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Candy Stroker Part 4: Cherry No More!

The Candy Stroker gets it at last.
Candy Stroker Part 4: Cherry No More!

Adam picked me up and asked me how work was. Still sorting out how I felt about Lois and Janelle being bisexual, I guess I seemed kinda out of it. He asked if I was OK, and I said I was tired. He drove me home and we kissed each other good-bye in the driveway. We talked about my 18th birthday that was coming up on Wednesday. I told him my parents had arranged a big family party on Friday night. I got the night off, grandparents, aunts and uncles were coming, and I’d been told it was a family-only event. He said he’d give me my gift on Saturday.

I masturbated, thinking about all the sex I'd had that day — my thoughts blended Adam’s blowjob, the patient’s, teasing the old man, and how excited Lois and Janelle seemed when they expected sex together. I decided I'd ask Lois about bisexuality sometime. By this time, my horniness and my tiredness were at war in me. I thought about how sexy I'd make myself when I got on the Pill and was ready to go all the way with Adam. That brought me over the top and I finally drifted off to sleep.

Lucky me! When I woke up, my period had started. I could start taking the Pill and be ready for Adam in a few days! Excited, I called Melanie to tell her. I decided to surprise Adam with our first full sex. Melanie and I talked about how to do it. We figured I should wait until next Saturday night, wear my sexiest clothes, and go to a motel for complete privacy. She said she'd cover for me so I could say she was staying with her and Adam and I could spend the whole night together. A week seemed like a long time to wait.

Later that night, Adam and I went out to a party. I wore hipsters, pantyhose, a really short skirt, and high heels. Adam said I was hot. I told him about my period, but we sneaked off to a bedroom at the party and I sucked him dry while he rubbed me until I went over the top.

Tests, work, and birthday planning kept me so busy that week we didn't see much of each other.

The birthday party was cool. I like most of my relatives and I got some nice clothes and a few checks that amounted to over $500.

Saturday, Melanie came over and we were both pretty excited. She asked what I planned to do. Adam mentioned going to a movie or to a birthday party for a girl neither of us knew very well. The movie wasn't romantic at all, so I wasn't too big on going. Besides, we wanted an excuse for me to dress up. I called Adam and asked him to dress up a bit for the party. He really didn't go for the idea too much, but he agreed.

Then Mel and I called a motel to make reservations. They said we must use a credit card or pay cash in advance. We drove over there and I paid for a room and got a receipt. Left an I-Pod player in the room for later. On the way back, I suggested we stop at the lingerie store.

Lucky for me, Lois was working. I introduced her to Mel and whispered that I had big plans for the evening. Lois grinned. “You go, girl!” she said. “Do you want to wear something extra special?”

“You bet,” I said.

Fascinated, Mel asked lots of questions about the sexy lingerie Lois showed me. In the end, I bought a very fancy black garter belt with six garters, matching panties and underwire bra, seamed black hose that came way up my legs, a pair of white pumps that were higher than any heels I'd ever worn. I covered all this up with a black dress with a slit part way up the side and a scoop neckline. Lois said with this dress, I could show or hide a lot, depending on how I sat. At the end of the shopping spree, Mel noticed a cute white belt and purse that matched my shoes. She bought it for me as my birthday present from her.

When Lois heard it was my birthday, she said “Happy Birthday. How old are you?”


She smiled and said “Good!”

Melanie also bought a some sexy lingerie. She always liked flashy colors, so in addition to a lacy white garter, panty, and bra set, she bought a red set and black, white, and taupe stockings. She figured she'd surprise Jake a, but not as big a surprise mine for Adam.

After we paid, Lois wished us both luck and winked at us. She got her purse from under the sales counter and rummaged in it. Then she held out her hand, hiding her little gift. I held my palm up and she dropped three foil packets in my hand. “June, have fun and play safe.” We all laughed and I thanked her.

Mel and I went back to my house and had our own little lingerie party. We tried on each others' new lingerie and I showed her some of the things I already had. We tried on different sets and admired each other. The last bra I put on provided lots of uplift with straps on the side.

“Wow, you're big,” said Mel. “That bra really shows you off. I hope I get close to your size.”

“Well, remember I had this big growth spurt a while ago? Maybe something like that’ll happen for you.”

“Maybe... I hope so. Say, why don’t you put on your dress and try walking and sitting around in it, bending over, stuff like that?”

I pulled the dress on and walked around with Mel looking at me. We discovered that if I took a slightly longer stride than usual, a lot of leg showed. I bent over and Mel told me when she could see my cleavage and when she could see the lace of my bra. Next, I sat in front of the mirror and sat with my legs crossed, uncrossed, even spread a little. Also, I slid forward and back on the seat, which really made the slit in the skirt show or hide lots of my thighs. I learned just how far to spread my knees to give a guy a long look up my legs without seeing all the way up — and how far to spread to let him see it all. Mel borrowed a dress and practiced also. We felt sexy and giggled a lot about it.

Mel sat on my bed and gave me a big smile. “So you’re really going to go all the way tonight!”

“Yeah, tonight’s the big night.”


‘No, just excited. I wish it was time to do it right now.”

“Cool! You’re red hot and ready to go!”

“Yeah, plus I feel pretty sexy playing with all this lingerie.”

“Me, too. Remember what we did last time I slept over?” Mel looked dreamy at the memory.

“Yeah, that was wild! Want to do it again?”

“I sure need to cum. Let’s do it.”

“OK! But this time, let’s keep our stockings on and not use a blanket. I think it’s OK if we watch each other, don’t you?” I said.

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun!”

We threw off our dresses, tugged down our panties, and faced each other on my bed, still in our sexy garterbelts and stockings. Mel squatted, opening herself wide and reached down with both hands to play with her pussy. She had an intense, excited look on her face.

I touched myself and found I was already very wet. I pulled my pussylips and rubbed my clit with the tip of my forefinger. I sighed deeply and looked at Mel. gazed at my crotch and moved her lips up and down, holding herself near the top of her slit.

“Oh, I love this!” she moaned. “It feels so good.”

“I like watching you, Mel,” I said.

“I like watching you, too,” said Mel, running her finger inside her lips. Her finger got slick, just like mine. I rubbed a finger inside my lips and dipped the tip into my hole. “Oh, Mel, it’s gonna be Adam’s cock in here before the night’s through. I can hardly wait!”

“And when I get with Jake, I’m going to suck his bone dry.” Mel’s fingers moved faster and her breathing deepened. Pungent pussysmell filled the room as we worked ourselves up.

“I gotta lie down,” I said, flopping on my back next to Mel. She lay next to me, both of us with our knees bent. “I’m gonna be just like this for Adam tonight!” My pussy gushed at the thought. I spread my legs wider and bumped into Mel’s thigh.

She lifted her leg way up toward her shoulder, giving me room. I spread real wide. “Come on, Adam, give it to me,” I moaned, rubbing my clit with two fingers.

“Oh, yeah,” gasped Mel. She flexed her knee and locked our legs together. It was wild. She came almost immediately, fingers flying in her pussy. “Oh, this feels so good! I love it!” she cried, eyes closed, head rolling from side to side. “Oh, yeah, ooohhh!”

Watching her have so much fun brought me over the top, too. I gasped and moaned, putting more pressure on my clit, and humping my hips. I thought Mel’s leg and stocking felt sexy as I kept spasming.

When I calmed down a bit, I opened my eyes. Mel favored me with a big smile. “Oh, that was nice,” she said.

“Uh, huh,” I agreed.

“I want to do it again,” Mel said, “but I want you to have a better view.” She got on her knees with her legs spread wide, then started rubbing the top of her slit over her clit.

Slick with sweat, Mel looked beautiful, and smelled delicious. Suddenly, her middle finger went deep inside, between her pussylips, and her hips bucked. I liked seeing her finger sliding back and forth in the damp slit. Mel moaned and gasped as she rocked back and forth, cumming again.

She finally slowed down, then stopped rubbing her clit.

“Oh, Mel, that was really something. You looked so sexy close up!”

“Let me watch you, June, but on your back so I can see your big tits.”

I lay back, feeling myself up. I smiled at Mel and looked at my breasts “My big tits. They sure get a lot of attention. All kinds of guys, especially Adam, now you, too!”

“Well, they’re so big they’re hard not to notice. And your nipples stand out so much. Really beautiful, girl.”

I rubbed my pussy on the outside, putting pressure on my slit and my clit. It felt great, especially ‘cause I was staring into Melanie’s eyes. I felt like such a sexy show off. Masturbation was supposed to be private, and we were making a girls’ game of it. I wondered if this was anything like what Lois and Janelle did together. And that made me want to tell Mel about my escapades in the hospital.

“Mel, I want to tell you something sexy, but you have to promise not to tell,”

“Sure, you know I keep secrets.”

“OK, here goes.” I fingered myself for a moment, figuring out how to tell her. Mel kept rubbing herself a bit, too.

“Well, the first time I worked night shift, this nurse Miranda took me around to show me the ropes. There was this guy there, a patient, who couldn’t sleep. Next thing I knew, Miranda was giving him a hand job.”

“Right in the hospital?”

“Yep. It was crazy. Then she asked me if I wanted to do it and I did. That was the first hand job I ever gave and it was fun. That’s a lot of the reason I started doing more with Adam.”

“Does he know you did that?”

“Yeah, and he’s not jealous. He knows its just fun, not a boyfriend/girlfriend thing when I do stuff in the hospital.”

“You mean there’s more? You did more?” Mel fingered herself faster. So did I.

“Oh, yeah. One time I was worked night shift with Lois and her friend Janelle. I was jerking this guy off when I got called away. So they suggested I be extra nice to him when I went back. Janelle watched the hall for me and I gave the guy a blowjob. He said he didn’t want to leave the hospital.”

“I bet. This is incredible. Did you do anything else?”

“Yeah, later that same night Lois and I were helping this old man when he got a look at Lois’s legs in stockings. He went nuts and Lois flashed him and teased him. We both let him look at our legs and feel us up. He was the happiest man in the world. Said he never expected to see a girl in a garter belt again and how much he loved it. Then I watched the hall while Lois finished him off with a blowjob.”

“Oh, that’s so hot!” Mel gasped. “What a thing to do. It’s sending me over the top!”

“Me, too!” I closed my eyes, rubbed my breasts, and fingered my clit as we both came at the same time. We gasped and moaned so much that a part of my mind wondered if my mother would hear us.

When we finished, we sat on the bed, grinning to each other, feeling all those nice after-cum feelings.

I couldn’t help thinking about the one part I hadn’t mentioned — about Lois and Janelle being bisexuals. Briefly, I wondered what it would be like to finger Melanie’s clit or to have her feel me up. She probably wanted to, she admired my breasts so much. But I wasn’t sure how she’d take it if I touched her and I wasn’t sure what I felt about Lois being bi. Besides, tonight Adam was going to pop my cherry that’s what I wanted to concentrate on.

We laughed a bit together and agreed it was a lot more fun watching than doing it alone or side by side under the covers. “We can call it a Pussy Party when we do it again,” Mel said. We really got the giggles at that. Pretty soon Mel got dressed and I put on a robe. We hugged, and she left, telling me to have a great time and to tell her all about it tomorrow. I wished her a nice time with Jake.

After she left, I masturbated one more time, imagining how it would be with Adam later. Then I undressed and took a shower. At dinner with my parents, I wore jeans and a tee shirt over my prettiest black bra and panties. I liked the secret feeling of knowing how sexy I was under my regular clothes — and what I was going to do later. My parents never suspected a thing. When dinner was over, we discussed my arrangements to go to the party, then to Mel’s for the night. They were going to a cocktail party and didn’t expect to be back until late, so there was no problem with my arrangement with Mel.

I got dressed for the party — and for afterwards.

First, make-up.I put it on nude, so no powder fell on my clothes. I fastened my new black garter belt and slowly pulled the stockings up my legs. Standing, I twisted around as I clipped all six garters on my shimmering brown hose. Next, panties. I inspected myself in the mirror. I looked sexy, except for the wisps of pubic hair that showed outside my skimpy panties. I removed the panties and went into the bathroom. I trimmed back quite a bit so my lips showed through the remaining hair. Sexy, I thought. Back in the room, the mirror showed no messy hair when I slipped the panties back on.

I hooked my bra under my breasts and spun it around, then leaned forward, letting my bubbies fall into the cups. I stood and adjusted myself. My breasts were high, my cleavage deep.

No slip, just the slit dress, the loose belt on my hips, and a pair of white open-toed high heels. The white bag Melanie found for me completed the outfit. Except for one thing. I opened the bag and put in the condoms. I was ready.

Half an hour to wait. I thought about how happy Adam would be when we went all the way, and I got horny all over again. I lifted my dress and put my fingers inside my panties and brought myself off again. Then I let my dress back down and waited for Adam

He arrived about five minutes later. He whistled when he saw me, eyeing my cleavage. He didn’t notice my legs right away.We kissed, and he gave me a squeeze on my boobs, but that’s all we did.

I told Adam he looked really good, too. He wore sharply creased slacks, a belt with a turquoise buckle, and a purple shirt of soft fabric. His low boot-like shoes were sharp. I thanked him for dressing up.

Then Adam gave me a card and a small, thin box. The box contained a silver necklace with a heart pendant and he put it on me. The heart pointed right to my cleavage. The card had tickets to a movie and a coupon he’d made for a dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. I thanked him and kissed him deeply before we went.

In the car, I pulled my hemline down. I didn’t want Adam to see everything yet. The slit in the dress was on the right, so that didn’t give me away.

The party was for this girl Marcie’s 18th birthday. We put our gifts on the stack on a table by the door, then joined the crowd. Marcie was class secretary, very popular, so there were about 40 kids there. People danced in the living room and stood around eating junk food and drinking pop in the dining room.

Adam and I got drinks and plates of food and went to the living room. When a couple got up to dance, we got their seats and watched the dancers. Pretty soon, two friends of Adam’s came over, Zach and Matt. They talked with Adam and I said hi.

They’d heard about the party late and couldn’t get dates. Zach asked Adam about his job and wondered whether they needed anyone else. Both guys constantly looked at my cleavage. I felt sexy and desirable. Without thinking much about it, I crossed my legs. I happened to be looking at Matt as I did. His eyes widened and his jaw literally dropped. I realized how high my skirt rose. I showed quite a bit of thigh above my stocking top. I didn’t mind. Let him have a bit of a thrill; Adam was going to fuck me.

Zach glanced my way and smiled. The funny thing was that his friends knew more about what I was wearing than Adam did. “Adam,” he said, “you’re a lucky guy. We can’t get a date tonight, but you’re here with the best looking and sexiest girl in the school.”

“You bet,” said Adam.

I smiled.” Thanks, Zach. A girl likes to know she’s good looking.” I crossed my legs the other way, making no effort to pull my hem down. Matt and Zach sighed audibly. I knew the welt at the top of my stocking showed. Adam still hadn’t looked at my legs. Inside, I laughed at him. Was he in for a surprise.

Not only Zach and Matt, but other people, guys and girls, noticed my sexy legs and stockings and glanced my way, some of them calling others’ attention to me. I liked that and took a deep breath, expanding my chest.

Adam saw so many people looking our way and turned his eyes to me. The slit in my skirt was on his side, so he had the best view of all. From my practice, I knew he could see my stocking top, my garter, and some of my thigh. “Oh, June, wow!” he whispered. He smiled at me and continued talking to the people around us. I thought that was very cool.

All the guys who didn’t have dates came by and found some excuse to say hi to us, just so they could get a better look at me. I even recognized a couple of the guys from the bowling alley a few weeks ago. But the guys with dates also wanted free peeks. Lots of them danced with their girls but put their partners’ backs to us so they could eye me over the girls’ shoulders. I even caught Marcie’s father looking at me.

I think his wife knew because all of a sudden, Marcie’s mother came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “You might wish to pull down your dress, dear.”

Startled, I jumped. I acted innocent, of course, and thanked her, lowering my eyes modestly. But I made sure I spread my legs for a split second when I uncrossed them and pulled my hemline down. A few lucky guys saw all the way up to my lacy panties. I heard them gasp.

Adam asked me to dance. We moved with the strong beat of the first song. The slit in my dress let my hem fly about, giving the guys glimpses of my stockings.

Next was a slow song. Adam held me close. I put my arms around his neck, knowing that would pull up my dress, With Marcie’s parents right there, Adam didn’t put his hands on my ass or anything like that, but he did helped me show off. He put his hand low on my hip on the side with the slit and slowly moved up, pulling my hem even higher, probably around the top of my stocking. I lowered my eyelids, but didn’t completely close them and watched the guys stare at me, licking their lips. I felt Adam’s stiff cock against me and my pussy got damp.

When the dance ended, it was time for presents and cake and ice cream. We all filed into the dining room and Marcie blew out her candles. We all ate from paper plates and went back to the living room. All the gifts were piled on a table couple of guys brought in. Everybody cleared a place around Marcie, over by the entertainment center.

It didn’t take Marcie too long to open her gifts and to thank everyone. The stereo started again, people were dancing, and I was impatient to get on with Adam’s big surprise.

“Adam, this is boring. Come on, I want to show you something.”

He grinned. “You’re showing a lot to everyone here!”

I laughed. “Well, you get to see more.”

We said good-by to Marcie and got into his car. This time, I didn’t pull my hem down at all — I tugged it up a bit to Adam my stockings and some of my garters.

Adam, in the driver’s seat, rubbed my leg. “June, you are so sexy it’s driving me wild! Let’s go somewhere so I can get a better look at you.”

I felt his bulge, long and stiff. “Oh, you do like my stockings. I hoped you would. I’ve got another surprise for you, Adam. Drive where I tell you.”

“OK,” he said eagerly, driving one-handed. He rubbed my legs and panties the whole time we drove and I rubbed his cock. When I told him to him turn into the hotel, he said, “June....” like he guessed what was happening.

I interrupted and told him to park in front of the room, then I kissed him long and deep. “I’m ready for you, Adam. I want us to make love all night. I’m on the pill at last. This is our night.”

“Oh, June, you’re wonderful!” We wasted no time getting into the room. I mentioned that I had arranged an excuse with Marcie. Adam said he needed to call home. I think he and his dad had some understanding ‘cause of how the call went.

“Hello, it’s me. Can I talk to Dad, please?”

“Dad? Hi. Listen, uh, I’m not coming home tonight, OK?”


“Thanks, Dad, you’re the best.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Shady Rest, room 107.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, Dad. Thanks for everything. Bye.”

We laughed when he hung up. Partway through the call, I’d started rubbing his cock through his pants and he copped a feel of my breast. We only laughed for a minute. We were kissing again, moving to the bed and lying on it, hugging each other tightly.

When we came up for air, I said, “Adam, stay on the bed and I’ll do a strip-tease for you so you can see all the pretty things I’m wearing.”

“Oh, that sounds great.” His eyes opened wide and he sat on the edge of the bed. I put my I-Pod in the player and started a romantic set. I kicked my legs and bounced my tits like I’d seen strippers and dancers do in movies.I got close to Adam and leaned way forward, my rounded breasts right in his face. He licked the top of my right tit.

I spun away and started swaying my hips, showing my leg through the slit in the skirt. I put my hands on my hips and slowly raised my skirt as I rotated my pelvis. I slowly turned around and when my back was to him, I looked at Adam over my shoulder and bent down, pushing my ass toward him. He kissed it and rubbed it before I spun a way again.

This time, I moved my shoulders as I tugged my dress down. Adam gasped when he saw my sexy black lace bra. I jiggled and bounced, kinda hoping my breasts would pop out on their own, but they didn’t. I got closer to Adam, spread my legs and put my hands on my knees so my breasts again hung in his face. He squeezed me from up underneath the bra and again kissed and licked the upper slopes.

I moved away again. It was time for my dress to come off. Still dancing, I turned my back and asked him to unzip me. He did so, and grabbed for my waist, but I broke away and whirled around. “Not yet, Adam, there’s more for you to see first.”

“You are so hot,” he said, rubbed himself.

“Take it out, Adam. I want to watch you stroke it while I strip for you.”

“OK!” he said enthusiastically. In a moment, there it was, my boyfriend’s great cock, already wet from precum. He stroked it and I grinned.

The top part of my dress hung loose and I held it up. I kinda leaned my body back and kept rotating my hips, slowly pulling the dress up my legs.

“Oh, those stockings are sexy,” Adam groaned as he stroked himself faster.

I stood up and let the dress fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and whirled around a couple of times, coming to rest facing him. I posed for him in my lingerie — heels, stockings, garter belt, panties, and bra. He could only breathe deeply and fondle himself, eyes wide open. He wasn’t even giving himself full strokes — I figured to keep from cumming. I put a foot on the bed next to him, giving him a close-up of my panties. I knew the were damp and fragrant; he wasn’t the only one getting turned on. He rubbed my leg from the ankle to the knee, then on up my thigh past my nylons and onto my mound. I humped his hand I was so hot. Then, I moved away again, turned my back, and spread, bending forward to put my pantied ass in his face. He rubbed it and kissed it and reached between my legs to rub my mound again. I rocked my hips in that position grinding my mound on his hand.

I broke away again and faced him, leaning forward with my hands on my knees. “Help a girl out, big boy?” I said coquettishly. Adam loved to undo my bras.

Adam got the idea. Grinning, he found the catch and unfastened me. My big breasts, nipples already distended, tumbled into his hands. He reveled in them, squeezing, kissing, pinching my nipples, even putting his face between them and breathing deeply.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me down next to him on the bed. We kissed passionately, and Adam’s hands found the waist of my lace panties. “Strip me, Adam,” I moaned. He whisked the panties down my legs and over my heels, which I then kicked off.

Adam said, “I want to pay you back for that incredible strip.” Then he put his face between my legs and licked my clit for all he was worth. I was already really wet, and I came in about a minute, moaning and kicking my legs.

Adam looked up, grinning, after I calmed down a bit. “Are you ready to go all the way?” he asked.

“Ready! Hurry up! Get a condom from my purse.”

Hurriedly, he grabbed my purse and found the condoms. He threw them on the bed and selected one, growling like a bear as he tore the package with his teeth.

“Let me learn to put it on,” I said.

Adam lay down, his cock, damp with precum, waving in the air. I fit the condom over the tip and rolled it down. It was easy and now we were ready to go at last!

I lay back on the bed, legs spread, knees up, my stockings shimmering in the soft light of the room. Adam, grinning, quickly shucked the rest of his clothes and got on the bed between my legs.

“You’re the best, June,” he said, and kissed me. As I kissed back, I felt his cockhead at my lips. He pushed the head in and I was doing it at last!

Adam was wonderful. He broke the kiss and looked at me. “Does it hurt, June?”

“No! Put more in!” I loved his thick cock in my pussy. He pushed it in more and I gasped in pleasure. Finally, he slid it all the way up me and I screamed, it felt so good.

Once all the way inside me, Adam did it to me for real. He pumped his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in and out, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I loved it both ways. I hugged Adam and wrapped my legs around him, hugging him with all my limbs.

He kept humping me, kissing me, feeling my tits, my ass, even rubbing my legs where he could reach. Then I felt an orgasm building up deep inside me. I bucked my hips to meet him again and again. I kept holding it back, knowing it would feel better. I loved having Adam pistoning in and out of me, and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

Then I screamed louder than before, hips bucking up to meet him, my cunt spasming around him tightly. I pounded his back with my fists, clenched and unclenched my legs around him again and again. It was the strongest and longest orgasm I’d ever felt.

When it subsided, I opened my eyes. There above me was my beautiful boyfriend, grinning, still pumping into me, just not as hard or fast as while I was cumming. I kissed him really hard. He fucked me until I came another time, then he gasped, “June, I gotta stop a minute or I’ll cum!”

I understood from what I’d learned when I’d tried to make my blowjobs last longer for him, so I just lay still. Adam pulled out of me, much to my disappointment.

Then he whispered, “Get on your hands and knees, June!”

I did as he asked. Bent over like that waiting for my lover to enter me, I felt so open and ready. Then Adam’s cock slid between my cuntlips again. He started slowly, pumping in and out and massaging my ass. Then he gradually increased the pace.

Adam kept pounding into me, rubbing my ass, reaching down my thighs to rub my stockings, fucking me really fast at first, then slower. I felt his ballsack swing forward and hit my clit, something I didn’t expect, but that felt really great. I kept pushing my hips back to meet him as he fucked me. Then he leaned forward over my body and propped himself up on one hand. He put his face next to mine and I twisted around so we kissed. Weird angle, but our eyes met as well as our lips. Then he pinched my nipple and I came again, it felt so good.

The whole time I was cumming, Adam squeezed my nipple. Then, right when I started slowing down a bit, he shifted himself and moved his hand to my clit! Off I went all over again! It was really something! I’d never cum so many times so fast.

Adam straightened up after I finished cumming, but he continued to fuck me. He went faster and faster, grabbing my thighs where they met my hip and pulling me back to meet him. I could tell by his breathing that he was ready to cum.

“Oh, oh,” he gasped, suddenly slowing down. “Let’s switch,” he said, pulling out of me and lying down. “You get on top. Put your feet next to my hips and just squat on me.”

I did what he said and suddenly, fucking was different. I felt his cockhead against my cuntlips and moved just a tiny bit so just his head was in me. I rocked back and forth, loving the way his tip felt in my cunt. Adam must have loved it too, because he started groaning. Then he thrust up toward me, filling me quickly. Adam, grinning, moaned, “Oh, that feels so good!”

I humped up and down, fucking his wonderful cock. He pushed up to me, and I bore down on him. We really made the bed rock!. Then he reached up with both hands and squeezed my breasts. His fingertips circled my nipples and pulled them. With a scream, I went into yet another orgasm. I bounced up and down, fucking, while he pinched my nipples. I only just started to catch my breath when he pushed his head up and sucked my nipple. It felt so good I just started cumming again! I screamed as he sucked me real hard. But he wasn’t done yet. As I caught my breath, Adam, still sucking one nipple, put his palm on my belly and pushed his thumb against my swollen clit. I could hardly believe it — I started cumming all over again! I looked at Adam’s grinning face as I started to cum, then I closed my eyes as wave after wave of pleasure swept through me.

I guess Adam was out of tricks for me because he stopped humping. “I’m gonna cum soon, June. I can’t hold out any longer. Let’s switch — I want to finish on top.”

“OK,” I gasped, moving off him. I lay against a pillow, my legs spread, knees up once again. I felt incredibly sexy and powerful, like a goddess. Adam grinned at me as he got between my legs, his cock waving, all wet. We kissed has he entered me. I sensed an urgency in him I hadn’t felt all night. As soon as he was in me, he started pumping me really hard. I was still really sensitive, so I was on the verge of cumming right away. I wrapped my legs around him and Adam cried, “Oh, your legs feel so good!” He sort of collapsed on me, grabbing my breasts and sucking one really hard. I came again, then he finally let go.

Adam bellowed a really loud animal noise like nothing I’d heard him do when he came in my mouth. It was incredible. I came too, my cunt spasming around his thick cock. We stared at each other, cumming and cumming, for what seemed like a very long time. Finally, with a gasp, Adam gave one final spasm of his hips and collapsed. He lay on me, unmoving. I was exhausted, too, but I felt really good. All I can say is that my cunt was humming.

Pretty soon we started hugging and kissing. We talked about how wonderful it was, and Adam thanked me again and again for the way I’d planned it. He said it was the nicest surprise and the best night of his life. It sure was mine. I loved fucking him.

We both went to the bathroom and got back to the bed. It was really natural for me to start fondling his limp cock. “I love your cock, Adam. It makes me feel so good!” I bent over and kissed it. That didn’t seem like enough, so I took the whole thing in my mouth and sucked. It wasn’t long before Adam erected in my mouth. I loved it when he did that. It made me feel powerful and sexy. I sucked him until I tasted his precum, then I said, “Let’s fuck some more!”

Quickly, we got another condom on him and I lay back like before. But this time, Adam teased me. He put the tip in, but no more. He rocked the tip back and forth, rubbed his hands over my stocking-clad legs, felt my breasts, even rubbed my clit a little, but he wouldn’t fully enter me, no matter how hard I tried hump up to get him inside. “Oh, Adam, fuck me!”

“What do you mean, June?” he teased. “My cock’s in your cunt. Isn’t that fucking?”

“Yes, but fuck me all the way!”

“Oh, you mean you want more of it in you?”

“Yes, Adam, I want your cock.”

“OK,” he said with a little smile. Then he pushed in, very slowly, all of two inches, then he pulled it out and started rocking the tip at the edge of my cuntlips again. “There, is that what you wanted?”

“Well, sort of.” I realized what he was doing and really got into it. “It felt good, but I’m sure you can go deeper.”

“Like this?” He pushed himself back into me, but only a little bit more. “I don’t want to hurt you, June.”

“Oh, it doesn’t hurt, Adam. You can put it in further.” But he pulled it out and kept rocking the tip at my entry. It was maddening and it felt great at the same time.

“I’m not sure, June, I might hurt you if I plunged my hot cock all the way inside you all at once.”

“No, Adam, it won’t hurt. I want it. I want your cock all the way inside me more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life.”

“Are you sure?” Still with that arousing, frustrating rocking.

“Yes, yes, please Adam. Fuck me all the way.”

“OK, since you ask so nicely and you say it won’t hurt. But I’ll go slowly just in case.” He pushed into me real slow and it felt great, better and better the deeper it went. I was right on the edge of cumming real hard and I started rolling my head back — when he pulled out again!

“Oh, Adam!” I wailed.

“June, you looked like it was starting to hurt. Are you sure it’s OK?” There he was, rocking his cockhead in my cuntlips again. I was gasping I wanted it so bad.

“Yes, Adam, its OK! Please!” I was driven to distraction.

“Well, I don’t know...” Then suddenly he thrust forward, filling me fast, fucking me all the way in an instant! I screamed in ecstasy, my hips and cunt spasming again and again. Adam fucked me as fast and furiously as he could, his own breathing getting louder and louder. Then just as my orgasm started winding down, his started. He hollered and his body went rigid except he kept pumping into me, hitting my clit with his body and holding it there for a tiny second each time he thrust into me. It started me back over the top. We both came really hard again, then collapsed, kissing each other.

I told him what he’d done to me was really wild and gave me an incredible cum. I asked him if it was something he’d learned from Rob and Janice. He said that one night, when the three of them were in bed together, after they’d each fucked Janice, Rob got hard again and started fucking Janice. Rob demonstrated and explained the “tease the cunt” trick while Adam stroked himself. “After Rob came, I just mounted Janice and did it to her that way. Janice loved it because she had it done to her twice.”

“I bet she loved it. It sure gets you going!” I said enthusiastically.

“You can do the same thing to me, June.”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember the first time, when you were on top?”

“Oh, yes. I loved that. I loved it all!”

“Well, when you’re on top, you can just take the tip in and tease me.”

“Won’t it feel the same to me?”

“It’s different when you’re the one on top. Try it.” He grinned. “Please try it.”

I laughed and we kissed. He felt and kissed my breasts and pretty soon he was fingering me. Then he got his head between my legs and licked me until I came. Then he lay on his back, his thick cock waving. “Ride me, June, ride me, baby,” he said.

Grinning, I squatted over him and guided his cockhead between my wet lips. He thrust up, but I rose to the occasion and kept him from getting deeper into me. I held myself at the top of his reach and rocked back and forth, teasing his cockhead. After a while, I dropped a bit onto him, letting a bit into me, no more than he’d put in. Adam, grinning, groaned. “That’s it, June.”

Laughing, I rose up, rocked, then came back down. When I went up again, Adam said, “Oh, this feels so good, but it’s so frustrating. Why did I ever tell you could do this to me?”

“Because turn about is fair play, lover. I get a turn to drive you wild.”

“You drive me wild all the time, every day, you sexy thing.”

“Crazy like this?” I let a bit more of him into me, then let him slip from between my lips — all but the tip, naturally.

“Yeah, crazy like that, only not so intense as right now, every day,” Adam gasped.

“You’re right, Adam, it is different when you’re on top. I love the mingled pleasure/frustration look on your face right now. And I love it when you try to get farther into me. But you won’t be fully fucked until I’m good and ready, Adam.”

“Oh, June, I want get all the way in!”

I dropped down, then pulled up. “Not yet, loverboy.” I managed to do this a couple of times more, but by this time I really wanted a complete fuck. I took a deep breath and drove myself down on his thick, hard cock. Once again, I spasmed with another big orgasm. Adam thrust up into me and he started to cum, too. We screamed together and again collapsed together, kissing.

We were quiet a long time. I guess we were getting tired. I pulled the condom off him and then we just lay there, me holding his cock, kissing and hugging. After a while, I felt his cock stir again, so I sucked it until it got hard and we did it one more time, finally falling asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I was still holding Adam’s cock. He was asleep, so I figured I knew the perfect way to awaken him. Slowly, I moved until my face was right near his cock and I gently swallowed it, slowly sucking it. It didn’t take him too long to wake up. I felt the cock begin to swell and I heard his breathing change. Then he shifted his body to make it easier for his cock to get in my mouth. Pretty soon he was feeling my breasts again, and then his prick rose to full attention. After I tasted precum, I rolled another condom on him — I felt like an expert already, then I lay on my back and he entered me. We went at it for quite some time, him telling me how lucky he was to have a girl who was sexy enough to turn on the whole party, then take him to a hotel for a night of wild sex. His talk drove me wild and I came and came. Finally, he got off.

We looked at the clock. 10:15 and check out was 11:00! We jumped in the shower and almost got turned on again. I put on my bra, panties, and dress, but not the stockings and garter belt. After all, I was only going to Melanie’s.

Adam took me to Mel’s and we gave each other big kisses good-bye. Inside, Mel really wanted to hear what happened. It was just like the day before. We got naked and played with ourselves while I told her all about it.

Mel told me she and Jake had a hot session of oral sex and that he’d pressured her to go all the way. She’d promised to get BC of some sort as soon as she could. She planned to get the appointment made Monday.

Midafternoon, Mel took me home. I was tired, but very happy.

Adam and I got time enough on Tuesday after school to have sex at the home of one of his buddies. I loved doing it and thought about it all the time.

Wednesday, when I got home from work, Mom asked to see me in the laundry room. She closed the door and got something from a drawer in the small dresser we kept there for supplies.

“Are these yours, June?” she asked, holding up a pair of black lace bikini panties.

What the hell. I was 18. “Yes, Mom.”

“Well, these panties aren’t for regular wear; they’re meant to be seen. Just how intimate are you and Adam, June?”

“We’ve been having sex, Mom. I think I love him. Anyway, I’m on the Pill and we always use a condom.”

“Is he the only one?”

“Yes, mother. What do you think I am?”

She sighed, gave me a funny look I’d never seen before, then to my surprise she hugged me. “I think you’re a normal, beautiful girl. I’m surprised you held out as long as you did.”

I hugged her back, but I couldn’t figure her out. First, when I started to date one guy a bit seriously, off they sent me to Catholic girls’ school to preserve my virginity. Then when I do lose it, she acts like it’s no big deal.

She asked me a bunch of questions like how long we’d been doing it, were we talking about marriage (No, too young, gotta go to college.), were we sneaking around in cars (Yeah, but we’d never actually done it in a car.), so where did we do it (Friends’ houses when parents weren’t there.). Did we feel sneaky (Yes, and it sucked. What we had was beautiful.).

Then she surprised me again. She told me not to worry about Dad, that she’d talk to him for me. I wasn’t sure what she meant, but she didn’t intend for me to get in trouble. So actually there wasn’t a real problem on Wednesday at all.

Thursday at dinner, Dad gave me a look, then said, “June, I’m really impressed with Adam. There’s a first time for everything and it looks like you picked a good boyfriend.” I got out of my chair and hugged him.

Then on Friday, when Adam came to pick me up for a date, Dad took him aside and talked with him for about 10 minutes. When they came back to the living room where Mom and I were waiting, Dad really floored me. He said, “We know you two have made some adult decisions. Now we don’t want you sneaking around and feeling like criminals. So, as long as you spend some time with us, your time together in your room, June, is unlimited. Even overnights.”

Wow! I hugged him and thanked him. Adam stammered some sort of thanks.

Later Adam told me Dad lectured him about safe sex and about how great I was and how he (Adam) should be careful of me because I was a very sensitive girl.

Well, we went to a movie and Adam stayed over after one of those phone calls to his dad. We really made the bed rock until about 2:00 AM and again in the morning.

Adam went to work in the morning and he had a family function that Saturday night so we couldn’t go out. Besides, I had a night shift. I hoped I’d be able to do something exciting.

I’d worn some more sexy lingerie for him on our date and at home during the morning. He loved it and asked me if he could buy me some. I told him sure, but I also decided to go to the lingerie store while he was gone and surprise him when he got back. I wasn’t going to get together with Mel because she was going out with Jake. I think she had big plans for the night, just like I had the week before.

Anyhow, after Adam left I did some homework and helped Mom with some housework, then figured I’d buy something to surprise Adam. One thing I knew I wanted was some sexier stockings, so I wore my white bra, panties, and garter belt set with a black skirt and white blouse. I wore high heels so I could tell exactly how any outfit would look. I drove to Sandy’s Trousseau.

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