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Buddy's Mom Chapter 3 4

The seduction continues by Buddy's Mom


(mF, solomast,mf,blowjob)


As Laura Moran drove home and arrived at the empty house, she was puzzled.

"What has come over me? That kid is about Buddy’s age."

She had never, ever, had thoughts about young boys, but she couldn’t keep Tim out of her mind. She walked upstairs slowly, and with strange feelings. She slipped off her tennis outfit and stepped into the shower, and felt the warm water caress her body.

Rubbing her soapy hands over her body, she knew she was still aroused by the encounter with Tim. As she ran her hands over her breasts, it brought back the feelings she had had earlier. She let the hand shower play a little longer than necessary in her crotch, and turned it to pulse.

"I’ve got to get over this."

"What if Buddy would ever find out?"

"Or Leah?"

She had to be very careful.

She walked into the adjoining bedroom and pulled the nylon slip she used as a nightgown over her head. The fabric felt smooth and slippery on her skin, and did nothing to ease her feelings.

She lay on her back with her eyes closed, but sleep wouldn’t come. Her thoughts kept racing back to the encounter at Tim’s house. It was totally out of character, she thought. Most financially comfortable and socially prominent women have fulfilled lives, but now there was an intruder.

"Oh, Tim, what have you done to me?"

"I can’t stop thinking about you"

Before marrying Buddy’s dad, she had lived a respectable life, never dating anyone long enough for the relationship to become overly sexual. Jack was a romantic dream, at first, but as he aged the fire died down. Now she was lucky to have him make love to her once a month. It seemed to be more of a duty than a sensual encounter. She became an expert at faking orgasms to please him, but none of those were as real as the one on Tim’s parents’ couch.

"What a long, smooth cock he has. And how young and strong he is!"

In her reverie, she pulled up the lace bottom at the front of her slip to the waist, and felt the fine pubic hair under her fingers. It was already moist.

She slid one finger down onto the front of her slit, and began slowing drawing it back and forth across her engorged clit. Her fingers began to move in a circle, drawing her deeper into the pink cloud she was feeling. She was awash in her own juices.

"No one is home to hear," she thought, and reached over to the bottom drawer of her bedside table to pull out her battery operated vibrator. It hadn’t been used in months, only when Jack was on an extended trip, but tonight she needed it, badly.

She held the buzzing pink egg in her hand, and slowly slid it down across her belly to her crotch. Holding it still in one perfect spot, she let the waves of pleasure sweep over her, until the pink cloud in her mind began to take on a crimson tinge. She knew she was close.

"Oh Tim, please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Shove that beautiful cock of yours all the way up my cunt!"

As release came at last, she realized that she was sweating profusely. The scent from her exertion was mixed with a sweet scent of perspiration. She kissed the pink egg, and wiped it off with a tissue.

"Time for a shower, again."

The shower finally helped release her remaining tensions, and she slipped into one of Jack’s old tee shirts, and slid into bed.

"Enough of this," she thought, and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, both of her kids came home from their overnights. She greeted them in a bright yellow long bathrobe, and asked how their nights had been.

"Pretty cool, Mom, Paul got some new video games, and we were up late honing our skills. He is really quick, but I gave him a run for his money."

No need to tell her that Paul’s parents had never installed porn blocking software.

"How ‘bout you, Leah?"

"It was OK, but just watching mushy videos isn’t my favorite way to spend and evening. It got a lot better when some of the girls talked about their dates."

"What did they have to say?"

"MOM! You really don’t want to know. It’s personal."

Laura raised her eyebrows with that quizzical look that mothers seem to specialize in.

"Never mind, then."

"How ‘bout you, Mom?"

"Not much, I’m afraid. I ran Tim home and he gave ma a tour of their house. You really ought to see it when you get a chance. Some local architect designed it, and it is really impressive."

It’s a rambling stone contemporary, with a terrific view out the back windows. The living room has a huge stone fireplace and overstuffed leather furniture.

"By the time I got home and watched the weather and the news, it was time for bed. Another normal, ordinary day."

If they only knew!



Buddy and his sister spent the day playing tennis, then went for a swim to cool off. As Laura watched them, she began to wonder.

"It looks like he and his sister get along really well. Maybe too well!"

It seemed as if Buddy couldn’t keep his hands off his sister, occasionally patting her on the ass, and giving her little shoulder hugs. She hadn’t ever seen them doing anything out of line, but she began to wonder if something more was going on. When his hand slipped down and brushed his sister’s breast, she could see a bulge growing in his trunks.

"Maybe it’s my imagination," she thought, and put it out of her mind.

"I’ll have to keep an eye on them."

The afternoon was uneventful; Buddy mowed the lawn and cleaned the pool, while his Mom and Leah went shopping.

It seemed like anything they did was interrupted by texting from friends on their phones. Why guys thought you were really interested in what they were doing minute by minute was a mystery to him, but it was part of being cool.

After dinner, she dressed for her Wednesday Bridge game with the "girls."

"Back by eleven."


Buddy and hi sister hit the tube to watch some game shows, but the contestants were either real dorks or geniuses. Boring!

"Hey, Leah, want to watch some videos."

"No way, I was bored all last night watching those mushy things."

"These aren’t like that. I found them on the top shelf of Dad’s closet."

"Oh? What were they doing there?"

"I think he was hiding them from us."

"Well maybe just for a few minutes."

Buddy slipped the first DVD into the player.

"Oh my God, the FBI is after us."

"Don’t be silly, that Copyright Warning is on all of them."

After some flashes of nudity, the video began to play. A young couple were on a blanket on the beach, with the man oiling the girl’s back with suntan lotion.

She rolled over to let him do the front, and loosened her bikini top to give him full access to her breasts.

"That’s enough," Leah said.

"Oh, come on, didn’t you say that your girlfriends talked about their dates. I’ll bet this is tame, compare to that. He hit the "pause" button to please her.

"It’s really none of you business, but I can give you a hint. Some of those girls are nothing but sluts!"


"Well, Jeannie Marsh was the worst. She’s a couple of years older, and really talks down to us. Apparently, she has done EVERYTHING with a boy."


"She let’s boys play with her tits on dates, and even lets them feel her up under her bra."

"So, what’s such a big deal about that?"

"Well, I never have."

"Maybe it’s because you don’t have a boyfriend."

"Don’t tease me, I could have one if I wanted, but none of the guys I meet are as nice as you. Or as good looking."

Leah sat down on the floor with her knees up in front of her brother and said, "Maybe we could watch a little more."

Buddy pushed the "play" button, and the video came back to life. As they watched, he began massaging his sister’s shoulders.

"That feels really good. I’ll give you an hour to cut that out."

The plot, such as it was, raced ahead relentlessly. It was the guy’s turn to get oiled up, and his girl’s hands spread the lotion first on his back, and then, when he rolled over, on his chest and shoulders. As she bent over, Buddy could see down the top of her swimsuit and a hint of her brown areolas, and he began to get hard.

When the girl reached down into the guy’s swimsuit and began caressing his cock, Buddy thought he would explode on the spot. He let his hands drift down his sister’s chest and squeezed her boobs.

"Is this what Jeanie was talking about?"

"Yeah. No wonder she lets them."

The girl on the video, pulled down the guy’s swim trunks, and began to fondle his cock. Not pumping it, just squeezing gently. She then bent down and closed her lips over the tip, and Buddy was going nuts.

"Did Jeannie tell you she did that, too?"

"She sure did, and couldn’t wait to tell us all how much he liked it. It must have been yucky for her."

"Don’t be too sure. I’ll bet she liked it, too."

"She said it really turned her on, but I didn’t believe her."

Buddy’s stiff cock was now pressing against the back of her neck, and Leah turned half way around and gave it a squeeze.

"Oh my God, you are as hard as that guy in the video."

"Sure am. Want to play?"

He slid down the zipper of his shorts, pulled out his swollen cock, and pulled his sister’s head toward it.


"Come on, Sis, it’s time you got a little experience."

"But I don’t even know how to do it."

"I’ll show you. Just suck on it like a lollipop."

"Just this once, but don’t ever ask me again."

"Let’s see how you like it. Why don’t you take of your top and let me see those pretty tits of yours."

Leah slipped her shirt over her head and undid her bra.

"Like what you see?"

"Oh shit, they are gorgeous. Now let’s get going."

Leah took her brother’s cock between her lips and started licking the knob on the end.

"I think you are going to be really good at this. Just let your lips slide up and down on it."

"Like this?"

"Un Huh! Now go a little faster."

As her head bobbed up and down on his cock, Buddy knew he didn’t have long to last.

"Back off, and kneel there facing me."

Leah complied.

"Slip off your shorts and panties."


"Because I want to see you naked."

"That’s a good reason, I guess. OK"

She stood up and peeled them off then returned to kneeling between his feet.

The sight of his sister’s naked body on her knees at his feet was the most intensely erotic sight he had ever seen. Her bush looked soft and blonde, and her breasts proudly stood straight out.

"Leah, you are absolutely beautiful!"

Buddy began to pull at his cock with faster and faster strokes.

"Look out, I’m going to cum!"

His squirting jizm came as a complete surprise to his sister, as Buddy shot load after load of semen onto her tits. He told her to spread it around. She reached up and smeared it all over her breasts.

"It’s sticky."


"I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to expect. Jeannie tried to tell us about it, but I didn’t really understand."

"Now you do. That was really fantastic! I think we are going to have some good times together."

"We better go up and shower and get dressed before Mom gets home. We wouldn’t want her to think we were doing something that she wouldn’t do."

"And how do you know she wouldn’t?"

"Don’t be silly, she’s a Mom. Mom’s don’t do that sort of thing, only kids."

"The couple in the video weren’t kids."

"You know what I mean, now shut up."

"And don’t ever think about our Mom that way again."


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