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Christmas With The Family - Part 2

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Two share the holidays plus a few other things
Christmas With The Family

Part 2

As the boys pulled into the Clark’s driveway, about six inches of snow lay on the ground. Harry could see a flickering, as if a fire was somewhere, coming from around the garage. “Todd! Is there a fire in the back?”

“Relax, we have an outdoor fireplace back there and Mom and Carla are probably having a toddy waiting for us. C’mon, let’s head around back and join them.”

The pair walked behind the house and sure enough there was Todd’s Mother and sister, sitting all bundled up, enjoying something to drink.

“Todd!” exclaimed Mrs. Clark and jumped up to greet him.” And this must be Harry, so nice you could join us for the holidays, please make yourself at home. Our family will be your family.”

“Thank you Mrs. Clark, I really appreciate your hospitality.”

“Hi Harry,” purred Carla as she rose from padded lounge and held out her hand.

Harry looked her in the eye and said, “Its great to see you again, Carla.” Giving her hand an extra squeeze which she returned and gave him a wink. Well, he thought, looks like she does have a thing for me. I’ll just play along and see where this leads. After all, I’m going to be here for ten days.

“Let’s go inside, I think Dinner is almost ready. Hope you like pot roast, Harry.”

“I’ll eat anything Mrs. Clark”, replied Harry. Harry whispered to Todd, “Looks like your Mom is doing OK.”

“Yes, I believe she has gotten over Dad’s death, finally.”

The four went into the house and Mrs. Clark and Carla got dinner on the table. The table was set so two sat side by side and Carla made sure Harry sat next to her across from her mother and Todd. All thru the meal Harry could feel the pressure of her leg on his and he was getting the message.

After dinner they all cleared the table and Carla said, “Harry, lets go put some wood on the fire outside and have a hot toddy.”

“Yes, why don’t you two go out and get better acquainted and Todd and I will clean up here. We’ll be out in a bit”

“OK,” replied Harry and he and Carla put on their down jackets and went out back.

Harry added wood to the fire and they both lay down on the two lounge chairs and Carla pulled the heavy woolen rug over them. “Umm, this will keep us nice and toasty, don’t you think?”

“Oh absolutely, with a nice looking girl like beside me, what more could I want?”

“Well, you could start by putting your arms around me and kissing me.” Harry did as bidden and was surprised that the platonic kiss he had planned was received by a wide open mouth and flickering tongue. They kissed as two lovers on fire, the grip each had on the other and the sensual dance that was occurring in their mouths.

Harry broke the kiss and said, “Wow, what if your mom and brother come out?”

“Yes, guess you’re right, we’ll have to wait for a more private time.”

A minute or two later both Todd and his mother joined them. “Are you two enjoying the great outdoors and the fire?”

“Oh you bet Mrs. Clark, this is really a treat,” he replied as he could feel Carla’s hand exploring his tight jeans. He had a huge hardon and wanted her to jerk him off but there was no way they could get away with that.

The four of them spent about an hour watching the fire die down and then Mrs. Clark said, “Well kids, time for this old gal to head for bed. Y’all have fun and don’t stay up too late. Tomorrow is Christmas eve you know.”

They said their good nights and then then Carla said, “Well time for also, see you guys tomorrow.” Harry was crestfallen, his cock was bursting and he needed relief bit it was not to come.

“C’mon Harry, I’ll show you to your room. It used to be my fathers and adjoins my Mom’s but don’t worry, she takes sleeping pills and won’t hear a thing. Dad slept there because he snored so much.”

Todd showed Harry his room and then went to his own. Harry liked to sleep naked so disrobed and climbed under the heavy comforter, still with half a hardon. He was sleeping when about two hours later his door opened and Carla slipped in. She was only in a robe and slipped quietly under the comforter and snuggled up to Harry. Harry was dead to the world and didn’t even feel her hot breasts pressed against his back. She reached over him and began to slowly fondle his cock. Still asleep, Harry thought he was dreaming, as his prick grew stiff under her hand,

As it grew fully erect she began to stroke him in earnest and that is when he realized he wasn’t dreaming and rolled to face her, breaking her jerk off rhythm.

“Shit Harry, I wanted you to cum,” she said.

“Carla, I’ll cum for you but lets play a little first.” And he dove under the covers, spread her robe open and buried his face in her sweet, teen age snatch. She tasted so good he began to slurp as his tongue assaulted her cunt lips.

“Oh God Harry, that is so good, please, please don’t stop!” He spread her cunt open wide and licked every inch of it as he entered two fingers. Much to his surprise he felt resistance. Holy shit, he thought, she’s a virgin!

“Carla,” he asked, “are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” she replied, “and that’s why I am here. You are my Christmas present and I am yours, for the taking. Do you want me?”

“Oh do I! Have you ever sucked a cock?”


He slid his legs over her head and slowly lowered his cock to her mouth. “Open your mouth and I’ll just put the head in and you suck while I suck you. OK?”

No response as she grabbed his cock and began to suck it like a pro. He dove back into her pussy and they engaged in a long and furious sixty nine for about fifteen minutes. Carla pulled Harry’s cock from her mouth and said,” Harry, I want you to make love to me.”

“But your Mom will hear us.”

“Not a chance, she takes a pill every night and is dead to the world.”

“Well OK, if you think you’re ready for it.”

“Oh baby am I! I have been waiting for you for years. That ‘s why I’m still a virgin. I wanted you to be first.”

Harry rolled off her and positioned himself between her legs. His cock was stiff and hard and he used the pre-cum oozing from it to lubricate her labia. Her rubbed her tiny clit to stimulate her even more until her breath started to come in short gasps. “Oh Harry, do it now, please, I want to feel you inside me.”

He pushed the head of his cock slightly into her. She was wet enough, that he could feel.”Oh yes, I feel you. Please, more, more.”

He pushed a little more and the head of his cock was in her and had hit up against her virginal wall. She was definitely intact. “Carla, this may hurt a little.”

“I don’t care, make love to me Harry, take me,” she moaned and he gave a little thrust and was in her. :Oh oh, that’s it, oh, yes, you are in and feel so good darling. Oh its better than I imagined. Make love to me Harry and don’t worry, I have been taking the pill.”

He started a very slow and rhythmic pace pushing and pulling his cock in and out and her breath came in shorter gasps. He was certain she would cum soon and wanted her to feel it all once. He pushed harder and was buried balls deep in her tight, young twat and she she arched her back as her climax hit her, he pushed quickly a few times and flooded her cunt with his seed. He kept pumping as she moaned and his cum flowed from her and onto the bed. They lay there after a few moments, totally spent.

“Oh baby, that was worth waiting for. Was I good?”

“Carla, you were wonderful. But we have to clean up this bed or your Mom will definitely find out. “

“Ok, we will but can we do it again? Please?”

“Well, OK but you’ll have to help me get hard again. You need to suck my cock back to life.”

She had his cock in her mouth in a flash and sucked him hard in about five minutes. “I want to be on top this time” she said.

“That’s fine” and he lay on his back with his prick tall and straight. Carla swung herself on top and lowered her pussy to just above Harry’s burgeoning, and once again ready, prick.

She looked down at him and said, “I want to see the look on your face as you enter me. It feels divine to me and I am sure you feel it too.” Typical virgin, he thought. Thinks she’s got the only cunt in the world that’s ever been fucked. Oh well, play the game. She is a pretty good fuck for a virgin. He held his cock straight up and helped her guide it into her very tight pussy. She gripped it with one hand and spread her labia with the other as she slowly lowered herself on him. He watched his cockhead disappear into her tight hole and she said,”Ohhhh, that’s so nice,” She let herself slowly slide down his shaft, her eyes shut and great smile lit up on her face.

“Hey, thought you wanted to watch me?” he asked.

“This is too heavenly, I’ll watch some other time.” When he was fully inside her she lay down on him and kissed him deeply while humping her hips up and down on his cock. She loved the feeling of the pulsing prick deep in her and reveled in the wonderful feeling as it slid in and out her. This is the position for me, she thought. She started to increase the pace as he matched her hip speed and soon they were fucking like two dogs in heat. She began to moan loudly as her orgasm approached and keeping her voice down said in his ear.”Your cock is wonderful, I love the big hard feeling it brings as it fills my insides. I can’t wait to feel it shoot your juice deep in me one more time” and then Harry grunted as he could not stop and shot his load deep in her. “yes, oh yes, there, there, oh its so deep”and her body shook with orgasm.

They lay there for minutes until his limp dick fell from her, his cum trailing it out onto more of the sheets. Thinking boldly he said, “ Why don’t you taste my cum? I like your taste, you might like mine.”

She hesitated and then placed a finger in a pool of cum and put it to her tongue. It was somewhat salty but not unpleasant. “Um, its not bad and she leaned over and licked his cum from his cock and the sheets. “Um, I really like it. Can we do it again? You can cum in my mouth if you want.”

“Honey, I’m done for the night, maybe tomorrow night,” he said with a grin on face. Man, he thought, I have died and gone to heaven. First I pop her cherry and now she wants to suck me dry and swallow it. WOW.

“Ok honey, tomorrow night then.”


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