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Meeting, greeting and eating Cherry
You let yourself in with your key. The room is dark except for a line of votive candles in red glass holders, in a direct line from the living room to the bedroom. The air smells of a sweet scent - sandalwood?. It's too faint to be sure. You smile, put your purse down on the couch and kick off your shoes. Whatever comes next, it's going to be nice to get off your feet.

You undress, folding your clothes neatly and leaving them on the couch. Only when you're completely naked do you venture to follow the line of candles. The bedroom is dark, too, except for more of the candles.

I can see you as you enter, my eyes gliding over your soft curves. I give you a warm smile. "Hello, love." As you get closer to the bed, you can see that I'm naked and hard and you smile. "I'd like to introduce you to a friend. This is Cherry."

Your heart lurches as a woman steps out of the shadows. She looks to be about your age, maybe even a bit older, and she's dressed in barely-there Daisy Dukes and a scrap of t-shirt with the word "slut" emblazoned across her breasts. Her hair is a deep coppery red; in the semi-darkness, you can't be sure of her eyes.

"Hi, sugar," the woman says in a voice as sweet and Southern as pecan pie.

You look from me to Cherry and back, confused. You know I have other lovers, even as you do, but you never expected to meet one - and you stark naked! - in the bedroom we share.

Cherry's eyes go soft and she punches me in the shoulder. "You didn't tell her, did you?"

I smile; Cherry's punches are too half-hearted to hurt. "No, I didn't." To you: "Come up on the bed and I'll explain."

You come forward cautiously, wondering what other "surprises" I have in store. You settle in next to me, your hip against mine, and I drape an arm around your shoulders. To your discomfort, Cherry sits next to you, her legs brushing yours. The woman has an amazing body, you think, and then you're listening.

"Remember when we were talking about fantasies, and you said you had a fantasy of being with another woman?" Your eyes go wide, your mouth dropping open, but you nod. "Cherry here is bisexual, and I've asked her to show you the ropes."

"You're scaring her!" Cherry scolds, but then she turns to you. "Look, hon, we don't have to do anything, okay? It's entirely up to you if you want to play." She smiles with her eyes, skimming them over your body, slowly and thoroughly. "I'd love to play with you if you do want to play, but no pressure, okay?"

You shiver as you notice the hunger in her eyes. Well, I am curious, you think, and now I'm being offered a chance… why not? You smile at Cherry, letting your eyes rove over her now. "Just go slow, okay? I'm just a little nervous here…."

She smiles and moves closer to you on the bed. You can feel the side of her breast nudging against your bare breast. She strokes her fingers through your hair and whispers throatily, "Just relax, love, and let Cherry take care of everything…."

Her hand moves behind your back, pulls you closer and then her lips meet yours, kissing you so gently, her lips so soft… You tense at first, but your instincts override your fears. You keep your lips soft and relaxed, letting Cherry do all the work, and oh God, it feels so good!

Her kisses are softly insinuating, softer, less insistent than kissing a man. You sigh as she plucks your lips between hers; her breath is warm and sweet. All unconscious, your hand drifts behind her back, caresses the bare skin there. She smiles and presses into you, soft warm flesh against yours.

Just like that, the greater part of your nervousness is gone. Oh, you're still anxious - what will this be like? will I be any good at it? - but you're not freaking, which is what you feared would happen. You lean back and relax into her as her mouth takes yours, leading the way, your tongues entangled, moaning softly.

She stops kissing you long enough to lift her shirt over her head and discard it. Her breasts are big but not huge, with soft brown aureoles and erect nipples. Her mouth comes back to yours and she takes your hand, guides it to her breast. She groans as you fondle her soft flesh, gliding your palm over her nipple. You have no idea what you're doing, but you know what you like - and it seems to be working. She grinds her breast into your palm, sucking your lower lip, groaning into your wet mouth.

You feel yourself getting wet, and I haven't touched you at all. It's Cherry, it's all Cherry, so despite your nerves, you open your legs.

Cherry misses nothing; she smiles at the move and lets her hand glide down to your thigh, caressing, teasing, moving ever closer to that part of you that thrums with every beat of your heart. You gasp into her mouth, still working her breast. Your pussy is soaked; you wonder if hers is, too.

Hoping this is the right thing to do, you disengage from her mouth and move your mouth to her nipple, your hand moving down to her shorts. To your relief, they're already unbuttoned and unzipped; to your frustration, they're so tight you'd break your wrist trying to force your hand into them. You can't see her face, but you can imagine her smile as she moves the soaking-wet crotch of her shorts aside, giving you almost full access to her.

Here goes nothing, you think, and you draw a careful finger between her lips. She groans as you part her lips, your mouth working her nipple, raking your teeth along it. "Oh, God," she moans. "Oh, God, baby, this girl's a natural." Your finger opens her wider until she gasps. "Wait, honey, wait just a second."

She stands and shimmies her shorts down and off. Her pussy is completely shaved, and her lips are dripping. She sits down next to you again, pressing tighter than before. Bolder now, you stroke her lips open, easing a finger slowly into her pussy. You watch her reaction carefully, and when she shows no sign of discomfort, you add a second finger.

Now she begins to rock and writhe, her hips pumping back and forth on your hand. "Oh Godddd, baby, oh yes, fuck my pussy, just like that… oooooh God, you're so good. Ohhhh, fuck me, sweetie, fuck me!" You drive your fingers into her clutching cunt, hard and fast and deep, finding pride in how much pleasure you're giving her. Her hips jerk and twitch; you can feel her coming close to the edge….

"Stop." You look up incredulously, but my face is set. You know that look. Cherry looks up, too, her face questioning.

"On your knees and eat her pussy. Make her cum with your mouth."

"But I don't know how."

I give you an evil grin. "You'll never learn any younger."

You give me a nasty look, but my face is implacable. You fall to your knees between her widespread legs and look up.

"Help me with this?"

She smiles down at you. "Oh, honey, you'll do fine. Just think of what you like and do it to me."

You nod, uncertain. You take a long look at her wet pussy, then your tongue draws a line between her folds. Cherry moans and hisses and thrusts her pussy into your face. Encouraged, you do it again, this time slower, taking the time to actually taste her. Ohmigod, she tastes so good! You trace her lips with your tongue, emboldened to probe deeper, holding her thighs, licking and lapping. Her clit is quite prominent, and you move up to kiss it lightly. She jerks and grabs your head, forcing it tight against her. You lick and lap and suck and nibble and she moans and bucks against your face.

You feel my hands on your hips, and you remain still, though your tongue never ceases to pleasure Cherry. I surge forward and split your pussy wide around my throbbing cock. You shriek as it fills you, stretching you wide; you eat Cherry and eat her and eat her and eat her, working for every delicious drop of her hot juices, feeling me pump in and out of you, hard - fast - deep!, fucking you ruthlessly, claiming your pussy as my own. You drive your tongue into Cherry as I drive my cock into you and she screams and shudders and cums in your mouth, drenching your face, and you lick and suck at her swollen clit, loving the taste of her, no longer nervous, knowing this is something you'll want to do again - Oh God! - and you cum explosively all over my throbbing cock. You jerk and buck and scream and cum, hearing Cherry wail out her pleasure as she cums again.

I pull out of you and move to the side of the bed. You move to sit beside Cherry and the two of you take turns sucking my cock until I cum, shooting my juices into your mouths, onto your faces and breasts. It seems like I cum forever, and when I look up again, you and Cherry are kissing, happily lapping the cum from each others' face and tits, sucking it from the others' mouth. I smile as I contemplate a job well done - and this is just the beginning.

I lie back on the bed, pull your nakedness against mine, full-length. I kiss and bite at your throat, play with your hard nipples. My voice against your ear is a deep, raspy growl: "Oh, baby, I'm so proud of you."

Behind you, Cherry fits her body to yours; you can feel her soft breasts against your back and her hands come around to fondle your tits as I kiss you deeply, my tongue probing your wet mouth, tasting my leftover cum. Cherry insinuates a soft hand between your thighs, begins to play with your already-drenched pussy. You groan and rock on her invading fingers as I kiss you fiercely, taking your wet mouth, your breasts soft against my chest.

I lick and bite your breasts as Cherry probes your pussy; you can feel the momentary heat of each bite, a sweet pain that slowly fades into something delicious and decadent. Cherry is finger-fucking you, slowly but insistently, and you respond, moaning and writhing against her hand. God, she's so good! I wonder… - and then you wonder no more, for Cherry pushes you onto your back, urges you toward the edge of the bed. Your ass is just at the edge of the bed, your legs hanging over; she kneels between your thighs and kisses your mound softly; slow, lingering kisses with just a hint of tongue, exploring you, testing for your pleasure centers, smiling as she finds them.

God, her lips are so soft, so gentle!
You open your legs wide, drape them over her shoulders to afford her full access to you. She kisses your pussy - so softly! - like a butterfly landing there, just pausing and touching. Her breath is warm as she insinuates just the tip of her tongue along your lips, licks along their contours, outlining them with her wet mouth. You shiver, knowing that this may have begun as an experiment, but it's now a part of you, a part you'll never want to give up.

Oh, God….
You groan as her tongue probes you deeper, still slowly, patiently, flitting inside your saturated pussy…. Her hands cup your ass and she squeezes gently and you groan. Oh God, she's so good, her tongue feels so good in me, so good….

A shiver works its way up your spine as she plays with your pussy, eating you…

I kneel beside you on the bed and you open your mouth, take my cock in, sucking as your fingers gently tease my balls. I fuck your mouth slowly, letting you feel Cherry's talented mouth in your pussy, fucking deeper, but slowly, until you take me down your throat, swallowing my cock….

Cherry eases a finger, then two into your pussy and finger-fucks you while she works her tongue up toward your stiffened clit. You moan around my cock, the vibration humming all the way down to my balls.

Cherry smiles as she licks you, probing your pussy with her fingers, eating you…You jerk, your hips bucking against her face; this seems to be what she's been waiting for, for she seizes your hips in a deathgrip and shoves her tongue straight up inside you, tongue-fucking you hard, ruthlessly.

You lose my cock as you moan and wail, her tongue thrusting deep, hard, fast… your legs spread wide, wider, impossibly wide, wanting her mouth, her tongue deeper inside you. She savors your juices, lapping them up, streaking her mouth; her fingers jab deep inside you as she attacks your clit, swollen and stiff, with her mouth and then you're cumming all over, oh yes, God, cumming all over her mouth, her face, her fingers jabbing, mouth sucking, and you wail and scream and cum, over and over and over….

She removes her mouth from your pussy and I shove my cock deep into her mouth, fucking her mouth, her throat, my fingers in her hair, taking her mouth. She sucks and swallows and deep-throats my thrusting cock; then she bends over the bed and spreads for me. "Fuck me, baby, I need it."

I take her hips in my hands and thrust deep, filling her juicy cunt. You watch, fingering your pussy, teasing your clit as I fuck her deep. You want to help, you want to make her cum again, so you slide off the bed, lie below me, try to lick - but the distance is too great.

I pull out, urge her up onto the bed. She lowers her pussy onto your face and you lick the dripping honey from her, wanting this, wanting her pussy, her wetness, the taste, the feel of knowing a woman this intimately. You take her pussy, her juices, while I kneel behind her and shove my cock deep.

She grinds her pussy against your face while I fuck her tight ass, groaning, jerking, writhing…. Your mouth doesn't leave her sweet pussy for a second, intent on ripping an orgasm from her, and another, and another. She shrieks, a sound that splits the air and seems to hang there. She drenches your face and you drink her down greedily, not wanting to lose a drop of her essence; then I roar and cum deep, deep in her ass, cumming so hard, God, so hard! and you finger yourself to another orgasm, your nipples hard, your hot breath rasping in your throat….

Afterward, we move back onto the bed, you on one side of me, Cherry on the other, wrapped around one another, lovers all… and we sleep.

When I wake, I find you and Cherry necking, tongues entwined, moaning softly… I let my eyes play over your bodies, following every graceful curve, every line. Your moans get under my skin and I find another erection coming to life.

Your hands move over each other, caressing breasts, ass, pussy, legs…. I smile as I realize that if you're not yet "officially" bi, you at least enjoy playing with women. I'm proud of myself for bringing you together and proud of you for having the nerve to dare something new.

I clear my throat loudly and you turn to look at me. I smile, encouraging you to continue, but you move as one to join me. You take turns sucking my cock, deep in your wet mouths, swallowing… teasing my balls… licking, sucking, playing… your hands as often straying over each other as over me. Both of you are amazing cocksuckers and I groan at the feel of two such mouths on my cock.

After a few moments, Cherry rises and sits down on my hard shaft, taking it deep. I groan as her tight cunt clamps around me, so hot… so tight…. You continue to lick and suck my balls, caressing her pretty ass as she rides me - then you rise, press your breasts into her back and caress her breasts while you kiss and lick and suck at her throat. She groans, half from your attentions, half from the cock buried deep in her snug pussy.

You move down now and lick at her swollen clit; she moans and rides me, harder, faster, slamming herself up and down my throbbing shaft. Your tongue is a blur and you try to keep pace with her and suddenly she screams - a hoarse, ragged scream - and cums hard, gushing her juices all over my cock and balls.

You lick up as much of her bounty as you can, thrilling at the taste of her. She raises herself off my cock and I push you onto your knees. With a single hard, deep thrust, I'm inside you to the hilt, fucking you hard, ruthlessly, pounding my cock into your pussy. Cherry gropes you as I fuck you, kissing your mouth, licking and biting your neck, twisting your nipples, licking them, sucking hard. Her fingers move down to strum at your clit and you scream as I fuck you - you cum, again and again, your pussy clutching at my cock, tight, so tight! I roar and gush a torrent of fiery-hot cum into your pussy, cumming and cumming and cumming - oh God! - cumming so fucking hard!

When I can breathe again, you and Cherry are locked in a sixty-nine, licking my cum from the other's pussy. I smile; this promises more wild nights to cum….
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