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Brandon, If only...

My dreams couldn't compare to what was really going to happen...

I looked around nervously, I wasn't sure if he had seen me staring of not. I giggled slightly, yes. I was a loner and yes I liked the cute guy in school, well I thought he was cute. Although when I really thought about it, he was kind of a Nerdy loner like me. It didn't matter anyways I liked him and I stared all the time.

One day when I was feeling rather brave I walked straight over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. Just as I had thought, he ran, faster than anyone thought he could. After that he wasn't in school for a long time. I thought about him hopelessly, and then one day in class the dreams began....

He sat there silently waiting for my approach; he smiled slyly and nodded a single time as I dashed towards him. "He is so sexy!" I thought to myself. We nearly collided as we began kissing and caressing one another. In no time our clothes were all over the floor and in pieces I might add. He grinned as he pushed me on the bed, my face already flushed with anticipation and in between my legs beginning to moisten. I sighed as his lips went straight to my neck; he nipped slightly and began grinding against me....

I was sent straight out of my dream as my teacher banged on my desk. I looked up startled and realized he had come in late, my face flushed and I put my head down. I sat and continued to think as between my legs began to get wetter and I had a throbbing feeling in the worse way. I squirmed for the remainder of the class and ran as soon as the bell rang. Straight to the library...

He ground harder and harder against me, until I was completely soaked, I couldn’t help it I needed him. I moaned against his skin and began begging him, "Please Brandon please I need to feel you inside me." He grunted as he too needed the same intense pleasure. He rubbed the tip cautiously over my pussy, sliding it closer and closer to being inside. He finally had it in, it hurt so good and I moaned and bit my lip with a passion. He slid it back out and held my hands over my head, I didn't realize it but he was handcuffing me to the bed I moaned as he slid it back in slowly.

"Ready Ash?" he asked, but before he answered he began to fuck me faster and a lot harder. I couldn't contain myself I began screaming and tears streamed down my face I smiled up at him through the pain, he looked down and I could see pleasure in his eyes. I closed my eyes tightly and began to enjoy every sensation...

The bell rang, yet again disturbing my peace. I ran for the locker room no one was in there, it was the end of the day so there was definitely no one around. I turned the corner and ran smack into... guess who? Brandon. My face flushed instantly and so did his.

"'I am so sorry," he began to murmur. I then noticed the incredible boner he had. I stopped and stared and I think my mouth dropped. I was completely inexperienced but it was huge! 

"No, I am sorry," I said still staring at his penis. He noticed and his hands flew to his crotch, though then we just stood there, staring for the longest time. I was feeling myself get really horny and by the look on his face and his boner, so was he. "So would you mind walking me home?" I said this completely out of the blue but he nodded. 

We walked together occasionally chatting about nothingness. We arrived at my house and just as suspected neither one of my parents were home, and wouldn't be until about 6. "Do you want to... come in?" I asked with a bit of a lisp. He smiled at my nervousness and nodded.

 We both booted it, me to my room and him following closely behind me. When we got to my room he looked at me as I pulled off my shirt, his cheeks, nose and ears were all a pink color I grinned and he kissed me, it was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt. We lay on my bed and I was on top, I moved my hips grinding slowly against him and my hands went straight to my tits. I giggled slightly and then out of nowhere I moaned. I could tell I was flushed my whole body felt warm. 

"Brandon, do you want to..." my voice trailed off as he removed my bra skillfully and began sucking on my tits. I moaned in pleasure and went back to grinding him slowly. I removed my pants and he ripped off his, he smiled as he saw my thong was soaked.

 "Is someone a little horny?" he grinned.

I had never really heard him talk; it was such a strong and sexy voice. I rolled off and lay beside him. We were both starting to get sweaty and I was so wet I had to stop for a breather. He wasn't as anxious as I was about getting a break; he rolled onto me and began teasing my pussy with the head of his cock. He swiftly grabbed a condom from his backpack slid it on and looked at me.

"Do you want to?" he asked as he looked straight into me. I nodded silently and closed my eyes. 

He pulled my thong down and began to tease my pussy with his fingers. He stuck one in then two and eventually three, I moaned and grinded into his hand then he stuck the head of his cock right on my pussy and pushed it in little by little until it was in, I almost screamed. He left it there and looked at me, waiting for a nod of approval.

 I nodded slowly after a few minutes of adjusting to his width and length; it was about seven inches long and two and a half wide. I was a virgin so it took a lot of getting used to. He began to pump in and out of me quickly I moaned and screamed, I didn't care anymore who heard. We fucked for what seemed like forever, he went hard and slow of gentle and fast. The pleasure almost made me want to pass out. He grinned down at me and pulled out quickly removing the condom. "I am gunna cum," he said between clenched teeth. I opened my mouth and flicked the tip a few times with my tongue and he came all over my face, neck and chest I grinned as I licked him clean.

 We both began to blush and he ran for his clothes. We got dressed and went down and threw in a movie. I think we fell asleep like that because when my parents came home they had to wake us.

 It was truly an amazing experience, and it was with my true love.

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