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Candy Stroker Part 2: Adam and I Explore

Candy Stroker, Part 2: Adam and I Explore

I went home and played with myself once more before falling asleep. I called Adam when I woke up, but he was out somewhere with his parents, I guess; no one answered. Well, that week was frustrating for me. I worked three afternoons, and Adam's family wouldn't let him out on school nights. Also, he got a job that kept him busy after school! We only saw each between classes or during lunch. I couldn't wait to surprise him with what I'd learned on night shift.

We agreed on a late date Friday night after work. I realized he'd never seen me in my new short uniform, so I decided not to bring any clothes to change into. He picked me up at 8:00 and told me I looked really cute and sexy. We decided to go bowling. It was Adam's idea, and I think, now, that he got the idea because of my short hemline.

We were pretty lucky and didn't have to wait for a lane. We changed into our shoes and started rolling the balls. Adam got behind me and guided me to teach me a better way to swing my arm, but I think he just wanted to get near me. We flirted with our eyes and kissed each other.

I noticed some guys at the next lane eyeing my legs, but I didn't think much of it—until I realized they all stopped bowling and were silent when it was my turn to bowl. I ran the few steps to the line, swung my arm, dipped, and released. I realized it was the probably the dip.

As I walked back to Adam, I glanced at the boys in the next lane. They were kinda nerdy, but they were all looking at my legs. So was Adam, smiling. I put my arms around him and kissed him, then whispered in his ear, "Am I putting on a show?"

He looked at me with a big grin on his face. "Yeah, do you mind?"

I blushed, but I gushed “down there” and my blue pastel hip huggers got damp. "I don't if you don't. Let 'em have a cheap thrill. I'm going parking with you at the end of the game!"

"Well, let's finish the game," said Adam eagerly.

For the rest of the frames, I exaggerated my dip and swung my hips more than usual, for Adam, but also for the other guys. I unbuttoned the top button of the bodice. Then when I bent over to get a ball or to write on the scorecard, Adam and the guys got a peek down my cleavage to my black lacy bra. I was very excited and damp as I teased Adam about the bulge I saw in his pants. The four guys in the next lane were only pretending to bowl, watching my little show.

Adam and I got lower scores than usual, big surprise. When the game was over, I waved good-bye and winked at the guys in the next lane. We hastily got rid of the shoes and drove to the Point, hugging and kissing at the stoplights. Adam told me my panties looked hot under my pantyhose and that he felt proud I was so sexy that I turned on the other guys. He lifted my skirt as we drove and rubbed my legs a little. I told him not to go too far up. He grinned and said, "How far is too far?" I laughed, but I made him stop where the legs of my pantyhose got thicker, a bit below my panties. It was right about then we got to the Point and began looking for a place to park. That took a few minutes, but seemed like forever. We pushed both seats as far forward as they'd go, climbed in the back, and settled down to some serious making out.

Lots of hugging and French kissing, then Adam started feeling my breasts. I was ready and pushed myself toward him when he went to unbutton me. When my uniform top was undone, Adam squeezed my breasts through the bra and kissed and licked my exposed cleavage. Then, he reached around back for my fasteners. "It's in the front," I gasped. I was really excited.

Adam undid the clasp and my breasts were free for him. My nipples were already hard and sticking out. He gasped, "Oh, they're so beautiful," as his hands flowed over me. He was gentle, not grabby like the other two guys I'd let see my boobs. I took a deep breath, which pushed them out toward him, and he kissed me, long and deep, squeezing me and gently rubbing me, finally squeezing just my nipples. That made me feel really good all over...and wet between my legs.

Adam broke the kiss, moved down, and started sucking my nipples, one after another at first, then he stayed with my left one. It felt so good! He was squeezing me from up underneath, pushing my nipple into his mouth with one hand, and rolling the other nipple around with his thumb and forefinger with the other hand. My breasts felt great, and my slit was sopping wet, like I'd only gotten when I played with myself. I hugged Adam and pushed his head toward me with one hand, moaning a little. I know I spread my legs during that time — I wasn't really aware of it.

Adam was, though. He kept sucking my nipple, but put one hand on my leg, near my knee. He rubbed my leg and moved upward. I was really excited, and it felt great, but I was a little distracted. What would I do when he wanted to pull off my pantyhose and panties?

His hand slid farther up my thigh than it had before, up to the tops of my thighs, then higher. But he stayed over my hip, not going between my legs. When he reached the waistband of my panties, he hooked his fingers in and started to tug.

I shook my head. "No, Adam, I'm not ready for that." Then I got an inspiration, I suppose because my pussy wanted some relief. "Rub me anywhere, but I gotta keep my pantyhose and panties on."

He pulled his mouth off my nipple. "June, I like you so much!" I kissed him and pushed his mouth back on my nipple. I really liked what he was doing!

But I liked it more when he ran his hand over my tummy and right between my legs. No one had ever touched me there, but it felt so good! I didn't even try to be modest. I just spread my legs wider so he could get in there. He put his hand over my whole mound and squeezed me, gently at first, then a little harder—but it never hurt. It flashed through my mind that he wasn't grabby like other girls said guys were, but after that I just closed my eyes and felt how good it was. He was still sucking my nipple and squeezing the other one, but he started doing something really great between my legs. He got one finger on each side of my lips with another running right down the slit in the middle. He squeezed the sides in and the top one down as far inside me as my panties and pantyhose would let him go. That felt great! He rubbed me like that for what seemed like a long time, still sucking my nipple. I pushed him toward me and arched my hips so he could get at my mound better. I kissed the top of his head and moaned.

Then, suddenly, he shifted his hand and his fingertip slipped in deeper than ever before, right over my clit, round and round! "Oh, Adam," I gasped. "Oh, that feels so good!" I suddenly realized I could come if he'd keep it up. "Don't stop, Adam, don't stop!" I cried, spreading more for him and pushing my hips up. He rubbed me and rubbed me, and I suddenly wanted to feel his cock. I reached between his legs and felt his long thick thing. He moaned and looked up at me, grinning. "You're so hot!" he gasped, then bent down to my nipple again — well, I kinda pushed him. Then he rasped my nipple over his teeth and pinched the other one. That pushed me over the edge! "AAAHHH! AAAHHH! AaahhhOOOOHHHH!" I moaned, cumming as hard as I'd ever done by myself. Adam stayed with me, finger on my clit, rubbing in circles, still sucking and pinching my nipples! It felt sooo good! I wanted it to last forever, but eventually it started slowing down. I was panting and Adam was breathing real hard. The car window was all steamed up and it was hot in the car.

We were both grinning and we kissed deeply. I still had hold of his cock and he was still feeling me in both places. But I wanted to see him and watch him squirt. I broke the kiss and squeezed him. "I want to see you and hold you, make you squirt," I gasped.

"Great!" he said, moving back a bit so I could get at his pants. It was a struggle, but we finally got them down, then he tugged them below his knees. I got my first look at his cock in the half-light of the streetlight some distance away.

Adam's cock was thicker than the other one I'd seen. His balls weren't as hairy as Jim's either, and I liked that. I could see more and I liked what I saw. Though it didn't come over his belly button like Jim's, Adam’s had a big tip. I grasped him down near the bottom and wrapped my hand around it. My thumb and forefinger barely met around his shaft, it was so thick. I stroked him up and down, at first just near the base then all the way up to his big flaring tip. It was so smooth and already damp. I felt the whole shaft expand, then more precum frothed out of the tip. I grinned at Adam and gently rubbed over his tip and a ways down the shaft. We kissed again, and I stroked down low, gently squeezing his balls.

"Not too hard down there," he warned.

"I know," I said, moving my hand back up to the tip. A couple of strokes and I felt his balls stirring in my hand.

"Oh, June, keep doing that, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. I

I got an another inspiration. "Spray on my tits, Adam, spray on my tits!" He was still rubbing my clit and pinching my nipple and I started to cum again, excited because I was going to watch him squirt.

We moaned at the same time as big ropes of white goo shot out. A lot landed on my tits, but some even got on my face and in my eyebrow! A couple of drops landed on my lips and I quickly licked them off without thinking. I was cumming also, as I watched the jsim shoot out of his cockhead! Finally, a couple of more spasms and the last bits went all over my hand.

We both were absolutely breathless, grinning, hugging, and kissing. Some of the cum from my breasts got on his shirt, and when we broke, I got some tissues from my handbag and wiped him off, first his shirt, then his still partly stiff cock. I told him I loved his cock, and he told me he loved my breasts. He rubbed his cum into my breasts and where it had dripped down into my cleavage. Then he wiped off my eyebrows.

We were both slowing down a lot and took more notice of our surroundings. Adam looked at my pussy. "See how wet you are — there's a big dark spot right through your panties." We laughed and we also commented on how the car smelled. I wondered if Adam would get in trouble because of the cum on his shirt, but he'd said he'd just say he spilled a drink.

We mostly rearranged our clothes and cuddled in the back seat, holding each other and kissing. We said how good it had been. Then I looked at the clock. It was almost 11:30 and we had to get back. We fixed the rest of our clothes and moved back to the front.

As I snuggled with Adam, I said, "You were a lot different than any of the other guys I've ever made out with. And I did more with you than I ever did with anyone else, Adam."

"Thanks, I try to be gentle and take my time, June. But it didn't seem like you were totally without experience either."

"Well, I only touched one other guy's cock, and that wasn't really a boyfriend, just a guy I was with one night. And I never let a guy put his hands between my legs before, but it was super! You made me feel so good I came twice!" I thought a minute. "And another thing. Every time we've made out, if you want to do something and I don't, you respect me. That's a lot of the reason I'm willing to try more with you."

"Are you?"

"Are I what?"

"Willing to try more with me?"

"Well, I'm not ready to go all the way, if that's what you mean. And besides, I don't have BC."

"Yeah, we haven't been going together that long, but we sure are great together in every way. But I mean if it felt good when I felt you through your panties, how would it feel if we were both naked? I know you'd love what I could do with my fingers then. And people can do things with their mouths that they can't possibly do with their fingers!"

At the time he said this, he was feeling one of my breasts as he drove and I had my hand on his thigh. I felt him stirring and moved my hand. He was just about fully hard again! "You must like the idea, Adam, just thinking about it makes you hot!"

"You bet, June."

I told him I'd think about it as we drove into my driveway. We kissed a lot in the car, then I finally had to go inside. I asked him what he was going to do about the bulge in his pants he said, "The same thing you did — only it won't be as much fun! What about you?"

"Oh, I have my ways," I smiled and gave him one last kiss. Then I went in and said hi to my Mom who waited up for me. She was cool, though, and just said she was glad I was a good girl who came home on time. I went upstairs and stripped quickly so I could play with myself. Then I took a shower and got into bed naked. I came once more, thinking about how nice Adam's cock had looked and imagining how it would feel in my mouth, especially when it squirted. I tried to remember how those drops I'd licked tasted, but so much was going on, and I'd licked so little, that I couldn't remember. Just as I got myself off, I pretty much decided I'd find out next time I got with Adam.

The next day, at breakfast, my parents asked me a bunch of questions about Adam. I was really glad to answer with the truth. He got good grades, he didn't drink and took me away from a party where that was happening, he had a job. They said they wanted him and me to hang out at home some of the time so they could get to know him. I said that would be no fun and they said it would be less fun if they grounded me, so I agreed. They also said only one date a weekend until further notice. I argued, but I didn't get anywhere, really, just that he could come over more than once a week, but we could only go out on a date once a week.

During lunch, I called up my best friend Melanie and she said Jake, her boyfriend, was out of town for the weekend, so why didn't I come over for the night? She got our parents to approve.

I had another shift at work, 9:00 to 5:00, then I did some homework and went to Melanie's. We watched TV and a DVD and played some CDs. We called Adam and goofed around on the phone for a while together, all three of us. Later, we got into our nightgowns with a real chick flick on the DVD. We figured to watch it, then go to sleep.

The DVD was kinda boring, so we started talking about boyfriends. She asked me how I liked Adam. I told her he was the best guy I'd gone with in every way. She said she felt the same way about Jake. She said he gave dreamy kisses.

"You've been going with him a few months. Have you gone all the way?" I asked.

"No, but he really wants me to, and I'm real curious about it. I haven't told him, but I 'm thinking of making an appointment with Planned Parenthood to get some BC. Then one night when he asks me about it I'll surprise him by saying yes."

We both laughed. "You'll make him very happy," I said.

"And me, too," Melanie added.

"How far do you go with him now?" I asked.

"Well, I keep my panties on, but I let him rub me all over. I really like it when he rubs me inside my panties. He gets his finger inside, you know, and I get real wet."

"Yeah, I did more with Adam than I ever did with anyone last night. It was super. He got his hand over me down there and rubbed me just right so I came twice, right in my panties."

"He made you cum through your panties? He must be good. Jake never got me over the top. Did you do anything for him or just leave him hanging?"

I laughed. "No, I took it out and played with it. It's nice and thick and sprayed all over my breasts and even onto my face. He said I did a great job."

"Your first?"

"I did it once before. It's fun playing with a cock and it's really exciting when a guy comes. What about you? What do you do for Jake?"

"Well, I…you know, use my mouth."

"Oh, wow. Isn't it gooey?"

"I kinda like it, partly because it makes Jake feel so good, but also because it's fun to do it. Actually, I like it a lot."

"How about when he cums? Do you swallow it? How does it taste?"

"It's kinda salty. It's a little slimy, but not too bad. Mostly, it's fun because Jake's so excited when it happens that I get excited, too. And it leaves a nice feeling in my throat for a while that makes me feel good 'cause it reminds me of what I did for my boyfriend. Does Adam want you to do it for him?"

"Yeah, he said something about it when we were driving home last night. He also said something about doing that to me. I think he's got a lot of experience."

"It sounds like it. Well, I think sucking is fun and I'd try it if I were you. About him licking you…that's what lezzies do. It probably is pretty fun."

"How soon do you think you'll go all the way with Jake?"

"I'm not sure I'm ready to. Anyway, it depends on the kind of BC I get and I won't know until after the appointment — if I make it."

"I may just beat you. I really like Adam a lot." We both paused, then we looked at each other and giggled.

"Talking about it makes me kinda excited," I said.

"Me, too," said Melanie. "After a hot date, do you, you know, get yourself off?"

"Yeah, I did twice last night and again in the morning. I do it a lot anyway. You?"

"Usually when I get up, sometimes during the day, and then at bedtime. I get to sleep better that way."

We looked at each other and grinned, then we got the giggles real bad. When we finally stopped, Melanie got an extra blanket from her closet and threw it to me. "Here," she said. "I'll get under the covers and you get under this."

"OK!" I grinned.

We got on the bed, leaning against her headboard and I put the blanket over me. I spread my legs and lifted my nightie. I was self-conscious, but I was also a bit damp down there. I got my hand inside my nightie and cupped one of my breasts. Then I touched myself. As soon as I did, I knew I had to finish. I rubbed my lips and dipped my two fingers inside, pushing them in and out. They got wet right away and I moved up to my clit. Soon, my breathing was getting pretty heavy. I glanced over at Melanie and it looked like she was doing about the same as I was.

Our eyes met and we both grinned. We were too turned on to be self-conscious. We didn't even look away, but just kept on with what we were doing, our breathing getting louder and louder, watching each others' faces. I suddenly became aware of the very strong pussysmell in the room. We were two hot chicks, I thought.

Then Mel's eyes shut and her head rolled back. She gasped and gasped, thrusting her hips again and again. Then it started happening to me and I closed my eyes as wave after wave went over me, finally slowing down.

When I opened my eyes, Mel was smiling at me. We agreed that it was more fun, in a way, than doing it alone. We also agreed that it would be our secret. We went to the bathroom and washed our hands, giggling and feeling good. We didn't have any trouble going to sleep after that.

I didn't realize it at the time, but the next week was going to be a big one for me. It all started because Wednesday was a teacher planning day—no school for us kids. I had the morning free and so did Adam. My parents were both at work and Adam's younger brother and sister were at home, so we planned for him to come over to my place about 10:00. We both had to be at work at 4:00, so we had some time together with no one around.

Tuesday night when I went to bed, and again in the morning, as I played with myself, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I liked holding Adam's cock and wondering how it would be in my mouth. I knew I was going to try it and that I'd probably let him strip me all the way. I trusted him not to force himself on me.

I stayed in a cotton nightie until my parents left, then I got dressed. I put on my laciest white underwire bra, but I had a hard time choosing my panties. In those days, I still had cotton briefs, but also some nylon pairs. I picked a yellow pair with lace around the legs and over the front panel. I wore a halter top that showed a bit of cleavage. A pleated skirt, knee socks, and running shoes completed my outfit.

It seemed like forever waiting for Adam, even though he arrived 10 minutes early. We sat in the living room, talking, then making out. When he started feeling me up, I said we should go upstairs to my room.

We started making out again right away, lying on my bed. This was a lot better than the back seat of the car, believe me! It wasn't long before Adam had my bra off and was sucking and pinching my nipples again. It felt so good.

I felt his cock pressed against my leg where my skirt had slipped up. I knew I was going to take it in my mouth, so I squeezed it and tugged at his belt. Adam raised his hips and helped me pull his pants down. I didn't waste any time with his blue patterned men's bikini, but tugged it right down. Then I got my first really good look at my boyfriend's cock. It was as thick as I'd remembered. But what I really liked was the tip. It was darker than the shaft, and wider, too. I was holding the shaft, sliding my hand up and down, loving the way the skin moved over the stiff part inside. Adam was breathing hard and suddenly the whole cock stiffened and the tip flared up and got bigger. "Oh," I gasped, thrilled. It felt so alive! Then his precum came out and I rubbed it over his cockhead with a finger. Adam groaned. I just ducked my head and kissed the tip. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world and the skin there was so soft.

Adam asked, "Will you suck it for me, June?" I just looked up at him and nodded, smiling. I started to duck back down, but he stopped me. "There's a much more comfortable way to do this. Here, kneel on this." He handed me a pillow and I got the idea. He moved to the edge of the bed and lay back on my other pillow.

There it was, ready for me to play with — Adam's big stiff cock. I stroked it and cupped the balls, then kissed it again. I was getting up the nerve to put it in my mouth when Adam had another idea. "Rub my cock on your nipples and put it right between your breasts," he gasped.

I thought it sounded kinda weird, but I was willing to try anything that wouldn't get me pregnant, so I leaned forward a bit and shook my shoulders. My breasts swung back and forth, and my nipples raked across his shaft. To my surprise, I liked it. I smiled at Adam. "This is fun," I said.

"It sure is!" he grinned. "So's this. Hold still a minute." When my breasts stopped bobbling, he grasped the base of his cock and started slapping my nipples with it like a small bat. My nipples, already swollen, felt so good that I tingled all the way down between my legs and I started getting damp.

"Oh, I like this, Adam," I gasped. He kept it up a few more minutes, then he grabbed my breasts with both hands and pulled me forward, sliding his cock into my cleavage. "Oh!" I exclaimed, surprised. My big breasts lay on his belly and the tip rose up between them. It looked like a soldier with a helmet coming out of a foxhole.

Then Adam started thrusting his hips up and down, still holding my breasts so they covered his cock. As he moved up and down, the tip disappeared, then thrust up like a spear. Adam was getting really worked up. "Oh, this feels good. I love humping your breasts, June. My cockhead feels sooo good when I pump UP!" He kept doing it, gasping each time his tip surged through my valley.

At the top of each stroke, it was so close to my mouth that I got an idea. I stuck out my tongue and licked it. "AH!" cried Adam. I did it again and again. Sometimes I missed, but usually I connected. But I wanted more. I wanted to know what his whole cock would be like in my mouth. I wanted to feel him squirt and taste him.

"Adam, I want to suck you," I gasped.

"Oh, yes!" Adam stopped thrusting and I bobbed my head down to him, making my breasts fall away from his cock. I kissed the tip again, then took it into my mouth. The skin was so smooth and there was a bit of a taste, salty and slightly bitter. I liked it. I ran my tongue over the tip and Adam started moaning. He thrust up, and I just let the cock slide deeper into my mouth. I loved the way it felt as it filled me up. I really loved how the smooth cockhead rubbed on the top of my mouth. I sucked in like I wanted to swallow the whole cock and Adam groaned again. I licked his shaft. Then, I felt his hand behind my head pulling my hair back gently. I got the idea and started bobbing my head, working my lips on the shaft and my tongue on his tip. Adam was moaning, his hand wrapped in my hair.

I loved every second of it. The thick cock filled my mouth and strained my jaw just a bit, but not painfully — just enough that I knew I was working hard for my boyfriend's pleasure. I really wanted to make him cum, to taste him. And he was getting ready. Even with as little experience as I had at the time, I could tell. His cockhead flared in my mouth (That was a thrill, let me tell you!), and more precum came out.

All of a sudden, he let go of my breast and grabbed the base of his cock. He pulled his hips back from me and I leaned forward, not wanting his wonderful cock to get out of my mouth. What was he doing?

"June, stop. I'll finish later."

"What do you mean?" I cried, hurt. "Am I doing it wrong?"

"Oh, no! You're doing everything right, believe me. You're wonderful. You're talented."

"Then why don't you let me keep going? I want you to cum in my mouth."

"Oh, I really want to and I will, honey. But first, let me do something nice for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Will you let me take off your panties and let me play with you?"

"I'm not ready to go all the way, Adam, and besides, I don't have birth control, but if you promise not to get me pregnant, I'll let you strip me. I've never been naked with a guy before."

"Oh, June, I like you so much and you're so beautiful. I promise to make you feel really good and not risk getting knocked up." He pulled me toward him on the bed and hugged me. We kissed long and hard. Pretty soon, his hand was up under my short skirt, feeling my panties and my ass.

I clung to him, very excited at what we were going to do. If he could make me cum while I was still in my panties, what could he do when I was naked.?

Adam reached for the zipper at the side of my skirt and tugged it. "Let me," I whispered, lying on my back and raising my hips. I undid the snap and pulled the zipper. "Strip me, Adam," I said, raising my hips for him.

Adam pulled down my skirt, leaving my panties on. He grinned. "Oh, those are so pretty," he said.

"I thought you when I put them on because I knew you'd take them off." I figured he'd do it right away, but instead he kissed me, rubbing my mound with his hand. I was really excited and ready to go. I smelled the pussysmell I remembered from when Melanie and I played with ourselves.

"Oh, June, you're such a hot girl, so wet already!" Adam moaned, rubbing my sex. He put his hands in my waistband at last and tugged my panties down off my hips. I was breathing really hard and I got this "naughty girl" feeling in my stomach. Adam kissed me and put his hand right on my mound. I kissed him back and pushed my hips up. Then he did that thing with his hand again. He pushed my lips together with two fingers and ran his middle finger over my slit. Then he pulled my mound up and down, up and down, something I do to myself. It felt so good. He kept this up until I was panting. I wanted him to rub my clit and make me cum the way he had in the car, but he had other ideas. "I want to see you," he muttered, sliding down my body, pausing to lick my nipple. He pushed a pillow behind me and kinda rolled me over.

I lay on my back with my legs parted for him. His head was right between my thighs and he looked up at me with this huge grin on his face. Then he looked down and muttered, "Oh, how beautiful." His fingers brushed up the insides of my thighs, then very lightly went over my lips. I cried out it felt so good.

It got better. Adam ran his fingers over my lips and then used one finger to trace all up and down between my outer and inner lips. That was incredible - I'd never even done that to myself. My head started rolling around, then Adam's finger went into my slit. I moaned real loud and spread my legs wider. His finger went in and out of me, giving me an idea of what it would be like to be fucked. He slid back up, one hand cupping a breast and pinching my nipple as we kissed. I clung to him and his finger went out of my slit and up to my clit. That was it! I went right over the top, moaning, twisting, still kissing my wonderful boyfriend!

He held me tight, kissing me, his finger going round and round over my clit, making me cum again and again. I'd never felt like this!

After a while, he stopped and I slowed down. I looked at him, grinning. "Oh, Adam, that was wonderful! You made me feel so good."

He kissed me again and whispered, "I'm not done yet, June." Then he slid back down my body, kissing each nipple, but still moving down. I lay back, opening my legs wide for him. I know if he'd asked to fuck me then I would have said yes. But he didn't. He started rubbing my lips with his fingers again, driving me crazy.

Only for a moment. Then he licked me, right up the slit where it was all wet from his fingering. I gasped, then he pulled the upper part of my lips into his mouth and rubbed his tongue over my clit. My eyes flew open and I looked down. All I could see was the top of his head and his nose pressed against my belly. But what I felt was amazing. My clit felt huge as he sucked it and kissed it. And I felt really good all over. I arched my hips, pushing myself up to him and I pushed his head onto me with both hands. Adam just kept licking and licking, pulling my clit back and forth a bit with his lips. It was incredible! I started cumming again right away, moaning and thrashing about. Once, when he changed positions a bit, I thought he was going to stop, so I clamped my legs together over his head! I wasn't going to let him go! That's when this big orgasm started building up in me. Adam kept licking and licking, and I started to cum.

This time, I screamed it felt so good. I thrust up to him and tightened my thighs, holding him to my lips, cumming harder than I ever had. It was the best! I'd cum, then relax a bit, then start cumming again. My legs got tired, and I let them flop to the side, but Adam just grabbed my ass and kept licking. Oh, it was wonderful - and it went on and on.

When I finally began to slow down, Adam looked up at me and I tousled his hair. He moved up and kissed me, hugging me tight. "Oh, Adam," I said, "that was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me! I can't believe how good it felt!"

He grinned, "I thought you'd like it." We kissed again, and I felt his big, thick cock pressing against my thigh. The tip was damp. I wanted it. I grasped it and started stroking.

"June, wait. I'm really close and I want to cum in your mouth."

"Oh, Adam, I want you to so much. I want to feel you squirt!" I moved back to my pillow on the floor and Adam scooted forward, his cock pointing right at the ceiling. I held it at the bottom and tilted it toward me, grinning. I watched Adam's face as I licked the tip. His eyes rolled back and he moaned. I took the tip in my mouth, then slowly worked my lips down his shaft. When my lips reached my fingers at the bottom, I felt the tip flare again and tasted his precum. Adam twisted my hair, pulling me back up. I started sucking hard and fast, judging from his gasps that he was going to cum any second. Up and down, up and down, sucking my cheeks in, loving the feel of his big smooth head in my throat, rubbing my tongue over it as much as I could - I loved it.

Then suddenly, Adam started groaning, pushing his hips up. I felt the tip grow bigger than ever and I felt a surge go past my bottom lip. I knew he was cumming just before the fist big gob of cum shot out of that wonderful tip. His hips kept bucking, his head kept spurting, and he was bellowing! I just started gulping as soon as it hit me and kept going, twisting a bit to keep up with his thrashing. All too soon, I noticed that there was less coming out, then one last squirt and he relaxed, breathing a big sigh. I swallowed the last drops and my eyes met Adam's. I saw his big grin and let the cock slip from my lips as I went to kiss him.

We hugged and kissed. I was so proud of myself for taking his cock in my mouth and swallowing everything. I told him it was wonderful to do that for each other and he said I was real good. I said when he licked me it was the best feeling I'd ever had.

Pretty soon, I looked at his cock and it was all soft and a lot smaller than it had been. Impulsively, I kissed it and we laughed. He patted my mound, then we kissed some more. Suddenly, I realized I was hungry and thirsty. We threw on some clothes and went to the kitchen.

It took us a while to get any food because we got distracted by more hugging and kissing. I never felt so close to anyone in my life and Adam said he felt the same. Finally, we were at the table eating and I asked him something that was on my mind.

"Adam, where'd you learn to do all that?"

He sighed and looked kinda embarrassed. "Well, uh, last summer…"

"Yeah, what happened?"

"You probably won't like it."

"How do you know? Right now I'm glad you know so much. It was wonderful!" Then a thought struck me. "You don't have another girl?"

"No, June, it's not like that, I swear. You're the greatest. It was just a summer fling and I don't even write letters to her. Besides, she's got a real boyfriend."

Something about this didn't sound right, but Adam seemed more embarrassed than like he was hiding something. "Adam, tell me. I promise not to hold it against you unless….you raped someone or something."

"Yuck. No. I couldn't do that." He took a deep breath. "You know I want to be an actor. Well, last summer I got a job working in a theater and doing a bit of acting and studying about acting. This one guy, Rob, became a good friend. He had this beautiful girlfriend, Janice. Anyhow, one night they got to asking me about how much sex experience I had. I told them and Janice said it wasn't nearly enough for a guy as good looking as me. We laughed, and Rob said something about her doing something to help me out and we laughed more. But then the next night, they invited me to their cabin (we all lived in this one area) and they said that if I wanted, we could all get into bed together. Then I could watch what Rob did to Janice and then do it to her myself.

"June, I was so curious, and Janice was so beautiful, that I agreed. We kept it up for the rest of the summer….Anyhow, that's how I learned so much. I hope you don't hate me because of it. I really like you, June, much more than any girl I've ever been with, Janice or anyone else."

"Wow, Adam, that's really something. So you learned from an expert." I recalled how Miranda had introduced me to giving hand jobs, so I wasn't totally shocked. I kissed him and told him I wasn't jealous because I was his girl and he was my guy. He agreed and kissed me back. Well, that's all it took — he started kissing me more. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to teach me in the hour and a half before he had to leave for work. Then we ran back to the bedroom, hand in hand.

This time, we just threw off our clothes and got down to it, making out furiously. One of the neat things I remember about this time was how I grabbed Adam's cock as soon as we stripped. I felt it grow big and stiff in my hand. That was exciting! Well, then Adam wanted to lick me and I wanted to suck him, so he asked me if I knew what a 69 was. I'd heard about it, so I said yes. He just grinned and lay on his side with one leg bent. I got the idea right away and lay my head on his thigh, spreading myself for him.

I stroked and played with his cock, kissing it a bit before I took it in my mouth. Meanwhile, he rolled my lips between his fingers and rubbed my clit, then started licking me.

I liked doing the 69 a lot, but I felt sorta distracted by his cock. I couldn't feel what he was doing to me as well as I could before. So finally I stopped sucking and held onto his cock while he kept eating me. In a couple of minutes, he moved away from me and twisted around so he was lying between my thighs again.

Then it was just like the other time. I felt good all over and got really wet. I started humping up to meet him, spreading my legs as wide as I could to spread my lips. It was wonderful, but Adam made it even better. He grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I went right over the top, screaming again! I gotta admit it wasn't as strong as the first time, but it sure was great! Slit-licking was the best!

I wanted Adam's cock. I got back on my knees for him and he, grinning that big grin of his, got in place on the edge of the bed. I didn't play with it long, but pretty quick took it in my mouth, rubbing the head deep inside me. I loved that. This time, I also worked my hand on his shaft as I bobbed my head back and forth. Then I got the idea of gently holding his ballsack as I sucked. Adam really liked that. He started groaning and humping forward. It was a bit hard to keep up with him, but I managed. Then I tasted his precum. I knew he was getting ready, so I rocked my head faster.

It worked. I felt the first squirt hit the back of my throat and started swallowing. Adam bucked his hips up as far as he could and cried out as squirt after squirt of his cum poured into my throat. I just kept swallowing, still trying to keep up with his motion.

While the squirts weren't so strong and finally stopped, and the hip bucking got less and less until it stopped, I stayed right with him. In fact, I didn't let his cock out of my mouth. I kept it there, feeling it relax a bit and get softer. I gave it a suck and lick.

Adam gasped and pulled away from me real fast.

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked, my feelings hurt.

"Nothing, it's just that right after a guy cums, his cock is really sensitive." Well, I'd learned that from Miranda and Jim, but I'd forgotten it. I apologized and we hugged and kissed, feeling each other.

Then Adam looked at the clock. He had to be at work earlier than I did, so he gave me a few last kisses and started getting dressed. We hugged one last time and told each other how much we cared for each other and he left for work.

In a sort of daze, I cleaned up from our lunch and remade the bed. I still had nearly an hour before I had to be at work and I really didn't feel like doing any homework! I sat on the bed a moment, remembering how good it had been. Then I decided to call Melanie.

She was home and I told her all about it. She said I was lucky 'cause Adam sounded like a really good guy to make out with. Jake hadn't been able to see her that day. The conversation made me all hot again, so without telling Mel I got my fingers busy inside my panties. Then I said, "I'm going to make an appointment for BC before I go to work. I'm ready. I just won't tell Adam - let it be a surprise." Mel laughed and said it would be the best surprise of his life.

We rang off and I kept on playing with myself, thinking how nice it felt when Adam made me cum. I came again, then got out the phone book an made the call. I got an appointment for Thursday.

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