Closing time

By Sammy099

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It was my birthday and I was all ready to leave. I have worked a double waitressing today and was tired. I turned to leave and was suprised to see Jake, our cook, standing there. I had liked Jake since I met him a few years ago. He is now24 years old with muscular arms that I have dreamt would one day hold me.

"Sorry sammy, I forgot my keys" he said moving closer to me. He almost touched me before turning hi hand as if it were his intensions the whole time. He was only a few inches away from me. But little by little the gap closed. It was painfully slow. His lips were only centimeters from mine.

I closed the gap and kissed him. With the 'Okay' I had given him by kissing him, he lifted me up an set me on the back table. I could feel his boner against my mound. We kissed and I started taking off his shirt. He returned the favour by slowly removing my shirt and moving his lips to my neck. He paused and brought his lips to my ear and whipered "Happy 17th birthday." before kissing me again. His lips were warm and felt like fire on my neck. I continued undressing him by unbuttoning his jeans. I decide to tease him and use my teeth to slowly unzip them. He unhooked my bra and I tossed it to the side. I got back down on my knees after taking off my pants and underwear and tossing them to the pile of clothes..

I grab his boxers and slowly pull them down until his hard cock springs out. I grab it and give the head a kiss. I then take his 8 in.cock into my mouth. Loving the taste. He starts to moan and grunt, so I speed up. After only a few moments he cums in my mouth and I swallow all of it. It's delicous. He brings me back up to my feet and puts me back on the table telling me to lay down. He leans down and burries his face in my virgin pussy. His tongue darts in and out of my love tunnel making me moan. It feels wonderful. He definatly knows what he's doing. But it doesn't last long because I spray my love juices all over his mouth as he laps it up.

"You're a virgin still, right baby?" he asks as I try to catch my breath.

"Yeah. So be gentle" I manage to say. He stands up and kisses me.

"This might hurt a little" he says placing his throbbing cock at the entrance of my pussy. He slowly starts to push into me. He stretches my pussy and I moan in pain and pleasure, both.

He quickly pulls out and says "Grab onto somthing, Trust me." so I do. I grab the tables edges. As soon as I'm holding onto the tables he slams his dick as far into me as he can making me scream in agony. But before I make to much noise he covers my mouth. He pulls out and slowly pushes back in, this time it doesnt hurt. I tell him and he grins at me. He starts to go faster and faster in and out of my pussy.

He pulls out and tells me to get on the floor on my hands and knee's. I do as I'm told and he sticks it back in and fucks me doggy style until we both cum. We clean each other up and get dressed.

"Promise we'll do it again some other time?" I ask and he agree's. And thats how closing time became fun-time. ;-)