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Claire's Awakening 10: Bye Bye Cherry

The time has finally arrived for Scott to pop Claire's sweet cherry!
I lost my virginity on a Friday. It was a crisp autumn evening. A few days before Scott had convinced me to put on a kind of show for Mr Williams, my pervy neighbour. Something so rude would have never occurred to me before I met Scott, but since our first encounter I had changed. The days of quietly rubbing my clit late at night, only occasionally fingering myself, were a thing of the past. I don’t know how he did it, but he somehow unleashed the sexuality from deep inside me. My aching pussy begged for attention constantly. I was forever thinking of new ways to satisfy myself, something to fill the space inside of me. The time had come to just face facts. I had a thirst that only a cock could quench.

I had always imagined that I would lose my virginity on my wedding night – such a cliché, but it’s true! Yet suddenly I felt very ready to take the plunge with Scott. I’d tried to tell him after out little ‘show’ but we were interrupted by my bloody parents getting back early – thank God they weren’t any earlier! But now, the time had arrived. Scott had a free house all weekend... I told my doting parents that I was staying at a friend’s house, having briefed Lucy on what to do if they rang to check up on me. I spent the day in a daze, wondering what it would be like; will it hurt? Will I be any good? Will he still care for me in the morning?

Finally the school bell rang. I rushed home, keen to look grown up for the big event. After some deliberation I slipped into a pair of dark skinny jeans, with a fairly low cut black tee and killer heels. I chucked on a striped cardigan, fluffed up my freshly tousled brown hair and put on just a touch of makeup – just a dab of eyeliner, a flick of mascara and a slick of gloss. I was ready. I grabbed my bag and headed out of the door, my legs a bit wobbly. My bag was surprisingly light – I’d just packed a little nighty, and a change of panties and top for the next day, with some converse and toiletries thrown in for good measure.

I remember the cold air feeling nice against my skin as I wondered through town. Everywhere was quiet, just the sounds of children playing in the distance and the occasional car driving past. My stomach was in knots, yet my pussy was already moistening with excitement. It was a very odd mixture of emotions.

Ten minutes later I was stood outside Scott’s door. I gave a little knock, my hand shaking. Within seconds the door flung open, revealing Scott in some baggy jeans and a tight white top. I took it all in, wanting to remember every moment of tonight. His eyes grazed hungrily over my body,

“Wow! Claire, you look... You’re gorgeous!” He gushed.

I blushed as I took his hand and followed him into the living room. ‘Am I going to lose it on the sofa?’ I wondered, ‘Are we gonna get straight to it?’ My mind was buzzing with anticipation.

“Glass of juice?” Scott wondered into the kitchen, returning with two long glasses of fresh orange. I took mine graciously, taking a sip of the sweet liquid.

“Let’s go upstairs.” He said. Those words. Those three little words that I had been waiting for. My sudden uncertainty must have been written all over my face. Scott came over and gently took my hand, placing a soft kiss on my cheek, “Don’t worry, I just have a better sound system up there. We can just hang out for a bit.”

A wave of relief washed over me as I smiled at him. I gripped his hand tighter and made my way upstairs. His room was smaller than I’d expected, and surprisingly tidy. The walls were a light grey, which reminded me of the colour of the sky on a damp spring morning. His sheets were striped in charcoal and white, clearly fresh from the washer. I sat down on the edge, gazing around me at the various books and DVD’s on the shelves. There was a pin board at the head of the room, covered in funny pictures and random notes. I wondered if there would ever be a photo of me pinned to it. All in all I was pleasantly surprised by his room. Scott was fiddling with a stereo, eventually putting on some mellow music that I vaguely recognised. That’s when reality sunk in - this was it. I was finally going to become a woman.

I got comfy, taking in a deep breath as I did so. I’ll never forget how that room smelt – a wonderful mix of Scott’s personal scent and freshness. He came and sat next to me on the bed.

“To us!” He winked, clinking his juice glass with mine. I giggled, finishing mine off. His face took a lighter tone, one that I had only seen a few times before. “You know, we don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do...” He whispered.

The butterflies in my stomach were on overdrive. I looked up into his deep brown eyes and smiled, “Scott, I... Well, I think we should... Lets...” The nerves were setting in. Another deep breath, “Fuck me.”

His jeans were failing to contain his growing excitement, his eyes wide and disbelieving, “Are you sure baby? You want me to be your first?” A hand tenderly stroked my cheek.

I nodded ever so slightly, then leant forwards and kissed him; first softly, then a little harder. Scott’s hands wrapped around me, pulling me closer. The next few minutes flew by in a haze of passion – kisses, touches, caresses and undressing. Before either of us really noticed, we were lay entwined on the bed; me in just my white lace panties, Scott in yet another pair of cute but silly boxers. He paused, head resting on his elbow over my face. One finger was idly tracing along my breasts, occasionally flicking a nipple.

“I’ll be gentle Claire, I promise. Just tell me if you want to stop.”

My entire body tensed beside him. Sensing this, he began kissing down my neck. His hands expertly caressed my curves, slipping off my panties without me even realising.

He was knelt in-between my legs now, a finger tracing my damp pussy lips. I began to feel really nervous, again questioning my decision. I felt one finger slowly stroking my hole, sending goose bumps through me. All my worries evaporated. I reached up and grabbed Scott’s face, kissing him passionately, my tongue probing his mouth. I let a hand reach towards his crotch, gently touching his raging erection through the material of his boxers. He caught on, silently understanding what I meant. His boxers slid onto the floor. We were both finally naked together.

Scott’s hand reached into the bedside cabinet, producing a condom from a draw. He placed it into my hand. My mind frantically thought back to Miss Ludy’s sex ed lessons. I tore open the packet, trying not to giggle at the almost slimy feel of it. ‘Hey, a cock’s no different to a banana really!’ I thought. With an air of (fake) confidence, I slid the pale condom onto his penis. It was warm, throbbing oh so slightly. I lay back on the bed, legs spread wide. Scott wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing me, one hand moistening his protected cock with my juices. It was time. Happily lubed up, he gently spread by pink pussy lips, placing his cock at the entrance. I was gazing into his eyes, speechless with excitement. That’s when it happened – Scott gave the softest of thrusts and gently eased the head of his cock into my virgin hole.

I let out a gasp. It felt huge, my pussy walls stretching around the shaft to accommodate him. Just a little painful – I’d already accidently broken my hymen years ago.

Scott’s eyes were gazing down at me, “Are you okay baby? Do you want me to put it all inside you?”

I nodded, letting out a deep moan as his cock filled me – a mixture of pleasure and pain. After a few minutes of kissing, letting me relax, Scott began to thrust softly. ‘Oh my god – I’m having sex!!’ I thought. Soon enough I got into it, purring with happiness. After about 5 minutes I felt him speed up a little, his eyes now closed, his breath quickened. Then his cock began to twitch inside me, and for the first time in my life I felt a man come inside me. Scott slumped onto me, lazily kissing me.

We stayed like that for a little while, until he carefully slid his tired dick out of me and went to the bathroom to freshen up. We were lay together, my head on his chest. I was so happy; proud of myself for finally losing it.

“So, how does it feel to be cherry-less?” Scott teased.

“Oh, it was amazing!” I gushed. I turned to kiss him softly, “Thanks. I’m glad it was with you...”

Scott kissed the top of my head tenderly in response, squeezing me a little tighter.

“You think that was good? Just wait ’til the next one! I’m telling you now, that’s the only time that we’ll ever have sex without you coming.” He was chuckling to himself.

We dozed lazily for an hour or so, thinking about what had just happened. My first time was better than I’d ever imagined it would be. It was soft and tender with an amazing guy who I liked. Who I really liked... I didn’t mind that I hadn’t had an orgasm, as Scott said, there was always next time!

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