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Blue Sky, My Indian Maiden

Blue Sky, My Indian Maiden

Blue Sky was my daughter's best friend and a total sex goddess; I had to have her!
My wife died about five years ago, so I’ve been a single parent raising our daughter, Suzy, ever since. She is now seventeen and a very pretty girl and I worry about her and “boys.” I know what they all want, but I’ve raised her to also know what they want and to avoid getting into trouble with them.

Suzy’s best friend, Blue Sky, just turned eighteen and is a real knockout! She is about five six, has a great teenage body, nice breasts that she loves to show off by going braless as often as possible, and has the most gorgeous blue eyes I think I’ve ever seen! They are a deep sky blue with a very dark ring around the outside. Just stunning!

But her greatest asset is her long black hair. It is straight, never a curl or wave, and is down to the middle of her back. It is SO glossy that it looks almost wet, and I just know that (if I could touch it) it is soft and sexy feeling. I have this fetish when it comes to gorgeous long hair and Sky’s hair has always been an obsession of mine. I guess her being half Native American has a lot to do with her having such beautiful hair.

She is always around visiting Suzy and has always flirted with me since the first day we met. I flirt back, but laugh it off as being innocent playing around. But she is relentless…and she knows or suspects that her hair is a turn-on for me. She only wears it two ways: either down with long bangs reaching down to her eyebrows, or she wears it up in a ponytail, which drives me crazy!

I don’t know what it is about a ponytail that is SO arousing for me! When I see her hair pulled back above her ears, and pulled up from behind her ears, I just want to grab her and run my tongue all over her head, tasting and feeling her hair.

I think Sky knows this. At least she knows something is up with me and her hair. One time, just once, my hormones got the best of me and I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair. I started at the crown of her head and ran my fingers all the way down through it. God, it was SO arousing! But I had to immediately make an excuse.

“Gosh I’m sorry Sky! Your hair is just SO gorgeous and I just had to see if it felt as nice as it looks. It was a dumb thing to do and I apologize.”

“Don’t apologize, Bill. Everyone seems to like my hair. To me it’s just my hair. It’s what I was born with. That’s all.”

“Well, it is your finest asset and it is always on display, so use it to your advantage.”

“Thanks. I’ll do that.”

After that incident, Sky would always (when she could without being obvious) stand near me, look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and run her fingers through her hair as if to say, “Do you want to do this?”

I’m sure the look on my face always said, “Yes.” My eyes would follow her fingers as they ran slowly through her hair and she would smile wickedly, knowing that she was driving me crazy.

And this started when she was only sixteen years old! Now at age eighteen, her hair is so long and so sexy and so gorgeous that I’m afraid that if she were to flirt with me too provocatively, I would grab her, throw her on the nearest table, and screw her ‘til she begged me to stop.

* * * *

One day last week, Sky came over to visit Suzy, but Suzy wasn’t home yet.

“Can I wait for her? She’ll be home soon I’m sure.”

“Of course you can. Come in and have some iced tea.”

“Thanks. That would be nice.”

As I poured her a glass of tea, she came over to me, stood really close, and said, “Bill, can I ask you something?”


“How much do you like me? I know that’s an odd question, but it’s important to me.”

I turned to her and she was standing so close that our bodies were almost touching. You could say that she was invading my personal space, but I sure didn’t mine. She was looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes that seemed to say, “I’m yours for the taking.”

“That IS an odd question and I guess I need to be careful how I answer it.”

Sky kept staring into my eyes, waiting for my answer.

“I guess, to be completely honest, I like you a lot. So much that I have to be careful around you. I have to control myself.”

“Control yourself? What does that mean?”

“Well, if my hormones were to take control, I would be in trouble.”

She smiled a seductive smile and said, “I thought so. And that’s nice to know.”

With that she leaned closer and kissed me on the lips…probably the most sensuous kiss I’ve ever received. It was a light kiss with just a little tongue. And she is only eighteen! And she’s my daughter’s best friend!

“Wow. That was nice,” I said as I reached out and put my hands on her tiny waist. I wanted to pull her to me and kiss her whole body, explore her mouth with my tongue, and run my tongue through her bangs, down over her ears to the back of her neck, then stuff her ponytail in my mouth.

She whispered, “Can I have permission to kiss you whenever I want to…if Suzy isn’t around?”

Before I could answer, Suzy came breezing in, all sorry that she was late, and that ended a moment that was about to develop into something that would have been hard to stop.

For the rest of the evening, Sky kept looking at me seductively. I knew she was expecting an answer to her question and I wanted to tell her that she could kiss me as often as she wanted. I had visions of our groping and kissing each other for hours on end. I even allowed my visions to include our having sex for hours in every position I could think of. Sky had always been honest about being a virgin, so I would enjoy teaching this gorgeous teenager everything I could about sex.

* * * *

That was last week and I just got a phone call from Sky saying that she’d like to come over and visit me. She knows that Suzy is at work today, so I can only guess what she has planned.

Ten minutes later she arrived and I opened the door. There stood Sky looking more heavenly than I’ve ever seen her. She was wearing a white halter top, white cut-off shorts, and her hair was up in a ponytail as it seemed to always be lately. Her dark skin against the white outfit made her look all the more attractive.

I invited her in and as she moved past me, I got a whiff of her perfume. God, did she know all the right buttons to push! And the nipples on her tits were standing out like rocks against her top.

“Would you like some iced tea?”


I quickly looked her up and down and noticed that her shorts were so tight that the lips of her swollen pussy were causing an obvious bulge, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was very obvious too that she was not wearing panties under those shorts. I think she came here expecting to get laid, or at least that was my fantasy.

“So, can you answer my question now?”

I looked at Sky, the most gorgeous vision of a female I’ve even known, and couldn’t speak. I literally could not make the words come out. I was so intimidated and thrilled by this young girl that I didn’t know what to say.

Sky noticed my hesitation and took the glass of tea from my hand, set it on the kitchen counter, and put her arms around my neck.

“The question before you is, ‘Can I kiss you anytime I want to?’”

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her tightly against my body. She responded by kissing me again in the same sensuous way as before, leaving no doubt as to her availability.

“My answer is yes.”

“There. That wasn’t so hard was it?”

We kissed again, but it was not a sensuous or seductive kiss. This kiss was a hungry, passionate, all out I’m-ready-to-have-sex kiss.

Soon our bodies were grinding together. My cock was bulging out of my shorts and Sky knew it, could feel it, and wanted it. At least by all indications she wanted it.

* * * *

After maybe ten minutes of heavy kissing and grinding, I broke the kiss and turned Sky around, pulled her nice round butt against the bulge in my pants, then pulled her shoulders back against my chest so that I could get my tongue into her hair.

As Sky moaned and pushed her butt against my cock, I fulfilled my fantasies with her hair. I ran my tongue up the back of her neck and along the hair that was pulled up into her ponytail. Then I moved my tongue to the hair behind her ear and did the same thing. I continued to lick her hair as we both got more and more aroused.

It was now time to get down to business and see if Sky was really ready for me. I had been holding her around the waist, letting my hands find their way under her halter top and onto her smooth, flat belly. She had been reaching up to run the fingers of one hand through my hair, while encouraging my hands with the other.

I slowly slid one hand down into her shorts, past her obviously groomed pubic area, and found her pussy already soaking her shorts with love juices.

As I ran my fingers around her swollen canal, Sky moaned, “Oh god Bill. You’re driving me crazy! I want you so much.”

I moved my mouth down to her neck and shoulders as I continued to make circles around her dripping pussy. And it was dripping. I could tell by the amount of wetness and its sticky feel, that Sky was ovulating. If we were to have sex today, she would definitely get pregnant.

I located her clit and began to give it a lot of attention. It was a hard little thing, protruding maybe a quarter of an inch, and was definitely sensitive.

“Oh Bill. Make love to me. I want you so much.”

I had decided that I couldn’t make it with Sky today – not while she was ovulating. But I was going to take her virginity. She said she wanted me to make love to her, so she must be prepared to lose it.

“Do you really want to give me your virginity?”

“Oh YES! I’ve wanted you for longer than I can remember. Please take me. Please.”

That was all the encouragement I needed as I slowly inserted my middle finger into lovely Sky’s virgin little pussy. As I swirled it around, she began to quiver and push against my finger. Little eighteen year-old Sky was having an orgasm. I’m sure it wasn’t her first, but I’m quite sure it was her first with a guy’s finger inside her. I had to be careful that her gyrations during her orgasm didn’t do the job that I wanted to do myself.

She finally came down from her climax and said, “Oh Bill. That was so wonderful! So good!”

She was struggling to catch her breath as she turned her head and we kissed passionately. I wanted to put my hand over her mouth and take her to the dining room table to screw her for an hour, but I knew I couldn’t…not today. I would have to be content to take her virginity with my finger.

“What you’re doing is driving me crazy! I want you inside me.”

“Not today. Today I just want your virginity.”

With that I gently pushed my finger all the way into sweet little Sky and popped her hymen. She jumped and said, “Oh! That didn’t feel so nice.”

“It won’t last long,” I said as I started to slowly finger fuck her. I pulled my finger out and wiped it across her clit, then plunged it back in and finger fucked her some more. She had soon forgotten the pain and was getting aroused and well on her way to another mind-blowing orgasm. It was so gratifying to see an eighteen year-old teenager enjoy her sexuality so much.

I used my other hand to unzip her shorts and push them to the floor where she kicked them off. Without taking my lips away from hers, I led her to the sofa in the family room and had her lay down – my finger was still deep inside her.

“Fuck me now. Please.”

I didn’t respond, but kept finger fucking her as we kissed and her hand found the bulge in my shorts.

“Take it out for me.”

So with one hand I unzipped my shorts and pushed them to the floor, relieving the confinement my cock was in.

Sky immediately found it, pulled it out of my boxer shorts, and began to pull on it and stroke it. I could tell she didn’t know exactly what she was doing, but she certainly was willing to do it anyway.

Thank goodness the sofa was leather, because her juices her running down all over it. I’m sure there was some small amount of blood mixed with it, but at this point I didn’t care. I was so aroused that I would have gone down on Sky if it was the first day of her period.

I withdrew my finger from her pussy and moved between her legs. She was already reaching for my head as I made my way down toward her quivering virgin love hole, a love hole that had never been penetrated, never been licked, never felt a man’s tongue swirl around it.

As my tongue touched her beautiful wet pussy, Sky moaned loudly, arched her hips up against my tongue, and pulled my head against her. She definitely knew what she wanted and knew what she was doing. I guess she had been doing a lot of thinking and planning for today.

Her grinding hips against my tongue soon sent her into her second orgasm.

“Oh my GOD! Bill! This is SO GOOD!”

I kept my tongue working on her clit until her climax was over, then came up for air. I wiped my wet face on the sleeve of my T-shirt, then got on the sofa and straddled Sky’s chest. I think she knew instinctively what was coming next because she opened her mouth as I guided my cock into it. As I leaned forward, my cock slid deeper into her mouth.

“Mmm,” she protested and tried to turn her head away and withdraw my cock from her mouth. But I was holding her head in both hands, so she couldn’t try that again.

I pulled out and let her speak.

“I don’t think I can take all of you in my mouth.”

“That’s okay. Do the best you can.”

So she put my cock back in her mouth and I pushed it slowly toward the back, approaching her throat.

“Agg,” she gagged as my cock touched the back of her throat. But to my surprise she didn’t pull away.

“Agg,” she gagged again, but continued to let me push into her throat.

I decided not to make her take my whole ten inches today. There would be other opportunities for that. I was so close to cumming anyway that I just fucked her nice mouth for a few short minutes before shooting my load.

My spurting cock surprised Sky. She jumped, tried to pull away, then realized what was happening and just relaxed and seemed to enjoy it.

“Mmm. Mmm,” She moaned as each spurt shot into her mouth, which was quickly filling up with my cum.

As I looked down at Sky, her beautiful tanned face, her gorgeous hair, her ponytail spread out above her head, I couldn’t believe it was all happening. For two years this little girl had teased and taunted me with her body and her hair. For two years I’d had fantasies about what I was now doing. But those fantasies didn’t begin to measure up to the reality of right now. I was cumming in gorgeous Sky’s mouth and she was loving it. It was all so unbelievable.

As my climax ended, I slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth. She didn’t have the skill yet to suck as I pulled out, so a lot of cum ran down her cheek. But what cum remained she eagerly swallowed, wiped her cheek and swallowed that cum too.

“That was SO nice! I love doing that. I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to…you know…suck you in my mouth, but it was better and more exciting than I ever thought it would be. And I climaxed two times!"

“I know. That is quite an accomplishment…cumming twice. Also, swallowing my cum was an accomplishment that many girls don’t want to even try.”

“Really? I knew I would want to swallow it. I know that guys like that and it feels so amazing when it starts to spurt. SO amazing! When can I do it again?”

“We’ll see. I really wanted to fuck you today, but I think you are probably ovulating and I don’t want you to get pregnant.”

“But I’m on the pill. I thought you knew that.”

“No I didn’t and I would never have assumed it.”

“Well, no matter. I gave you my virginity and there will be other opportunities for us to do it properly.”

I leaned over and kissed sweet little Sky tenderly and thought, “My God, I could fall in love with this little Indian maiden so easily.”

We quickly got dressed and I cleaned up the rather large mess on the sofa. Thank heaven for leather!

* * * *

It has been two weeks since that wonderful afternoon of sex with Sky and she’s been here almost every day. Suzy is always around, so nothing has happened again. But when she gets the chance, Sky will squeeze my cock through my shorts, letting me know what she really wants. I will, as the opportunity presents itself, get behind her and run my hand down into her pants and stick my finger in her pussy. She always moans and leans back against me, wanting more.

One time when Suzy was going out to the store, Sky said, “Do you mind if I don’t go. I’m feeling kind of dizzy.”

“Are you okay? What do you think it is?”

“I think I’m just really hungry. I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch.”

“Okay. I won’t be long. I’ll fix dinner when I get back.”

* * * *

Sky had my cock in her mouth before Suzy was out of the driveway. She was on her knees with her hands on my thighs, pumping her gorgeous head up and down on my hard erection. She was gagging and choking, but didn’t stop until I started to shoot off in her throat. My god she was awfully good at giving a blowjob at eighteen years old!

“I couldn’t wait to do that again for you. I know you like it.”

I pulled her close to me as she laid her head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through her hair for a long time, letting the feel of its slick, soft texture act as an aphrodisiac.

I soon began to get another erection as I thought about the blowjob I just received.

“Would you like to have a quickie?” I whispered into her ear.

“For real? Are you up to it?”

“Can’t you feel me?” I asked as I pushed my erection against her leg.

“Wow! I guess you are!”

“Come on.”

I took Sky into the bedroom and quickly pushed down her shorts and panties. From the master bedroom I could see the street and know when Suzy was returning.

“Lay down on the bed,” I ordered and Sky quickly complied.

As she lay down, I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her sweet-smelling little pussy. She moaned again and again as I played with her clit and pussy lips. Soon she was aroused and wet, so I rolled her over onto her stomach. Sky was going to get the first fuck of her life from the back.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to make love to you from the back. It’s better for you the first time in this position.”

“Oh. Okay.”

As she settled down on her stomach, I pulled her to me so that her legs were hanging off the bed. I reached up and ran my fingers through her long hair so that it was cascading down her back. Wow, what a gorgeous picture!

“Now just relax. You’re going to like this.”

Her pussy was still wet as I eased the head of my cock into her pussy…just the head. I used my hand to pull it up and down through the lips of her nice little hole.

“Mmm, that feels nice.”

It was time to give Sky her first fuck. I had waited SO long; fantasized about this moment so many times; and now it was going to happen.

I slowly eased my rock hard cock into Sky’s wet pussy. She was SO tight that I was afraid I might be hurting her. But she just moaned, grabbed the bedspread in each hand, and held on.

As I approached my full penetration depth, Sky cried out, “Oh! That’s hurting me.”

“Sorry. I’ve never had a virgin before.”

“It feels good, just go slow.”


I had pulled almost out of her, so I slowly pushed my cock into her again. When I got to about eight inches, I stopped and pulled back about half way. Then I did the same thing again, only a little faster this time.

“Does that feel alright?”

“Oh Bill, it feels wonderful! You’re making love to me for the very first time!”

I continued the slow fucking of my darling little Indian maiden for about five minutes until I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Bill. Bill. I think I’m going to climax! Oh yes. I am! I am! Fuck me!”

I reached out and took a handful of Sky’s beautiful hair and pulled her head back as I shot my load into her quivering hole.

“Mmm. Mmm,” she moaned as we both climaxed together.

“Oh Bill. Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking me. I want to cum again!”

So I kept thrusting into her. It wasn’t until then that I realized I had pushed my full ten inches into Sky and she didn’t seem to notice. She just wanted more. So I gave her more. I pushed and pushed her little body with my thrusts, causing my stomach to slap against her round little ass.

“Slap, slap, slap,” it went as I continued to fuck Sky.

“Oh my GOD! I’m cumming again! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I continued to slam myself into her for another minute or so until she was finally finished with her second climax.

Just as I pulled out of her, I saw Suzy pull into the driveway.

“Oh God! Suzy is home!”

“Holy shit! What should I do?”

“Run into the bathroom. Get cleaned up. She’ll think that’s normal. I’ll do the same in this bathroom.”


We kissed quickly and took off in different directions.

* * * *

The next day Sky was back. She was becoming almost a live-in friend for Suzy. She and Suzy would sit up late at night watching TV and talking girl talk, then go to bed.

I, however, slept alone wishing that Sky was beside me. I found myself longing to make love to her then cuddle and go to sleep…then wake up the next morning and she would still be in my arms. I guess I was totally in love with Sky, my sweet and lovely little Indian maiden.

* * * *

About two weeks later, Sky was again spending the night with Suzy. It was a Saturday night and we all three stayed up late watching a horror movie.

“Well, it’s late and I’m going to bed. Are you guys going to stay up?”

Suzy said, “We are, but not for long. I’m really tired.”

“Okay. See you two tomorrow.”

“Okay Dad.”

“Okay Bill.”

* * * *

It was around three in the morning when I felt Sky slip into bed with me.

“Sky! What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“Oh don’t worry. Suzy is sound asleep and snoring up a storm. She’ll never know I was gone.”

“I don’t know about this.”

“Hush and quietly make love to me.”

My hormones had already started to flow as I rolled on top of her and slowly pushed my cock into her ready and waiting pussy.

“Mmm! This is what I want every night…you between my legs fucking me until I fall asleep from pure sexual exhaustion.”

“That would be nice.”

We quietly fucked until we both climaxed at the same time. I had to put my hand over Sky’s mouth to keep her for yelling “Fuck me” over and over.

Afterwards we cuddled for a while, trying not to go to sleep. Finally she slipped out of bed and went back to bed with Suzy.

* * * *

The next morning I was up at eight and fixing pancakes for everyone. The girls came bouncing in around eight-thirty looking like a million bucks…especially Sky. God she was so gorgeous! It was all I could do to keep from taking her in my arms and kissing her Good Morning.

We all sat down to eat and there was an awkward silence that came over the table. Suzy seemed to be preparing to say something, but just wasn’t quite ready to yet.

Sky sensed it too and we looked at each other.

She said, “Suzy, what's the matter?”

Suzy kept looking at her pancakes.

“Suzy? Come on!”

Finally she looked up at me, then at Sky, then back at me. “Okay Dad. How long have you two been screwing around?”

It took me totally by surprise and I didn’t know what to say. I knew we were caught. I knew it was going to be bad. But I just didn’t know what to say.

“Come on Dad! I know because when I woke up last night Sky was gone. So I went looking for her and guess where she was? She was in your bed and you were screwing her! God dammit! How could you?”

Sky spoke up in my defense, “Suzy it’s my fault. I seduced your dad several weeks ago.” She looked at me for a long time and said, “I’m in love with Bill. I think I have been for a long time. I haven’t even told him yet.”

I said, “Is that true Sky? Are you really in love with me?”

“Oh yes Bill. I’ve wanted to tell you at the right time. I’m sorry you found out this way.”

“Sky sweetie, I’m in love with you too. I have been for a long time.”

Suzy finally spoke up, “Well, I guess that makes it all okay then.”

“No Suzy, it doesn’t, but it does explain why it happened.”

Suzy sat silently for a long time poking at her pancakes with her fork.

“Well, I guess Sky will make a nice mother for me.”

We all laughed and ate our pancakes.

* * * *

Sky and I did get married a few months later. Her parents were NOT happy, but had to admit that we were very much in love.

Suzy’s reaction after that awkward morning was a total surprise. She really got into the idea of her best friend marrying her dad. She helped plan the wedding and was truly happy for us.

* * * *

That was five years ago and Suzy now has a baby sister, Teresa Ann. Sky and I are so happy I didn’t think it was possible. I loved my first wife and thought I would never feel this way again, but Sky has changed that. She is SO drop-dead gorgeous and I can’t take my eyes off of her when she’s in the room. Still, after five years, I can’t get enough of looking at her and making love to her. She is just so gorgeous! She’s my little Indian maiden.

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