Changing Room Confessions

By scarletlady

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Going lingerie shopping with my naughty friend Katie had never been so much fun!


One Saturday I went shopping with my mate Katie for some sexy lingerie to surprise my boyfriend with on his birthday.   As we looked around the lingerie department my friend pointed to a very sexy black satin corset with a tiny pair of matching thongs and suspender belt.   “I bet that would get him hard” she said as we walked over to the display.   I choose my size and went to the changing room to try the set on.  


As my friend waited outside I stripped to my underwear, I dropped my knickers to the floor and stepped into the black satin thong.   The slinky material felt good as I pulled it over my small patch of pussy hair.   I had already bought some black fishnet stockings so I thought I’d try on the whole outfit together.   I slipped on the suspender belt, pulled the stockings up my slim thighs and fastened the clips from the belt to the top of the fishnets.   As I did this my clit started to tingle, I always felt horny when I put on suspenders and stockings.   Next I went to put on the corset but I was struggling to tighten the ribbon on it so I gave my friend a shout to come in and help me.  


I opened the door and Katie came into the changing room with me, as she did she caught sight of my naked breasts and I saw her eyes linger on them and smile.   “I can’t tighten this corset Katie can you help me” I said and stood in front of the large mirror with my back to her.   She stood behind me and I felt her soft fingers brushing my skin as she tightened the ribbon.   “Is that too tight?” She said once she had finished.   “No that’s great,” I said as I looked at myself in the mirror, my 32DD boobs looked massive is the black satin material.   I started to get wet as I turned round and looked at the suspenders holding up the sexy stockings, which were pulled tight over my pert arse.  


I was now facing Katie and I could see she was staring at my body.   Katie’s pert boobs looked fantastic in her tight red t-shirt, I could see that her nipples were hard and pressing against the material.   She looked me in the eye and I knew she was turned on at the sight of my scantily clad body in the sexy underwear.   She pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard on the mouth.


I could feel her hands sliding slowly down the satin material, over my breasts and down to my waist.   She pushed her body against mine as she moved the tiny black thong to one side so she could get right at my soaking wet pussy.   As she rubbed two fingers over my swollen clit I gasped as a tingle of pleasure shot through my body.   I moved my fingers over her breasts to her hard nipples, and pulled and tweaked them through her t-shirts.   Then she began to move her fingers slowly in and out of my warm, wet pussy.


I couldn’t believe what was happening, I had never imagined doing this with Katie even though I had always been curious about what it might be like with a woman.   I moaned quietly as she frigged me with one hand and squeezed my hard nipples through the corset with the other.   Then she pulled her mouth away from me, gave me a cheeky grin and turned me so I was facing the mirror.   Then she was knelt on the floor in front of me.   I could see us in the mirror and saw that my pussy was right in front of Katie’s face.   She moved forward and began to lick the outer lips of my wet pussy, then she pushed her tongue inside me, moving it in and out slowly.


The sight of her head between my legs was driving me crazy.   As she flicked her tongue slowly then faster over my aching clit I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her face into my pussy.   She licked and sucked my clit and moved her fingers in and out of my hole as my orgasm began to build.   Then with a small cry I came quickly, pumping my juices onto Katie’s face and into her mouth.   She stayed there tasting me, letting my come drip out of my pussy onto her tongue.


I quivered with pleasure as she stood up and kissed me again.   As we kissed I could taste my juices in her mouth.   The suddenly we heard a voice outside and realised where we were.   God we could have been caught mid act!   I quickly took off the lingerie and dressed as Katie watched, rubbing her hand over her pussy through her jeans.   As we came out of the changing rooms I blushed and snuck past the shop assistant with Katie close behind me.   We didn’t mention what had happened for the rest of the day but now every time we go shopping I make sure I ask her to come and help me in the changing rooms and look forward to her face in my pussy again.