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Cherries finally Popped

The day I lost my virginity
It was a hot summer's day. I was 17 and taking my first vacation alone with friends. Paid for by my parents. What they didn't know was that my 'friend' was my boyfriend of 2 months. Obviously we fooled around a little before hand, but nothing romantic. I was hoping this weekend it was finally going to happen. And how right I was.

Since it was late evening I decided to head down to the beach while my boyfriend, Eric, had a quick shower.
"I'm heading down to the beach! I called through the door, "come down after, ok?"
"Sure. Give me five minutes," he answered.

I headed down the short path towards the sandy beach.
My 32D's bounced rhythmically as I planned on taking a short sunbathe in the hazy sunlight so felt no need to wear a bra. I wore a red bikini top though, skimpy to say the least. (Eric bought it for me) My blue shorts ended mid-thigh on my tanned, toned legs. I love showing off my legs, practically gives guys boners with one look let alone a touch.
On the beach I lay down on the soft sand, laying on my stomach. I undid the bikini strap and slid the top off, placing it to the side. I closed my eyes gently and imagined Eric. Him coming over to me, resting his hand on my thigh, edging slowly further up, massaging me as he did. I opened my eyes lazily. I could feel hands roaming my body. I'd recognise those hands anywhere.

I glanced up. Eric was resting on his side, now massaging my naked back, every now and then having a quick feel of my firm arse. He didn't seem to notice me look up. I rested my head down and felt myself growing wetter as he moved to the sides of my body. He brushed against the side of my tits before sliding smoothly back down to my upper thigh, edging closer to my aching pussy. I was in a horny mood before, thinking about us being alone for three days and nights. He carefully reached under my shorts and tickled my pussy through my panties, softly nudging my clit. I couldn't hold it anymore. I moaned faintly. I heard Eric chuckle. My cover blown. I lifted my head and saw he was topless, showing off his six pack and lean arms. I grinned mischievously. He was wearing swimming trunks and I realized he had a noticeably bulge. As he pushed against my clit, now through my shorts as well, I gradually turned onto my back, my juices covering my cotton lace panties now. Erics eyes gleamed greedily when he saw my two puppies.

He grabbed my wrists and held them to my sides. He swung one leg over to the opposite side of me and leaned down. He gently, ever so gently began licking my nipples. I moaned. He'd done this before but it felt so much better this time round. He'd discovered a new technique too. He tenderly licked the tip of my bullet nipples, before circling his way round to the outside, them back in again. I wriggled under him, my clit begging to be touched. He let go of my hands and he began massaging the breast he wasn't working his magic on. After a few minutes I felt his dick pressing into my crotch and my pussy begged for attention. He pressed his tongue harder against my sensitive bullets as a groaned and clawed at his back.

He stopped. I moaned protest but thought better of it when he reached towards my shorts. He tugged them off as I lifted my hips. He left my panties on for the time being and lightly stroked my slit, feeling the wetness. He abruptly pulsed my panties down and threw them away before throwing his head into my mound. His tongue worked his way up the lips, slipping inside for a second then starting over. I pushed my hands on his head and lifted my hips once more.
I wondered if anyone was watching us but that just made the situation hotter.

Finally he pressed his lips against my clit. I practically screamed in ecstasy as he suckled my rock hard nub, varying the strength and adding tongue.
"Oh my god!!!" I screamed, the climax a strong one. It lasted longer than I could even count, wave after wave, and he kept sucking now even nibbling gently. I writhed under him as he held me down. Eventually he stopped and came up to my face. I was breathing hard and verging on passing out. He kissed me roughly. I could taste my own juices and wanted more.
"Fuck me," I whispered hoarsely. He hesitated. "Now, please, fuck me. I want the hard dick inside me, please now."
He quickly tugged off his short, baring his 8" cock to the world. I panicked for a moment as he began to push it against my pussy. My wet juices dripped down my arse and legs I was that turned on. He slowly started to push it in and hurt a little, but the pleasure was more than the pain. He paused half way in.
"Fuck me, now!" I practically screeched, begging for another orgasm. He thrusted in, hard. I screamed. He began fucking me harder and harder. Knocking my clit on each thrust. He grunted and I could feel every vein on his cock. I felt my climax building fast. I clenched my butt, so to give him more pleasure.

Eric grunted louder. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum."
"Yess! Cum with me! Yes!" I moaned. Suddenly he doubled over and I felt his cock twitch. Shots of hot cum spurted into me. At this I orgasmed harder than I'd ever had in my life. Having another strong wave pulse through my body everytime he shot his load into me. It had to be at least 7, I was in too much ecstasy to notice anything else but my burning pussy.
He collapsed onto me, his cock sliding out of my hole. I was breathing heavily and we slept like that for a while, in each others arms.....

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