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Brian's Shannon

One hot way to lose her virginity
My husband, Brian, and I have been together since high school, and married at twenty. I’ve had a rather normal sex-life, except for an incident when we dating. I was fifteen and not experienced with sex, although I sprouted 34 D’s at fourteen and began my periods at thirteen. I eagerly wanted to experiment with sex and talked my best friend, Cathy, into double dating with Brian and his friend, Larry. It was planned that Cathy and I would begin by masturbating Brian and Larry in Brian’s car while traveling on a trip to the mountains. During our trip, Cathy chickened out on me and I felt bad for Larry, because Brian had promised him at least a hand-job. It was going to be the first time for everybody. Cathy wound up driving Brian’s car while the three of us sat in the back seat, with me in the middle. I experimented with masturbating Brian and Larry at the same time, one hand on each cock until each exploded in my hand and down my legs. Brian even pulled off my blouse and unhooked my bra, allowing Larry to see my huge tits. Both boys experimented with fondling or sucking the nipple closest to them. It really sexually aroused me, and Cathy even watched from the rear view mirror. I even sampled sucking the semen off each guy’s cock afterwards (my first semi-blowjobs). Cathy thought I was sick for putting my lips around their cocks, but I was eager to explore my sexual feelings. That was the only extracurricular activity I had, other than a few skinny dipping experiences. Another man never sexually touched my body, except for Brian when he took my virginity at sixteen.

From my twenty-first birthday to my twenty fifth, Brian discussed his sexual fantasies and inquired with me if I would ever consider a MMF threesome or even swap with another couple. I was a little apprehensive about exposing myself to other men, although at five-foot three, 120 pounds, long strawberry blonde hair and 34DD’s, I been constantly told I’m a M.I.L.F. and very sexy. Brian would fantasize with me during love-making and pretend he was another partner fucking my brains out. I could tell this was really getting him excited and the sex was good. Last year, at twenty-six, I finally gave in and told him I might try it, but I didn’t know how to find or select my other partner. Brian said he would take care of that and advised that his good friend, Dave, would love to fuck me. Dave was quite muscular, single, and extremely good looking and I said he would be a good choice, but how would we invite him to party. Again Brian said he would take care of the details. It seems Brian had showed Dave some private nude photos of me and they had discussed what it would be like to double penetrate me.

We had installed a large party spa on our back patio and Brian said we could all get naked and sit in the spa. I would sit between the men and we would repeat the scenario with Larry. On a Saturday night, Brian invited Larry over for beers and to go skinny dipping in the spa. The patio was dark, except for a bug-lite on the wall and only our nude silhouettes were revealed. Brian thought this might make me more comfortable at first. So, there I was between my husband and our friend, totally naked and masturbating their rock-hard cocks. I was apprehensive of Brian’s choice for my new partner, as I wrapped one hand around each man’s shaft. My left fingers and thumb overlapped around my husband’s cock; however, my right middle finger and thumb just managed to touch. Dave’s cock wider than Brian’s and as I ran the length of his shaft, I learned it was also a couple of inches longer. I had never had another cock inside me except for my husband’s, and I wondered how I was going to accommodate Dave inside me. After a few minutes, Brian stood up in the water and sat back on the edge of the spa, saying he wanted a blow-job. I got on my knees in the water and positioned myself between his legs and began sucking his cock. Meanwhile, Dave moved behind me and inserted two fingers into my vulva and began rubbing my clit and G-spot. Now I was getting horny and the more times he made me orgasm with his fingers the harder I slurped on Brian’s cock until he erupted in my mouth. I continued to suck him until his shaft deflated and then he slid over the side of the spa and announced he was going in the house to get more drinks. This would allow Dave and I a private moment to engage in intercourse for the first time.

I really didn’t want Brian to leave me alone with Dave, although I wasn’t afraid Dave would hurt me or anything, but I was still apprehensive about fucking another man. Further, since he was so well endowed, I didn’t want to disappoint him or my husband with a bad performance, or back out of our intentions. My pussy was now wet and expanded from all the attention, and Dave took me by surprise when he grabbed me around my hips and lifted me up in the water and onto his lap. He lowered me down and I felt the head of his cock rub along the crack of my ass, between my legs and enter between my labia. As he realized he was entering me, he let go of my hips and my weight slid me down the entire length of his shaft. It actually felt good, and I felt the familiar feeling of a pair of testicles under my ass and came to the realization that his cock was actually buried in my pussy. By the time Brian returned, Dave was lifting me up and down on his cock. My god I thought, I’m being fucked by my husband’s friend. My tits were bouncing up and down on the surface of the water and Dave had to cup each breast so it wouldn’t hurt from slapping. Brian said he couldn’t see the action, so he flipped on the spa light to watch his friend pump my naked body up and down on his lap. I reached out and grabbed his hand, squeezing it and looking into his smiling eyes to ascertain if this was okay with him. He responded by squeezing my hand back and then whispering in my ear, “make him cum inside you Shannon!” I closed my eyes and tried to get into the action in my mind. I now believed that this really was going to please my husband, so I began to pump back in unison with Dave’s motion. I thought about the time with Larry and Brian and placed my mind in a state of innocence and exploring my sexuality. Suddenly with Brian holding my hand and encouraging me, I began fucking back and enjoying it. Brian once told me it was like playing a round of tennis with another partner, only the game was sexual recreation and not lovemaking, as Brian and I shared. Finally what seemed like an hour, Dave groaned and his cock became extremely rigid and I felt a warm rush of fluid into my cervix. I hadn’t actually climaxed yet myself, probably because of my fears and apprehension, but it did feel good.

Brian then leaned over and kissed me deeply full mouthed and then opened my mouth with his tongue. Suddenly he let a gush of stinging “Jack Daniels” from his mouth! I coyly grinned at him, still riding Dave’s cock, and said, “What are you trying to do, get me drunk?” Brian knows I love Jack Daniels and that it really makes me loose and uninhibited. Dave was still erect, and Brian announced that he wanted to actually see him penetrate me and fuck me to orgasm. He pulled me up onto the spa seat and bent me over the edge, allowing Dave to stand up and position himself between my legs from behind. Brian stood in the shadows as he watched Dave penetrate me doggy-style and you could hear the sounds of his loins slapping my ass cheeks and his testicles plopping on the surface of the water. Brian encouraged his friend to take me and fuck my brains out. Unknown to us, our neighbor behind us was standing in her kitchen and talking on the phone. Mary is a knockout redhead and a flight attendant. Her husband, Bob, is a pilot and they work odd shifts. We met after first moving into our house and Bob and Mary had a backyard barbeque and swim party. It was early on a Sunday morning and I was out sunbathing nude, getting an all over tan for Brian, including my shaved pubes.

I heard people in the yard behind us, but because of the block wall between the yards, I wasn’t alarmed. Bob, Mary, and several friends were setting up for the party and erecting a volleyball net in their yard. Someone had played with the ball and accidently knocked it over the wall into our yard. Bob stood on his tip toes and peered over the wall, catching me lying by the pool on my back, totally exposing myself to all. He whistled his admiration of the view and then asked if I could retrieve the ball for him. I thought, oh well, he’s already seen everything, and retrieved the ball and walked over towards the wall where he stood staring at my exhibition. Apparently, his whistle had attracted the attention of four male friends in the yard, and by the time I handed the ball to him, I was being ogled by five strangers. I had the sudden impulse to cover myself with my hands, but Bob reached out and grabbed the ball and then extended his other hand and said, “Hi, I’m Bob, your neighbor!” This caught me off guard and not wanting to be rude, I shook his hand, allowing the group to get a second look at my total nudity as my hand pulled away from covering my breast and abdomen.

When I later told Brian how I had met the new neighbor (and friends), his imagination started working overtime and he commented on me returning to the backyard and displaying myself the rest of the afternoon. Maybe it would lead to a gangbang with all five men! This was when I realized that Brian was really serious about seeing me fuck another man, or men! Anyway, Mary and I later met and we have socialized on her days off for lunch, shopping, or just coffee. We even joked about her husband’s first introduction to me and how he had commented on what a great body the neighbor has and all his friends wanted to fuck her. I even confided in her about Brian’s fantasy about me fucking other men. Mary said she had been approached with a similar request by Bob years ago, and that they once swapped with another couple, but it really wasn’t something she did on a regular basis. Dave was now fucking me like a wild stag and Mary had her hand pressed against her kitchen window staring in our direction. Brian now noticed her and mentioned to Dave and I that we had an audience. I looked to my left and clearly saw Mary against her window staring in our direction and discussing something with whoever was on the other end of the phone. (Probably giving them a play by play report)

I thought to myself as Dave pounded away at my pussy, what will I tell Mary if she asks about this? She clearly will see that I’m being fucked by a strange man. Dave is a surfer blonde, while my husband has medium brown hair. Then Brian spoke up again and said that Bob had joined Mary and both were now staring out the window. I was really becoming embarrassed now, my neighbors watching me being fucked by another man. They probably thought I was a slut and that I had been naked in my backyard when I met Bob on purpose. Brian then slid back on the edge of the spa and pulled my head into his lap. He inserted his cock into my mouth and motioned to me to start sucking. He said, “let’s give the neighbors something to talk about!” Now I just wanted the whole scene to end quickly, as I was really becoming embarrassed. However, Dave and Brian were both intent on climaxing inside me again as the neighbors watched me being double penetrated by my husband and some other man.

After both came again, Brian clicked off the spa light and made the patio dark again. He then confided that he was returning the favor to Bob, as one night he had observed Mary, Bob, and another man fucking Mary in the pool after 1:00 in the a.m.. Brian had hid along the wall behind a bush and watched this man and Bob penetrate Mary in all kinds of positions for about two hours inside their pool. Brian said he just wanted Bob and Mary to know that we could party also. I was a little upset now, and I began sipping more Jack Daniels and was getting very loose and uninhibited. I thought about Brian’s story of Mary’s partying and decided that I was as good a person as she and I was doing nothing wrong, as I was fucking with the full knowledge and consent of my husband. I then took charge of the remainder of our night and fucked Dave and Brian every which way until 4:00 a.m. the next morning. When Dave left, he boldly French-kissed me and announced that I was the best fuck he had ever had and thanked Brian and I for the pleasurable night. He said he would be pleased to share intimacies again! I replied, knowing Brian, he will ask you again very soon, and maybe even ask you to bring a guest! Lying in bed afterwards with Brian, his hand stuck inside my gaping pussy, Brian commented that he couldn’t believe the amount of cum inside me, as he wiggled his fingers around and scraped some semen off in his fingers and palm. He said he wondered how much cum would ooze out of me if I was to gangbang a group. He was gleaming with delight and satisfaction, and I vowed I would continue to engage in his fantasies, as long as we took it slow where public fucking or exhibitionism in front of others was involved. I was really embarrassed when Mary later confronted me about what she witnessed; however, a long following conversation later led to a threesome with Bob and eventually Brian and I swapped with Bob and her. However, that’s another story!
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