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A funny love story of exploration... and mutual ineptitude
-This serial story is about my experiences with my first boyfriend. It's not a fantasy, and some of the events may be classed as more humourous/romantic rather than sexual. This first installment is not particularly racy, but others will almost definitely become more so. Yet, as the events are true, I will not add in things that didn't happen simply for reader benefits. -If this serial is well recieved, I shall also write about my experiences with my current boyfriend, which will be less humourous and more arousing. - Every major event in this story is true, however, for the purposes of the story, minor events may be slightly dramatised or changed. Names and identifying details have, for the most part, been changed.


So you want to know about my first love? is what I will say to my kids, when I actually have some. I will tell them that his name was Robert Kingston. He was tall and slim, about 6'2 to my 5'6 and curves, with messy dark hair, the same colour as mine. We looked fairly alike - embarrassingly, strangers on the street would take us for twins, and people who knew our names thought ''our'' parents had named us cleverly - Rita and Robbie.He had (and still has) a cute little chip in his front tooth, instantly noticeable when he smiled. We got together just after I turned 16 (he was 6 months older than me), but I had been in love with him since I was 14.

Before Robbie, I had had an internet boyfriend by the name of Carl, and had a brief liason with an Iranian guy named Saeed. Although they had both been - speaking plainly - extremely hung up on me, I didn't think it was fair to stay with them when I was hung up on Robbie.

Over the first two years we knew each other, Robbie and I became firm friends, confiding many things to each other. But the part where we really got close is when he was having ''lady troubles'' - Daphne, a mutual friend of ours, had decided that she liked him, and he felt somewhat the same. However, even though she had turned him down when he asked her out, she enjoyed periodically checking that he still liked her.

Eventually Daph decided to ask him out again. I had been talking to both of them, one part of me sincerely wanting things to work out, another part hoping against all hope that things would fall to pieces and I could pick them up. Sure enough, all was over, and I was left in the joyous position of being Robbie's (by his own admission) best friend.

A few weeks later, after I had broken things off with Saeed, I invited Robbie around to my place to watch some anime. We had got into the habit of, whenever there were sleepovers or movie nights within our group, snuggling up together on the couch - one night he even fell asleep with his head on my chest, and we stayed that way all night.

Well, it wasn't any different this time, as we snuggled against each other tightly. I kept sending him telepathic messages, urging him to lean down and kiss me.

They didn't work - by nature, Robbie had always been somewhat shy in some ways.

So I pulled away from his arms, sat up and started actually watching TV as opposed to watching Robbie.

I turned around for a second to look at him - and in that second, I realised he had been watching me.

We leaned in and kissed.

I had been kissed before, but this was nothing like those wet, slobbery doggy kisses that I'd been given by Saeed. Robbie's lips were soft and full, and slightly moist in the very centre. Kissing him was an absolute pleasure.

This much would be what I would tell my children. But what I'm going to tell you is much too explicit for their non-existent little ears.

I'm going to tell you about everything that Robbie and I did, from early exploration to popping my cherry, and everything in between.


PART 1: More Trouble than the Early Explorers

Robbie and I were together from that day on.

In the first few weeks, everything was perfectly rosy. I went to Robbie's, he went to mine, and we kissed like we wanted our mouths to be glued together.

Now, the thing you should know about Robbie and I is that, of us both, I was the more experienced one - and I'd never even seen a cock in real life. We were basket cases when it came to sex, even though both of us were, and are, avidly interested.

One day, I decided to take the next step. ''Robbie?'' I questioned, after perhaps half an hour of making out.

''Yeah, Rita?''

I jumped off his bed - his parents are very trusting - and picked up a scarf off the floor. I grinned cheekily at him, while he gazed at me, uncomprehending.

''Put this on,'' I demanded. '' 'Round your eyes.'

He gave a little gasp of comprehension, and smiled at me softly.

''And take off your T-shirt'' I added as an afterthought.

He looked so sexy, lying back on his bed in just his jeans, blindfolded. He wasn't muscled up, but had a beautiful flat stomach and cute browny-pink nipples. His pale skin made him look incredibly beautiful.

I undressed, down to just my panties. He had never even touched my boobs through my shirt before, so this was a big jump in the physicality of our relationship.

I straddled him. ''Touch wherever you want,'' I declared grandly.

His hands wandered to my stomach. ''Not THERE,'' I howled impatiently.

''Rita, why am I wearing this dumb thing? I can't see what i'm meant to be doing and...''

''Alright then,'' I sighed. The reason I had made Robbie wear a blindfold was because, frankly, I was worried that, when all the cover-ups were gone, he would not like what he saw. ''I'll put one on too,'' I said brightly.

This was an inauspicious idea.

''Robbie, can you hold out your hand... OWW!''

''I'm sorry!!''

''Try aga- oh for GOD'S SAKE!!''

''Right,'' sighed Robbie. ''That's it. Off comes the blindfold.''

''Nooo...'' I groaned.

There was dead silence as I pulled off my blindfold, somewhat reluctantly. When I opened my eyes, I saw Robbie. Staring right at my body.

He shook his head, closed his eyes and let out a little breath. Then he looked up. And gave me a massive grin.

The next few minutes, Robbie was busily engaged with Shirley and Sylvia (Author's note: two names I haven't changed). He enjoyed licking my big pink nipples, pinching them gently, stroking my breasts, the whole lot.

Then I decided to have a foray down his pants.

It was the first one I'd ever felt. I wasn't even sure if I was stroking the right bits. But Robbie didn't really seem to mind, and neither did Vlad (Author's note: the Impaler).

Later, I would find out that his cock was about 7 and a half inches long, uncircumcised, with a flushed purple head. The guys I've been with have all been uncircumcised, and I think I would find it bizarre to be with a man who was. Uncircumcised penises are just so much nicer to me, more natural, sensitive and fun to play with.

One day I'll tell you about Robbie's first blowjob. But, it's getting late... A story for another day, perhaps.

NEXT TIME: Part 2 - Oh, Blow!
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