite attractive. She was a cute Asian girl, straight, black hair, C cup breasts, and a slim body. She was only a bit shorter than him, with him being about 5’11’’, brown hair, and a somewhat muscular build from wrestling. They were both 19 years old.

When Mark has first met Rachel, he was interested in her. She was the cute Asian girl that he enjoyed talking to and really got along with more than any girl he had before. However, after time she had grown to be his close friend and he stopped thinking of her like that. They were best friends.

Lately, though, he wanted her more than he did when he first met her, but it wasn’t just her appearance. It was that, and the very fact that they were best friends. Mark wondered how it would feel to be with his best friend. He wondered how it would feel, laying there, kissing his best friend as he moved himself inside of her.

Rachel suddenly jumped into the pool next to Mark. He turned away as the water splashed at his face, but when he turned back, he realized Rachel’s top was floating on top of the water. Rachel popped out of the water. Mark caught a glimpse of her bare chest, exposing her breasts and her hard nipples, until Rachel put her arms up and covered them. Mark laughed a little and playfully grabbed her top. She demanded that he give it to her, but he told her he wouldn’t.

He backed up against the side of the pool, putting the top behind his back. She still had one hand covering her breasts as she approached him, reaching her other arm around him to grab her top. He dropped it, grabbed her outward arm with one of his hands and her waist with the other. He pulled her towards him and kissed his best friend. He was trying not to show it, but he was extremely nervous. He figured he just made a horrible move and that Rachel would push him away, leave, and not talk to him again.

He was wrong. She didn’t pull back at all. Instead, she moved closer, continuing to kiss back. Both of their hearts raced as they felt their lips moving with their best friends’. Mark moved his hands, now both on Rachel’s back as they continued kissing.

After a long moment they finally pulled apart, and Mark turned her to switch places with him, her back now against the wall. He kissed her again, but this time moved his kisses from her lips to her neck, kissing and gently biting. She let out a small moan, which he took as a message to continue.

Mark kissed his way further down along her collar bone until he reached Rachel’s breasts. He began softly kissing her nipples, as she arched her back, inviting him to continue. Mark’s kisses turned to sucking and then biting. His teeth lightly grasped her nipples as he flicked his tongue back and forth, listening to her soft moans.

Suddenly, they both heard Mark’s Aunt stepping out into her backyard. Mark grabbed Rachel’s hand and quickly led her out of the water and into the house, only to continue…

Mark grabbed Rachel by her nice, round ass, lifting her up onto the dining room table. He reached behind her, shoving everything off the table. He pulled her legs apart and moved himself between them, once again locking his lips with hers. Mark lowered Rachel down onto her back and then got to his knees.

He placed his lips on her right leg, slowly kissing his way up her thigh. She could feel herself tingling from inside, her pussy beginning to moisten. His lips wandered closer, now inches from her wet pussy. The kisses stopped.

Rachel was confused until suddenly she felt his teeth clamp down on the edge of her bikini bottom and begin sliding it down. She felt her bikini slide down her smooth legs, revealing her shaved pussy. She felt the bikini reach her knees and then drop down to her ankles, finally falling off her feet leaving her completely naked lying on the table. Rachel closed her eyes, waiting for what would come next.

She felt his fingers beginning to slide up her thighs, slowly. His fingers reached her pussy, starting to rub up and down the outside of her pussy. He could feel the juices from her pussy flowing out onto his fingers. Rachel felt two of his fingers slip into her pussy, pushing deep inside of her. Rachel’s pussy tightened, wrapping around Mark’s two fingers as he began sliding them in and out. He continued for a while, using his fingers to massage the walls of Rachel’s pussy while listening to her moan in pleasure.

Suddenly, Mark added a third finger while watching her reaction as she arched her back, moaning even louder. She reached down, grabbing his hair and pulling on it. Mark started to ram his fingers inside of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy even faster now and shoving them all the way in. Rachel could feel her legs trembling as her muscles tightened even more. She could feel it coming. Rachel suddenly screamed in pleasure as she came, spilling her juices over his fingers.

Mark pulled them out, stood up, and looked at his best friend lying there on the table. She was breathing heavily and her heart was pounding, but he wasn’t down with her. He had to be inside his best friend. He had to feel his dick sliding in her pussy until finally shooting his cum inside her.

He grabbed Rachel’s legs and pulled her towards him, off of the table. He kissed her some more, feeling her soft lips against his, until he turned her around facing the table. Placing his hand on Rachel’s back, Mark bent her forward over the table. He pulled his dick out, already partially hard from fingering her.

This is what he had been wanting for so long, and now it was right in front of him. His best friend was lying there naked in front of him, her wet pussy waiting for his hard dick.

He moved closer to her, taking the head of his dick and rubbing it along the edge of her pussy, teasing her. Asking her if she wanted his dick inside her, Rachel answered yes as she spread her legs further apart. He gave her what she wanted.

Slowly, he pushed his hard dick into her pussy, inside of his best friend. He felt her tight, wet pussy wrap around his dick as he delve further inside of Rachel. Mark moved his hands to her hips, grabbing her body, and began sliding his dick in and out of her. Every time he thrust his dick in, he pulled her towards him, forcing it even deeper inside of her.

As he continued shoving his dick in her, Rachel could feel it growing even bigger, filling her pussy. The table shook as Mark continued, listening to her moans every time he thrust his dick back in her, pushing every inch of his hard cock inside his best friend’s pussy. Rachel tried grabbing onto the table to give her some kind of support as Mark continued ramming his dick deep inside of her.

He didn’t stop or slow down but instead only went faster, shoving his dick inside Rachel with even more force. Time went by as Rachel’s moans grew loader, her pussy soaking wet and tightening over her best friend’s dick. She could feel it pulsing inside of her, filling her entire pussy. Mark was filled with a sudden burst of energy as he approached his orgasm, ramming his dick inside of Rachel as hard as he could. The table rocked back and forth as she screamed in pleasure. She could feel it coming too.

Her body was burning up as her pussy pulsated. Suddenly, Rachel felt herself getting lightheaded as she felt herself spasm in intense pleasure. At the same moment, Mark felt his warm cum shooting out into Rachel’s pussy. She could feel her juices and his cum mixing, flowing inside of her. Mark lowered himself onto Rachel, kissing her on her upper back, his dick still inside of her. They were both breathing heavily, exhausted but filled with pleasure.

He slowly pulled his dick out of her, and then lifted Rachel up from the table. He walked her to the guest room, pushing her onto her back on the bed. He fell between her legs, hovering over her. They locked their lips together once more, feeling a new sensation with each other. They laid there still kissing, feeling their hearts racing together. They didn’t know how to explain this new feeling, the feeling of such passionate pleasure with their best friend, the feeling of sharing their selves with their best friends.

But they loved it.

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