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Candy Stroker, part 1

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A girl learns a lot on the job.
Candy Stroker

When I was 17, several things happened to me. I got my license, I got my first real boyfriend, my boobs went through a big growth spurt—and I got a job as a candy striper.

A few weeks before my 17th birthday, I’d gone shopping and gotten new bras. I remember it was hard to decide whether to get a 34A like I’d been doing for a while or to go to a 34B. I got the B on the advice of the salesgirl, who said I’d probably get bigger, but that there was no way a girl my age would get smaller. Was she ever right!

Within 6 months I was coming out of my Bs. I kept wearing them, though, because I didn’t want to spend money on bras. One day in school, I ran down the hall because I was late to class, and one of my boobs fell completely out of its cup. There were a bunch of guys there, grinning at me because they could see my tit flopping around in my blouse as I ran. I was embarrassed, especially when I noticed this cute guy, Adam, staring. I’d had a crush on him for weeks, but nothing had happened.

I went right to the lingerie store after school and the same salesgirl as the last time helped me fit a new bra—a 34D! I was sure I had some of the biggest tits in the school. I was proud. Plus I felt sexy in my new bras—a white underwire with light blue trim and a pure black. The cups barely covered my nipples and really pushed my boobs up and rounded the exposed tops.

Well, the bra busting or the new bra must have helped, because the next day Adam asked me out. Of course I said yes, and we went to a movie that Saturday night. He wanted to park afterward, but I said I wouldn’t do that on a first date. We drove around and talked for a while, then we sure did some hot kissing in the car in front of my house.

We flirted every time we met that week and made another date, this time for a party. He was a hunk, the nicest looking guy I’d ever been out with. Plus he was really nice, funny, and interesting to talk to. Every day when I got home from school, and before I went to sleep, I gave my fingers a workout between my legs, thinking about him and remembering our kisses. I knew I’d have a hard time resisting when he pressured me to make out.

I was still a virgin; in fact I hadn’t made out nearly as much as lots of girls. I’d had my bra off a few times (before the big growth spurt), but I’d always kept my panties on and I’d never even played with a guy’s cock, much less sucked one like some of my girlfriends had. They made it sound exciting (except some of them didn’t like the gooey part at the end!) and they all said the guys loved it. Perhaps if I made out with Adam enough, I’d get up the nerve to try it. I felt kinda naive because my parents had sent me to a girls’ school for my sophomore and junior years. I had very few chances to get involved with guys during those years. I know they sent me there because they felt I was starting to make out too much.

Something else happened for me the week after my first date with Adam. I went to the local hospital after school on Tuesday and interviewed for a job as a candy striper. I got the job right away, partly because of my grades and record and partly because my mom knew one of the women who did the hiring. I borrowed the money for my first uniform from Dad and I was on my way. I worked from 4:00 to 8:00 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I’d work one shift on the weekend, including one Saturday night 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM every fourth week. I wasn’t looking forward to that, but it was part of the job and I wanted some extra money.

Saturday night, Adam and I went to the party. Some kids were drinking and I wondered what Adam would do. He stayed away from those guys and we left soon after they started. I told him I was glad he’d acted that way. He said he’d gotten drunk a couple of times and didn’t like the way it made him feel. We drove out to the Point. It was early and not many kids were parked there yet. We talked for a couple of minutes, then started kissing. It was super! He held me tight and kissed me deep. When he put his hand on my breast, I didn’t even make him stop the way I usually did the first time a guy tried for my tits. I felt his prick against my leg. It was really big and exciting. Adam squeezed my breasts gently, then a little harder. I felt my nipples expand in the bra. Then he wanted to unbutton my blouse, but I had him stop. We kept kissing and he tried again for my blouse, but I still wasn’t ready. He was nice about it, not complaining or arguing. He just kept kissing me.

Soon after that we broke off our necking and drove around, holding hands and kissing at the lights. We talked about a lot of things, and he asked me if he wasn’t pushing me too fast. I said I liked him a lot and that I liked making out with him but that I wasn’t ready to do much more than we’d already done. He said he was cool with that because he really liked me and wanted to try to have a deeper relationship than he’d had before. After that, he drove me home and we made out again in front of my house. He felt me up real good before I went in. I masturbated twice before I fell asleep.

During the next week, we sat together at lunch, held hands, sneaked kisses, and generally acted like all the new couples in high school. One thing I missed. Since I went to work right after school some days, I couldn’t go home and play with my pussy in the afternoon the way I had been for a couple of years—and the kisses with Adam made me want to.

Friday, Adam came by work after school for a quick visit. I’d never realized how sexy my candy striper uniform could be until I saw his look of lust when he saw me. I wore sneakers and pantyhose and a regular white blouse. But the uniform was a sort of overall/skirt combination. The top was tight over my breasts and the bottom flared from the hips just a little. Adam whistled at me and said I looked hot.

We had a date that weekend on Friday after work because my first graveyard shift was that Saturday. When I got home after work, I had to change quickly to meet Adam for a late movie. I peered at myself in the uniform before I changed, though, and I could see why Adam liked how I looked. I thought I could be a bit sexier if I shortened the skirt a bit. I decided I’d do it to surprise him the next time he visited me at work.

The movie that night was boring, or maybe we both wanted some time to ourselves before my midnight curfew. Anyhow, we left early and went to the Point. We could hardly find a parking place, but we finally did and after that we didn’t care where we were. We weren’t looking around!

We got right to kissing and hugging. I scratched his back and he loved it. When he started feeling me up, my resolve to keep my bra on almost went out the window. He was so nice and made my breasts feel so good! Finally we agreed he would open my blouse but that I’d keep my bra on.

It was exciting as his hands went over the pushed-up slopes of my boobs. He squeezed me and felt me, and finally licked them! It was hot! He tried again to get me out of my bra, but I was afraid that if I let him do that, I’d let him do anything. He made me hotter than anyone I’d ever made out with.

In fact, I was sorta glad for the curfew because I still wasn’t sure I could hold out. We stopped, neither of us really wanting to. We agreed I’d call him after I woke up Sunday.

Saturday, I pinned up the hem of my uniform. I got in front of the mirror and figured out just how far I could bend over before my panties would show. Three inches above my knees was barely OK. I got out the sewing machine and stitched in the new hem. Then, I took a nap before work.

The night supervisor on my wing told me that the evening routine was different, so I’d spend the first shift with this other lady, Miranda. She was a tall, slender Hispanic woman, about 40, but still pretty good looking. She had a mischievous smile. We went off to do our rounds.

Miranda said, “The supervisor’s right, the night shift is different. You gotta take care of the patients, but sometimes you have free time.” She paused, looking at me with a smile.

“What do you do with the free time?”

“Well, we can fold linen, or clean equipment, but we can always take long breaks. As long as the patients are taken care of and the work gets done, we all let everyone go their own way on graveyard.”

“What do people do?” I persisted.

“Oh, take catnaps, read books, watch TV—and some of the girls who are more than just friends sneak off together. They always come back looking happy, you know what I mean?”

I did know what she meant. Lesbians. I’d had a couple of offers at private school and summer camp. Though curious, I didn’t want the reputation. But now I wondered about Miranda. “Um, are you…?”

“Me? No, I’ve done a few things with girls in my time, but I’m too much into men to be a real lesbian. Don’t worry, June, I’m not going to take you into a spare room and girl-rape you.” We both laughed at that idea.

Basically, as nurse’s aides, we kept equipment clean and ready, walked the floors to help any patients that were having trouble sleeping. We could do a lot, up to give medications. One older woman complained she couldn’t sleep because of some pain in her legs. She’d already had her medication, so Miranda showed me how to massage her legs to make them relax. Miranda folded back the woman’s hospital gown to the tops of her legs and one of us got on each leg. Pretty soon she said she felt better, then she nodded off to sleep.

We tiptoed out, then Miranda said, “See, I like that part of the job. We distracted her from the pain, made her feel good, and the sleep’s good for her.”

I said I was glad we could do that for someone. We kept walking the halls. We found one lit up room. “Oh, look. 12G can’t sleep again. I bet he knows I’m on. Come on, let’s see if we can’t help him out.” She gave me that cute smile and a wink, so I knew something was up.

12G was a man in his late twenties, good-looking and muscular with one leg in traction. When we walked in, he took his hand out from under the sheet and grinned at Miranda. “Hi, I thought you were alone,” he said.

“No, tonight I brought a new girl, June, with me. I’m showing her how things work here on graveyard. June, this is Jim and he’s in for a compound spiral fracture. He has another condition that isn’t on his chart but that keeps him awake, right?”

“Why, what’s the matter, Jim?” I asked.

He looked from me to Miranda.

“Priapism,” said Miranda.

“Priapism?” I asked. “What’s that?”

“A persistent erect condition of the penis,” answered Miranda, pointing to Jim’s crotch.

My eyes widened as I saw the big bulge there. Miranda folded his sheet down and I saw his cock. It was thick and long—the tip covered his belly button.

“Priapism, though it isn’t on anyone’s chart, is a pretty common condition for men in the hospital,” Miranda said with another wink. “It’s brought about by looking at pretty nurses and aides like us all day. Are you having trouble sleeping, Jim?”

“Yes, I was hoping you’d come and give me one of your special treatments.”

“All right, Jim. If it will help you to sleep…Weren’t you trying to treat yourself when we came in?”

“Yes, I was, but it’s much more effective when you do it.”

“OK. June, this treatment doesn’t appear on the hospital protocols, but it’s very effective for males with erections. You just wrap your hand around the turgid penis and stroke up and down.” She did exactly what she was saying and I stared, fascinated. I’d never held a cock in my life.

“You see, June, if you stroke down here near the base of the man’s penis it prolongs the treatment. The men like long treatments, don’t they, Jim?”

“Oh, yes, the longer the better!” Jim’s eyes were half closed and his head rolled from side to side on his pillow, a grin on his face.

“You can increase the effectiveness of the treatment by making sure your hand covers the tip of the penis as you move your hand up and down. See how Jim’s breathing speeds up when I stroke over the tip? You can manipulate the tip as many times as you like, but if you continue too long, the treatment will end.”

“How do you know when…the treatment’s done?” I asked.

“The man moans or thrashes about, and white semen comes out of the penis—lots of it. Isn’t that right, Jim?”

“Yeah, it sure is!” he gasped.

“Would you like to help with Jim’s treatment, June?”

“Why, yes…yes, I would.” I was fascinated and wanted to feel what the penis was like in my hand. Miranda smiled and took her hand away.

“Go ahead, dear. I’m sure a girl as pretty as you has done this for lots of boyfriends. Besides, Jim would rather have a beautiful young girl like yourself treat him than an old lady like me.”

I didn’t want to appear naïve, so I boldly held the stiff penis. It was warm and hard. I moved my hand up and down, excited by the way the skin slid over the shaft. I felt myself blushing, but I sure didn’t want to stop. It was fun! “Am I doing it right?” I asked.

“You can squeeze me a bit harder, June, but it feels wonderful,” Jim told me.

I put a bit more pressure on him as I moved my hand up and down. “Like this, Jim?”

“Oh, yes, that’s perfect. Keep it up, please.” He grinned and rolled his eyes back. Miranda smiled encouragement to me.

I continued to stroke, then I asked, “Should I move up to the tip now?”

“Oh, yes, please,” moaned Jim.

I loved stroking the tip right away—it felt so smooth and warm. Also, I could tell that Jim loved it, too. He grinned. “Oh, yeah, June. That’s the way.”

Just then some bubbly goo came out of the tip. “Is it over? Is that all?” I moaned, disappointed.

“Oh, no, dear, that’s just his precum. It means he’s really liking it, doesn’t it, Jim?”

“Yes!” he gasped, his eyes rolling up and his feet twitching from side to side.

“The precum’s a natural lubricant, June. Just rub it over the tip with your fingers, then stroke him low down for a while.”

I did as Miranda said. The gooey stuff spread all over his tip as he groaned in pleasure. I pumped down at the bottom. Miranda slipped her hand under mine. “See, June, you can also cradle his scrotum like this. You can feel his testicles tighten up in the sack when he’s ready to finish his treatment.”

“Let me do it, please,” I asked. Miranda moved her hand away, grinning. I held Jim’s sack in my hand, letting the testicles roll around a little. “Oh, they feel so nice — like tiny footballs.”

I looked at Jim to see how he liked it. He had a big grin on his face and I saw he was looking down my blouse. I was leaning forward a bit and realized he could probably see my cleavage and lacy bra. I blushed again, but kept my hands moving on him. I loved doing it and he was really having fun!

“Would you please lean…a bit more forward, June?” Jim gasped.

I blushed even harder, but kept my hand pumping. “You’re looking down my blouse, Jim.”

“Sure! And you’re pumping my penis. Besides, you’re so big any man would love to see your chest. It’ll sure help with the treatment,” he said with a big grin.

I laughed and smiled, then leaned forward so he could see more. Miranda said quietly, “June, the rule is that hospital staff have to keep their clothes on.”

Jim was staring down my uniform top. “What big beauties—and such a pretty lace bra!” He reached up with both hands and cupped my breasts, squeezing them. I gasped in surprise, but let him keep feeling me. I felt a big gush between my legs and my panties were wet like they get when I made out or played with myself. My own breathing became deeper and I began shifting my weight from leg to leg.

Right after he started feeling me up, more precum bubbled out of his cock. I spread it over the tip and his hips started moving up and down, faster and faster. It was very exciting!

“Quick, move your hand back down or he’ll finish,” Miranda instructed me. I dropped my hand back down and stroked near the base. “Here’s something else you can do—run your fingertips over the penis, barely touching. It’s a very good way to prolong the treatment.”

I liked doing this gentle play too. Jim calmed down a bit, judging by his breathing, but his cock stayed just as hard, I can tell you. It was super. Jim rolled my breasts in his hands, staring down my top. I licked my lips all the time. I was really excited, more than I’d ever been with Adam or anyone else—I guess because it was so forbidden.

But I wanted to feel the full shaft in my hand again. I gripped him near the base and stroked up and down. Jim started breathing real hard and squeezed my breasts tighter. We stared into each others’ eyes. I knew when I started rubbing his tip he’d shoot. I understood enough to figure that out.

“Oh, June, your breasts are so big and full! I love ‘em!” Jim’s hips were thrusting up and I wasn’t even rubbing his tip. “I’m ready to cum, June. Please, please stroke my tip. I’ll shoot for you.”

I felt another gush of my girl juice flood my panties when he said that. I grinned and moved my hand up, rubbing the upper shaft and the tip.

I was amazed at the result. Jim’s face screwed up, he closed his eyes, his testicles moved around in their sack, his head thrashed from side to side, his hips jerked and his feet pounded the bed! I’d never seen anything like it—I felt incredibly sexy and proud to be making him feel so good! Then he gave a really big gasp—I’m sure it was heard out in the hall—pushed his hips up as far as he could and gobs of white goo spurted out. Some spattered on my cheek! It was warm. I grinned, really fascinated at how excited he was! I kept pumping and he kept squirting—I lost track of how many times, but all too soon he was relaxing. His cock twitched a few times, a few last drops oozing out. His eyelids half shut, he was breathing deeply and grinning widely. “Thank you sooo much,” he murmured.

Miranda whispered in my ear, “Nice, June. You really got him. Now grasp him tightly near the base and move up to the tip slowly.”

I did as she told me and Jim threw back his head, gasping again. As I moved my hand up the shaft, which was already losing some stiffness, more cum oozed out of the tip. Nothing like when he was shooting, but a few drops. Then when I got to the tip, Jim’s eyes opened wide and he gasped aloud again, his whole body jerking. The cock slipped from my grasp, he was moving so fast.

“Oh, thank you, thank you,” he gasped. “That felt so good, but I can’t take any more now—it’s too sensitive.”

Miranda handed me a towel. “It’s always polite to clean up a patient after treatment.” I went to wipe the cum from my face, but Miranda stopped me. “Always take care of the patient’s needs before your own—besides, Jim likes to see his cum on your face, I bet.”

“I sure do,” he said. “You’re a beautiful and sexy girl. That felt wonderful!”

I realized he was still holding my breasts, but I didn’t mind. I wiped the cum from his chin and his chest, but I hesitated before I cleaned up his penis. “Are you still too sensitive?” I asked.

“No, that oversensitivity doesn’t last long.”

I wiped all traces of his cum from his cock and pubic hair with a damp cloth, then dried him with the towel. Impulsively, I kissed him once on the lips. As I stood up all the way, he was so sweet. He stared at my breasts, stretched out his arms, and rose up, feeling me as long as he could. I smiled and, “I’m glad you like my breasts, Jim. It makes me feel sexy.”

“They are amazing. The biggest ones I ever felt. Thank you both so much!”

“Do you think you can sleep now?” asked Miranda.

“Oh, yes, I’m much more relaxed than I was when you came in here.”

We both said goodnight, grinning, then Miranda and I went out. As soon as we were down the hall, Miranda said, “You’re one hot babe, June. I bet you’re all worked up. I know I am.”

“Oh, yes, that was incredible!”

“Well, there aren’t any empty patient rooms, but you can go into the staff bathroom and take care of yourself. When you come out, I want a turn.”

We went down the hall and I went into the bathroom. There was nowhere to sit but the toilet, but I lifted up my uniform dress and jerked down my panty hose and panties. I squeezed my own tits, remembering how Jim had felt me up. I pushed a finger into my damp slit. It felt super! I was really wet and ready. I kept my finger going in and out, then used the other hand on my clit. I went over the top right away, then kept going until I came again.

I would have done more if I’d been at home, but I remembered Miranda, so back up came the panties and panty hose and I went out to play hall monitor while she went in to play with herself.

We continued our rounds and she told me her rules and how she found patients to play with. She kept all her clothes on, not even unbuttoning her blouse, but feels like I allowed or up her skirt were OK. She stayed away from doing it with boys in their teens because of the law and because they were likely to brag. But if a guy flirted with her or admired her legs, she’d visit him later. She never dated the guys she met that way in the hospital, but she’d been tempted a few times.

“Follow my rules, June, and you can make night shift much more fun for yourself—and for lots of patients.”

“But how do you get started with a guy?”

“Well, if I’ve already joked and flirted with him, I’ll just wink and ask if he’d like my ‘special treatment.’ They never say no. But if he’s looking at me and there’s not much time to flirt, I just say, “Do you like the way I look?” Then whatever they say, I say, “I noticed you looking at my breasts or legs, whichever.” Usually, they deny it, but their cocks swell up if they haven’t already. I tease them about their cocks, sometimes make a bet that if I lift up their bedclothes and gown, I’ll be right. By that time, they’re either ready or gay.”

I laughed and said I’d join her in her campaign to make night shift more fun for staff and patients. But as the night wore on, I began thinking how nice it would be to do the same thing for Adam.

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