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Best Night of My Life Part 2

Three cheerleaders prove sometimes that a nice guy can finish first
Authors Note: Although based on certain true events, this story is a work of fiction. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. It builds slowly and contains a lot of details. Yes, there is sex in this story. No, it doesn't happen right away. If you are looking for a story with raunchy sex at the get-go that never lets up, you probably won't enjoy this. Most of the scenes are a build-up of erotically charged circumstances.

continued from Part 1

The girls disappeared back into Lauren’s room to change into their suits. I went to Joe’s room and got my own suit out and changed into it and then went out back to the pool. I got there before any of the girls, so I did a quick cannonball off the diving board into the pool rather than just dip a toe in. The pool is a full sized diving pool, with a very bright pool light so you can use it at night and still see everything quite clearly.

The door out to the back opened, and Ashley was the first girl to come out and join me. She was wearing a red bikini. The top was fairly conservative, covering up most of her perky breasts a little too well for my tastes. The bottoms were much sexier, riding high above the hips on both sides. The backside was not quite a thong but left about half of each cheek showing. I have to admit her ass looked even nicer than I imagined it would.

I think Ashley caught me checking out her ass, because she blushed a little as she got to the edge of the pool. “I usually can’t wear this suit. If Joe knows I am coming over to work on my tan in this bikini, he calls his little horndog friends to come over and spy on me. I figured I was safe this weekend with him not here.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” I said, smiling. “I won’t go blabbing to the guys in school that I saw you in micro-bikini bottoms.”

“I know,” she said. “Sara said she was surprised but glad that you were so discreet about those seven minutes you spent in a closet. She wasn’t ashamed that she made out with you or anything. It just seems her breasts are a source of constant conversation among the boys at school, and having the one boy who actually knew anything about them keep quiet was a very good thing from her point of view. Not a lot of boys at school would have done something like that when talking about it would have earned him a lot of props from the rest of the guys. It’s good to know you can be trusted. I certainly couldn’t trust my last boyfriend, he cheated on me first chance he got with one of those Mat Maid sluts.”

“He was an idiot” I said, without hesitation. “You’re amazing. You’re gorgeous, you’re fun, you are nice to everyone. He was a stupid idiot to cheat on you.”

“Well…thank you,” she said, stepping down into the pool. “It’s nice to know at least some guys can appreciate when they have something good.”

The door to the back opened again and Sara came out back. Her suit was almost the opposite of Ashley’s. The bottoms were conservative, almost like boy shorts though of course they were quite snug and clung nicely to her curves. Although she lacked the long legs and tight ass of the other two, Sara does have a very curvaceous booty and I was bit disappointed to not get a better view of it. Her top though, was not nearly so conservative. It was only two small bits of cloth over each individual breast, held together with strings. The tops and sides of each breast were clearly visible, and when she breathed in deeply even the bottom curves would peek out.

“Geez, Sara, why did you even bother with a top,” said Ashley, laughing.

“I didn’t want to give the poor boy a heart attack,” replied Sara. “I was actually saving this for Joe’s birthday, thought I might give Lauren’s little brother a show he wouldn’t forget anytime soon. The dear has a crush on me. But he needs to stop giving in to his little friends who keep pestering him to call them over whenever his sisters’ hot friends are here, so I decided against it. But it was either this suit or the ugly green one that I don’t really like all that much. I only wear it when I need a suit that covers up more. What do you think Jeff, is this top too revealing?”

“No complaints from this side of the pool,” I said, taking the cue that is was okay to take a good long look at her breasts, which somehow became even nicer once Sara jumped into the pool and they had water making the small strips of cloth cling to them like a second skin and water dripping down into her cleavage.

The door opened one more time and Lauren was the last to join us. She was wearing a conservative yellow bikini. I had been to her house and gone swimming with her and Joe many times and I had never seen that bikini before. She still looked great in it.

“I thought you got rid of that suit, Lauren” said Ashley. “Isn’t that the one with the broken clasp on the top? Where is your pink striped one piece?”

“I was swimming at Sara’s house the other day and when I changed back into my regular clothes I guess I left it there. So this is the only suit I have here.”

Lauren stepped into the pool but only went waist deep. She seemed hesitant to go in any further.

“Did you fix the top?” asked Ashley.

“Kinda,” said Lauren. “The clasp is staying on for the moment, but it’s very loose. If I swim any distance in the water it pops off. I should be fine.”

The four of us relaxed a bit and started splashing around and just hanging out, but sure enough as Lauren was swimming the clasp came undone without warning. Lauren seemed to be ready for it, she was swimming with one hand held close to her chest so she actually pinned the top to her chest when it popped open. She immediately reached around to reattach it but we were all afforded a very nice side shot of her left breast before she tugged her top back into place. Her breasts were fuller than I had thought at first, I think the sports bra she had been wearing kept them pinned down but the ultra-loose bikini top she was wearing now gave them a lot more freedom.

A few minutes later the same scene occurred again, Lauren’s top popped off and she pinned it to her chest with one hand and used the other to reattach it. Only this time I got to see a side shot her right breast to complete the set.

The clincher came only a couple minutes later. Ashley and Sara were using the diving board and making various acrobatic jumps into the water. Being cheerleaders and members of the school dance team as well, they were quite good at it. Lauren decided to join them. She got out and walked over to the board and did a cartwheel along the board and straight into the deep end. A very impressive move, but her impact into the water actually ripped her top right off before she could grab it.

“Oh my god!” she said as she bobbed up above water again. “My top came completely off!” She swam over to the shallow end and stood up, one hand over each breast. “Where is it?”

I saw it floating not far from me. I grabbed and started to swim towards her. “Here, I got it.”

“For God’s sake Lauren!” said Sara, clearly exasperated. “Just leave the damn thing off already. Your stupid top is broken. It’s not going to stay on. You have already flashed everyone in this pool 3 times now. So just leave the stupid thing off and stop worrying about it!”

“I can’t just go topless” said Lauren, laughing.

“What, are you worried about being the only topless girl in the pool? Fine, I’ll join you,” said Sara. And with that she reached behind her, untied the knot keeping her top in place and ripped it off and tossed it aside.

There she was, fully topless, dripping wet, not more than few feet from me. I was the first guy at our school to ever see them and they were every bit as magnificent as I had imagined. They were full and firm, standing proudly upon her chest, with large nipples and light areola.

“Sara, I can’t believe you just did that!” said Ashley.

Lauren was just staring at Sara, her eyes wide. But her hand had been forced. She couldn’t put her own top back on now with Sara volunteering to go topless just to make Lauren feel more comfortable. Somewhat reluctantly, she dropped her hands and exposed her own breasts.

Hers were fuller than I expected, with lush curves and perfect round shape. I had always focused so much on her ass that I had never considered her breasts too much, and I certainly wish I had been paying more attention. They were very appealing and practically begging to be fondled.

“You too, Ashley,” said Sara. “All for one and one for all. If Lauren’s top is busted and she has to go topless, we all go topless.”

“Hey, my top works just fine,” said Ashley. “I already have half my ass showing in these bottoms. That should be sufficient.”

Sara shook her head. “Nope. Not good enough. Top. Now.” She held out her hand.

“I know there is no arguing with you when you get that tone of voice,” said Ashley, sighing in mock exasperation. “Fine, but just this once. Don’t think I am setting a precedent or anything.”

Ashley swam over to the shallow end and stood up, and with one smooth motion carefully unwrapped her top until she too stood there revealed. Ashley’s breasts were the smallest of the three, but the most firm and perky. They stood at attention, with dark areola and the largest nipples, that were clearly hard. Her set was perfectly sized to her lean frame and just about the exact correct size for one handful each.

“Well, Jeff, I guess you got more of a show than you bargained for” said Sara. She was grinning. “I was contemplating whether or not to give you little treat and come out here topless. But I figured you had enough fun playing grab-ass with Lauren during the movie.”

Lauren was blushing furiously, both from being topless and being called out on letting me caress her booty.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong,” Sara continued. “I would have fondled that tight little ass in those spandex shorts all night long if I were a guy too. I was just considering what Ashley said earlier about giving you a real shot at these bad boys upon my chest. Try to convert you from an ass man to a boob man. Well, I think Lauren gave you plenty of ass earlier.”

“I was just going to give him a little but he was very gentle and to be quite honest it felt really good,” said Lauren. “Almost like a body massage. So I just sort of let myself enjoy it and he kept making it feel really good for the whole movie so I never asked him to stop.”

“Regardless, he had his fun with you and your bubble butt already tonight. So now it’s my turn. I want to know what he really thinks about my breasts, and as the only guy to ever have a shot with my boobs before he is the most qualified out of any guy at school. Your top coming off was my opening so I am taking it.” Sara turned back towards me. “You. Jeff. Here. Now.” she commanded, using one finger to beckon me towards her.

Now, I had never considered that I would end up taking a midnight swim with the 3 hottest girls in school, all wearing bikinis. When they all got topless, I thought I was going to lose it. And now I was being commanded to fondle the single greatest pair of breasts our school had ever been graced with (my older brother had even commented once that none of the girls had a set like Sara went he went to that school a few years back).

I walked over, and my willpower over my cock was starting to wane as I felt it growing. I did my best to fight it back down but I was sure all three girls could plainly see my front bulge starting to swell.

“I think he likes what he sees,” said Lauren, sure enough eyeing my crotch. “I felt it shift a little when we were on the couch and he was squeezing my ass.”

“I would have been very upset if wasn’t getting excited by the sight of us topless,” Ashley chimed in. “It is proof that he is enjoying the view. It’s a compliment, really.”

I reached Sara, we were both standing waist deep in the water. Slowly, I reached out one hand and fondled her right breast. I caressed it softly, and then flicked my thumb over her nipple a few times and smiled as I felt it harden. I reached out my other hand and repeated the process on the left one, rewarded with the other nipple hardening as well.

Sara had been watching me closely, but now she was closing her eyes and seemed to give in to the enjoyment a bit more. Lauren and Ashley had stopped moving or talking at all, they sat silent and still and watched with rapt attention. I continued to massage Sara’s breasts, kneading the flesh between my fingers, squeezing them together, rubbing the nipples softly. I heard Sara start to make a low moaning sound of pleasure, she was very much starting to enjoy herself.

My erection was quickly forming a full boner in my shorts, I couldn’t help it. I had never had the opportunity to touch a girl like this before, much less a magnificent set such as these. I heard Lauren gasp when she saw the tent in my shorts, she nudged Ashley and whispered to her, pointing to my crotch. I decided I didn’t mind, since I couldn’t hide it even if I had wanted to, and they both smiled so I guess they were fine with it too.

Sara had allowed me total access to her boobs and hadn’t stopped me from doing anything yet, so I got brave and leaned in to gently kiss her right breast. She gasped in surprise but it quickly changed to her loudest moan of pleasure yet. I moved to her left one, kissing it and then took each nipple into my mouth one by one. Her moans became louder, both Lauren and Ashley could clearly hear her now. “Oh god, yes, that feels so good” she said as I sucked on her nipples, I took that as a good sign and began to kiss and lick and suck on them harder. She began to breathe heavier and started gasping. I reached behind her and grabbed her lush ass, one cheek in each hand, sliding my hands under the material of her suit and squeezing her bare flesh, while continuing to suck and kiss for all I was worth.

Suddenly she cried out “Oh My God!!!!!” and I felt her vibrate and shake all over with such force I actually let go and stepped back a couple paces in shock.

I saw Ashley and Lauren staring as well, theirs mouths open in amazement. Lauren had one breast in her own hand, Ashley was touching both of hers. Their nipples were clearly hard as well and it was obvious they had been caressing their own breasts while enjoying the show.

Sara backed up a couple paces till she was near the steps leading out of the pool and sat down, opening her eyes with slightly glazed look before she focused them again.

“Sara, did you just…” Lauren started to ask.

Sara nodded emphatically. “Holy shit! I can’t believe that just happened. That was…amazing.” She reached out and gently rubbed her breasts. “I didn’t even know that could happen just from a guy kissing my breasts. Trevor certainly never even came close to giving me a reaction like that.” She looked over at me with appreciation, and smiled a huge smile. “Oh my god, Jeff! You were awesome! Was that really the first time you have ever touched a girl?”

I nodded. “I just went on instinct at first. And then I used your moans as a guide to what you liked and did some more of that. I didn’t think it was going to make you, um, that is…”

“Orgasm? Explode with sexual pleasure? Well, you most certainly did.”

“Was that your first orgasm, Sara?” asked Ashley.

“That was my first from a guy. I’ve gotten myself off a couple times, of course, but nothing like that. It was completely different, it was sensational.”

The girls wanted more details so Sara swam over to them and went into more detail about the specifics of the orgasm. I shook my head. Guys certainly never went into any detail about getting off with a girl. I took the opportunity to check the state of my erection. When I had a hold of Sara’ bare ass and was sucking her nipples while she exploded with pleasure, I had a raging hard on like I had never had before. Now that I had a couple of minutes to compose myself I managed to fight it back down to a semi but there was zero chance it was going to go away completely with 3 dripping wet, super hot, topless girls in the pool with me. I looked over at the girls and saw them huddled close together, whispering. Then they all looked back over at me.

“Hey Jeff, we were just talking,” began Lauren.

“Yeah,” said Ashley. “Everyone in this pool has removed at least one article of clothing since we got in, except you. Fair is fair. Off with the shorts, mister.”

I smiled, but inside my heart started to pound. Naked with these girls? There would be no hiding my erection then, that was for sure.

“You know, technically I have been topless the entire time so you only now caught up to me,” I said.

Ashley shook her head. “Nice try, we’re not buying it.”

“But I only have the one article of clothing. I would be completely naked.”

“Tough noogies. We voted. The shorts have to go,” said Lauren.

“Well, if I go naked, would you girls care to join me? We might as well go for the full skinny dip, who knows when any of us will have a house and pool to ourselves again?”

All the girls giggled and laughed but shook their heads no. I was at a conundrum now. I very much wanted our time in the pool to continue, and it seemed the only way for that to occur was for me to shuck my shorts and get naked. But the girls apparently were not willing to go that far. I decided to take one more shot.

“Well, will at least one of you join me in the buff? I would be more comfortable if I were not the only person totally naked.”

Sara shrugged her shoulders and said to my surprise, “Fine, why the hell not. Not like you didn’t earn at least a peek with your performance earlier.” She walked over to the shallow end and up out of the pool. She turned her back and peeled down her wet, boy shorts bottoms, showing us the lush curves of her ass. Then she turned around to face us, fully nude and dripping wet. She was completely shaved and her pink pussy lips showed quite prominently against her tan skin.

My turn. I took a deep breath and exited the pool as Sara smiled at me and walked back in, giving a little wiggle in her step as we passed each other and I took a closer look at the first fully bare female ass I had ever seen. Like Sara, I turned my back and took down my shorts, and I heard some wolf whistles from the ladies.

“Wow, nice strong butt,” said Ashley. “I knew he would have a firm butt from being on the cross country team. All that running keeps you in great shape.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot he was a runner. All the Cheerleaders think the cross country guys have the nicest butts,” Lauren added.

I turned around and stood there fully exposed in front of the girls, and I was actually thankful for my semi-erect cock. I certainly didn’t want to be completely soft and have it look small or anything, but I didn’t want the embarrassment of a full hard on sticking straight out either. It was mostly full and hard but still pointing down at this point in time, which I figured was the best I could have hoped for.

I thought there would be more wolf whistles or commentary from the girls but there was only complete silence as all 3 girls just stared with stunned looks on their faces.

“So, ummm,” I stammered, trying to break the awkward silence, “this is me. In the buff. Not wearing anything at all.”

Finally, Sara spoke up. “Jesus Christ, Jeff. Look at the size to that thing. And you’re not even fully hard yet.”

“That’s the biggest I’ve ever seen!” said Lauren. “I mean, I’ve only seen two other guys up close but I did walk into the guys locker room once to drop off the spirit boxes for the football team and I took a real quick peek into the shower room. I think the whole team was in there, it was just after practice. I didn’t see any that big.”

Even Ashley chimed in. “I’ve never seen a guy totally naked before now, but it looks plenty big to me.”

I was flabbergasted by all this talk. I mean, I’ve never been a pecker checker in the locker room but I had seen other guys in the showers. It was impossible not too. I knew I was a tad on the big side but I also had a fairly slender cock so I figured what I lacked in girth I made up for in length.

“How big are you, Jeff?” asked Sara. “How many inches?”

“Well, umm, I don’t know actually. I never measured it.”

“Really? I though all guys measured themselves. Well, maybe we’ll have to do that for you later tonight before you get your clothes back on,” she said coyly.

I got back into the water and thankfully the topic changed from my body parts to other topics. We continued to splash around and play wrestle, which I certainly enjoyed since I had 3 topless cheerleaders clinging all over me and after a while the girls were pretty much openly just grabbing and patting my bare butt and said they liked a guy with nice, firm buttocks.

“I can understand that, certainly,” I said, even as Sara was giving me a good squeeze. “Remember, I am an ass man myself.”

“Still?” asked Ashley. “Even after your escapade with Sara’s twins you prefer Lauren’s tight little ass?”

“Well, earlier with Sara, that was pretty awesome. I have to admit. Of course, she was totally topless so there was nothing between me and her lovely breasts. Earlier tonight Lauren was wearing shorts and I was trying to not be too obvious that I was just playing a little grab ass.”

“Sounds like you need a more even playing field to make a proper decision,” said Lauren. She actually sounded somewhat defensive about me considering changing my preference from ass to boobs.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Lauren stood up, walked up out of the pool and slowly pulled down her yellow bikini bottoms. I was really surprised when Ashley got out as well. “My ass is pretty much on display in these bottoms already” she said, untying each side and tossing her red bottoms off. I now had all 3 girls completely nude in the pool with me. I felt a familiar stirring in my crotch.

Ashley, her ass now fully on display, was more curvaceous than I had first thought when seeing her in cutoff shorts. Very soft and feminine. But it was Lauren’s ass that was the real prize. After years and checking her out in panties or even grabbing it with only a pair of spandex shorts on earlier, this was the main event. It was magnificent. It was so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it, perfectly heart shaped and just exquisite in every way.

I was so wrapped up in their asses I almost forgot to check them out when they turned around to face us. I saw that they were both very trim, with small landing strip style patches leading to a bare slit. The girls checked each other out and laughed when they saw their similar grooming styles. “We might as well be twins,” said Ashley.

“Geez, he’s getting even bigger,” said Sara, standing next to me and checking out the state of my aroused cock.

Lauren walked back into the pool and stood on the bottom step, which put her about knee deep in the water. She beckoned me over and as I approached she turned around and stuck her ass out towards me. I didn’t hesitate and reached out to grab it. I spent several minutes feeling and squeezing her tight butt cheeks and massaging them with deep pressure that elicited moans of pleasure from Lauren. “God, that feels so good. So much nicer than earlier tonight even.”

“You had two breasts earlier so I think you should have two asses now,” said Ashley, positioning herself next to Lauren and stick her curvaceous ass out a little as well. I moved over to Ashley and gave her a good two hand squeeze. I intended to then use one hand on each girls ass at the same time, but to my surprise Sara stepped up behind Lauren and started to caress her ass.

“I can’t help myself,” she said, smiling. “I’ve never really been into girls beyond a little experimenting. But this is just such a nice, tight ass. Both of them are, really.” It was really hot seeing one of the girls caress another one, and Lauren seemed totally fine with it.

That left me free to concentrate on Ashley. I continued to massage and squeeze, enjoying every moment of her fine little ass. Her curves just practically begged me to get in closer, so I leaned in give her ass a little nibble. Ashley gave a little cry of shock but then giggled and stuck it out a little further so I gave each cheek a few more nibbles and kisses. Ashley was clearly enjoying herself and reaching up to caress her own breasts, when Lauren looked back towards me and complained that she wanted a few nibbles too.

I wasn’t about to turn down that offer, so I switched back over to Lauren. Sara happily hopped over to Ashley and started playing with her ass, I leaned in and gave Lauren several kisses and bites all over her perfect ass. She started to mew with pleasure again.

“Oh god, I am so hot right now,” she said. She turned around to face me, her breasts rights in my face. “Do me like you did Sara, Jeff. I feel like I am about to pop!”

I didn’t even debate the issue. I went right for her perfectly rounded breasts, massaging them and sucking on her already hard nipples while reaching around to cup her perfect ass in my hands and squeezing as hard as I could. It only took a couple minutes when Lauren was pushed past the point of no return and screamed out “OH MY GOD! YES! YES!!” and shook all over. I held on this time and pulled her close as she exploded.

I barely had time to stand up straight again and disentangle from Lauren when Ashley quickly threw herself onto me and begged me for the same. I repeated the process, and I was correct in my assessment that Ashley’s smaller but perkier breasts were the perfect size for one handful each and her nipples, the largest of the 3 girls, were the most sensitive and responded to my every touch and kiss. I had planned to reach around and grab her ass as I had with the other girls but I saw that Sara and even Lauren were each massaging Ashley from behind. I put all on my concentration on her perfect-sized set and sensually sensitive nipples, letting her moans guide me, and when I gave each nipple a light bite she was pushed over the edge and exploded with orgasmic pleasure. She didn’t scream out like the others, I think she was shocked when it happened so suddenly and it washed all over her entire body so hard she actually fell backwards and the girls had to catch her.

“Holy shit!” said Ashley. “I can’t believe that.”

“I knew it!” cried out Sara. “That was your first orgasm ever, wasn’t it?”

Ashley nodded, but couldn’t stop smiling. “That was… that was amazing. It was unbelievable! It is always like that?”

“Not in my experience,” said Sara. “Though I think Lauren is the only one of us to have an orgasm with another guy.”

“Actually, no” said Lauren. “I slept with Mike about two months back but he was the only one who really enjoyed himself that night. Five minutes and he was done.”

“Well, that makes it official then. First timers all around, at least with a guy. And Jeff’s first time giving pleasure to a girl also,” said Sara.

Looking down, she saw my erection, which I couldn’t hide or hold down any longer. Not after what I had just done with Lauren and Ashley, not to mention all 3 girls still totally nude with no indication of putting clothes back on anytime soon. It was flying proud and straight.

“Yes!” Sara shouted. “We have achieved lift off!” She stood up and got out of the pool. “Come on you guys! Time to measure!”

“What did she say?” I asked, but Sara had run off into the house and Lauren and Ashley each grabbed a hand and dragged me out of the pool and onto the porch.

We each grabbed a towel and dried off a little bit, and seeing the girls standing there, fully nude, rubbing each other down with towels was quite an eyeful. I thought for a disappointing moment that perhaps our skinny dipping time was over and the girls would wrap the towels around themselves but happily they just tossed them aside and remained in their completely naked state.

The door to the house opened and Sara was running back towards us, her wonderful boobs bouncing up and down as she did so. She was holding a tape measure in her hands, the soft kind you use for fabric.

She knelt down and with coy smile asked the girls to give her a “hand”. Lauren and Ashley both giggled but then quieted down and started to breathe a little harder. Neither said a word as they reached out and took a hold of my raging hard-on. It was standing perfectly at attention and I would have thought nothing could have made me harder, but I had never been touched by a girl before. It seemed to swell even more.

“Jesus, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger,” commented Sara, as Lauren and Ashley fondled the tool in their hands with little pats and strokes. Sara reached up to cup my sack in her hands and tickle it a little bit, the sensation was overpowering and now I gave my own moans of pleasure.

“I think we have him at full mast,” said Ashley. “You can measure him now.”

Starting at the base and working her way along the shaft towards the tip, Sara unrolled the soft fabric of the tape measure and took a measurement.

“Wow,” she said, and gave a soft whistle. “Nine and half inches. Trevor was only six.”

“Feel lucky,” said Lauren. “Mike was barely five. He said six, but he was lying.”

“I had no idea you were so well hung, Jeff” said Ashley, who gave me another couple strokes and then moved around to massage my ass again. She leaned up to whisper in my ear “Very impressive” and gave my ear a little nibble while squeezing each cheek.

Sara had removed the tape measure, but was still on her knees in front of me. She and Lauren continued to stroke me, while Ashley was massaging my backside. I just stood there, my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of all three girls fondling me.

“It’s not going back down” I heard Lauren say.

“Ha! I wouldn’t expect it to with us stroking him. I don’t think it is going to go back down anytime soon,” Sara replied.

“Yeah, I was kinda nervous about that,” I said. “But it’s not like I can hide it. And what did you expect with the three hottest girls in school all fully naked in a pool with me?”

“Girls, I think it is only fair we help Jeff with his problem,” Sara said.

“What do you mean?” asked Ashley, giving my cheeks another squeeze.

“He did his job quite well in getting each of us off. I think it is only fair that we return the favor.” Sara, on her knees, looked up at me with a devilish smile and winked. Then she leaned forward a bit and flicked out her tongue, giving my cock a little kiss.

“You mean a blowjob?” asked Ashley, and Sara just nodded while giving the tip another kiss.

“I’ve never done that before,” said Ashley. Lauren shook her head also, “me neither.”

“I have, just once with Trevor last year when we were still together,” Sara replied. “Come on, it’s not that hard.”

Sara stood up and guided me over to a lounge chair and pushed me down onto it. Lauren and Ashley both dropped down and bent over my cock. They seemed eager to learn and it was surprising how comfortable we all were with each other despite nothing of this sort ever occurring before with any of us. With Sara sort of directing, both girls started to take turns giving me shaft licks and even a few little head bobs. Occasionally, their tongues would meet at the same point on my cock and the girls would kiss each other and use their tongues to pleasure me at the same time.

Lauren and Ashley both quickly caught on, so Sara stopped directing them and got on her knees next to my face. She positioned her boobs right in front of my face so I started to kiss and fondle them some more.

I felt the tension building and yelled out that I was on the brink. That only seemed to encourage the girls, as Lauren and Ashley both started licking and sucking harder and Sara pushed her boobs tighter into my face. It was only a minute later when I exploded, with the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. I thought I wouldn’t stop cumming, and I was sure it would spew all over the place but to my surprise Lauren (who was sucking me at that time) swallowed a good amount of it and when she couldn’t take anymore she pulled away and Ashley quickly took her place. Even with 2 girls I just kept going, and when Ashley pulled away the rest kept spilling out of my cock and onto the girls chests. Finally, I subsided and the girls were all in shock.

I looked and saw Lauren and Ashley, with cum spilling out of the sides of their mouths and running down their chests, just in absolute awe of what they had seen. Sara leaned down and licked my cock clean, before standing up again.

“Jesus Christ!” she said. “I gave my ex-boyfriend a blowjob and he didn’t cum like that! Not even close!”

“Yeah,” chimed in Lauren. “I had sex with Mike and he got off and it wasn’t anything like that either.” She nudged Ashley with an elbow. “I know it’s your first time seeing a guy get off, but it’s not like that every time. From what a lot of the more active girls at school say, it’s never like that, actually.”

“I just couldn’t stop,” I said, still lying down. “It was just so intense. Everything, I mean, not just the blowjob. Having 3 gorgeous girls, totally nude, stroking me and massaging me. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

“Well I am glad we made your first time so memorable” said Sara with a laugh and a smile.

Lauren and Ashley, both still with my cum on their chests, commented that they wanted to get cleaned up and I thought with a sigh that our night of sexual escapades was over.

Sara, though, spoke up “I agree. We could all use some freshening up. To the shower.” The three girls got up and started to walk inside when they turned and looked at me. “Well? Are you coming with us or not?” Lauren asked.

continued in Part 3

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