Checkout Girl

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Jenny was reluctant at first but she loved me so agreed ...
Checkout Girl

Chapter One

I always had a rapport with the checkout girls in our local supermarket. I smiled and joked with them, I'm that kind of person. The prettiest of them I asked out for dates. Some would say yes and some no. I had a bit of a reputation with them. I slept with them sometimes but it never went anywhere - I think they understood that Rafael was for their amusement and so they were for me and that was that. But the truth is, I had never really had satisfaction from any of them - no matter how pretty.

There was one girl there who I never could raise a smile from. She was the prettiest of them all - no wonder that she was the toughest nut to crack. She was slim, with blond hair tied in a pony tail with a black ribbon. It was natural blond - I could tell - her eyebrows were also fair and there were no dark roots (a dead giveaway for fake blonds). She had an oval face - nice clear slightly olive skin - full red lips and a well shaped good sized nose - not to big and not too small - which pointed just slightly up. Her name was Jenny - I read it on her name tag. I thought it was a nice name although the girl was not so nice to me. She was very demure and aloof where I was concerned.

One day I was going through Jenny's checkout and a double pack of something fell apart. I tried to put it together and so did she. Our hands came together and I felt her fingers in the confusion. Out of instinct I gave her fingers a warm squeeze and then released them. It gave me a thrill. She never would give me eye contact before but as I left she looked up at me and gave the first sign of human warmth I ever saw from her. Just a shy smile and some light from her eyes. That smile worked faster than viagra - my cock poked stiff through the hole in my y front underwear. I should have asked her for a date there and then - I was going to but an old lady next in line pushed me out of the way and I bungled it.

I thought about her all damn night and masturbated all the way until I collapsed into an unsatisfied sleep.

Next day I was browsing around the town centre when I saw her. She was looking in a shop window at some shoes. She did not see me at first and I looked at her carefully. I had only ever seen her sitting at the checkout and had been deprived of seeing her knock out body. She was wearing slightly loose fitting brown trousers which showed something of the quality of her beautiful ass while leaving you drooling to see more. She did not have a straight up and down figure - but rather it came in at the waist a little and out just the right amount at the hips. If you looked at her from the side you would see her bum appearing to stick out - as if she was bending over a little and deliberately sticking it out at someone who had just offended her. But I assure you she was standing straight and tall. On top she was wearing a white summer shirt - her young breasts looked the right shape - I could tell she was wearing no bra and yet they pointed up through the top - they too like her ass looked like they were being offered.

I came up to her and said hello. She sort of glanced at me shyly with her big bluey grey eyes, half smiling. Why she was so shy and yet so lovely I did not know. I usually find that such attractive women grow up with great confidence - instilled in them by legions of admirers. Yet I thought her shyness gave me an advantage.

"I think those would suit you well, they'd look very pretty on you" I said - pointing out a pair of rather elegant summer shoes. She shrugged her pretty shoulders and seemed to consider a moment then hurried away. I was in a mood not to be put off. I went after her. She walked into the community park and sat at a bench. I sat next to her without asking permission - I realised that if I was going to be polite with this girl then nothing would ever happen. She needed a push.

"I think you're a very charming lady, I wish I could get to know you better", I said to her with as much warmth as I could. She glanced at me again.

"Not working today?" I asked and added with an embarrassed smile "I often go shopping just to see you, even if I don't need anything. I've got a kitchen full of shopping you know - enough to last me six months - your manager should give you a raise,  you're worth it."

"Oh, my manager,my manager" she said with a foreign accent and a look of annoyance with the topic "don't talk about my manager - he never a leave me alone"

I thought, hmmmm, I can understand that.

She got up and walked away. I went with her.

"It's awfully nice walking with you", I said, "do you mind?" I noticed a slight shrug of the shoulders and this encouraged me. I sensed that she was going home. If she lived alone I would have my chance. I kept up the small talk - mostly flattering to her. I began to imagine what I would do with her if I had her in private. As I walked I could not resist looking at her body now and again - the sight of that sexy slender body gave me such a nice feeling in my belly and chest. I looked just behind and down at her back and sticking out ass. I began to sweat. My spirits were rising.

Eventually we reached a small block of flats.

"You can call me if you like" she said giving one last look to keep my cock hard and she shut the door in my face. My heart lept and my cock jumped - I can call her!

I didn't have her phone number but no matter. Next day I went to the supermarket and waited for her to finish her shift. Then I walked with her and we chatted a bit. I found out that she was Russian - her real name was Zhenya - but she used Jenny in England. She was here studying and worked part time in the supermarket for extra money.

We started meeting each other, going to cafes, the cinema, walks and chatted on the phone. She let me hold her hand and even kiss her good night on the lips briefly (giving me a big hard on) but then she would pull away. I touched her erotic ass on a few occasions but she always hurried away from me and pretended to be angry. She never invited me to her flat and I had nowhere to take her for a hot seduction scene. It was damn frustrating though I still liked being with her.

In a fit of stupidity I phoned her to break it off. It was a bluff really but I might have lost her to my impatient dick. Luckily, she was upset and begged me not too. I was everything to her apparently. That did  take me by surprise and I already imagined myself kneeling on a bed with her ass against my navel and my cock buried to the hilt.

"Jenny I love you too", I said. "I just want to show you how much I love you

"But why do we have to go to the bed? We've been so happy, why spoil it?" She replied.

"It won't spoil it - it will enrich our relationship totally"

"But I can't" she said in her deep Russian voice.

"Why not?" I asked, "we love each other - I want to give myself to you"

"But I've never done it before", she said gently.

It took me by surprise, I could not believe that such a sexy girl had not had her sexy ass fucked somewhere along the way. My cock rose at the thought of shagging virgin pussy "don't worry Jenny", I said, "I'll be gentle"

"But I don't know what to do", she said, "I would be terrible at it".

"You don't have to do anything, just show your love for me and let go - leave the rest to me"

"I'm sorry" she said, sniffling a little.

"For what?" I asked.

"I wanted it to be you. I'm sorry I kept pushing you away, I was just afraid. You understand? I love you so much, don't hurt me."

"I'm coming over now". I said I put the phone down without giving her a chance to reply and washed my dick and ass and the rest of me thoroughly then set off. I was there in five minutes. I rang and she let me through.

I walked in through a small lounge and found her in the kitchen filling a kettle. She looked at me. Did I want a tea or coffee?

"I just want you" I said.

She turned to look at me and just stood still on the spot as if she was waiting for my next move. A rush of passion came over me and I went over and kissed her full on the lips.

She sort of looked at me with a faint questioning smile as if to say, "ok, well what's next?" Her arms were folded. She turned to the sink. I came up behind her gently just so that she could feel my presence. I had a very strong urge to feel her bum through her trousers and grabbed one cheek in each hand - parting the sexy ass. At last! Just what I wanted to do. I felt the heat from her pussy on my fingertips. She let her head fall back against me and filled my face with beautiful hair. My big hard-on wanted to go in between that ass and ram  home though the moist wet flesh. She gasped for breath - vibrations shaking her body. Then I groped her bouncy boobs and kissed her neck whispering in her ear how much I loved her. My hands moved down her body and touched sexy firm thighs - coming to rest on her pussy area. She was into deep breathing by now and grinding her lovely sexy ass against my cock.

I turned her gently to me and with my hand in the small of her back pressed her strongly against my body. I felt her go weak. I saw that her eyes were closed and gave her another kiss on the lips. Her breathing suddenly went very deep and she buried her face on my chest. She was limp in my arms. I took her by the hand and lead her through the lounge into the bedroom. It was not difficult to find. There was a single bed in the room and above that a big wooden Christian cross. There were some other religious type objects and pictures around - I didn't know she was into this stuff, it made no difference - nothing could stop me taking her there and then. I had come to her inner sanctum.

I sat down on her bed. She was standing and took the ribbon holding her pony tail. The long blonde hair went all the way down her back to her ass. I put out my hand and she came to take it and knelt down by me and started exploring my hand with a kind of wonder. She did have power over me - a bolt of energy shot through me and my hot cock pushed against my trousers.

I resumed control and stood her up. First I unbuttoned her blouse and she gasped with what must have been surprised delight when I exposed her shoulders, back and breasts to the cool air in the room. But she composed herself and looked at me staring at her breasts. They were a good size - no bra necessary with tits of that firm youthfulness. The tone and shape of those sexy boobs made my dick surge at my flies - I unzipped and let it out - I just had to. She didn't look down but I think she sensed something hot was poking out as she threw her head back and I saw the whites of her eyes. Sex was just radiating from my throbbing cock making my breathing deep and rapid.

I desperately wanted to see Jenny's sexy ass so pulled down her trousers past her knees and felt my heart pound madly in my chest at the sight of her lovely thighs. I threw my lips at them and kissed from the knees up all the way to her cream knickers, which I eased down to her ankles and Jenny shrieked quietly as I exposed her pussy and ass. Then I found myself staring at heaven - beautiful blonde triangle of hair and just above it - young white flesh of the lower belly - quivering and so sensitive looking - I pushed my face into her belly and felt the feminine warmth. She moaned, ohhhed and mmmmed as I caressed this area with my fingers carefully avoiding the pussy area. I turned her around and looked at her protruding sexy bum. So petite - a lovely roundish shape - just what you want - the ripe young skin you see on a baby and a sexy line where the bum ends and the legs begin. And the skin on her back was perfect - gorgeous white skin - no freckles and no goose bumps anywhere - just what I wanted. I grabbed her ass strongly! I massaged her lovely bum and pulled the cheeks apart to look at the muff in between her legs. My dick was aching to take her from behind there and then but she suddenly sat on the bed and removed her trousers, knickers and shoes and looked up at me - but my dick was staring her in the face and I wanted her to pay it some attention.

"I love you so much Jenny" I said and pointed my cock to her red lips. I had a real monster erection - you know how it feels - utterly gorged with blood - ready to burst - just the hard on you need and not the rubbish you get when you are with the wrong woman.

She looked at it - no particular expression on her face but she kept looking for what seemed like ages and she couldn't take her eyes off that rod of hot steel - pulsing and bulging. I was desperate for her to wrap her full red lips around it and pleasure it all over. But I thought with all the Catholic stuff in the room she would have no idea what to do. But she put her lips to the tip of my cock and opened her mouth a little - allowing him into her innocent, angelic, warm little mouth. She let him in up to the ridge and then closed her mouth making my cock so happy - I took her hand and enclosed her fingers around the shaft - she squeezed gently and my head went back and I said involuntarily - "Oh my god Jenny I love you so much". She didn't use her tongue - but enclosed the top of my cock in her lips and went slowly up and down like she was a kid sucking a lollipop. I imagined my dick exploding with hot come in her mouth and Jenny swallowing the lot and pulling back the foreskin and milking all the cum from my balls. My cock felt so sensitive and sexy - I could have taken it all day. She just kept going with that motion - gripping my shaft with her little fingers. My loins were all aglow with fire - I just kept repeating, "That's so good, oh, beautiful, mmm" and telling her I loved her. I looked down at her legs and pussy in between and I suddenly felt like I was going to come. But I didn't want to have such a divine orgasm in her mouth - I wanted to feel the tightness of her virgin pussy milking my hot rod. So I withdrew my cock - she looked up - a question mark in her face. "Lie down" I ordered her and she complied - laying flat on her back on the virgin white lace bedspread. I popped off my shoes and totally undressed as she looked up at me. Then I parted her legs a little and kneeled in between. The sight of her pure body drove me wild inside with urgent desire. Her thighs were so sexy, so damned sexy I can't fully express how pretty they looked and they drove me wild with desire to fuck her hot sexy vagina and feel her thighs agsinst my thighs. I touched her pussy with my dick and she arched her back with a surprised gasp. It was wet, good, I thought and let the tip rest in the moist opening. I heard a faint "no" from her lips and started to thrust gently at her vulva. She seemed to like that - making some lovely sounds like - "oooooh, mmmmm, uuuh, uhh..". Her eyes were closed and there was a grin on her mouth. My dick suddenly bulged and went harder still feeling so damn sexy and bursting with pussy desire - her hand was stroking my thigh - turning me on more on and I could not resist going deeper still - probing into that warm slippery tight heavenly private space searching for total sex fulfillment for my unsatisfied rock hard cock. Suddenly she arched her back and brought her knees up and opened up her legs as wide as they would go. "Touch my ass" I ordered her in a desperate voice. She put her hands around my back and slid them down my bum and I felt a delicious warm sexy glow on my buttocks as she stroked the burning flesh with her finger tips. At the same time a wave of erotic sensation swept from my legs up my loins and deep in my belly - my mind obliterated by bliss. My breathing became more urgent and I felt my climax building up. I suddenly thought "My god, I'm not wearing anything!" But I brushed it aside - the sexual pleasure was so great - nothing could stop me from achieving my full satisfaction and as my body tightened my cock swelled to what felt like double the size and in that sublime moment before ejaculation my ears popped and my eyes bulged and my breathing paused on a massive in breath - then - "Uhhh, uhhh, uhhhhh!" I incoherantly moaned. My cock lunged forward and broke through and surged in up to the base - ripping my foreskin back and all the way down and exposing the most sensitive part of my cock to the sexy slippery friction of her pussy. Jenny let out a high pitched scream of pain and pleasure and she dug her sharp nails into my buttocks making me cry out amidst my lustful grunts and moans. I looked down at her body one last time and the sight of her young virgin tits and sexy thighs intensified my feelings of greed to fuck her innocent  young pussy and feel my throbbing hungry for excitement cock taking total satisfaction from the slippery  tight hot flesh. The intensley pleasurable muscular contractions deep in my ass sent shocks of ecstasy from my knees up through my thighs into my balls and straight to the tip of my penis which began to explode in Jenny's innocent hot wet beautiful inner lady space. I jerked my excited hairy ass up and down rapidly with big thrusting movements and with one last violent surge I pressed in as far as I was able - feeling the utter depths of her femininity and my horny cock in the grip of her warm vagina. She had wrapped her legs around my back and squeezed tightly as if this would help me in yet further. The thought of my muscular hairy ass ramming  my dirty young cock and shagging her pure virgin pussy just exploded my mind with sexual pleasure and the tip of my animal dick jerked wildly to the caressing touch of Jenny's warm moist internal flesh. The sperm exploded out - blasting her innocent womb and making me produce an ecstatic and desperate "ahhhh!" with each spurt of my hot gooey cum and I tried with the muscles in my ass to push in yet deeper with each contraction taking everything I could for my randy cock couldn't get enough of that hot pussy and I thought I could feel the opening to her womb caressing the sperm out of my excited balls. As the last few spurts melted out of me I just moaned softly "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh" at the feeling of ecstasy and peace now that my cock was finally satisfied to the full. My orgasm subsided and I relaxed onto her in total bliss - my penis utterly fucked out and compassionately pleasured like never before - the excitement had drained every last drop of cum from my balls and emptied my milky swamp into Jenny's sexy hot vagina. I loved her. She still had her nails dug into my bum and finally relaxed and also allowed her legs down but kept stroking the tops of my thighs with her fingers. I had a sensation of not being myself or of not knowing where I ended and she began. It was like we had melted and merged and I did not want to move. I was still quite stiff inside her and my cock felt wonderful. I kept thinking of the pleasure my cock and ass had enjoyed from that orgasm - I wanted it over again! And the explosion of love in my loins when the cum blasted her insides! Who would have thought such ecstay was possible?  All the while we lay there she made little sounds, tiny gasps and almost silent moans. When I finally felt that reality was returning I looked up at her face and saw a smile greet my smile - I was chuckling - still jubilant with the joy of sex. We looked into each other's eyes for a while and had some mutual understanding about what had taken place. I was so grateful to her and loved her for it. Jenny had allowed me to fuck away her girlhood and empty my wild sperm into her hot erotic virgin pussy. She was a woman now.

We lay in that position for I don't know how long. Eventually I withdrew and as I did so - kissed her pussy and other parts of her body - reassuring her that I did love her. The virgin white bed sheet was no more - but stained with a mix of cum and blood.

We stayed naked and drank some coffee. She told me how much she loved me and that it had always been her desire and dream to give me as much pleasure as she could. It turned her on to excite me sexually and she told me that my orgasm gave her great emotional and sexual satisfaction. Apparently she wanted to give me as much excitement to my cock as she could, my movements and sounds of pleasure had thrilled and moved her. She liked it that I gave myself totally to her pussy and loved the violence in my movements and animal like way I expressed my delight. She came to me and let my cock rest in her hand and we kissed - tongue to tongue. I happned to see the time on the kitchen clock.

I could not stay! I had to go as I had arranged to pick up my mum from the railway station at nine. But she wanted to hep me to another orgasm so I entered her warm mouth and she pulled my foreskin back and worked gently with her lips - using her tongue to stimulate around the ridge.

"Hold my balls" I said and let my head go back. She squeezed my balls lovingly as my dick burst once more and squirted sperm into Jenny's delicious mouth. She seemed to get the idea - tugging at the base and pushing with the tip of her tongue into the most sensitive area of my cock to maximise the strength of the climax. She swallowed the lot.  Then looked up at my devastated with pleasure face.

I went away - kissing her and promising to come the next day and see her at the supermarket. As I walked home my dick felt different - complete - totally different - it was a pleasure to feel it so.

You might think after this I had a whale of a time fucking that little blonde sex kitten with hair down to her ass. But you would be wrong! The next day I went to see Jenny at the supermarket and .....

Chapter 2 to be published soon. Please let me know if you find any typos, errors. Thanks.

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