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Candy Stroker Part 5: Another Big Step For Me

Not satisfied with losing one virginity, the Candy Stroker rushes off to get rid of another.
Another Big Step For Me

Lois looked up from some paperwork at the lingerie store. I told her about my big night with Adam and she hugged me. I told her I wanted to buy something sexy to surprise him, especially stockings. She showed me a few pair, and I chose some nice white ones with lace tops. They were beautiful.

Then Lois showed me lots of lingerie and different styles of stockings. I told her about how Mel and I had practiced showing and hiding our stockings and panties.

“You go, girl!” she said. “It’s really fun to tease guys. Plus you get asked out on lots of dates. I’ve gone to some pretty fancy places and gotten some expensive jewelry and even a mink coat. Guys love a real sexy girl and they’ll do anything for her.”

“I got a taste of that and I loved it,” I said. “Before Adam and I went to the motel, we went to this party. A few guys got good looks up my dress, and pretty soon guys were walking by just to get a peek. The party was at this girl’s house and even her father was getting some views. Then her mother came over and talked to me about how high my hem was and I tugged it down.”

“Well, there is that. Women who aren’t as good looking or as sexy absolutely can’t stand us. And you gotta be real careful about married men. A girl can really harm a lot of people if she’s careless about who she goes out with and sleeps with. But with the single guys — have fun!”

I laughed.

She showed me some sexy panties and thongs and I selected some. Then we came to foundation garments. Lois held up a girdle. It was lacy, but still. A girdle? “Lois, these are for fat old ladies!”

“Yeah, maybe. But they’re very feminine and sexy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only panties, garters, and bras make a girl look hot.”

“They are pretty, Lois, and I guess Adam would love to see me in some of these. But ”

I bet Mr. Johnson saw lots of girdles in his day and always wanted to see more.”

“A girl can be very sexy and enticing in any of these garments. Sometime when we have more time, I’ll tell you a really cool story about what I did to one guy with my full-body foundation.”

I laughed. “I bet you frustrated him.”

“Yeah, but in his case that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

June,” she said, “here are some bustiers and merry widows. They’re like corsets, but lighter and lacier, usually. I think you and Adam could enjoy them.” She held several against herself.

“These are more like it,” I said. “They’re more like a big garter belt with a bra. Plus they’d really emphasize my breasts.”

“Yes, they’re made to emphasize every good part of your body. Most really show off your bust. You’re a DD like me, and I’m glad you’re proud of your set. You’re beautiful everywhere, June, but I’m sure lots of guys think your breasts are your best feature.”

“Well, the guys sure act that way! Can I try a couple of these on?”

“Sure, just take them into the dressing room. You can show me if you want my opinion.”

I tried three. I liked one black number that really showed a lot of cleavage. I tested it — Adam could fold down the cups to get at my nipples and it didn’t obstruct me at all down below, so I could wear it and we could do everything. He’d love it. Just to make sure, I went out wearing it with my own bikini panties. Lois and the one customer that was in there both said I looked really hot. The customer said I should ask my boyfriend for something when he saw me in it because she was sure he could deny me nothing. We all laughed, then I changed back to my garter belt, panties, and bra combination I’d worn from home.

So I bought a few pair of panties and the sexy merry widow. I was glad I could surprise Adam with new lingerie.

As she rang me up, Lois said, “June, it’s near the end of my shift. Would you like to come over for dinner? I’ll tell you all about the guy I teased with the all-in-one.”

I knew there was more to this invitation than just dinner and girl talk. Lois was bisexual and I was sure her interest in me was more than just to be friends. “Lois, I’d love to hear the story,” I said without hesitation. I called home and arranged to stay out. Then I waited about 20 minutes until Lois could leave. Her relief was there already, so she went in the back to do store business.

It gave me time to think. At Catholic boarding school, I’d had many offers to fool around with girls, but I never did. Mainly, I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want the reputation. But I was a bit curious. The hot pussy parties Mel and I enjoyed made me even more curious. I figured if Lois made a move on me, I’d see what it was like with a girl. It was OK according to the arrangement Adam and I had.

I followed Lois to her apartment and we chatted while she threw together some salad and pasta while I set the table. She asked me about school and where I planned to go to nursing school, then about Adam and me. I told her about how I’d attracted his attention by having my tit fall out of a too-small bra and we laughed. I told her about how we communicated and about our sexual arrangement. She said she was impressed. Lois said she didn’t see any reason why people should be limited to one sex partner, but that honesty was very important.

We sat down to eat. “Speaking of honesty in relationships, that brings me to the story about my all-in-one.”

“Oh, yeah. Tell me about it.”

“Well, not quite a year ago, I dated a guy who seemed very nice. He took me to expensive restaurants and some shows and we had a great time here in the apartment afterwards, you know what I mean?”

I nodded as Lois went on.

“He didn’t wear a ring and he told me he was single, never been married. But either he called me or told me certain times to call him at work and I got suspicious. One day, I called for him and told his secretary I was his wife. He got on the phone and said, “Sue?” I hung up, but I knew he had a wife. Just to confirm it, I looked up his home phone and called. When a woman answered, I asked for Sue, then went into a fake sales pitch. She hung up on me.”

“So he lied to you.”

“Yep. That’s a danger for a girl who has lots of boyfriends. Guys want pretty girls like us so much they’ll lie to us and cheat on their wives. I don’t want any part of that kind of dishonesty.”

“Me neither. That’s why Adam and I have our arrangement.”

“Yeah. Well, I wondered what to do. I didn’t want to just break up with him, but to punish him in some way. He was a real lingerie lover, mostly garter belts, but he liked girdles and corsets also. I wanted him to get the idea that he couldn’t have me again, ever. Here’s what I did."

First, when he asked me for a date, I turned him down and made him wait a week. During the week, I got in touch with this really buff hunk I was seeing — I hadn’t promised anyone I wouldn’t see anyone else.”

“What did you arrange with the guy?”

“You’ll find out at the right time. So finally I made a date with Mr. Married. I’d asked to go to a very expensive restaurant, but said I didn’t want to go to a show afterwards but just get right to business at the apartment. He thought that was great."

“So I got dressed for the date in an open bottom all-in-one with garters, you know what I mean?”

“Sure,” I said, remembering the many girdles I’d seen that day.

“I wore his favorite coffee-colored seamed stockings and a form-fitting black low-cut gown with pearls at my neck. In my highest black strappy heels, I looked stunning."

“In the car after he picked me up, I lifted my skirt and adjusted my garter and stocking. It drove him wild and he felt my leg and tried to get between my legs, but I told him he’d have to wait. During dinner, I let my skirt ride up and spread my legs wide enough so he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties. He loved it. I know ‘cause I saw the bulge in his pants.”

“Wow, this is hot,” I said.

“Yeah, I was excited and secretly laughing at him. Well, we skipped desert and went straight to the apartment. His hands were all over me as we walked to the car and he asked, ‘What are you wearing?’

“I just said, ‘That’s for me to know and for you to find out,’ just like a kid. He laughed and told me I was very sexy. Anyhow, we got here and started making out. He asked me again what I was wearing and I told him to sit on the couch and watch."

“I got up and unzipped my dress, then let it fall to the floor. There I was in my full body girdle, stockings, and heels. He whistled and told em I looked hot, said he never believed a girl could look so hot in a body shaper."

“I danced seductively for him, leaning forward so he saw down my cleavage, bending over to show him my butt, streching my legs, sitting down and spreading my legs to show him my open lips."

“He got really worked up! He rubbed himself so he unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. He came toward me, stroking himself. I said, ‘You can look but you can’t touch tonight.’

“‘What?’ he said. Suddenly, out of the bedroom came my muscular boyfriend.” Lois’s eyes glowed at the memory. “‘What’s going on?’ said my date, shrilly. ‘You’re leaving, dude,’ said my friend in his deep voice. ‘Huh?’ said the guy, looking at me. I told him, ‘I know you’re married, and I don’t appreciate being lied to. You’ve seen and felt all of me you’ll ever get. You’re lucky I didn’t tell Sue.’ He gasped and zipped up his pants. He gave a panicky look at my boyfriend and started backing toward the door, babbling about how I mustn’t tell what I knew of him."

“Brad, my boyfriend, hugged me and felt one of my breasts as he kissed me. Then, just as the guy reached the door, Brad broke the kiss and said, ‘If you weren’t a liar, you’d be enjoying Lois’s incredible body tonight and again and again. But you won’t and I will.’

“After he left, Brad and I rocked the bed all night.” She gave me a sultry look. “That was how I discovered a girl could do anything, anything at all, in an open bottom girdle.”

“Wow! You sure put it to him. And Brad put it to you!”

“That’s right. It was an incredible night.”

“And you never saw the other guy again?”

“Nope. If I run into him somewhere, I’ll be sure to tell the girl he’s with that he’s married. Seriously, June. It’s obvious you like sex and that you won’t limit yourself to Adam as a partner. So be careful. Breaking up someone’s marriage is not cool.”

I smiled and said I’d take her advice. I told her it was great fun learning from her and that I enjoyed the sexy stuff we’d done in the hospital. We were through with dinner by then, so we put the dishes in the kitchen and went back to the living room. We sat side by side on the couch. Lois was watching my every move and I knew something was going to happen.

“How did it feel when you were teasing the guy?” I asked.

“Oh, it was fun,” Lois said. “I was really mad at him, so when I saw his eyes on my legs or my cleavage, and when he squirmed in his seat because he wanted me, I knew I’d have great revenge when Brad showed up. The look on his face was priceless. And when I told him about his wife...Well, I never saw a guy so panicked.” She slowly drew her face closer to mine, speaking slower, deeper, gradually dropping her voice to a whisper. “And all the time, I knew that pretty soon, I’d be holding and kissing....”She never finished.

Our kiss was incredible! Long and sweet, first her tongue in my mouth, then mine in hers, our arms pulling our bodies closer. My heart pounded. It was all forbidden, but so thrilling. I felt our big breasts pressing together and I knew I had to feel Lois’s. I felt her hand slide over my back, up my hip and on to the side of one of my breasts just before we breathlessly broke the kiss.

“Lois, I never...but I want to,” I gasped.

“Oh, June, you are so hot!” Lois breathed, cupping my breast and squeezing it gently.

We kissed again and Lois kept feeling me up. She was so gentle. Then she unbuttoned me.

We broke our kiss and Lois pushed my blouse aside. I breathed deeply and gazed into her eyes as she slipped her hand inside my bra cup and felt my nipple. It throbbed with pleasure at her touch.

Aroused, I reached behind her and unzipped her dress. We sort of fell forward to kiss as we unfastened each others’ bras. Then our bare breasts tumbled together Our hands swirled over the firm breastflesh. Our nipples even rubbed together. That drove me wild! I’d never imagined another girl’s breasts could be so exciting!

“Oh, you’re so big and firm,” Lois enthused, rolling my nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“You too, Lois,” I said, reveling in her fullness. I was big, but she was a bit bigger. I bent forward and kissed her nipple, then took it in my mouth and sucked it, then she did the same for me.

I felt wild. I closed my eyes and felt her warm wet lips and tongue on me. I was so aroused I could feel my own dampness, There was no question in my mind but that I was eager to finish what we’d started.

I lay back on the couch, pulling Lois down above me. One round breast naturally tumbled right into my mouth. I loved the feel of her stiff nipple between my lips, my teeth. I flicked with my tongue as Lois moaned.

I thought now I understood why guys like my big boobs — they’re fun!

I tightened my lips around one of Lois’s big nipples and sucked it in and out, running it over my teeth, the way Adam did. It always drove me wild, and it worked on Lois, too.

Her moaning got louder and she twisted my hair to pull my head up, into her chest. “Oh, June, you’re so good! My tits feel great,” she cried. She started tossing her head from side to side, crying out, “AhhhhhhHHHHH!” She actually came! It was incredible. I made her cum with my mouth on her nipple!

With a deep sigh, Lois sat up, with me following, still holding her magnificent bosoms.We kissed passionately.

Way past the point where I could stop, I was glad to feel Lois’s hands running over my bottom, tugging my hemline all the way up to my waist. My hips and legs were fully exposed and I knew we’d soon be playing with each others’ pussies.

We stood to get undressed easier. Our outer clothes, unbuttoned or unzipped, fell to the floor. Lois hugged me to her from behind and ran her fingers up my thighs, across my hips and over my panties, squeezing my cunt. It was so arousing I let out a long shuddering gasp.

I had to know what she felt like down there. I hugged her to my side and rubbed her damp panties. I felt her mound, sliding one finger between her lips.

Lois clutched my breast as I slipped my fingers inside her panties. Her cunt was so warm and wet.

I had to see her and taste her. I dropped to my knees and tugged Lois’s panties down.

There before me was Lois’s slit with puffy outer lips and her inner lips protruding through, damp from her arousal. I smelled the exciting aroma and opened my mouth to taste her tangy fluids. My first taste of cunt!

I ran my tongue over her lips, reveling in their thickness and warmth. Then I sucked her inner lips into my mouth, making Lois moan. Finally, I licked her clit at the top of her slit. Lois exploded, screaming, pumping her hips toward me, pulling my hair to hold my face against her slippery cunt — not that I was going anywhere. I loved everything about it: the smell, the taste, and especially strongly she came.

We tumbled to the couch, kissing passionately. “June, you...I wasn’t sure if you’d like it with a girl.” She spread my lips with her fingers and I opened my legs for her, eater to learn to make love to a beautiful woman.

We kissed, our fingers exploring each others’ slits.

Lois slid under me, spreading my legs wider as she pulled my cuntlips apart. I rubbed her lips and got a finger twirling over her wet clit.

Then she slid farther off the couch and got her face between my legs. I knew what she was going to do and I really wanted it.

Lois ran her tongue over my outer lips, making me gasp. She sucked my inner lips into her mouth, pulling them with her lips. My hips started spasming. Her tongue found my clit and flicked back and forth over my most sensitive part. Lois really knew how to make my pussy feel good.

I came with a loud cry, moaning and kicking my legs. Lois grabbed my hips and pulled herself into me, grinding my mound with her lips, her tongue still thrashing my clit. I peaked three times, screaming, finally drawing a shuddering gasp.

I thought I was past the best, but Lois had other plans. Just as I started down off my peak, she slipped two fingers into my cunt and flicked them up and down deep inside me.

I screamed again and again, cumming and cumming. I never came so many times at once.Finally, I sort of collapsed.

After a while, Lois moved up and kissed me again, her mouth still wet from my pussy. I kissed her back passionately, then whispered, “Thank you, thank you.” I hugged her again, then moved down her body until I felt her wisps of hair.

I rubbed her mound with my hand and then Lois sort of tumbled us both to the floor. I ended up with my face between her legs and her cunt right in front of me. I started licking her all over again. I loved doing it.

But Lois had other ideas. She started licking me at the same time.

I gasped when she started again because my pussy was so excited. It felt great and I almost came again, right then.

But I ducked my head back after I caught my breath and I started licking Lois’s cunt just the same way she licked mine. 69ing with a woman was different from with a man. Since we were doing the same things to each other, it was more concentrated pleasure.

We kept it up until we both came at the same time, then we gave each other a big final kiss.

I still had to go home and rest a bit before night shift.

Back at home, I stripped and showered, then lay down on the bed. I really wanted to call Adam and tell him what had happened to me, but he was busy. Mel was out with Jake, probably losing her virginity. I just had myself, my fingers, my vibrator. One strong cum and I was off to dreamland for a couple of hours.

When the alarm rang, I forced myself out of bed. I threw on a nightgown and brewed up some coffee downstairs. More fully awake, I decided to wear a white garterbelt and stockings to work. I chose my longest white stockings with the narrowest welt because of how I’d shortened my uniform hemline. I wore white sneakers, but I still felt sexy. I still got a charge throughout my body when I remembered how good sex with Lois had been.

Work that night was pretty routine. None of my friends was there. I wondered whether I’d have the nerve to start something with a guy on my own. What if I got caught?

I folded laundry, arranged supplies, helped make a couple of beds, and joked around with the other women on the floor.

I was starting to get drowsy, so I walked up and down the corridor. There was a light on in one of the rooms and I heard a woman say, “Ah, shit.”

I knocked on her door and said, “Are you OK? Can I get you anything?”

“I’m OK,” said the woman, “but if you could get me anything, it would be out of here.”

I laughed and went in. The woman was middle-aged but attractive with dyed red hair. “Hi, I’m Lois. Bored?”

“You bet. Sometimes I can’t sleep and the TV’s boring tonight. Plus I hate being here.”

“No one really likes to go to the hospital,” I said. I glanced at my watch. “I’ve got a few minutes. We can talk if you like.”

“Great, thanks. How old are you, Lois?”

“I just turned 18 and I’m going to graduate next month.”

“Do you like working here?”

“Yeah, pretty much. The nurses treat me really nice, and usually the patients are grateful.” I smiled to myself at what I really meant. “Also, since I plan to be a nurse, it’s great training and experience.”

“Do you make enough money as a Candy Striper?”

“Not really. I’m going to have to find something else to pay for college.”

“The reason I ask is that you’re very good looking and busty, Lois.”


“Well, I’m Rita Malverne, and I can always use attractive girls in my business.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m the owner of the Pussycat Lounge.”

“Oh!” I said. “Strippers.”

“That’s right. You’d be perfect. Some of the girls take home $200 a night. Most of ‘em are going to school or supporting a family. It’s one of the easiest ways a girl can make good money.”

I laughed. “Well, I couldn’t do it while I’m living with Mom and Dad, but I’ll think about it when I move out. Tell me, Ms Malverne, do the girls do it just for the money or do they kinda like turning the guys on?”

“Call me Rita. I hate that Ms Malverne crap. Anyway, most of the girls dance just for the money, but a few are true exhibitionists and really enjoy their work. It shows in how they dance and tease the customers, so they get the biggest tips. Also, the girls always say the bigger the tits the bigger the tips. You’d do great with a rack like that.” She stared at my bust. “Want to let me see them? Sorta like an audition?”

“What? My breasts? Right here? Now?”

“Sure. It’s the middle of the night. Who’d know?”

Well, I felt daring and I figured the audition story would barely pass. Laughing nervously, I pulled my pinafore down and began unbuttoning my uniform top. Then I pulled my breasts from the cups and lifted my head to see Rita’s admiring gaze.

“Wow, what big firm beauties. And those puffy nipples. The guys would throw money at your feet. You gotta get into my club, girl!” Rita’s hands twitched outside her coverlet and she shifted her body, moving her legs.

I laughed. “You’re getting hot! I’m actually turning you on!”

Rita laughed, too. “What can I say? I’m bi and in the perfect job. You just looked so sweet and innocent — and then those big beauties. Whew!”

I moved toward her. “Well, after what happened to me today, I think I’m bi also.”

“Wow! What happened?”

“I visited one of the nurses at her apartment. We got to talking about sex and the next thing I knew, she seduced me. It was my first time with a girl. I loved it.” I stood by the bed and didn’t protest as Rita reached out to feel me. She started breathing hard.

I pulled down her coverlet and flipped up her Johnny. Rita spread her legs for me and I started rubbing her cunt. It was already damp under her curly black hair. I slipped a finger between her lips and began rubbing her clit with a circular motion as she fondled both of my breasts. When Rita rose up and opened her mouth, I leaned toward her and she began sucking my nipple. With a mental jolt, I remembered where I was. I didn’t want to get caught.

So when Rita started feeling her way up my leg and onto my panties, I said, “No, Rita. I could probably get away with the audition thing, but not with your hand in my panties.”

Shaking her head, Rita took her hand away. “Garters,” she murmured, smiling. “Babe, you’re a natural.” She lay back and enjoyed how I played with her clit.

I rubbed her a few minutes, then put two fingers from the other hand inside her slit and wiggled them around deep inside her. The effect was instantaneous. Still squeezing my breasts, Rita began gasping louder and faster, clearly getting ready to go over the top. She started pumping her hips up and down wildly and moaning, “Oh, yes, oh, yes!”

I felt great. I loved doing this as much for a woman as I had for the men. I grinned as she came. When she slowed down and opened her eyes, I kissed her. With a final kiss and a pat, she let go of my breasts and I tucked them back into their bracups carefully, buttoned up and pulled up my pinafore.

Rita watched me the whole time. “You’re very sexy, Lois,” she said huskily. “I really do want to get you into the club.” She rummaged in the bedside table drawer and got her purse and gave me her card. I gave her my phone number, but told her it would be several months at least before I’d even think of dancing.

We said our good-byes and I finished the rest of the shift, feeling lucky no one had come in. I thought a lot about girlsex and how much I enjoyed it. I knew Adam wouldn’t mind, in fact I figured he’d get off on it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I had a strong desire to have sex with another girl — Melanie.

After my shift, I drove home and got some sleep. I forced myself to do some homework and asked Adam to come over after supper. Before he arrived, I got into the Merry Widow I’d bought, a lacy black g-string and black seamed stockings with heels. Over this I wore a full slip and a low cut dress with a bit of flare to the skirt. I was going to give Adam a show.

When Adam arrived, I went out from my room and met him at the door. He beamed and kissed me when he came in. We stopped in the living room and talked with Mom and Dad for a minute, then went back to my room. I put on a CD and asked Adam how he’d been since I’d seen him. He said it was nothing special, pumping gas and fixing cars Saturday, family stuff Saturday night, homework and a bike ride today. But he did ask me if I’d done anything special.

“You sit in my chair and I’ll tell you what happened. When I’m done, you tell me if I did anything special.”

Adam grinned and sat in the chair by my vanity. “I bet you gave another hot hand job at work,” he guessed.

“You just sit there and listen, Adam,” I said, swaying and dancing a bit in time to the music, far enough away that he couldn’t touch me. “Kinda late Saturday afternoon, I went over to the lingerie store because I knew my friend Lois was working there. There weren’t too many customers, so she showed me lots of different lingerie, stuff I never thought about wearing.”

“Like what?” asked Adam eagerly.

“Well, if I ever buy the things, you’ll find out. A girl’s entitled to some secrets.” I pirouetted and stopped with my back to him. Looking over my shoulder, I asked, “Do you like my new seamed stockings?”

“Yeah, I sure do, June. I noticed them when I came in. They sure draw my eye.”

I bent over, making my hem ride up in back. “Tell me, Adam. Can you see my stocking tops?”

“Not yet; lift up your dress a bit more.”

“Oh, no.” I said, standing up and turning around. I put my foot on my bed and rested my hand on my dress, just above the hemline, right at my knee. “You see, Adam,” I began, slowly moving my hand in a serpentine motion up my thigh, drawing my dress and slip up my leg as I did so, “some of my skirts and dresses are quite short. It isn’t proper for a girl to go around showing her welts in public, so I bought very long stockings.” Adam could see half my thigh. “Can you see the top yet?”

“No, but I’m eager to.”

“Can I trust you to tell me when you see it? You wouldn’t try to trick me into pulling my dress all the way to my waist, would you?” I was sure he could see the tops by this time.

“Who, me? I’d never do that,” Adam protested unconvincingly.

“That’s funny, because I can see the lacy tops myself, and I know you can see more than I can. I’d better cover myself before I do something really immodest.” I stood up, letting everything fall back into place. I resumed my sinuous dance.

“Oh, no,” cried Adam, shifting in his seat and rubbing his cock, making it point straight up.

“Are you uncomfortable? Do you want to go home?” I asked sweetly.

“No, no, I’m perfectly comfortable,” Adam reassured me.

“Good, because I’m still not real sure about my new clothes. I want you to tell me what you think of them. Anyway, as I was saying, Lois showed me all sorts of sexy stuff, even some sexy girdles, if you can believe that.”

“I dunno....”

“Well, she told me that if we weren’t at her job, she’d tell me a really hot story about what she did to a guy by wearing a huge girdle that covered her whole body.

“By the way,” I asked, coming to a stop in profile to him. “how does my bust look? You know I like to emphasis my breasts. Do they look big enough from the side?”

“Yeah, they do. They’re really high on your chest and your cleavage is incredible. That’s a great bra.

“But I’m not wearing a bra,” I said.

“Don’t tell me you’re wearing some full body armor girdle,” Adam snorted.

“Oh, no, not me,” I said, turning to him and bending forward.

“Oh, what nice beauties,” Adam said, peering down my chest from partway across the room. “You sure you don’t want to come over here so I can give your fit the finger test?”

“Oh, the fit’s fine. I just wanted to check out the visual effect. It seems like the effect is as good as I could want. Do you think so?” I straightened up.

“Oh, yeah, you got nothing to worry about on that score.”

I danced some more as I talked. “Well, Lois wanted to tell me what she’d done with this guy who’d lied to her, told her he wasn’t married. So she invited me over to her place for dinner. While she cooked and we ate, we talked about work, stuff like that. Then we sat on the couch and she told me about this guy.” I reached behind my neck and undid the catch at the top of the zipper. As I told him the story, I moved my shoulders, forcing the zipper down in back.“She had a younger guy, a real hunk like you, hide in her bedroom before the married liar came over. When he got there, she had him sit in a chair and watch her strip — kinda like you’re doing, but the ending for us is going to be way different.” The top of my dress was loose, but not falling off my boobs because of the sleeves. I started raising and lowering my skirt a bit as I danced. Adam stared at me, grinning and rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Anyway, she teased him and got down to this lacy thing called an all-in-one. You’re right, it’s a big girdle, but some of the ones I saw today are really sexy. Lois told me it sure got the guy going. Then, when he was really hot, she called in the other guy. She told the liar, ‘This covers up what you’ll never see again. Brad is going to enjoy me all night.”

“Wow, that’s cold,” said Adam. “But he deserved it. He was lying to two women at the same time.”

“Yeah, well Lois told him his wife’s name and said she’d call him if he didn’t leave. He got out of there in a second, and Lois and Brad rocked the bed all night long. But the really interesting thing is what happened afterwards.”

“What was that?”

“Before I tell you about it, I need to know your opinion of this.” I tugged my dress apart, opening the zipper fully in back. I pulled my arms through the sleeves and let it drop to the floor. “What do you think of my full length blue slip?”

“It’s beautiful. So lacy and sexy. I think it’s great when I catch a glimpse of a girl’s slip at school.”

“You naughty peeper. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you’re too much of a horndog for that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“You’re calling me a horndog when you’re doing that incredible strip and telling me this incredible story? What happened next?”

“After Lois told me how she and Brad humiliated this guy, she gave me this big, deep soul kiss.”

It was cute. Adam’s eyes actually seemed to bulge out. “Really? A French kiss? What did you do?”

“Well, I kissed her back, hard. What did you expect me to do?”

“Oh, my God! I wish I could have seen that! What happened next?”

“Wait a minute. I still have more to show you.” I clasped my slip’s lace hemline with my arms crossed, tugged it slowly up my legs as far as my hips, then suddenly pulled the slip over my head and tossed it onto my bed. I stood facing Adam in my high heels with my legs spread, my long stockings pulled up by my garters. The triangle of the g-string barely covered my cuntal mound and the Merry Widow flowed up my hips to just above my nipples. “Do you think I look sexy, Adam?”

“I’ve never seen anything so sexy in my life, June. I mean it. You’re incredibly hot. But what happened between you and Lois?

“You mean my story’s more interesting than me in all this sexy stuff? I’ll just get dressed and tell you the story.”

“No! It’s really hot, you’re really hot! It’s just that your story is so sexy!”

“Well, OK, I’ll tell you about it.” I went over to Adam, put out my hand and he rose to meet me. I gave him a big, deep kiss as we walked toward the bed. We tumbled onto the bed and Adam’s hands were all over me, on my bum, my breasts, my thighs, my cunt.

I broke the kiss and said, “Lois kissed me like that, Adam, and I kissed her back. We hugged and her breasts against mine felt so good that I just had to start feeling them. Pretty soon my hand was inside her bra and I was pinching her nipple. We got out of our bras and rubbed our nipples together. It was wild and I loved it. Now I understand why guys love big boobs because I feel the same way.”

Adam stared at me. “God, I wish I’d seen that! Did you do any more, I hope, I hope?”

“We rubbed each other between our legs and got out of our panties, Adam. We were just wearing our garter belts and stockings. We did everything. I looked at her cunt and felt it, rubbing her clit and fingering her. Then I licked her until she came and she did the same for me. We even did a 69! I loved every second of it and I want to do it again with a girl. And I need you to fuck me right now.”

Adam panted, eyes glowing. He undid his pants and I tried to help him take them off, but I couldn’t keep up. He frantically struggled out of his pants and underwear. “June, that was the hottest thing I ever heard. I wish I could have seen that. Wow!” When he finally got his pants off, he came to me and I lay back with my knees up for him. I expected him to take off the g-string, but he was so eager he just pushed it aside and entered me hard.

Fortunately, I was wet or it would have hurt. I thrust up to meet him, then our lips met and he started pistoning me, in and out really fast, really hard. I knew he’d be excited by what Lois and I had done, but I was amazed at how hot he’d become. He was pounded me and bumped my clit. My own excitement rose to meet his and suddenly were we came together, panting and moaning. He spasmed into me again and again, pumping me full of his jism. My clit felt on fire and my cunt clamped him. It was very strong and left us both limp and speechless for a while.

When we finally came around again, he kissed me, then unfolded the bracups of the corset and started kissing my nipples. “First time we did it without me playing with your big beauties,” he said. “I don’t want them to feel neglected.”

But he was too full of questions to do that for long. Did I like every bit of it? Yes. Would Lois and I do it again? Big yes. Could he watch and participate? (coyly) I don’t know....maybe. Would I do it with other girls?

At that question, I laughed. “I already have,” I said.

“What? Who?”

So I told him about Rita and her offer to let me dance at her club. Adam was turned on by the story and thoughtful, too. “That was really hot, June. You’re now a full service candy stroker! How do you feel about dancing? You’d make a lot more money than at the hospital.”

“Yeah, and I think I’d like showing off like that, but I couldn’t do it while I’m still living here. I’ll think about it when I’m at college."

Adam spent the night and we did it again before falling asleep and in the morning before school.

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