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A wife's breakthrough to act out her fantasy
You are sitting on the bed, blindfolded, naked except for the soft, velvet collar at your throat and sheer hold-ups with your high-heeled shoes, in nervous anticipation of what is to follow.

Your senses are acute to any changes around you and you hear the door open, with quiet murmurings of several voices. Your heart beats faster and the warmth in your body seems to concentrate in your cunt – sensitive, wet and throbbing in anticipation.

You are startled as fingers stroke your arm, the sensation on your skin is magnified by you not knowing who is touching you. Other hands cup your breasts, gently squeezing them and you feel a mouth close on your hard nipple, a tongue licking and sucking it. The feeling is wonderful and you start to relax as other hands stroke your body.

Hands caress your legs and the sensations leap up and down your sensitised skin, up and down the hands stroke, harder and more insistent now. Your body responds in kind, your vagina lips swell and part, in anticipation; you feel fingers sliding up towards your throbbing cunt and part your legs to allow them access as your juices stream from deep inside you.

The mouth on your breast is hungrily sucking it deep, teeth scraping across your nipples, now as hard as bullets. You groan as you feel fingers spreading you wide. Your body is on fire.

Pushing you gently back onto the bed, strong fingers search for your hard clit and massage it, causing you to moan loudly at the sensations it is producing in you. Unseeing, you reach out your hands and you feel them placed around a hard cock, voices urging you to squeeze and rub it. You have no idea who this cock belongs to but you don’t care – the sensations in your body are taking over as these unseen men work you into frenzy.

As you rub the cock in your hand, you feel another cock at the entrance to your wet cunt and without warning, it pushes deep into you. You gasp as hands hold your legs high as the cock in your cunt starts to fuck you with long, deep strokes. You groan loudly as the flesh of your cunt grips the shaft plunging in and out of you.

Hands move your head and you feel the warm softness of another cock searching for your mouth. How many are there? You don’t care because you are in a wonderful anonymous heaven as the intruder to your mouth glides over your tongue.

Eagerly you suck on this column of hard flesh, wrapping your tongue around the head & tasting the pre-cum that has formed; the cock inside you is powering rhythmically in and out of your body as you grasp the cock in your hand harder, rubbing the hot hardness. Your body is on fire and your moans are louder and more insistent as you search for release.

This is all you have ever wanted, cocks in your cunt, your mouth and your hand. You are surfing a sea of pure ecstasy. Your body is crying out for release. You want to cum. No, you NEED to cum but you also don’t want this to stop!

The cocks in your mouth & cunt pull out and you are left with a feeling of emptiness as the hands firmly move you to kneel down on the bed. Fingers search you, gathering up the juices streaming from you and then you feel hands hold your hips as a cock is pushed easily into your dripping body. Without finesse, this cock buries deep and hard into your cunt, stretching it wide and causing you to scream in pure pleasure as it probes deeply into you.

In front of you, hands guide your mouth to the two cocks wanting your attention. Your hand grips the first as you steady yourself to take the relentless fucking you are getting from behind. Slipping your mouth over the head, you feel the flesh in your mouth jump as your tongue finds the sensitive underside.

Eagerly you suck it deep and realise you can faintly taste yourself, so you know this was the first one to enter you. Hands hold you still as you start to get fucked at both ends. The cock in your cunt feels wide and fills you up and the one on your mouth is longer and reaches further into your throat.

Your breasts are being squeezed and sucked, your nipples so hard they could burst and you feel yourself taken right up to that borderline between pleasure and pain. You are lost in pure pleasure. You don’t ever want these feelings of pleasure to end.

The bubble inside you finally bursts as hands roam your body and you cum and cum….. the sensations taking you over the edge and into the abyss of orgasm. Your moans are continuous and you grip the third cock hard as the powerful feelings overcome you, its owner groaning as you do it.

The cock in your mouth withdraws and is replaced by another whilst behind you, fingers are stroking your arse, pushing and probing your small hole.

With a start, you wonder if they will try to take you there as well, stretching and filling you up. The fucking into your cunt slows as a finger gently probes your anus. You tense as it eases in and out, now pushing in time with the cock in your cunt.

Lost in pure pleasure, you welcome the finger intrusion as it pushes deep into you, encouraging you to suck hard on the cock in your mouth, feeling it throb & twitch on your tongue.

You are on fire! Your lust is continuous! You can sense these cocks need to cum and suddenly they all withdraw from your body – the feeling of emptiness is real, you want cock. You need cock!!

Unseen hands cover your body and move you to kneel upright, before the blindfold is finally removed, your eyes blinking in the light. You quickly glimpse 3 hard, angry-looking cocks all aimed at you and you eagerly suck the first into your wet, willing mouth.

You brace yourself against this person, as he starts to fuck your mouth, his thick cock rasping over your tongue. You feel him start to throb but this is then replaced by another that slides into your throat, before pulling back and thrusting forward again. Then the third one vies for your attention and your mouth closes over this hard, soft flesh, urging it deep into your mouth, tasting the differences they all have.

Your nipples are on fire; your cunt is flowing with your juices; three cocks are your prize!

Your cunt is streaming wetness over your fingers as you urgently rub the sensitive flesh, staring at the cocks aimed at you. Transfixed, you watch the first swell before your eyes and flinch as the first jet of hot, white cum splashes onto your forehead. The unseen voice commands “close your eyes”.

Immediately you hear the groans start as the next jet of hot cum falls on your upturned face, quickly followed by others. Whose, you don’t know or care – but you are now being covered with hot, sticky fluid!

Groaning loudly, more jets of warm semen spurt over your face, into your mouth and in your hair! You can feel the hot juice slipping down your body and onto your breasts. With hands scrabbling furiously at your over-sensitive cunt, the smell and taste of fresh cum drives you over the edge into your final, wild orgasm.

Exhausted from the emotion of the occasion and the continuous orgasms that have wracked your body, you slump onto the bed, unaware even of the final drops of hot cum landing on you.

As your breathing slowly subsides, you begin to take in the occasion. You have been fucked by three anonymous cocks. You have tasted three strange cocks. You have been covered in the sticky cum of 3 cocks. Right now, you are in a place where only pleasure exists and you start to realise that all the pleasure was yours & all yours!

I help you into a warm bath and tell you how wanton you were; of how sexy you are as you lay there, your cunt feeling stretched and raw, yet still so sensitive to your soft touch.

You can feel sperm drying on your skin as you lay there luxuriating at the vivid memories playing in your mind and you know you have now crossed a line. Your fantasy has suddenly become a reality. And what a reality!

This something, always just a product of your imagination, something that would never, ever happen has now happened – and the realisation that you want more is even more satisfying than you ever thought possible and wonder what other delights await you!

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