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Bev's Golden Boy

Beverly couldn’t believe Mike was sleeping right downstairs on the pullout sofa in the living room.
He was her golden boy, her surfer boy, her summer love. His shock of wavy sun-bleached hair and taught surfers body formed an image that carried her through an entire school year. They had met last summer on the beach during her family’s annual vacation to the New Jersey shore.

One of a summer flock of teenage girls sunning on the surfing beach waiting for the surfer boys to overcome their goofy shyness, she had her eye on him from the start. It wasn’t long before she and a few of the other girls were kneeling on surfboards being pushed for their first rides in the small soupy shore break of the Atlantic Ocean. The following days of kissing and petting with Mike grew more and more exciting until the end of the week’s vacation left her headed back home with a big hole in her heart.

A year later, just last month, Mike and Bev spent their second wonderful week together.

The painful yearning she carried through her senior year of high school grew more unbearable in the month since she returned home. The longest month of her life ended when he arrived at her house in Bergen County earlier in the day for her eighteenth birthday.

Mike added a few days to his drive to Maine for his sophomore year of college so he could spend them with Bev. Now he was asleep in the living room only a carpeted flight of stairs away. All she had to do was make it past her parent’s bedroom and down those stairs.

That first week of that first summer a year earlier came as a result of loosing a battle with her parents. Beverly was seventeen and didn’t want to vacation with them anymore. She wanted to stay home with her friends while her parents took her younger sister and little brother for a week to the rented house in Beach Haven. She fought hard to remain home with her friends, but lost. “Next year, when you’re eighteen you can do what you want, but you are coming with us this year young lady”, her father said in something close to a bellow.

A hundred letters and a winter of long distance phone calls later and there was nowhere else Bev wanted to go than back to Beach Haven with her family. The strong lean tanned object of her burning desire would be working as a lifeguard while his parents commuted from Philadelphia to their beach house for the weekends.

Her family arrived in Beach Haven on Saturday and on Tuesday night she gave up her virginity with a flow of blood that scared her golden boy. He was sweet and concerned for her wellbeing.

The next morning Mike called in sick and his buddies covered for him on the lifeguard stand the next two days as well. While her mom and dad thought she was sunbathing, she and her errant lifeguard were in bed exhausting themselves with every new move in every position they learned from the porn DVD’s discovered in his parent’s dresser drawer. They used condoms at first and when they were gone Mike would pull out to shoot thick strings of semen onto Bev’s stomach or ass. They tried oral sex as well. Bev enjoyed the feel of Mikes’ hard cock in her mouth but she never quite was able to bring herself to swallow his cum. She got little tastes of it now and it didn’t seem too bad but she remained queasy about what some of the porn stars did. She could tell Mike would have liked it, but he didn’t push it since he couldn’t really blame her, he didn’t lick her pussy like the porn studs either. Between lovemaking they would sun themselves on the deck overlooking the ocean and have conversations about the most private parts of their lives. They would be back at her house for dinner with her family and leave again before dessert to spend a few more hours naked in bed together before he would take her home about midnight.

Then just like that her week in Beach Haven was over. A tearful departure from Mike as the heavily loaded minivan pulled away was not at all helped by her younger sister sarcastically mugging kisses and her little brother, who loved Mike almost as much as Bev did, crying along with her.

Now, with Mike downstairs, Bev executed a carefully practiced choreography of footsteps to avoid any creaks in the flooring of the dark hallway and glided down the stairs as lightly as a ballerina. She arrived at the side of the sofa bed where Mike slept face up in the glow of the nightlight. The beauty of him and his deep repose, clear even in the dim light, made her swoon. At the same time she felt a small degree of disappointment that he was not awake in anticipation of her coming to him in the night.

She removed her panties. She decided to keep on her baby doll top. She slipped under the sheet and snuggled with her head on his naked chest. His sleep was undisturbed. Compared to her rapid pulse, his heartbeat was slow and steady. The feel of him, his scent, and his warmth were all more wonderful than she dreamed.

After a moment he stirred a little. She put her hand first on the side of his face then on his lips as she whispered “Michael” into his ear three times before he opened his eyes. She pushed her finger harder against his lips and put the index of her other hand on her lips as a signal to be quiet. Assured his startle had passed she ran the finger from his lips down his abdomen eventually tracing the arch of his cock, plump but not yet hard, as it curved down over his balls. It immediately began to swell.

She desperately wanted to move her head down and take it in her mouth, but she had her plan and she wanted him in her even more. When he was fully hard she swung her leg over him and guided him into her. She was already as wet as ever and slid easily down onto him.

In a coarse whisper he said, “Oh, Christ”, the same words that burst into her head at the feel of his cock cleaving into her. She collapsed breathlessly onto his chest. His cock focused all her attention to her center, filling her overwhelming desire with a wonderful pressure. “Oh, Christ” he said again for the both of them. She put her finger to his lips again and paused there listening for any sounds from upstairs her senses only able to focus on her muscles clamping down on his cock. After a moment she sat up to slide up and down on his shaft a few times very slowly, taking her eyes off him only to glance occasionally down at their union in an attempt to see it. It was too dark to see anything other than two triangles of nightlight glow on either side of his shaft between her thighs.

The sensations were more exquisite than even her memory would serve. When he reached up with a hand against her breast she was already on her way to her first orgasm. When his other hand came up around her throat and neck all she could do was grind against his cock toward a screaming climax. Fortunately he muffled her cries with a hand over her mouth.

Suddenly he began to lift her so he could spill his cum outside of her as he did during those few days together in July. Snapping back to her plan Bev rolled deftly off onto her knees to spin around and take him into her mouth barely catching the first blast on her tongue before getting her lips around his member. She dreamt of surprising him exactly this way for days, taking his cum and swallowing it all. He exceeded her dream by pumping load after load of his warm semen into her mouth and throat.

She liked it. It was different then expected. It was thick and coated the entire inside of her mouth explosively. She had imagined it so often thinking of this night. She had snuck tastes during our summer week when she got some on her hands after he came on her stomach or breasts. In her mouth it felt like there was so much more of it than she expected. A full mouthful was more strongly fragrant than she remembered too, but she found it entirely pleasant. It was a sensation and taste she would soon grow to crave.

She snuggled against him and he was back asleep in a matter of minutes. She was far too excited to sleep and decided she wasn’t ready anyway. With her head on his chest she wanted to play with his balls and cock but didn’t want to upset his sleep so she ran her hand up inside his thigh and tucked it in along his groin. She could feel his ball sack against the back of her hand. It felt still moist and slightly sticky with her juices.

A short time later he rolled away from her as if he were trying to slough off the baggage of her body. She felt hurt by his unconscious separation, but moved against him and snuggled up against his back. Then he rolled back toward her with a groggy abandon and she rolled quickly out of the way so her back was now to his front. He draped a sleepy arm over her and hugged her as if a pillow. She arched her back to push her bottom into him. She thought she could feel some new plumpness there. She pushed and squirmed against him again. She felt a single weak, perhaps reflexive, thrust from him then ground against him again and suddenly felt his plumpness expand into full manhood at a speed that brought her back awake at full alert. “You are a squirmy little bed partner aren’t you?” he whispered into her ear.

Just like that, spooned on their sides, she reached down and guided him into her. The penetration was not so deep this way but his cock from this angle touched her inside in places that it never touched before. It pushed against sensitive parts of her that she didn’t know she had. He fucked her that way from behind, with slow pushes and slow pulls, slow in stroke and even slower on the outstroke. She was sure he didn’t know the effect he was having on her body. He maintained a steady relentless pace while holding her tightly to him by her upper arms. She wanted to yell “Fuck Me, Fuck Me!” She wanted to scream “Fuck me harder.” But with her parents upstairs she couldn’t. She could only focus on his thick long cock sliding so effortlessly in and out of her delivering blunt shock waves of pleasure as helplessly as if she was trapped, as if she were bound and gagged rather than just held tightly.

The orgasm broke over her in waves. She lost control as her body gave itself up to the pleasure. Mike gripped her even tighter, covering her mouth with his hand and pulling her back against his chest as her body stiffened, jerked once then twice and settled back against him breathing hard with her heart pounding in her chest. When her orgasm fully subsided his grip relaxed and she rotated toward him showering his lips and face with kisses of joy. He rolled onto his back to receive her and pulled her along.

She reached down to feel his cock and found him stroking it with his hand. She covered it with hers and followed his rhythm for a moment as they stroked his shaft together. Then he slipped his hand out and she continued on her own. As his cock grew less slippery her hand would no longer slide against it so she gripped it tightly and could feel the skin of his cock slide against the bone hard surface beneath. She liked that, but soon he took hold of her fist again and guided it to very short fast strokes.

She kept it up on her own until she no longer could and then, turning around, went back down on him taking as much of his cock as possible into her mouth again, wetting it, giving as much saliva as she could and remembering all the sex tips for this that she had read in the magazines in the past month. She fondled his balls and toward his ass and licked the length of his shaft.

Mike moved her one knee across his head so they were in sixty-nine position. Still she was surprised when Mike’s tongue began to lap her open pussy. She lifted her head off his cock and went back to stroking it and after a while she could tell he was ready to cum again so she worked as feverishly as she could until the last moment when she covered the swollen head again with her mouth.

The first pulse of cum hit high up on her throat and because she was almost upside down flowed forward rather than down her throat, she couldn’t get the next one down any better. After the third one she had to lift her head back and finished him by hand, his seed spilling on his stomach as she drank back what she had in her mouth.

Relaxing with her head against his chest she played her hand up and down his belly on the slick film of cum until it stiffened and dried. By then Mike was already asleep and she fell off shortly after.

She was startled awake with a stroke against her cheek and opened her eyes to the morning light. She looked up at her mom, who had awakened her with the stroke. Her mom was holding her robe. When Bev snapped up to sitting, her mom smiled knowingly.

“It’s time to make breakfast…” She whispered as Bev looked up sleepily. “…It’s time to make breakfast before your father gets up”, she said, shooting a glance toward the top of the stairs. She bent over, picked up Bev’s panties and took a step toward the kitchen. Suddenly comprehending and growing alert, Bev climbed over Mike’s still sleeping form to go with her mom to the kitchen where together they made coffee and french toast and had their very first conversation as friends, giggling together by the time they called their men to the table.

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