Chocolate Cake anyone?

By super-glue

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It all started with me in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake, I had bits of flour in my hair and on my face and even a speck of chocolate on the tip of my nose as I stood there in short shorts, over the knee black socks, tank top and a sweater that was zipped up halfway.

My hair was pulled into a messy bun and had flour in it- it was mid afternoon when you walked in and leaned on the other side of the counter I was sitting on, you chuckled as you took in my appearance. "You still look beautiful," you said, smiling, I waggled my eyebrows, and winked at you, then I slowly started licking the spinner with the icing on it, wrapping my tongue around it.

I giggled as you squirmed, watching me. I finished and tossed them into the sink. I turned on the radio next to me, slowly swaying my hips as I put the icing on the cake, humming along to the song.

You strode around the counter, cupped my face with your hands and kissed me hard on the mouth. I came alive under you; kissing you back with everything I had as my hands came up and grabbed fistfuls of your brown hair. You bit my lower lip, tugging on it almost desperately, begging for entrance. And I gave it.

I didn’t even hesitate as I parted my lips. You slid your tongue in, tasting the chocolate in my mouth. I moaned into your mouth and one of your hands slid down to rest on my lower back, pressing my warm, soft body against yours while your other hand yanked on the elastic band of my hair.

You freed my hair and tangled your fingers in it hurriedly as you pushed my back against the wall of the kitchen, pressing your lower half against me firmly, trying to show me just how I made you feel. I made a soft whimper like noise as I kissed you desperately, yanking on your hair, you scooped one hand under my thigh and I locked my legs around your waist.

You pressed me harder against the wall, grinding your front half against the place between my legs. We moaned into each others mouths, grabbing at each others hair as we kissed, lips crashing against each others.

All I could do was feel your hard body against mine as you ground between my legs, making me moan, feeling your hand tangled in my hair, your tongue against mine, as my heart thudded in my chest. I tensed my legs, pulling you tighter against me as I tightened my hands into fists around your soft brown hair.

We were caught in a bruising kiss, both of us gasping and moaning as our lips moved against each other in a frenzy. The hand you had on my lower back slipped under my tank top, your skin against my heated skin made me shiver, goose bumps rising on my flesh as I clung to you almost desperately.

I wanted more. I wanted to feel your skin on mine.

My hands fell from your hair and slid down to the front of your shirt. I quickly slid my fingers under it, raising it quickly, but I had so much trouble doing it since I was still kissing you and we were still grinding against each other. You pulled it off quickly, and our tongues once again began a dance that was all too familiar to us, a dance that had been mastered several times.

You quickly moved us down the hall into the bedroom, tossing me on the bed, and moving over top of me. I gasped, body arching into yours tightly, trying to get as close as possible but it was so hard with all these annoying barriers. "Johnny.. clo-clothes," I managed to studder out in between gasped air.

You were on it before I could even attempt to clear my head enough to try. Button undone, zipper unzipped, you scooted back, hooked your fingers through the belt loops of my shorts and pulled them off of me. The cold air against my legs made goose bumps rise up on my flesh and I shivered.

I sat up and pushed you down on your back, undoing your pants for you this time. I ran a hand over you and felt you writhe under me with another groan. My lips twitched and I started pulling down your pants. But it was a struggle, I was so impatient, my movements all sharp and jerky, so you had to help.

Our clothes added to the mess that was already on the floor, and we weren’t even done yet. Before I knew it I was on my back again, your lips locked to mine with your hand between my legs. Your fingers started pressing against me and I shuddered, heat flicking through me like a fire.

I felt like my blood was boiling as it pumped through my veins, my heart pounding loud and quick and unsteady. But instead of doing what I wanted, you pulled your hand away. And soon my bra and underwear were tossed away, landing who knows where and frankly who cares? "Ashlee open your eyes," you said roughly.

My eyes fluttered open, focusing on yours. Nerves turned my stomach while my heart still pounded loud and insistent in my ears. You settled down between my legs and my hands reached up to grab your arms, nails digging into the muscle and flesh. "Relax," you whispered softly, as your lips came to rest on mine. But you did not seem too relaxed either; your voice was shaking and your body was tense.

You eased forward until I felt you, right up against me. I let out a huge gust of air, a burning need suddenly rising inside of me. I tried not to squirm impatiently, but being this close and having to wait was killing me.

I didn't have to ask if it was going to hurt, I knew it would, I breathed in deeply trying to relax my grip on your arms but I could not. I was too nervous, too excited, too scared. I was a bit of a mess. You looked at me and kissed me again, softer this time, as your hand slid down between my legs again and abruptly my eyes slid shut.

Your fingers pressed against me, and that raging fire that had simmered down before rose back up again. My head rolled back, a moan passing through my lips. Your fingers slowly moved away, and were replaced again by you, hard and waiting. You eased in slowly, but even that could not stop me from cringing.

You apologized, and stroked my cheek with your fingers before kissing me. I coiled my arms around your shoulders, gripping your hair in my hands tightly. You kissed me passionately, one hand holding my hip the other cradling my head as you kept pushing in. The further you went, the more it hurt, and you did not even go all the way.

You thrust your hips, still slow and steady and gradually the pain eased away, replaced by that same raging fire that seem to shoot through my veins, my whole body. I rocked my hips in time to yours so we were moving perfectly, and I matched each thrust.

My thighs were aching, my body burning, and everything just seemed so fast. My heart was still hammering and I felt that same heat rising, and I felt like a dam that was ready to burst. But then you slowed down, going slow and steady instead. It was torture, gripping your arms, my teeth grinding together as I struggled to hold myself back, refusing to let myself finish now.

I lifted my head to kiss you again and you moaned in my mouth, hips thrusting hard once again. I squeezed my thighs tight around your hips, feeling so close now. I bit your bottom lip and your hips rocked, thrusting deeper into me. I gasped your name, hips rising to meet you again and again until suddenly, we burst.

It was like a mini explosion inside me, one I felt in every single cell of my body. It was such an amazing feeling, to feel you inside of me, to feel you surrounding me completely. I felt…out of this world. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I had never realized before just how much you could really feel for a person. And I never thought it’d be possible to love someone so much, or to feel so loved and protected in return. I’d never felt closer to a person as I did now.

You breathed my name, lips pressing softly against mine. "I'm so in love with you," you said quietly. I suddenly smiled. And while it was not the biggest smile, it was the happiest one.

"I'm in love with you too," I replied, still smiling. You eased off of me and pulled the sheets of the bed back and we both crawled under them before you held me to your chest, your face buried in my hair.

My exhausted body, running high with excitement, suddenly seemed to be draining away energy slowly until I felt sleepy. I leaned my cheek against your chest, feeling slightly sweaty and hot, but the happiest I’d ever been. "I love you," I mumbled as you wrapped me securely in your arms, and then, we both fell asleep.