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Bradyn, My Best Friend.

We finally commit to one another.
I have known Bradyn all my life. He was my best friend. He was always there for me, and he protected me when I needed to be. I invited him over one night during the summer to spend the night for about a week because my parents were going out of town and I hate being home alone. Bradyn lives right beside me, so no big deal.

I'm sixteen now and Bradyn just turned seventeen a month ago.

I was fixing my hair when Bradyn walked into my room in light blue jeans, a red shirt, and a light blue hat. All the girls wanted him. But he didn't want them.

"Hey Bradyn." I said into the mirror. I seen his reflection as he sat on my bed and picked up a romance novel.
"What the hell is this, Rebecca?" He asked, laughing. I turned around to see what he was talking about.
"That's my romance novel. Don't make fun of me. Did you bring the movies?" I asked sitting on my bed, looking through his book bag. 
"Yes, I did." He said with his perfect smile.
"Good! Please go make popcorn." I asked with a puppy dog face. His jaw dropped.
"Why do I always have to make the popcorn?" He asked.
"Because. You love me." I smiled.
"Fine." He left the room and I heard him playing with the microwave. That boy gets cuter and cuter by the second! I just established a crush on him. He walked back up in basketball shorts, apparently he changed clothes, and a two big bowls of popcorn. I gasped and clapped my hands.
"Thank you!" I said as I took the bowl of popcorn. He put in the DVD and we sat with our backs on the headboard of my bed and watched the scary movie. I was starting to get scared but I didn't want him to notice, so I started looking at other things in my room. It was dark in my room. It had to be close to 10:00 pm. 

I looked back at the movie and people on the screen were having sex. I've never had sex before, or had a guy finger me. I didn't know about Bradyn, but I was starting to get horny. I put my bowl of popcorn on the floor and scooted closed to Bradyn. He didn't notice at first, but after a few times he got the idea. He put his arm around me and we were sitting pretty close. We sat like that for awhile and I started getting comfortable. He smelled nice. I loved the smell of him.

I jumped at a scene and Bradyn hugged me. His scent filled me, and I smiled. I needed him. I wanted him. I looked up at his blue eyes and he looked back down. He moved his head down and he touched his lips with mine. His lips were soft and his kisses were amazing. He poked his tongue through my lips and we started making out. His hands stayed on my face and my waist. I needed him now. I rubbed my body against his a little and he laid me down on the bed. He was slightly on top of me. My hands were on the back of his neck as his were on my stomach and face. He stopped kissing me and smiled.
"Why did you stop?" I asked out of breath.
"I wanted to see your pretty face."
"Well, don't stop kissing me." He smiled and we started making out a little more forcefully. I roamed his body for the bottom of his shirt and quickly pulled it off. I moaned a little at the feeling of his skin touching mine. He smiled and took my shirt off. His hands played with my bare stomach and chest. I felt amazing. He stopped again.
"Rebecca, Do you want to do this? I know your a virgin." He asked.
"Yes Bradyn. Keep going." He smiled and continued kissing me. He moved his body so he was laying in between my legs. His dick rubbed my thigh. I was wearing a jean skirt. I started to moan a little. His dick got harder and he moved it up to my pussy. I scratched at his back a little and he smiled. He moved his lips down to my neck then down do my chest. His hands wrapped around and he undid my bra and threw it on the floor. He sucked and kissed my breasts and nipples. I started moaning. No guy has ever touched me like this. His hand moved down to my skirt and pulled it off quickly. He moved down to my stomach and kissed around my belly button. He moved down to my pussy and seen the dampness through the undies. He chuckled and removed my underwear to expose my shaved virgin pussy. He smiled and kissed my thigh. He's on the floor now, on his knees. He slips a finger in and I moan a little. He adds another, I moan louder. Then another.
"Are you okay?" He asks.
"Yes." I say between moans. He fingers me softly then a little more rougher. I start moaning louder and louder. He removes his fingers and starts licking my wet pussy. I gasp and moan. "Oh gosh Bradyn!" He licks quickly and flicks my clit. He repeats it, and I keep moaning and arching my back. "I'm gonna cum Bradyn."
"Don't baby." He tells me. " Not yet. Okay?" He says. He moves back up and kisses my lips. 
"I want you Bradyn." I moan. He smiled and takes his shorts and boxers off. I see his big dick and I smile. He starts making out with me, and I feel the dick against my thigh and I cant help it. I NEED HIM. 
"I need to get something." He says out of the breath, trying to get off me to get to his book bag.
"No. I'm on the pill. Just please. Come on." I say.
"Are you sure about this Rebecca?" He asks.

I nod and he kisses me deeply. He holds his dick and slides the tip in.

"This may hurt baby." He tells me. I nod and brace for it.

He slides it in. I gasp. He moves out and in, slowly. After a few times. I look at him and nod. He kisses me again and he picks up pace. He thrusts deep into me. 
"Harder baby!" I yell. He does what I tell him and thrusts harder and deeper into me. I moan and yell.

I feel so, amazing right now. I rub my clit as he works over me. I start moaning louder and louder. "Bradyn! Oh my! I'm gonna cum!" I moan.
"Me too baby!" He exclaims and I feel him stiffen up and stop.

Then I feel the warm cum inside, at that feeling, I cum as well. He falls next me and holds my hand. We're both out of breath. 
"Bradyn, that was amazing." I say. He smiles and I roll over and put my head on his chest as he holds me tight.
"Rebecca?" He asks. 
"Yes?" I asked looking up at him.

"You're perfect." He whispered. I smiled and kissed him.

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