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Charlie's Fallen Angel

Charlie's Fallen Angel

A spilled bucket of water leads to her first erotic adventure!
It was the summer of '67 when it happened. I remember, because it was about six months after my seventeenth birthday. Momma and Daddy had died in a bad car accident, and I was left to run the small family farm by myself. My older brother Bobby, was off fighting the war at the time of the accident and with no one to help me, I was in real trouble.

Fortunately our neighbor, Charlie Perkins, came to my rescue. Our small farm sat on the outskirts of the city of Nowata, Oklahoma. It wasn't much, but it provided our family a home and enough income that we got by. The farm had been in our family for three generations. My grandfather had first bought the property and had started the farm right after WWI. He had worked it, then gave it to Daddy to work, and now it was up to me to work it the best I could. Charlie lived just down the road a couple of miles and he would come over every day to see how I was getting along. Growing up on the farm had taught me to be self-sufficient, but there were some things I just didn't know how to do or wasn't capable of doing myself. That's when I depended on Charlie to help me.

The car accident had hit Charlie pretty hard, harder even than me. Daddy and Charlie were the best of friends and had known each other for many years, even before us kids came along. So when he was taken away, Charlie felt totally alone, I guess. Charlie was also very fond of Momma, and the three of them had been through thick and thin together, and were as close as three people can be. So with Momma and Daddy gone, Charlie was left almost as alone as I was.

Momma had loved going on drives with Daddy - she called it her "adult time" and looked at it almost like dating again. Momma and Daddy were out that September day back in 1967, enjoying a nice fall day. My birthday had passed about two weeks earlier. They were out on one of their favorite drives, coming back from a local lake that had a nice park next to it. They were driving along, when all of a sudden a truck came along in the oncoming lane. Everything was fine - it was a clear day, warm and sunny, and the road was in good shape. But hidden behind that truck was another truck, and the driver of this second truck was in a hurry. The police told Charlie the driver of the second truck pulled out to pass the first one and smashed headlong into Momma and Daddy, killing them both instantly. Charlie later told me the story - at the time I was in no condition to hear much of anything I was told. I guess I should be thankful that they didn't suffer, but that was of little comfort then. I was a complete wreck. My whole world changed that day and I was in a tailspin for several days afterwards. That is, until Charlie helped get me back on my feet and functioning again.

One day almost six months to the day after the accident, Charlie was out in the barn helping me to water the cows. It was hot that day, and we needed to make sure the cows drank plenty of water. I was carrying the bucket from the well into the barn when, graceful me, I tripped over the hay rake laying half-buried in the hay covered barn floor. I spilled the cold water all over the front of my shirt, soaking me completely. Because it was a hot day, I had decided not to wear my bra. It would be a decision that was pivotal in what would become a turning point in mine and Charlie's relationship. The cold, wet, shirt clung to my 36C tits and made my nipples harden instantly.

I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself before I go on. My name is Elizabeth O'Connor. I am about five foot five inches tall and a hundred sixteen pounds, with wavy dishwater blonde hair that fell just past my shoulders. I had a tight little 36C-24-34 body that had kept the boys at school friendly towards me. But now that I was out of school and trying to keep the farm running, I didn't have a lot of time for boys and such anymore. Which was sad... I had spent a lot more lonely nights than I cared to. But like Daddy had often said, life doesn't always give us what we want and we have to play the hand we are dealt. Because of the timing of Momma and Daddy's accident and my Daddy's strict rules on dating prior to that, I was still a virgin. I will admit to a little flirting and a couple sessions of passionate petting in the hayloft, though! But I was still "intact" and pure at that time if you get my meaning. Anyway, back to the story...

When the cold water hit me, I gasped and my first instinct was to get out of my cold, wet shirt. I was alone in the barn at the time, so I didn't hesitate in shedding my top. About the time I had it taken off and was wringing it out to put back on, Charlie came around the corner of the barn door. I don't know who was more surprised, him or me! I screamed and he ran into the corner of the door trying to get out of there quickly! Charlie ran around the side of the barn while I made a beeline for the house to quickly change my shirt - this time putting on a bra as well!

I came back out to the barn and Charlie wasn't around. I was about to go get another bucket of water and pick up where I left off when I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I spun around to see Charlie behind me.

"It's just me... I just wanted to... make sure you're all right," he said, looking at the ground.

"I'm okay, Charlie. I'm sorry I worried you."

"And I'm sorry I..." he stammered nervously.

"It's okay. I didn't know you were outside."

"Well I wanted to know if you wanted to go into town with me. I have to run to the hardware store and pick up some feed for the chickens," Charlie said.

"Sure I'll go with you," I said quickly.

I rarely turned down a chance to go to town. Although Nowata, Oklahoma isn't exactly the cultural and entertainment mecca of the free world, it is still more exciting than spending another routine day on the farm. Besides I wanted to stop by the dress shop and pick up a new pair of jeans and a new top. Plus I wanted to see the latest fashions - I may have been a farm girl but I was still a girl!

We drove the fifteen miles into town quietly, neither of us knowing quite what to say after our "incident." Charlie dropped me off at the dress shop, while he went to pick up some things at the hardware store. Then he went over to the feed store and picked up the chicken feed that we needed before stopping back by to get me. We went and had a bite to eat before heading back to the farm.

"So, what did you get at the dress shop, Liz?"

"I got a new pair of jeans - my old ones were getting pretty worn out and raggedy. I got a new top and a couple other things as well."

"That's good - it's been awhile since you spent any money on yourself and you've been working hard on the farm. You deserve to treat yourself," he said.

"Thanks, Charlie," I said, smiling at him. That made me feel good.

We finished our lunch and then headed back to the farm. On the way back home, we picked up a couple of steaks and the fixings for a little barbeque at the house for dinner. Charlie dropped me off at my house and I went upstairs to change while Charlie went on to his house to drop off what he had bought.

During the summer it gets pretty hot around Nowata, and this particular day was no exception. So once I was home, I decided to get comfortable. With all the farm chores accomplished for the day, I didn't anticipate having to go outside anymore that day. I changed into cooler clothes than my jeans and long sleeve work shirt. I came out wearing a crop-top cami (cut just above my navel) with spaghetti straps and my cut-off shorts. I headed into the kitchen, got out two plates from the cabinet and set them on the table. I was looking through the fridge for the stuff to make the salad, when I heard Charlie come in.

"The grill is fired up Liz, where are those steaks?"

In retrospect I probably should have been wearing something a little less provocative, I guess. But Charlie had seen me in similar clothes many times before, when he had come over to visit with Mom and Dad. I guess our earlier encounter was still on his mind, though.

I was bent over, my head in the fridge and my ass in the air, the skimpy shorts barely covered my ass cheeks. I wasn't even thinking about it when Charlie walked in the kitchen. I heard him gasp as he walked in. I didn't pay much attention to it, I figured he was waiting outside or something. He set the steaks and his beer down on the table and walked towards me. I finally found what I needed in the refrigerator and stood up, closing the fridge door. I turned around and Charlie was standing right behind me. I couldn't help but notice his hard-on through his tight jeans. I looked up at him, right in his eyes.

"Hi Charlie, is something wrong?" I asked. My eyes sparkled as we held our eye contact.

He shook his head and caught his train of thought. "No, Liz, I'm just fine. You just look beautiful, that's all." He was checking me out as he spoke. "Do a little spin so I can see how great your outfit is," he said. I slowly turned around for him, pushing my ass and tits out. "Damn Liz, you get more beautiful each time I see you. You sure have grown up these last few years. Your Momma would be proud."

We walked to the table and he sat down first. I "accidentally" dropped my steak knife next to him. I bent down, my ass towards him, and picked it up, hesitating before slowly standing back up. I set it on the table in front of him and winked at him. I sat down in the chair next to him, cracked open a beer and handed it to him. We ate and made small talk about our day. He finished his beer and grabbed another, opened it and chugged it down, grabbed another and opened it, took a sip and set it down.

"Are you okay, Charlie? You're drinking those pretty fast," I said. I set my hand on his and made eye contact with him, his eyes were glossy. He looked at me with what looked like reluctance in his eyes, I could tell he wanted to say or do something, but couldn't bring himself to do it.

I stood up, picked his beer up, grabbed his hand and led him to the living room. He stumbled a little bit, which wasn't a surprise, he did chug down that beer pretty fast. I set the beer down on the coffee table in front of the couch and helped him sit down on the couch carefully. He took my hands in his and looked up at me, letting out a big sigh. I spread my feet a little, enough to be on either side of his, bent my knees and leaned forward, straddling his lap. I placed my hands on the back of his neck, interlacing my fingers. For whatever reason I was feeling very naughty right then - maybe it was what happened earlier I don't know. But Charlie's compliment and the effect my outfit was having on him had me feeling quite... amorous!

"Tell me what's on your mind, Charlie. You know you can tell me anything," I said, looking him in the eyes.

His hands were slowly rubbing the outer sides of my thighs, he slowly went higher each time, his fingers grazing the sides of my ass cheeks. I caressed his cheek with my fingertips and leaned forward, my lips lightly pressing against his for a few short seconds. It felt like fireworks went off, my heart started racing and my clitoris twitched. I sat back up, still straddling his legs. He raised his eyebrows and looked surprised, I bit my bottom lip as our eyes held their intense gaze. His hands stopped, both cupping each of my ass cheeks.

His breathing quickened and I could feel his cock trying to rip through his jeans, pressing firmly against my pussy. I wondered if he could feel how wet I was. I leaned forward again, hugging him, my face on his shoulder and his mouth and chin against my neck. He gripped my ass cheeks and pulled them towards him. Then he parted his lips and licked my neck, making me let out a light gasp. He opened his mouth wider and sunk his teeth into my neck, I let out a moan.

"Oh Charlie, I've wanted this for a long time."

"I have too, Elizabeth. You have grown into quite a beautiful woman and I can't deny I've noticed how you've blossomed. I have missed female companionship since Lucy left me, shortly after the accident." he said. Lucy was living with Charlie at the time of the accident, but it messed him up so badly that Lucy finally had to leave herself.

Charlie tightened his grip on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart. He slipped his strong hand inside the waist of my shorts and moved his right middle finger up and down my ass crack. His middle finger pressed against my ass hole first, then moved to my pussy slit, running up and down it. He suddenly stopped and pushed me away from him.

"We can't do this here, Liz, it ain't proper," he said, quietly. My jaw dropped and tears welled up in my eyes. "Oh no, sweetheart, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that we can't do it here, on the couch. I want you in bed."

He scooped me up in his arms and carried me upstairs to the bedroom. He laid me on the bed and stepped back to strip his clothes and boots off. I shed my blouse, tossing it towards him. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, slipped it off and threw it his way. I moved my hands to my shorts and finally free of them, laid back with legs spread..

He knelt between my legs, which were dangling off the side of the bed. He pulled my pussy lips apart and buried his face into my pussy, licking and nibbling me clit, his mustache was tickling my pussy lips. He thrust a finger in and out of my pussy, feeling how tight it was. He leaned up and looked at me.

"Lizzie, are you still a virgin?" I nodded my head and he grinned. "You're such a good girl."

I bit down on my bottom lip when he said that. He went back to licking and teasing my pussy. I was reaching my climax fast and my hips were bucking hard against his face.

He worked two fingers in and out of my wet pussy, twisting and curling them, making me go wild. My body tensed up, my back arched and I moaned loud as I climaxed, gushing my juices onto his face. He let out a low growl as he licked up my juices. He looked up at me,

"Mmmm, you taste so good. Are you ready for the real thing now?" I nodded and smiled at him.

He picked me up and moved me to the middle of the bed and got between my legs. He lowered himself onto me and kissed me, our tongues dancing and wrestling one another. My breathing was getting heavier as he pulled away, moving his mouth to my neck, kicking and biting me – I was in heaven.

"Oh, Charlie. I need you. I need you now," I moaned loudly.

He growled as he moved his mouth down to my breasts, sucking and licking my left nipple while he pinched and pulled the right one. My pussy was getting wetter by the second and it felt great feeling his rock hard cock pressing against my throbbing clit. He lifted himself up with one arm and grabbed his cock with his other hand. He rubbed the head of his dick on my clit, then up and down between my pussy lips, spreading my juices on it. Pressing the head of his cock to my entrance, he looked me in the eyes. I smiled up at him and nodded for him to continue. He pushed it in slowly and carefully, watching my reaction. I felt it stretching my pussy open as the head went it. I gasped and whimpered and closed my eyes. Once the head was in, he held it there, allowing me to get adjusted to the size of it before pressing further. Still holding himself up with one arm, he caressed my cheek and kissed my lips.

He slowly pushed in further, my pussy clenched tight around his thick cock. He had three inches in, slowly working it in and out, his breathing quickened as did mine. My pussy relaxed a little, allowing him to go deeper. He pushed a little deeper, still working in and out of it slowly and carefully. The head of his cock pressed against my hymen and he stopped, looking me in the eyes then lowering his lips to mine. We gently kissed as he lowered his hips to mine, wrapping his arms around my back. He pushed through my hymen and I let out a whimper and my legs started to shake.

"It's okay baby, it'll stop hurting in a couple minutes. I'll stop if you want me to."

"No, keep going, please Charlie. I want this. I want you," I insisted.

He nodded and pushed deeper, working slowly and carefully, in and out of my pussy. I was letting out soft moans as he thrust in, enjoying the close feeling between us. He worked in and out of me slowly for about twenty minutes, as my moans steadily got louder and louder. I started thrusting my hips up to meet his, letting him know it was okay to go faster.

He let out a moan and quickened his pace, thrusting harder. I was moaning more, not even recognizing the sound of my own voice. He bit into my neck and pounded harder. My climax was building fast, and I was screaming out in pleasure. My pussy clenched around his cock and my body shook as my orgasm washed over me. My juices burst out of me, covering his cock and leaking out onto his balls. He slowed down his pace and looked into my eyes, pressing his lips to mine.

He moved his mouth down my body, trailing kisses and nibbles as he did. His hard dick slid out of my pussy as he moved down. He got down between my legs, licking my pussy first, then went to my ass hole. First he circled it, softly pressing in as he did. Then he pushed into it, feeling the muscle relax then contract around his tongue. He moved his tongue in and out of my ass, getting his saliva in it, lubing it up. He slowly pushed one finger in, still licking around it. He slowly pushed it in and out of my asshole, it was a little uncomfortable at first, but when my muscles relaxed, it started feeling great. I moaned, feeling the length of his finger going in and out of my ass.

He got up off the bed and went to the nightstand, opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He squirted an ample amount into his hand and rubbed it all over his cock. He got back on the bed between my legs, set the bottle of lube beside me and lifted my legs and set them on his shoulders. He rubbed the head of his cock in a circle around my asshole. He pushed against it, sliding it in slowly, I gasped as the head popped in, and arched my back. He slowly pushed in further, inch by inch, letting my ass adjust to his thickness, before going further into me.

He was finally all the way in, holding it there, waiting for my ass to relax again. I felt his entire length in me, feeling his heart beating, which was going just as fast as mine was. He started working in and out, going slow, making sure I liked it. It didn't take long for me to start moaning and begging him to fuck me harder.

"Are you sure, Liz? I don't want to hurt you," Charlie said, concerned.

"Yes! Oh Yes! Please... fuck my ass, harder! Fuck your slutty little girl! Fuck me and make me your slut!" I moaned loudly. He was surprised at how different I was acting, filled with love and lust. Lust was making me say the words, but love was making me want more of him. It felt amazing being so close to him.

He let out a growl, pulled out until the head of his cock was barely inside me, then rammed it in hard and fast, making me moan like the little slut I was being. I arched my back and he rubbed my clitoris, it made me go wild. I pinched, twisted and pulled hard on my nipples, sending jolts to my clitoris. I bucked my hips as another orgasm washed over my body, my juices gushing out, covering his cock as it moved in and out of my ass, making it easier to slide in and out.

He pulled out and flipped me over, getting me on my hands and knees, with my ass in the air. He rammed his cock back in my asshole, slapping my ass cheeks as he did. He grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust harder, still smacking my ass as he pounded in and out of it. I was moaning and screaming in pleasure as Charlie made me his slut. He thrust in harder and deeper, his balls slapping against my pussy each time. His balls tightened and his cum was about to burst out. He pulled me by my hair, holding me close, my back against his chest. He thrust a few more times, deep and hard, as rope after rope of hot cum shot into me, painting the walls of my asshole. He slowed his pace after my ass hole milked his cock for every last drop. He pulled out of my ass, collapsing next to me, then he pulled me onto his chest and kissed my lips.

"Lizzie, that was amazing. You're such a good girl for me," he said, gasping and trying to catch his breath.

"Yes it was, Charlie. Thank you." I smiled at him and laid my head back on his chest. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, wrapped in Charlie's strong, loving arms.

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