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Brandy In The Morning

Brandy In The Morning

I have several old friends from the old days and each has children of varying ages. One never considers the younger ones. They are just rug rats and yard apes learning to play as little princesses and knights. Jousting in the evening when the friends gather together.

However some of them aged into place. And I had long ago been snipped so no one could ever get pregnant from me. One little cutie named Brandy had become a delicious twenty year old. Her father and mother had divorced and she was pretty much on her own. She didn't bother going to college but opted for cosmetology school which included hair dressing. 

I had friended her on Facebook. I always liked her as a person and the lovely piece of feminine flesh she is. She was good enough to friend her dad's old friend Jack. So we had started to maintain a sort of conversation on FB. Of course she used it mainly for her friends her age but I could occasionally join in the conversation. With a little humor and a little wisdom gained from living sixty years.

She actually thought of me as a "cool" geezer. That was a good start.

One day I received a message on FB telling me she was in trouble and needed help. Unfortunately I didn't have her number to call her. And for some reason she wouldn't call me. So I decided to drive over to her last place of residence and find out what was the problem. She only lived two hours from me.

When I arrived at her apartment she was alone but she said her roommate, a man about twenty-three years old, had just left. He was angry and she was frightened. Apparently he had put the moves on her and she had resisted. She was still a virgin. 

I must tell you about Brandy. She was part Latina with long wavy black hair. She had a perpetual smile with perfect white teeth and lips swollen as if bee stung. Following the Latina tradition she had large precious breasts and an ass just like J-Lo. Perfection to an old pervert like me.

I was a seducer from way back. When they reached at least eighteen years of age all of my friends' daughters had learned how nice Jack was if they were interested. Now I was about to make it Brandy's turn.

I had arrived just at dinner time. She couldn't cook soup from a can so we decided to go out to dinner. I was familiar with her home town and took her to a lovely place. Not too fancy so as not to intimidate, but fancy enough where they would serve wine to a table without asking questions. 

We dined on good food and what we had doesn't matter. But we also had two bottles of white wine. She had giggled at her first drink of decent wine but she had no problem drinking it down. I let her drink what she wanted. I can hold my wine. She was a novice.

When we got back to her apartment her room mate was there with a look of belligerence in his eyes. I soon turned that look into one of a whipped puppy. I hadn't served years in the military to take shit from a little twerp who didn't have the balls to serve his country. I think we settled the question of him hitting on Brandy pretty thoroughly. He decided to go spend the night with a more accommodating friend.

This left Brandy in a quandary. It was after 11:00 o'clock. Should she send her favorite old fart out for a long drive home or give him a place to stay with her.

"Sweetie I could sleep on the couch but it would probably kill my back."

"Well Jack I have a queen size bed. There's plenty of room for the two of us. You're the best of all my dad's friends. Let's do that."

She was swaying a little as she showed me to her room. I think the wine was just hitting her. Then she giggled and said she always slept in a teddy. Would that be alright? No shit. Would it be alright. Hah. So I told her I always slept in my boxers and would that be alright? It seemed everything was alright. This was turning out perfectly.

So I changed in the bedroom and she changed in the bathroom. Suddenly I heard her getting sick in there. I rushed in and held her as she was sick in the toilet.

"I'm so sorry baby girl. I had no idea you couldn't hold your wine."

After she finished, she grinned up at me.

"I'm still learning."

Was she ever. I decided she needed to learn a few more things that night.

We washed her up with me taking advantage of the chance to be as close physically I as I could. She was so virginal and naive that she had know idea how much of her body I could feel as I held her and washed her up. Luckily she didn't see the hard on I had growing or at least not yet.

She was still slightly drunk as we went into bed but I knew she was fully aware of the situation. She asked me to hug her as she went to sleep. I lay flat with my cock sticking up and put my arm around her and she nestled into my arm. She went to sleep that way. I stayed awake for a long time, but finally fell asleep, too. 

I awoke with a start. Brandy was up on her knees staring at me and at my cock under the covers. It was stiff with its morning hard on.

"Jack I know I'm a little dumb but what is that sticking up?"

"Baby cakes that's Jack's special present for you."


"Look at it."

She pulled the sheet down and gasped in surprise. All the while she was leaning over me with those huge Latina breasts in her little teddy that was see-through.

"Touch it."

She did and as she began playing with my cock I started touching her. It was impossible not to see that she was aroused but still confused. This was her first time. I planned to make it the best first time ever. After all Brandy is best in the morning.

As she touched my cock it throbbed in anticipation. I knew it felt warm in her hand. Her breasts felt hot in mine. Then she began to rub her hand up and down on my shaft. She was a natural. And as she did I slowly spread her legs as she knelt by me. She didn't notice. She was mesmerized by the cock.

As she played with it I told her she could kiss it if she wanted. She wanted! And I slowly placed my hand on her virgin hairy pussy. She had never had a reason to shave it. She probably didn't even know she could. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and put my thumb on her clit. She started shivering and licking my dick.

"Does Brandie love her Jack?"

Around my cock she mumbled, "um yeah, for sure."

"Then Jack is going to make you very happy this morning."

I began fucking her cunt with my fingers. "Gah," was all she could say, but she never let hold of the cock.

I put my free hand on her raven black head and started pressing it into my cock. A the same time I kept hand fucking her until she came. It was quick because it was her first time. Maybe she had played with herself in the past but no man had ever done this to her.

I made her let go of my cock and she moaned. How sweet. Then I laid her down and started fucking her face as I sucked all her pussy cum. I knew how many times I could come especially with new pussy. It was three times. Each with a little less come, but come nonetheless. So as I sucked her cunt cream. I shot my cock come into her throat. She gagged but she was a good little new slut. She swallowed it all.

This was a time for a short rest and to discuss what had just happened. Every woman should take part in sex because she wants to. Not being forced and especially a good friend's daughter. She talked about how much she enjoyed what had happened.

"Then you'll enjoy the next even more sweetness." 

Her eyes grew big. I rolled over on top of her feeling those huge tits pressing into my chest. I was even feeling the huge nipples which were hard as pearls. I spread her legs apart. They were such choice legs. And found I was nice and hard again. Such a choice hairy cunt. I slowly pressed my naked cock head into her pussy. I spread the labia that were still slimy with cunt fluids. I pressed slowly because I knew she was virgin. She didn't know what to expect.

"You'll still love your Jack in few minutes but you might hate him for a few seconds soon."

Then I rammed as hard as I could to break her hymen. She squealed and a few tears started but as I began fucking and fucking the tears went away and a grin as wide as her face appeared. Then her face became contorted and the face of fucking appeared. That face you think is pain but is really pleasure.

I am an old hand at fucking young women. I always fuck them until they come at least several times, and I can control it at my age. That's one of the perks of being sixty. So I fucked my little Brandy until she finally begged me to stop because she couldn't come anymore. Then I slid my cock out of her pussy and moved up to sit on her tits. I let her lick her juices and my come from my cock.

"It's like honey."

She was right because it was the honey of sex. But we were not finished. She had to learn everything from her Jack so she would always compare other men to him. Again we rested and cuddled touching each other. And I taught her how to really kiss and make out. With passion and joy. 

"Now, my lovely Brandy you will learn one more way to fuck. It can be very good if you trust your lover or very bad if you don't. So I ask if you trust old Jack."

"Oh god yes Jack. I never knew what sex could be before this. Mom and Dad always argued before and after sex. I could hear them. That's why I was so afraid of it and why I was still a virgin until you came to me with love and passion and joy. Yes I trust you. Please show me everything."

Now we would learn if the old man still had the technique. This was going to be fun for me but I wanted us to both be in ecstasy when it occurred.

"Good my sweet. Lie on the edge of the bed with your legs hanging down and your beautiful bottom right on the edge."

She followed orders obediently. That was good. As I stood behind her I took in the beauty of my new piece Brandy. Long black wavy hair spread over her elegant shoulders. No skin and bones. Just soft female flesh covering her back and sides. Her legs were a great asset because they were very curvy and strong with delicate tiny feet at the bottom. And her ass. It was truly a wonder to behold. Round and robust and juicy looking just like two melons.

Then I knelt down for the preparations. This was always necessary for a happy result. I spread her melon ass cheeks apart and saw the asshole winking at me so I began licking it. She of course giggled. They always do. Then as I licked it I stuck my middle finger into her pussy. It was still filled with come. I got a generous supply on my finger and began rubbing and pushing into her ass hole a little. She moaned with a good pleasured moan. She had lots of my spit on her asshole and lots of her own pussy juice. With my fingers I spread it all over and into the hole. She giggled again.

Now was the test. I knelt behind her and took out my finger. Then I replaced it with my hard cock. I rubbed it around just as I had be doing with my tongue and finger but this time the cock head was pressing in farther and farther.

"Oh, Jack, is it too big?"

"No, I've done this many times before. You can take it all my darling."

And then I very slowly but steadily slid my cock into her ass hole.

"It's all the way in baby."

"I could take it couldn't I Jack? Aren't you proud of me?"

"I'll be even more proud when you take the fucking."

And I began screwing Brandy's ass hole steadily and firmly.

"When you come, I'll come. We'll do it together."

It didn't take long this time. She had been well primed for this my little Brandy in the morning. She came after
only a few strokes with squeals.

"I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh god it's good."

So I shot my last wad of the day. I knew I was still Brandy's favorite old geezer and would be for years to come.

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