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This is my first story so please comment to help me improve or tell me what is good.
Claire and Mike had been friends ever since their bus rides in the 6th grade. She was a grade below him in school, but he always felt that she was closer to him than anyone his own age. She had blond hair blue eyes and a smile that could make Satan happy. Mike had always had a slight crush on Claire in school, but never said anything because he felt awkward about the age difference. On the bus they talked about everything, and on days when Mike was lucky they talked about girls. He had felt a slight tension sexually during these discussions, but never really understood his feelings. After the end of his 8th grade year they went to different schools, and parted never seeing or talking to each other for 4 years.

Four years later, Mike was sitting at his computer with a massive hard on.. He wanted to see some sexy women but felt that internet porn seemed too fake, so he went on facebook instead. He was just beginning to thing that he would just have to wait for his boner to go away when a lustful idea came into his head. He was unsure at first, but his throbbing cock insisted. He decided to look for revealing pictures of his facebook friends.

He began wondering where to start looking when he saw Claire's name on his livestream. He immediately went to her page and began searching. Her pictures contained a few shots that showed her in a sexy bikini. After four years she had changed tons physically. Her teenage lumps had turned into sexy handfuls. Her ass was toned well and the side view showed both his fantastic behind and her bulging breasts. Her body was wet from the pool she had been in, and her blue and yellow striped bikini longed to be taken off.

The soft appearance of her glistening breasts under this bikini was unbearable for Mike's erection. It began to throb lustfully for Claire's perfect body. Her body looked as if it longed to be fucked. He started to think about touching her perfectly shaped ass and her beautiful breasts. He could not resist anymore; hr threw his hand into his pants and grabbed his pulsing dick. He moved his hand in a quick up and down motion for only 10 seconds before he erupted with cum. His whole body tensed as he shot his cum all over the inside of his pants. His virgin cock oozed its last drops and lay back to resting position well satisfied.

Everyday that week he came home with a head filled with thoughts of Claire and her silky wet breasts and her immaculate ass. His mind was constantly racing with memories of the days they had shared and the fun they had had together. He wished he could see her again if only to see her breasts in person.

Another week past and summer weather started. His local swim club opened. One day after buying a pizza at a nearby strip mall he walked right into Claire.

"Oh Excuse me" he said not realizing that it was the girl he had just been picturing half naked.

She replied, "Mike is that you?" He suddenly realized his mistake and became very nervous.

"Hey Claire its been awhile." "Four years I think," Claire responded. Looking him up and down with a look of interest on her face.

 It was only then that Mike realized that she had large wet patches on her shirt.

"Have you been swimming Claire?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Claire, "but I left because I thought it was going to rain." "Well my place is only a block away your welcome to stay there to dry off and wait for a ride home."

"GREAT!" replied Claire, "that'll give us time to catch up."

They walked to Mike's house with slight feeling of unease between them. Mike was very horny for her, but was trying to conceal it and he thought she had been giving him looks as well. By the time they had reached the house the rain had started. As they came inside he began to feel more comfortable thinking that this may be a once in a life time chance.

As Claire started to sit down on an armchair nearby she stopped suddenly saying, "I better not get any of your furniture wet."

"Its ok but I think we should dry those clothes off though. Do you have anything else you can wear?"

"I have my bikini on under this, but its wet too."

"Well better some dry than none. Gimme your clothes and I promise I won't be a perv" he said smiling.She laughed and took her soaked shorts and shirt off; revealing the bikini of Mike's dreams.

 "Here Mike," she said tossing the clothes to him. "I'll just sit on this couch and save your seat." Mike said this was fine because the couch was old anyway.

When Mike returned from the dryer he was battling arousal. He sat down dangerously close to Claire and tried not to stare at her beautiful body. He faked an itch as he adjusted his cock into a position that would hide the bulge that was forming.

Then Claire spoke. "Remember When we used to play truth or dare on the bus and we never did dare incase it was sexual or gross?"

"Yeah of course I do" Mike answered, feeling turned on.

"Wanna play?" said Claire.

"Fine but I am going first, truth or dare?"

"Truth" said Claire with a sexy twinkle in her blue eyes.

" Can it be sexual or no?" Mike asked eagerly

"Well we are a lot older than we used to be so lets spice it up and say yes." Claire replied cutely.

"Well then, are you a virgin?"

"Damn it Mike I knew you would ask that the second I let you. Well if we are gonna be brutally honest, yes I am a virgin, but I did pop my cherry with a dildo."

"Well Damn"

"Mike seriously stop it be mature and honest. Now truth or dare?"

"Truth I guess." Mike said hesitantly.

"Well smartass are you a virgin?"

"Ummmmmmmmm well I'll be as honest and revealing as you. Yes I am as well but I masturbate too. So truth or dare?"

"One second Mr. Masturbator lemme think."

Mike's boner throbbed hard at the mention of touching it, but he pretended it didn't, but did slip a quick lustful look at her boobs.

"Ummmm Truth."
"Ok Claire have you ever tried to seduce a guy?"

"No Mike I haven't. I don't want to be labeled a slut."

"So you want to?"

"I believe its my turn not yours so truth or dare?"

"Dare Claire." he said with a smirk.
"Nice rhyme" she said jokingly. "Do you think about real people you know when you masturbate?"

Mike avoided eye contact and hesitated before replying, "Yes."

"Who? Was it anyone I know?"

"Sadly Claire I can't tell you since it isn't your turn. Get you truth or dare over with and you might find out."

"Truth" she responded angrily.

"Do you want seduce and fuck a guy?"

"Truth be told I do want to have sex, but I don't wanna do it with a random guy. I would like to be seduced myself."

"Wow Claire chill you desires."

"Shut up Mike" she said with a lustful look at the cock that he was not concealing in the excitement. "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare this time Claire my dear"

"I dare you to flash out the window at a passing car."

"Fine you perv" Mike replied fully aware of his erection. He rose quickly trying to hide it and flashed the window just as a car passed. Claire did not miss the view of his engorged cock however. She felt a tingle in her pussy at the sight. If she did not get herself under control she thought then Mike would realize that the pool wasn't what kept her bottoms wet.

"Truth or dare perv girl?"


"Well since I am very upset at you for being a perv I will make you feel worse. I dare you to take off your top."

She did it and reluctantly revealed hard nipples winking at Mike. She hoped he would assume it was from the cold or not notice at all.

 She quickly pulled herself together and said "Truth or Dare Lord of all Guy Pervs."

"Well since you were a perv last time i'll say truth." He had forgotten that she wanted to know who he masturbated to."

"Gotcha who did you masturbate thinking about? Do I know them?"

Mike froze wishing he could disappear on the spot. "Yeah you know them."

"Well who is it Mike?"

"I don't wanna say."

"Those are the rules if you don't we are no longer friends and I am leaving."

"Ok Claire you got me just promise you won't laugh yell at me or judge me at all and see me in the same light."

"I promise now spit it out."

"I masturbated to a picture of you in a bikini I found on facebook." he said in a rush. "Now lets drop it its my turn."

"Is that why you wanted my top off?"


"Fine. Truth"

"Why are your nipples hard Claire?"

Now it was Claire's turn to freeze feeling awkward. "Ummmmmm I'm cold."

"Mhm sure you are. "

"Truth or dare nipple watcher?"

"Stop being like that I feel bad now seriously."

"Sorry Mike I am kidding. I take it as a compliment that you beat it to me and its no big deal."
"Ok then dare."

Claire looked at him dead on with a hungry look of passion on her face and said "I dare you to get naked and fuck me."

There was dead silence as they looked at each other. "But Claire You...."

"I can see your cock throbbing Mike I know you want it just as badly as I do. Just take off your clothes I'll start up the rest."

He slowly took of all his clothes with a shocked look on his face.

"Stand up and lemme see that cock." Claire ordered.

 Mike did as commanded not believing what was happening.
She bent down and began to rub her soft breasts slowly against his cock. Her nipples sending shocks of pleasure down to her pussy as his cock pulsed. He moaned softly.

"Mike do you think this is all about you? I only touched your cock to my breasts to welcome it to the party. You have to give me pleasure before you receive any yourself."

Without waiting for instructions Mike pushed her down flat on the ground. He began to suck her hard nipples hungrily. She sighed softly and he continued sucking. He had been longing for this for weeks. Her soft breasts felt amazing under his tongue. He wished he could just devour them. His cock was insisting that it get some action, but his mouth was too busy to allow his dick any thought. He bit softly on her nipple and she moaned.

Claire began to push his head down towards her pussy. He did not need to be told twice. He slowly pulled her bottoms down as she waited in anticipation. Claire's love opening was lightly lined with a think layer of hair. 'Just enough to be sexy but little enough to give me full access' Mike thought. Her restless legs moved from side to side as Mike lifted the bikini bottoms to his mouth and tasted. She couldn't bare it one second longer. She grabbed his head and pulled it as hard as she could towards her pussy.

"Mike stop teasing me I am dying."

A muffled groan was all that she got in reply as he took a broad lick of her entire wet lips. Claire let out a loud gasping moan and closed her thighs around Mike's head. He squirmed but she cried "Mike don't stop baby!" He began to frantically lick first her outer then inner lips and finally her swollen clit.

She yelled, "OAAAH Mike that feels so gooooooooooo.." He stuck his tongue in her pussy suddenly and her words trailed off.

 He managed to say "Claire baby cum all over my face. I want to drink your juice.

" She could only manage a nod and began humping his face.

Her thighs tightened suddenly and she screamed at the top of her lungs "YEEEEEEEESSS OAAAHHHH FUCK ME!" as she came quickly into Mike's mouth.

 He waited for every last drop and rose again.He looked down at her limp body with lust beyond anything he had ever felt. Her cum had tasted like pure beauty.

 He quickly said "Alright Claire now its time for pleasure for the both of us."

"No Mike wait a second I am too weak right now."

"It'll make it more intense," he said and without waiting for a reply he lifted her onto her hands and knees and trust into the wet depth of her pussy.

She screamed "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck"

 Mike slowed so she would not cum too quickly. He was close himself but didn't want to explode until they got in some moves he had been dying to use on her. He cupped her breasts and slowly continued fucking her doggy style. Her ass felt amazing bumping up against his body as they fucked. He felt so close to cumming and could not wait for new positions. He felt Claire's pussy tensing too. Mike thrust forward hard and held it, dragging her hand down to her clit. She began to rub and he lost control. He fucked her as quick and hard as he could. She began moaning non-stop.

 "OOOH Fuuuuuuck Yeeeeeeeahhh"

Then they both froze for an instant as they came. then Mike grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and thrust home 5 more times filling her with cum as she writhed beneath him.

When he had exhausted his load she was still tensed so he quickly withdrew and flipped her onto her back again and licked her pussy. Her vaginal contractions began to move even faster as she came continuously. Finally she squirted her liquid into his mouth and down his chest. He swallowed the mouthful of Claire's cum and laid back with his face across her breasts satisifed.


"Yeah Claire?"

"That was amazing. can we do this again tomorrow?"

""Tomorrow? I was thinking everyday until the end of time" Mike said with a grin.

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