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Big And Beautiful Part II

Make sure you read the first part, so that you understand!
Time froze. We looked at Mr. Brown and tried to imagine whathe saw. Two of his students, a junior and senior, the senior laying on top. I pushed Damien off and fixed my skirt, which had gotten hiked up. “Uhm…” I said.

“Mr. Harris. Ms. Washington.” He said. “I’m going to pretend I never came in, okay? And I’m going to beg you to be safe.” He went out.

“Okay, now you’re mine!” Damien proclaimed. My heart raced. He ripped my shirt off. “Oh my God.”

“I know. I’m gross.”

“Will you shut up? You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I want you so badly! Maya, I think I fucking love you!”

My heart melted and I went wild. I yanked his shirt off and kissed him passionately. The kisses we gave as we felt each other up were wet and wild. We groped and clawed at each other in nothing less than pure ecstasy. My body was on fire in every place that he touched it, I wanted nothing more for this boy, no scratch that, this MAN, to dominate me. To take control of my body. Only him. Right now.

“Damien, I can’t wait anymore! Please, please fuck me!”

“I can’t wait either. Get your clothes off, right now then lay down." I did as I was told, and when Damien took off his boxers, I knew that tonight was going to be fun. His dick was 8 to 9 inches. About as thick as the mouth of a bottle of Gatorade. I was enthralled.

“Oh my God… I’m yours!” I screamed. I was wet beyond belief and I could hear the blood pulsing in my ears. I wanted him to ravage me.

“Oh you’ve gotta work for it baby. I’m gonna help you out though,” He put his face between my legs and breathed my scent in. “Mouthwatering.” Was all he commented.

Suddenly his tongue was all over my virgin pussy, licking and sucking. My body didn’t know how to handle the new levels of pleasure it was receiving, and I shook and convulsed. He looked up at me, and our eyes me, intensifying the moment. I moaned long and loud, and he laughed a small bit. He drove me to my limits, and I yelled out for him.

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” I screamed. He stopped. “No, please! Please keep going.” I begged him.

“Nope. When you cum, it’s gonna be from my dick.” Well, at least he’s honest. I stood and pushed him down. “Oh, is it my turn?” I nodded sexily. I eyed his cock, and began to reach for it, I paused.“May I?”

“Please.” He consented. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked gently. Damien groaned deeply and leaned his head back. I leaned in, knowing what he wanted. I’d never done it, but I’d seen it enough to kind of know what to do. The moment I put my mouth on it, he came. I swallowed it, though I didn’t like it much. “I am so sorry, baby!” He was so ashamed, he sat up and put his head in his hands.

“Dame, babe, it’s okay. I don’t mind. As long as we can try again.” I smiled.

“Oh, trust me, this thing ain’t going away.” He threw me back and climbed onto me. “You ready for me baby?” I just nodded. He slipped a condom on, and positioned himself. “It’s gonna hurt, but not for long.” I braced myself. It took a lot of pushing just to get the tip in, and it fucking hurt like hell! I hugged onto him and whimpered. He paused.

“Keep going.” It kept hurting, but I was scared to stop him. I made sure that he couldn’t see my face, because I couldn’t stop tears from flowing. To my dismay, he saw.

“Are you okay, May?” I shook my head.

“Not really.” I admitted.

“Honey, you should have told me, I don’t want your first time to hurt. Let’s take a little break.” He pulled out, and we cleaned up the blood from me “becoming a woman” with him. While he let me heal a bit, we kissed and felt each other up a lot more than before. He got to know my body, and I got to know his. I was ready. I wanted him.

“Can we try again now?” He nodded. It was easier this time, and it felt amazing. He started out slow again, giving me a little bit of time to adjust.

“How’s that, baby?”

“It feels so good! I can’t imagine it feeling any better!” He smiled evilly and kissed me.

“Wanna bet?” He sped up, and I couldn’t take it, I moaned out of control. I went wild, and he fed off of it.

“Oh my God! Yes! More, please! Oh, Damien! Harder, fuck me harder!”

“Ooooh, someone’s got a mouth on her.” He went harder, and the most wonderful feeling came over me.

“Baby! I’m gonna cum! Oh, please, don’t stop!” He knotted his fingers in my hair and held me tighter. His thrusts were getting, harder, faster, and stronger. I was in heaven. I screamed for him, yelled his name.

“I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cum!” He thrust in hard and stayed, I felt his dick somehow get bigger. He grunted and groaned, it was so sexy. He pulled out, and we rested, just laying there and kissing a bit more. We showered, redressed, then talked. “Maybe we should get back to the party. Whatya say?”

“Alright, baby. Come on.”

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