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Candy Cane

My best friend's older brother and I can't fight the feelings we have for each other anymore.

Candy Cane . That's the scent that has been left lingering in my clothes tonight, and the more I smell it, the wetter my panties become. It's the most sensuous thing, the way you blow the smoke from your hookah into my mouth, your lips so close to mine, yet not close enough to touch, or to kiss me passionately the way I’ve secretly wanted you to for all of these years. It's a trick I'm guessing you picked up working nights at the hookah lounge downtown, along with the way you know how to pack a smooth bowl better than anyone I’ve met. You're sitting next to me and you pretend to look away, but you're of obviously entranced, thinking naughty thoughts about me- because every so often you pull my chair a little closer to yours and smile, feeling my body responding to your every touch. You turn your shaved head, and those crystal clear blue eyes glare at me from the side, and every so often you tickle my legs when no one is looking. I giggle quietly as you inch your way up underneath my dress, almost all the way up to my underwear and then abruptly quit touching me as if nothing had happened. Tease. Your deep voice whispers in my ear, "Do you like it baby? Do you want me to stop?" then you touch me once more, and as I nearly melt onto the floor all I can do is shake my head side to side sheepishly. You hand me the hose, but I'm shivering as I take my hit. Goose bumps cover my body and you rub my arm as if attempting to keep me warm, but you know all it does it arouse me more, and make my nipples hard as rocks. You see that I really am cold so you give me your white t-shirt, exposing a gray wife beater, with your hard muscles evidently underneath. I also notice as I look down at your shorts that your cock is growing harder by the second. Your sister Stephanie, who also happens to be my best friend, is on the other side of the party, and we both make sure she can't see anything that's going on between the two of us, the wicked thoughts going through both of our minds. When we look each other in the eyes, it’s as if we’re discovering each other's sex for the first time. The hookah is between us and our delicious, minty smoke intermingles in a cloud around us, and then you whisper, "I want you Jamie. Tonight. I can’t take this anymore."

Because Stephanie and I have been friends for so long, you know that I'm a virgin, and the thought of taking the last of my innocence excites you to no end. Until tonight you have always treated me as a little sister, protective and as if you had some sort of authority over me, but now that I'm 18 and I graduated last month, a 3 year age difference doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. We both know you've wanted me for a long time now, everything from my short blonde hair, my big green eyes and soft pink lips; to my natural breasts, slender waist, and round ass; you crave all 5 feet and 3 inches of me, just as I crave all 6 feet and 2 inches of you. Most of all, you have wanted to show me the most intimate parts of you that I know I've been missing. One time I saw you changing clothes as I walked past your bedroom- your big broad shoulders and strong chest; all the way down to your big, thick shaft. I could not take my eyes off of you. You knew I was looking, but you didn’t seem to mind very much, in fact you became hard and even stroked yourself a little for me, and let me watch you cum.

I know what’s on your mind as you softly blow those smoke rings towards me. I know what I’m thinking too: before I leave for the Navy next month-how great it would feel to have your big hard cock inside of me, feeling the inside of my juicy pussy, sliding in and out of my tight hot sex, my wet lips enveloping you, swallowing you whole. You pull my ear to your lips once again; to tell me something that I've been longing to hear you say for what seems like forever. “You know what I really want to do to you tonight my little princess? Tonight when Stephanie's asleep, sneak out of her bedroom, and into mine. Climb up on top of me, kiss and wrap your arms around me the way I know you want to. I’ll undress you, hold your naked little quivering body against mine, keep you warm and make every bit of you feel like you deserve. I'm going to give you the first and best fuck you've ever had baby. I'm going to lick that little pussy and make sure it's nice and wet, and then I'm going to stick my dick inside of you, and fuck you harder, and faster, until you cum on top of me, with my dick throbbing inside of you. You’ll never forget it." Then you blow one last puff of candy cane smoke into my mouth, and all three of us get in the car and drive home.

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