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Camara on Camera: A Live W(h)OR(e)LD Event!

Lights, camera, and,,,,,,fuck, I guess.
Camara was an attention whore. She thrived on boys’ and girls’ hypnotic gazes at her hourglass figure. She got off on it. The orgasmic feeling she got from others ogling her soon became her only means for sexual satisfaction. Whenever she sat in a room bare naked touching herself, she became numb. Self-pleasure soon became an insurmountable chore. She could never feel anything unless she knew someone was watching her.

This is where Robert G came in. Robert G was a self-proclaimed whore monger turned whore entrepreneur. He had a talent for choosing women who would perform naturally in front of the camera and provide the necessary amount of eye candy to his millions of subscribers. His audience was vast and had very particular tastes in women and porn. Robert struggled to keep his porn empire thriving and began searching for something unique and different from the mainstream, something that would set him and his business apart from other smut peddlers.

Robert spent weeks scavenging through live webcam sites, searching for the perfect girl to headline his business. That’s when he discovered Camara in a small suburban neighborhood in Eastern Nebraska. He clicked on her profile which featured a headshot of Camara, displaying the biggest brown eyes Robert had ever seen. As he gazed into Camara’s eyes on his computer screen, he learned all he needed to know about her from them. Her eyes gave off a sense of innocence, but also desperation. He knew he had found the girl and contacted her immediately to fly out to his headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Camara arrived at the airport in a conservative white button down shirt and grey blazer. She wore a simple black skirt with matching black heels. Her curly blonde hair was brushed neatly and her bangs floated just over her right eye. She wore makeup, but not much. She was naturally beautiful with a clear face lit up by her big brown eyes and accentuated by her petite lips underneath a perfectly curved nose. She was naturally skinny but somehow maintained a healthy bust of a much heavier woman. Her young supple white skin glistened in the sunlight as she stepped out of the airport entrance to find a black limousine waiting for her. The driver stood in front of the limo holding a white sign with the Name ‘Camara’ scrawled across it in thick black marker.

“Ms. Camara. Please,” the driver said gesturing to the open car door.

“Hello. Is this the—,“ Camara began to ask the driver, but was interrupted by the driver taking her hand and quickly placing her in the back seat.

The limousine door closed behind her and she turned her head to be startled by a sunglass wearing Robert G sitting across from her.

“It’s a pleasure, Camara,” Robert greeted her with wide a grin.

“Yes indeed, Mr. G! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I can’t wait to—,“ Camara excitedly began to exclaim before Robert interrupted

“Yes of course. I can’t wait either and we won’t have to. I’m taking you to the studio now and the event will begin shortly,” Robert said.

“Now, you didn’t really explain exactly what it is I’ll be doing over the phone. What exactly will this ‘event’ entail?” she asked.

“Well Camara, I’ll try to explain it in a way you’ll understand. You have won the lottery, Camara. You’ve had a millionaire pay for you to fly first class out to L.A. to be a star. I’m not sure why you are dressed like you’re going to a job interview. You already have the job. I know this may seem creepy of me, but I know a lot about you, Camara. I have my sources. I know you are a virgin. I know you live for attention. I know you need to be noticed in order to be happy,” Robert informed Camara.

“How did you--,” Camara began to ask Robert.

“How I know about your business is none of your business. What is your business is this, ” Robert said.

Robert pulled out a black leather briefcase and popped it open to display it to Camara. The briefcase was filled to the brim with stacks of 100 bills.

“Five million. This is how much I am going to pay you for five minutes of your time. All you have to do is sign this contract and abide by it fully.”

Robert placed the paper clipped pile of documents on top of the stacks of cash in the briefcase. He removed a heavy ink pin from his front jacket pocket and clicked it. He held out the pin to Camara. Camara quickly grabbed the pin and scribbled her signature on the dotted line. Little did she know that she had just sold her physical being to the highest bidder.

“Excellent! Excellent!” Robert cheered.

Robert knocked on the dark glass behind him and the glass lowered revealing the top of the limo driver’s head.

“We’re ready back here. Freddy. Take us there now,” Robert asked.

“Yes sir, Mr. G,” the driver responded.

The limo began to drive to its unknown destination.

Ten minutes passed before the limo came to a halt and the door opened for Robert and Camara to exit. Camara stepped out first clutching her money filled briefcase which the drive quickly swiped away from her much to her dismay.

“Now, now, Camara. You’ll get your money when the event is over,” Robert claimed with his usual grin.

“Fuck. Okay. Fine. Why do you keep calling this video an event anyway?” Camara asked.

“Come inside and I’ll show you Camara,” Robert answered.

Robert led her inside what appeared to be a grey office building. The entrance led straight to a glass elevator. Robert pressed the button and the doors immediately opened. Robert stepped in, leading Camara with his palm on her back. He entered a code on the elevator buttons and the elevator began descending. A bead of sweat rolled down Camara’s cheek but was intercepted by Robert’s finger.

“No need to be nervous, Camara. This is only the biggest night of your life,” Robert assured her.

The elevator dinged and the glass doors opened to reveal a large room with fifty manned computer desks.

Robert walked up behind one of the workers and tapped on his shoulder.

“How close are we?” Robert asked.

“Ten minutes and we’ll up be ready, sir,” the man responded.

“Wonderful! Thank you for all of your hard work, Charles,” Robert responded.

Camara looked confused and curious.

“Can you please tell me what exactly I’m doing for you?” she asked.

“You mean you didn’t read through that contract?” Robert asked laughing hysterically.

“Let me fill you in then. This is the headquarters of Robert G Productions. I make porn, but I need to differentiate myself from the other amateur garbage on the internet. You may be asking yourself, ‘Why are there so many computer programmers working on this floor?’ The answer is that they are hackers. They are very good at what they do. They have managed to orchestrate a takeover of all the major television networks and hundreds of the most popularly used sites on the internet. Search engines, streaming video sites, news sites, every popular site on the internet will be hijacked by R.G.P.. Every single television network on Earth will be under my control. I will be able to broadcast to the world whatever I want for five minutes. This is where you come in, Camara. You will be the subject of my master work.”

“I….I still don’t quite understand,” Camara replied bewildered.

“Honey, you don’t need to understand. All you have to do is what you are told and you will get your money. Now, are you prepared to do this? Because I have a signed piece of paper that says you are and if you try to get out of it now, the consequences will be more than severe,” Robert threatened.

Camara stared into Robert’s dominate eyes.

“Yes, sir. I am yours to with whatever you please,” she submitted to him.

“Good. Now, let’s get you ready,” Robert said.

Robert led her over to a small set area with a king size bed in the center of the room. A large professional camera sat in front. Robert gently pushed her on the bed and walked behind the camera. Robert looked over to Charles the hacker and Charles responded by signaling 10 with his hands.

“You have ten seconds until the entire world will be watching you, Camara. Make sure you do as you’re told,” Robert commanded.

“Yes, sir,” Camara whispered.

“Aaaaand ACTION!!!!” Robert cried.

A red light began blinking and stopped solid on the camera. Two naked men surrounded Camara on the bed. They both wore masquerade masks to hide their identities. Camara responded by gently biting her bottom lip in anticipation of what would happen next. One of the men ripped Camara’s shirt, making the buttons fly across the room. The other man gripped her skirt with both hands and tore it in half and flung it across the room. Camara was left only with a white bra and thong as she sat on the bed. The two men began kissing her neck and groping her breasts. Camara moaned as she experienced her first time being touched by a man, let alone two. One of the men grabbed onto the bra and ripped it off, not bothering to undo the strap. The other man took her rock hard pink nipple into his mouth and sucked on.

Both men continued to fondle her breasts and began fingering her through her white thong. Camara was visibly wet and a small puddle of juices was forming underneath her on the sheets. One of the men ripped her thong off as they had done with every other article of Camara’s clothing. Camara was now completely naked. Her virgin body was bare and waiting to be penetrated for the first time. One of the men lay down on the bed and pulled Camara on top of him. His throbbing cock rubbed up against her drenched pussy and he slowly began pushing himself into her. He broke through the barrier of her eighteen year old virgin pussy and began thrusting hard into her. Camara screamed with overwhelming joy and shock as she was fucked for the very first time in front of hundreds of millions of onlookers.

Camara continued to ride the man’s cock as the other man approached her from behind. He ran his fingertips up and down Camara’s dripping wet ass, teasing her tight little virgin asshole. Without warning, he grabbed his cock and slowly began inserting it inside Camara’s ass. The tip of his cock popped in and Camara’s ass created a vice-like grip on his cock. The two men moaned in ecstasy as they double penetrated Camara’s no longer virgin body. As Camara continued to take in both of their cocks, she turned her head to the camera and looked into the lens.

Millions of people watched live as Camara lost her sexual innocence in front of the world. Every computer and television screen across the world displayed her big brown eyes, no longer looking so innocent.

Camara came uncontrollably on their two cocks and they quickly pulled out of her, grabbed her by her curly blonde hair, and came all over her face. Her gleeful face dripped with white goo as she continued to stare into the camera at her biggest fans. She had finally gotten the attention she had always wanted. Camara, the attention whore, was now a real whore.

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