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Chapter 2 - Finally Getting What I Want

The heat rises.
I sit and look into his gorgeous, hazel eyes wondering what he's thinking. The tension rises between us as his lips crash onto mine once again. He untangles his hand from my dark auburn hair and traces it down the back of my neck stopping at the clasp on my bra. Feeling his hands on my skin, I quiver in excitement.

He refrains from tugging at the clasp of my bra through my top and takes a moment to compose himself, still with his lips locked onto mine. He pulls away, looks me in the eye and slowly guides my top over my head throwing it onto the front dashboard of his car.

Just then my phone begins to ring. I look at Charlie and pick up my phone to answer it; it's his girlfriend.

"Hiya, are you with Charlie?" she says.

"Yeah, 2 seconds."

Charlie takes the phone from my grasp and puts it to his ear with one hand, still feeling my body with the other.


I hear her sweet sounding voice on the other end of the line, She's a pretty girl, light blonde hair and a pretty face to match. Her slim frame and 34 DD chest just adds to thatI begin to wonder why Charlie would want me over her.

"Yeah ok, I love you too. Bye Bye."

I look him in the eye and see his face looking guilty.

"I couldn't tell her, not over the phone."

"That's fine, you should keep her sweet anyway," I giggle.

A halfsmile sweeps across his gorgeous face and, he pulls me close and begins to plant soft kisses on the inside of my neck.

I appreciate his lips tracing down my body, he unclasps my bra and pulls it off my arms.

His lips close around my now erect nipple, and I moan with excitement.

He teases me with his tongue for a while and then slowly runs his hand along my thigh and up underneath my skirt.

I move into a comfortable spot so he can slide off my pink thong with his teeth. He then takes his two fingers and slowly strokes my pussy, getting me as wet as he wants me.

"I've been waiting for this for so long," I whisper in his ear.

"Well, I hope I can live up to your expectations, baby."

"Mmm," I moan. "I'm sure you can."

Still rubbing my clit with two fingers, he kisses me and I feel the passion in his body.

He slowly takes two fingers and pushes them inside me. I squirm with excitement and tilt my head back in pleasure.

This is my first time experiencing intimacy with a boy on this level. I've been fingered before and I've racked a boy off before, but it wasn't this intense.

He kisses his way down my body and gets to my hips; tracing kisses over the bottom of my stomach and my pelvis.

He then fucks me with two fingers as he slowly kisses down to my pussy. He begins licking my clit slowly, rolling his tongue over it and making me even wetter.

"You taste so good," he mutters between licks.

"You feel so good!" I reply.

I see his cock rise under his trousers, hunger fills my eyes.

I rub his hard cock with my hand from outside of his trousers and undo his button with the other.

He stops what he's doing and sits comfortably on the back seat so I can slide off his trousers and boxer shorts; his big hard dick now fully erect was glistening at the head with pre-cum.

"Wow. You're Big!"

He blushes, "Do you wanna put it in your mouth?"

Without saying anything I take his full length in my mouth, feeling it push into my tonsils at the back of my throat. It was the feeling of me pleasuring him and I love every second.

I bob my head up and down on his cock taking him as far in my mouth as I can.

I then lick from his balls all the way up the length of his shaft and onto the head of his tasty cock kissing the end which drives him wild.

"Oh my god," he moans.

"Mmm. You like that baby?"

I take my hand and cup his balls, rolling them slowly in my hand, With my free hand I slowly rub my pussy and feel that I'm dripping wet with my own juices.

"I can't stand this anymore, let me fuck you?" he mutters under deep breaths.

"I'd love you too." 

He unzips my skirt and pulls me onto his lap.

I feel his hard cock against my pussy lips, grinding on it for a second transferring my juices onto his cock.

He takes his two fingers and covers them in my wetness before shoving them into my mouth and whispering in my ear. "Now do you know why I love your taste?"

His wet fingers in my mouth taste good, I love my taste.

Straddling his lap in the back seat of his car I grab his cock with my hand and guide into my entrance.

"Ah!" I scream out in pain.

"You're so tight!"

My pussy feels good with him inside me, I slowly accommodate to his size so he can thrust without causing me pain.


He thrusts in and out of my tight wet hole, Its the most intense pleasure I've ever felt in my life.

He slams his cock deep inside me, I feel the head of his penis rubbing my G-spot which makes me moan in pleasure.

"Oh my god!" I scream out.

I lean over his shoulder while he grabs my ass, opening it wide every time he guides his cock back into my pussy.

My climax is building and fucking me slowly is making me want him to just fuck me harder; I voice my opinion.

"Fuck me harder!!"

"How about you fuck me," he says.

With that in my mind I lift my head off his shoulder and plant a hard kiss on his lips. I take control of our pleasure by riding him hard slamming my pussy down onto his smooth wet cock.

"Oh, You like it rough?" he says and entangles his hand in my hair, grabbing a fistful of my locks.

He pulls my head back with every thrust.

"I'm going to cum!"

"Do it inside me."

"Ahhh fuck!" he screams out in orgasmic bliss, I feel his cock pumping his creamy cum deep into my pussy.

I carry on riding him until I reach my climax.

Leaning over and biting the back seat of his car to try and control the volume of my orgasm.

"Ah baby," I cum onto his cock.

My body jerks forward.

"That was better than anything I have ever felt."

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," he replies.

I rise off his lap and start to put my clothes back on, Passing him my thong he took off earlier.

"Here, you can keep those in remembrance of our first fuck."

"Well, thanks!"

I jump back into his passenger seat and he climbs back into his.

"Listen," he says placing his hand on my leg. "Let's keep this our naughty little secret."

"That's fine by me. But whenever I want you, I get you! Understand?" I reply grabbing his hand and taking it off my leg.

"You call the shots," he smiles.

"As for your girlfriend, keep her!"


"Because sneaking around is a lot more exciting," I giggle.

"Consider it done!"

Thanks to everyone who has read this story! I will be posting even more to this story as want it to be an ongoing one :D thanks again.

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